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On becoming Primal...

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Preparation is the key, and when you don't have preparation...inspiration :)
Lets face it, I was NOT prepared when I truly discovered Primal Blueprint. We are dirt poor right now, since my dh quit his job a couple weeks ago. The plan was that he would give 2 weeks notice(he did) but his boss decided to let him go on the spot. Vindictive much?
Anyway, so here I am trying to go Primal, which honestly doesn't ask for much. Whole food, lots of fats, no grains, move slowly (a lot) move quickly once in awhile, lift heavy things a couple times a week. Only problem is that right now, I have enough carbs in the house to withstand a zombie apocalypse.
Right now, I'm trying to get very inspired lol There isn't much left of the eggs, no tuna, and I'm running very low on vegetables, frozen, canned and fresh. Sigh.
I have work to do when I finally get paid.


Wheat intolerance or weight intolerance?

Friday, November 03, 2006

I've mentioned before I'm sure, that I suspected that I have a wheat intolerance. My biggest clue was how my body reacted to my menstrual cycle. I went pretty much without wheat for amost 2 months. I've tried reintroducing wheat recently, and had no reaction. So what was causing my symptoms of PMS? Was it the wheat, or did my body have too much weight on it? It was only 10lbs extra, but it put me in the BMI of overweight. Since I've lost 10lbs, I have had no problems with PMS.
I do know that fat acts like an extra organ. It has its own blood supply, it secretes it own hormones, every extra pound of fat raises your estrogen levels, increasing certain risk factors for heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer.
Is it wheat, or was it weight? I'm adding wheat to my diet, so I guess I'll know for sure in a couple weeks.


Its Flu season!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

And we have it, or had it. My dh has it again. I've been trying to get him to take Vitamin C and have started him on oil of oregano. I'm taking l-lysine, both are anti-viral.
It really makes you think. We have all these viruses running around that can be so deadly. So how do we protect ourselves from them? As much as I would love to blame superbugs, I can't help but think alot of it, is due to diet.
SAD- standard american diet. SAD because, lets face it, this diet is no good to anyone. People like to blame this or that for their weight gain. For example, pasta. Well, geez, 90% of the worlds population has a type of pasta in their diet, and yet they aren't obese, chronically ill, chronically fatigued. Sugar was part of certain cultures, so was chocolate, fat, oil, you name it. Coffee, tobbacco, certain drugs, all were part of some culture, yet SAD is the only diet to create the obese.
Whats so different about the SAD? Its the amount, its the variety, the lack of evolved taste buds, or food types. Each culture developed a palate, a menu, and their bodies adapted. Take a traditional chinese person and place them on the SAD and they're in the same boat as the rest of us.
I see that in my own culture. The fastest rising disease amongst First Nations People, diabetes. A culture that once ate wild meat, buckwheat bannock, wild berries, tubers, grasses, fish, honey, wild rice, living off the land, now eat white bread, fast food, potato chips, Pepsi/Coke. AKA the standard american diet.
This started about the flu and turned into a rant about the SAD. I guess I'm just frustrated by alot of things.


Be fearless

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I've been having dreams that lately that have really made me think.
I've realized that I have let fear rule my life for too long. I've been of afraid of failure to the point to being paralyzed by it. I was so afraid of failing at losing weight that I refused to calorie count, use programs or actual diets. Thats just an example of how afraid I am of failure.
I have spent so much of my life doing the right thing, that I have spent very little of it living. I spent more of it, planning, budgetting, making checklists, crossing them off. Things that I failed at, I didn't try to do again.
I have decided to add to my goal listing. To make a checklist of all the unresolved issues I have been dealing with. Then cross them off, one by one. First one, lose the last 4lbs and think about another 5. maybe. After that...well, let me put it this way.
I'll be busy.


I have to be patient...

Friday, October 06, 2006

I have been this weight for a week now. I have to be patient. I have to remind myself, that I need to be consistent, and I will lose more weight.
Its so easy to just give up, or try something drastic like, eat less, exercise more. It sounds like the solution, but I know its not. If I stay consistent, I will lose more weight.
I'm right on track as it it is! 2lbs a week, in 4 weeks is great, it really is. I think its the fact that I lost 4 lbs right away that has my head in a tizzy. At this rate, I should lose the rest of the weight in 3 weeks or so. Thats pretty good, I just have to be patient.
I'm trying to think of it this way. Right now, I'm not losing weight. I'm losing body fat. I know I am, I can see it in my thighs. They have a little less cellulite, looking firmer and have changed shape somewhat. I could thank the jumping jacks for that.
BTW, I did manage to do 500 in a row the day before. I'm so proud of myself for that. One day, I'll be able to do them all at once!


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