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seems like i blog on Thursday

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It seems as if I have been up all night and trying to catch up on my sleep in the daytime.
I just go from one thing I have to do in a daze and never get the time to walk or anything else.
Going to San Francisco on Saturday.. Wish I knew how to transfer pictures from my phone to here.. need to read the book of directions I got with my phone.
Have a great weekend.. Maria

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MIAJOEB 8/20/2011 3:23AM

    THe Photo is a trellis my son made at his house.
I will get one with me under it.

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ECONLADY 8/18/2011 3:50PM

    What is the picture?

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Do not know what to say today

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anything I actually want to say I would not want to put into a public blog.
I am very tired and cannot seem to sleep at night so I read until the early hours of the morning and then wake up needing a lot of coffee. I walked Monday but had been feeling sick since last week . Do not know why. But I do not want to continue this way .
Especially since my garden is so wonderful. I just love to eat all the tomatos and peppers, onions, squash till I am sick of them. LOVE it.
Too many people are having expectations on my time.
I do not have the spirit to do for them this week.
But as Scarlett O'Hara says," Tomorrow is another day."

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ECONLADY 8/11/2011 11:52PM

    Beautiful picture!

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MISS_VIV 8/11/2011 7:23PM

    take care of yourself or you will not have the strength to do for others.

Take care

Take it easy.

Love ya

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PRIZE4SIZE 8/11/2011 5:45PM

    You are right. Tomorrow is another day, just take one day at a time.... emoticon

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No News is good news.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

So all is quiet in the house today.. Hubby is taking a nap and I am hoping to get as many points as I can before I go for my walk to work of some of the calories from lunch..
My goal right now is looking for spiritual food to fill me.

I Had lost touch with my feelings.
I have found, as I get in touch with my self and my needs, I do not have to eat to take care of myself. I fond joy in other things than food. I started filling my spirit with spiritual food and the source is endless. As God fills me and I am able to share from that abundance, I have more to share without diminishing what I need for myself.
But it is hard for me to exercise.
Do I need a spiritual exercise?
Julia Cameron ' who wrote "The Artist's Way" suggests walking alone for a short time every day. That is along with the Artist's Date and the Morning Pages.
Look her up on line she is fascinating.

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CANDOK1260 8/4/2011 3:40PM

    hope you having a good week grat blog

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MIAJOEB 8/1/2011 4:50PM

    OH NO.. It is knowing I am powerless that I can only humbly serve.
such a lot of verbage but it is my goal.

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ECONLADY 7/31/2011 7:18PM

    Wow! I wish my faith was that strong.

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Whoo Hoo!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

You will be pleased to know my hubby went to the doctor and the pressure in his eye is down to 11! plus he can see! plus he can decrease the medication!
i am back to my cooking job and I am so grateful he can drive himself and not be in so much pain.
Thank the Lord for he has done great things for me.

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    Good to hear!

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SNUZSUZ 7/30/2011 11:05PM

    I'm so happy for him...and you!

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TEXNYQUEEN 7/29/2011 2:00PM

    That is wonderful news!

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GETDONE 7/29/2011 1:01AM

    Great news---you two are blessed!!!!!! emoticon

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MISS_VIV 7/28/2011 11:19AM



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ECONLADY 7/28/2011 3:37AM


Cut cats!

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LOSE4LIFE47 7/28/2011 1:15AM

    Awesome news!!

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It is so hot

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I do not want to go out and get sweaty because I still have to go to a meeting tonight.
I only walked 3000 steps today so far. I may just go back and forth around the block if we get home after dark. i could not sleep last night and instead of getting on the treadmill or exercise bike, I kept trying to sleep... So next time...

My sister sent me this picture..
It is me at my grandmother's house..
That handsome man is my Dad.

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WEEZIE30 7/24/2011 9:26PM

    Great picture!

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ECONLADY 7/24/2011 8:18PM

    Love the picture! Too bad you don't have a pet to walk.

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