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Happy Days...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

.... are here again! I'd forgotten how good it felt to be up before the sun to get in a work-out. Ok, so not the actual act of waking up so early, but the sense of extreme accomplishment when the work-out is over. The past few days I've been back in the gym and on my way to the me I want to be!

Not only do completing work-outs and long runs make me feel happier, but they help ease my Fibro. It had been under control for so long and recently has begun flaring up again. For those of you who have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, you understand exactly what I mean. For those who haven't: it's an inexplicable pain that often renders you motionless. Though it's symptoms are similar to those of Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, it doesn't have a cause, and it doesn't have a cure. It just.... is. Fibro has also been strongly linked to depression which is something to which I can absolutely attest.

But with healthy eating habits and regular exercise, flare-ups can be kept under control. That's why I love SparkPeople. It helps motivate me to keep up with the positive habitual activity. But it's not just for people who want to shed pounds or control their Fibro. Exercise and proper eating habits are good to promote general happiness and comfort! How does it work? Lord Loves an "Orphin!":

1. Dynorphins and enkephalins in your spinal cord and peripheral nervous system will dampen pain when released through exercise. This is especially effective on the "slow" pain of gamma nerve fibers compared to other pain-dampening mechanisms.

2. Endorphins in the hypothalamus and other limbic structures stimulates the reward pathways, giving you a sense of euphoria.

So while the grueling "awww do I HAVE to?" moment may seem difficult to over come when faced with the tasks of both getting up early and beginning a strenuous work-out, just remember that afterward you'll be feeling euphoric and (after the burn of the first work-out soreness wears off...) pain free!


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RUNTRILAUGH 2/2/2010 2:58PM

    Love this! How motivating!!!!

And you are 100% right! The post workout high is great, isn't it?!?!?!

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LJCANNON 2/2/2010 2:11PM

    Those wonderful 'Orphins don't get enough publicity emoticon
If people knew how good those little buggers made you feel, the gyms would be full to capacity and the Parks would be over run with families walking, running, and biking together.

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Ok -- for real this time.

Monday, February 01, 2010

It's me again. And I'm back.

I've tried this once before -- the whole "coming back" thing. It didn't really work. Being a single "mom" to my dog, coaching 12 year old girls' soccer and playing in an over 25 league as well as generally attempting to maintain a social life sort of got in the way.

My motivation was trumped by my general laziness -- a trait I've inherited from my father, God bless him.

But now, as I begin training for my third half marathon, I've realized that it's about time I really gave this another shot. I'm back to eating chinese -- which I was so proud to be rid of -- so that'll be the first thing to go. My new-found obsession with The Food Network will come in handy as I revisit the joys of experimental cooking (light, of course). And though I don't belong to Curves any longer, my new gym should do the trick.

Wish me luck -- here I go! (Again)

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RUNTRILAUGH 2/1/2010 3:55PM

    Glad to see you back here!!!

Come check out 2 amazing new teams

1) Rockin It Again in 2010 and
2) Partying Penguins

You can link to both of them from my page....

You will LOVE these ladies! So encouraging, and supportive!!!!

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Tuesday's Gone....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I've been slacking a bit on my SP upkeep. That doesn't mean I've been slacking in eating healthily, I just haven't been recording everything which may be why I've been teetering the high end of my calorie count scale recently. Itís easy enough to make choices that you consider healthy, but to truly be sure youíre staying well within your allotted range, itís 10,000x easier to record your intake. SoÖback to the daily grind. Last night was Tuesday Ė my occasional cheat day. See, we get together, a group of 8 of us, and play team trivia at the local pub on Tuesday nights. Typically Iím OK with getting a salad and Iíll eat fewer calories over the course of the day to allow for a few Nachos Grande, but I had eaten a salad Ė a very similar salad at that Ė for lunch yesterday and was certainly not in the mood to play rabbit by eating nothing but lettuce all day. I do have taste buds, ya know! Thus, sigh, I exceeded my calorie goal by wayyyy more than I should have, and to make matters worse Curves is out of the question today as Iím going to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the local conservatory this evening!! I've been excited to see this guy for months and after spying a chandelier of his at a club in DC, I've finally decided to pay the $20 and go already. Unfortunately, unlike the gym, Curves closes at 8 so Iíll just have to push myself to do a little in-home work out this eveningÖbut letís also keep in mind that itís reunion night on Project Runway. Looks like Iíll be doing that work out in front of Heidi Klum Ė as if I needed more motivation to look fabulous, itíll be staring me in the face tonight.


