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im surprised

Friday, June 20, 2008

i kind of lost my momentum being on spark. I got rear-ended a couple of weeks ago and a concussion, whiplash, and a few e.r. visits later... i hadnt been able to work out or work in ways i would like to. this week i went back to the gym and started swimming and spending time in the spa and steam room to help manage my pain. ive been feeling a bit better even though the car has been totalled. though i didnt expect any change in my weight from lack of physical activity i was shocked to find i lost quite a few more lbs. i finally left 300ville and hope to increase my activity as i feel better. I think the reason i kept losing weight was because even though i wasnt doing very much physically... i still maintained my newfound healthy eating habits.i knew i should weigh last night because as i was swimming last night my swim trunks came off in mid-stroke and were around my knees when i pulled them up. (no worries-i wear a one piece underneath :P) So getting to see my gf next weekend will be a well deserved reward. yes, being with her is one of my greatest rewards.

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BLUESKIES3 6/20/2008 9:51PM

    Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better after your car accident, take it easy & take care of yourself.

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KELLY@50 6/20/2008 11:57AM

    I"m sorry you're still in pain from the accident - but good for you for being able to maintain your healthy habits while going through such a difficult time!

You made me laugh with the visual of your swim trunks at the bottom of the pool!

Have a great time with your GF! You deserve it.


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damn cycle.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

i started today and added 2 lbs. so im back at 308 and thats ok. i kn ow im gonna lose it. im going to bed. goodnight!

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TERJEGOLD 5/12/2008 9:37AM

    Don't give up. Many people report a 1-5 pound weight cycle over the course of days. Just stick with your plan for a few weeks and wee if you start to see results. You can do it!

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HUSKY__HANK 5/12/2008 9:12AM

  You can do it

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shopping spree

Saturday, May 10, 2008

i went shopping today for some travel clothes and i made my purchases totalling about 250.00. As i walked out of the store with my sister i told her to mark this day in her calendar.... put it in her pda or summin . She ased me why and I said because this is the last time im gonna buy fat clothes. i worked out once today... im gonna go back again. tomorrow is my weigh in and i know i feel different. I know i look different. as hard as im working toward my goal....i think that i cant remember being this happy since i was a kid. I even took ten people out to mothers day dinner..... to a buffet no less. I was starved hadnt eaten since earlier that day. But i hadnt hed my eight servings of fruits and veggies.... so i had a baked salmon filet and 7 servings of asst. veggies and for dessert i had a tiny serving of cottages cheese served with 2 slices of peach on top. unsweetened tea with lemon. :) I was good :D

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HUSKY__HANK 5/12/2008 9:07AM

  You can do it!!

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SASRA1 5/11/2008 1:45AM

    I remember the first time last summer I could buy reasonable looking clothes i a regular store. I said "goodbye" to L__e B_____t and swore I would never have to shop there again. It's still a challenge to find things that fit well and look nice, but when the lady in the Nordie's womens dept. told me I couldn't shop there and would have to go to one of the regular dept's it was one of the best days of my adult life. You will love the feeling of going on a shopping spree as your sizes drop. It is so inspiring that it will keep you motivated. But be careful! This kind of motivation is habit forming and expensive. But WOW does it make a girl feel good!!! Congrats on your success & keep up the fantastic enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!

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DANDELION_WINGS 5/10/2008 10:11PM

    baby, i am sooo proud of you! you next shopping spree is going to be fantastic, you are going to feel fantastic! =))))

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wow what a difference!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I did my workout with my gf this morning as always. I grabbed my gym bag , drove my nieces and nephews to school and went to the gym right after. My workout started with my regular cardio routine i do just over a mile in 25 minutes(25 minutes no matter how far i go... must times i go over a mile) then 5 minutes on the stationary bike. I burned 100 calories in 30 minutes and then i started my lower body routine. i did reps until i couldnt any longer, only stopping when my muscles couldnt do the motion anymore. leg extensions kill me.... my knees are still so weak from injury and with every extension i can feel my femur grinding against my kneecap. I have little to no cartiledge to cushion me from that discomfort. after my strength training... i changed and sat in the steam room and today it was really hot. for the first time in a week... i walked in and couldnt see a damn thing :P I almost sat in some d00ds lap. he must have been terrified! ;) got out of there after 15 minutes and went in the locker room, passing the scale i decided that my curiosity would get the better of me today and i stepped on the scale. i didn't remember my last weigh-in number so i called my gf and asked her. It was316 . she didn't wanna guess what my weight was. Today i weighed in at 306. My last weigh in was Sunday if Im not mistaken. I was thrilled and so was my gf. I think more than anything... im just proud that im doing everything that i said i would... i havent faltered.....and i know at some point i probably will because that just reality and the nature of what we are all doing, but i know my gf is proud of me and I am too. That is a really good feeling and im gonna work harder to keep feeling it!

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SHUNT73 5/9/2008 7:07AM

    Congrats- Looks like your efforts and determination is paying off.
Keep up the good work. emoticon

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BLUESKIES3 5/8/2008 12:49AM

    I'm proud of you too!! You are doing great-keep it up!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOFABIAN 5/7/2008 2:15PM

    Yaaaaaaaay! Congrats on your progress!

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    Incredible, baby that is fantastic!!!! =)

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moving furniture at 4 am?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I woke up at 430 this morning having to pee really badly. :/ i got up and decided to stay up. i washed up and got to work at my desk. I have to evict someone so the paperwork is monstrous. 4;45 i heard a rumbling like someone was moving furniture upstairs and i got outside to look only to find its pouring down rain and the rumble was thunder. It was awesome i left my front door open and opened my windows. I look across the courtyard and see my bro walking to my sisters so i whistled him over. He was surprised i was up and i made him some coffee. We talked for a bit and then he took my to go mug and went off to work. than as im working again my sis came over asking "bro says you got coffee... you still got some?" which i didnt because i only made enough for him i had a cup with her ... the first cup ive had in days:O
As we are talking i show her a couple of herbal teas i bought after stopping at my local vitamin cottage for fresh strawberries following yesterdays workout. (my smoothie was great btw :) i bought a detox tea and a laxative tea we decided to start the detox tea for a few days and friday night start the laxative tea. Im making her take it with me... she got excited cuz the detox tea boasted it s ability to clear up the skin. im excited and hoping that the detox will help clean me out and that the laxative will help clean up my digestive system. with any luck, i may lose a lb or 2 after doing this.

Anyway, here is a link for the teas

ready for my workout!

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    why am i suddenly glad you are doing the laxative tea before your visit? lol

let's go workout baby--i'm ready :)

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