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January 6th - Boot Camp, Day 4 - But I want it now! :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hopped on the scale this morning - no change since Monday. I had been kind of hoping that the high weigh-in was just water weight from salty food, but clearly going a little crazy over the holidays does have its consequences, and going back to healthy habits doesn't make that disappear overnight! You'd think I'd know that by now, but wishful thinking is oddly resilient to reality :)

Good so far:
- Following exercise routine.
- Tracking diet.
- Staying in the calorie range Sparkpeople recommends.
- Ran on the treadmill this morning - after the first 10 minutes, it felt amazing!

Areas of improvement:
- Where's the protein?
- Emotional eating - chocolate, cookies, etc., partially due to not being prepared with solid meals and healthy snacks.
- Only getting in 20-25 minutes cardio a day - would prefer at least 30.

What to do:
- Meal planning and shopping! Failing to prepare = preparing to fail.
- Need to work on morning routine so I can get in more cardio before work, or start getting in a little extra at lunch.

I have a new goal for January! I want to look at the various areas of my life (work, parenting, love, health, finances, etc.) and think about a goal per month for the year. I tend to go crazy with trying to do too much at one time. I need to pace myself so I can concentrate on one thing at a time and do it well.
- Think about what matters most.
- Figure out which changes would most effectively improve the situation.
- Come up with an action plan.
- Accept that some changes are easier than others and I am not omnipotent (yet, muhahahaha : )
- Consult with my husband so that we're working together and my goals are in line with his.

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JENNDELGADO 1/6/2010 10:22AM

    Keep at it you can do it. It's all about the little steps, those are the ones that count and gets you where need to be.

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STRAY_CAT 1/6/2010 10:05AM

    Good for you for being so specific about where you're succeeding and areas you can work on. Looks like you have a great plan for success! The SparkPeople quick cardio workout videos are helpful when it comes to squeezing in short bursts of cardio -- they're only 10 minutes so they could help you fit in that extra cardio in the morning.
Good luck with your goals -- you are SO on the right track!

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January 4th - Boot Camp, Day 2

Monday, January 04, 2010

Starting weight: 130 lbs.
Starting waist: 27.5 inches

I need to streamline my goals - my impulse is to do everything perfectly right away but I think it will work better to tackle a few tasks at a time.

* Follow January Boot Camp exercise routine.
* Track diet and make sure I get protein in.
* Ignore the candy bowl at the office. It no longer exists.
* Sneak in more ab work (when your doctor recommends it, it's no longer just vanity, haha).

Here's to a happy, healthy new year!

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OUTOFTHEBOX 1/4/2010 8:41PM

    Go you!

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ONE*BUSY*MOM 1/4/2010 12:02PM

    Ha ha, I could use the ab work after baby. Very giggly down there. Good luck with the bootcamp -- you're going to do great!

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RDARLING 1/4/2010 9:33AM

    I loved your ab work comment! Best of luck with your goals. It is always good to share them with others to hold you more accountable! emoticon

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Wrapping Up 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's December already - crazy!

In the post-Thanksgiving spirit, I would like to express my gratitude that 2009 has been a healthy year for me so far. To balance an energetic toddler and work and everything else life throws at me, I need to be healthy, and I've been blessed this year - only one nasty flu a few months ago! Thanks to my Spark friends who have been so supportive and helped me stay happy and fairly sane! :)

This year I've been maintaining within about a five-pound range. I do need to get more fit to keep up with my daughter (she keeps getting faster!), but for December I think I need to focus on maintaining rather than progressing. This is the lowest weight of my adult life so I need to remember to appreciate where I am now - maintainence is especially hard for me since I like results and accomplishments.

I can tell already that December is going to be a challenge with work and life and everything. I've been stressy and my old defeatist attitude has been creeping back in - as a result, I've not been taking care of myself.

Plus, the holidays tend to be a challenge for me since I'm an emotional eater. (If I'm not being mindful, I eat when I'm happy, I eat when I'm sad, I eat when I'm stressed, I eat to avoid hurting somene's feeelings, etc.)

Here are my December goals (subject to change, haha):

* Make back-up plans! Squeeze in the exercise any way I can, even if it means pretending The Wiggles is an exercise video or sneaking in plyo and strength moves whenever I can.
* Plan ahead on meals! Strategize to make the most of the meals I prepare for myself - protein-centered, high nutrient, and low calorie. Practice portion control for other meals.
* Prioritze treats! Do I really want it or (big challenge for me!) am I just eating it because it's there?
* Pick two "free" days. This way I won't feel deprived when the truffles start appearing at work. Right now I think this will be the company party and Christmas Day.
* Keep up with the fruit and veggies, and start having yogurt 5 days a week. I really, really don't want to catch the germs going around.
* Make sure there is always good low calorie choices around - crunchy veggies to much on or sweet fruit to savor.

We can do it!


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CORINA-MOMOF4 12/3/2009 10:12PM

    Great plan! And WTG on maintaining - it IS so hard to be a maintainer!!

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ONE*BUSY*MOM 12/3/2009 5:06PM

    Hi, Merrycakes. Sorry I haven't been in touch in awhile. Sorry to hear that things have been stressful for you, but definitely try and stay positive about the accomplishments you've made this year. Surpassing your goal weight, raising a wonderful child, and staying healthy. You have a great maintenance plan for December, too. Have a super holiday season & take care!

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Official New Exercise Challenge: Week One Check-in

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Update: Well, I didn't manage to meet with the trainer since my schedule at work got crazy. So I'm adjusting my goals for the week:
- Run -- Ran once this week; will try to fit in one or two more sessions.
- Do the Self "Your best body at any age!" workout twice -- Fit this in once so far.

To do in August:
- Meet with trainer (Aug. 18th)
- Find a new walking path
- Learn a new yoga pose
- Try a new core routine
- Try out Pilates - I used to do it when I had an injury and kind of abandoned it as soon as I was feeling better!
- Organize a new playlist for cardio
- Try programming my own intervals on the cardio machine

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MAMAOFTWINS 8/6/2009 11:28AM

    Great goals. I saw "Organize a new playlist for cardio" and it reminded me I need to do that too. so thank you :)

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Official New Exercise Challenge: Week One

Monday, August 03, 2009

Current routine:
-Strength: Sweatsuit to Swimsuit videos.
- Cardio: combination of walking and elliptical.
- I sneak in a few yoga poses here and there.

What I'd like to do this week:
- Run!
- Meet with a trainer to discuss a new strength workout.

Other new exercise ideas:
- Find a new walking path
- Learn a new yoga pose
- Try a new core routine
- Try out Pilates - I used to do it when I had an injury and kind of abandoned it as soon as I was feeling better!
- Organize a new playlist for cardio
- Try programming my own intervals on the cardio machine

I'm very excited about this challenge! I have a tendancy to let my workouts get stale. I think this will inspire me to spend more time thinking about what I'm doing and how to keep it fresh.

Here we go!


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OUTOFTHEBOX 8/3/2009 2:31PM

    Wow - you are a woman with a plan!

I really like this book: Pilates for the Outdoor Athlete, by Lauri Ann Sticker. It is a wonderful book, and includes a routine geared towards walkers/runners/etc. I got it from the library, and highly recommend it! It's the coolest pilates book I've tried.

I love your plan! It's so positive!

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