The weather outside is frightful...

Friday, February 15, 2008

The weather outside this week has been extremely frightful. If only I knew how to work my gas operated fireplace....
I'm back on track to eating right (thank God) but when I trudged through the snow storm on Tuesday to head to Curves...low and behold a sign was crookedly taped to the front door which read "Closed due to weather. See you tomorrow!" So I mumbled under my breath how I made the dangerous journey all the way only to find that no one else could do it and went back home. Of course, since the sign said so, I went back the next day to "see them tomorrow" only to find it closed AGAIN....granted the weather was actually worse so I should have known better and called ahead. I came home and ended up bundling up in my favorite spandex and about 37 shirts and took Scout for a run in the snow. Aside from the pellets of snow/sleet assailing my eyeballs, it was actually quite nice. I ran for about a mile before really getting tired, and my neighborhood is nothing but hills. That's a pretty big improvement for me seeing as I used to have a hard time making it up my own street. I have to say I somewhat enjoyed running in the cold...but not enough that I want to do it every day.
Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Seeing as Sean and I are doing what the masses refer to as "taking a break" while still living together, we decided to not buy gifts, but rather simply cook dinner and go to a movie together. He's recently joined me on the SparkPeople program as well so he was very receptive to cooking a nice healthy pork/vegetable dinner. We split a small popcorn, no butter, at the movies and only ate about half of it between the two of us, so we did well.
Today I learned a new lesson: Qdoba salads aren't the worst lunch for you!! It actually has the potential to be pretty healthy! Did you know that the Picante Ranch dressing is completely fat free and all of their sour cream is lite!? I didn't! Most of the fat and calories come from the tortilla shell, guacamole and shredded cheese which you can certainly to without (or at least only eat half of the shell). So instead of your normal burrito, next time try the salad sans cheese and guac. Believe me, it's still tasty.



Monday, February 11, 2008

If you feel like you haven't seen me in a while,'s because you haven't. I totally fell off the wagon the last 1.5 weeks. Last week I was hanging out with a fair weather friend who swings by once a month and this weekend I was visiting friends out of town. These aren't excuses. There's no excuse for the way I've been eating/acting. I haven't been drinking my 4 bottles of water, I've been snacking on the potato chips left over from the super bowl, I haven't been logging my meals, I've been just plain lazy. I need to snap back in to this, and fast. I actually became extremely upset on my drive home from DC wondering "have i given up?" But I haven't. I refuse. I slipped and I'm extremely upset with myself for allowing it to last as long as it did, but I'm determined to stay on task and continue with Spark People. I also joined a weekly weigh in that my family started so I'll have them as support and encouragement. I've officially planned my LA vacation in May so I'm hoping to be down another 10-15 pounds by then at the very LEAST (in hopes of running in to my beloved Channing Tatum on the street and him falling madly in love with me). I'm calling out for help at this point...I need people to yell at me, encourage me, tell me a success story....SOMETHING to really push me to get back on track. I had been so good for 2 straight months and just let it all wash away from me for 11 straight days. Yesterday I tried to make up for my hideously calorie filled weekend by having a low carb chicken salad wrap for lunch and sushi for dinner...but I still didn't go to Curves 3x last week (only 2) and I still had eaten things like iced cream and lays bbq chips the days before. This morning I had a bagel with light veggie cream cheese but I didn't pack today so I'm thinking of hitting up Pita Pit or Subway for lunch.

Again, any help at this point would be greatly appreciated. I think I'm somewhat motivated enough to get myself back on track...but I feel I may need that extra push to really go for it.


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