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back on the Wave

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I did my second workout with the Speed Slimming Sculpt (what an awkward name). This time I found it easier to follow and felt like I got a pretty good workout. It seemed that the lunges and dips are easier to do with good form with the Wave than normal ones. This morning I could really feel it in my thighs and calves. So far I've done SSS twice, Rock it off Express once and the Wave abs once. I still haven't tried the Wave Buns Express.
One thing I like about these videos is that they are shorter than my other Firm videos, and have the express version for an even shorter workout. Sometimes I only want to work 20 or 30 minutes and I hate to do half a video then try to pick up in the middle or skip finishing it.
Overall its pretty fun and a good lower body workout. I still feel I need other workouts for upper body, though.


Up and down but back on track

Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, I had a big trip last week with five days of challenge to eating and working out. This was an annual gathering with a group of friends, and good food is always a part of our activities.
I'm pretty pleased with how I did. We ate out once most days, and made sandwiches for lunch or dinner to balance the meal out. Thursday we were on the run all day and ate out twice, but I went for healthier choices. I was particularly pleased that I managed to get in a little workout each day. Thursday morning I walked laps around the hotel building and spent a few minutes on the elliptical in their gym haven't used one of those in ages, pure torture). One of my friends saw me walking and volunteered to join me, so Friday and Saturday we got out early (6:45) and walked a couple of miles before we went off to our activities. Sunday we were getting ready to leave, so I only got in a few laps around the building, but it still helped. Goal accomplished, I got home at the same weight I left at.
But I got home exhausted and the heat here hasn't helped. Monday and Tuesday I got in light workouts and ate okay, though not as well as I should have. Wednesday everything caught up with me, not enough sleep, the heat, etc. I got in a warmup and short walk, but when I started my video I couldn't do it. Then all day I was tired and kept eating hoping for energy didn't work. I still tracked my foods and decided to write it off as a bad day, got to bed early and felt much better yesterday. I got in a good workout, had no problem sticking to my meal plan and weighed in this morning down two pounds. So maybe my bad day didn't hurt.
I've actually been wondering if I'm eating too low in the calorie range. I've been working out for an hour or more most days, and trying to keep the calories low. Maybe I do need to go higher every few days just so my body doesn't try to hang on to every ounce of fat. My official weigh in is Sunday, so I guess I'll see then.


The Wave first reaction

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tuesday my new Wave from The Firm arrived. It was my reward to myself for a really good month in May of eating well and working out steadily. I like to reward myself with things that make my workouts more interesting/fun.
Of course, I had to do the 10 minute demo workout as soon as I unpacked it and I liked the moves. Wednesday I did the Speed Slimming Sculpt and Thursday I did Rock it Off Express.
I want to be in love with this program, but at the moment I'm in like. Here's the good and the bad.
Good, I like the Wave itself. It's sturdy, easy to move around and comfortable to work on I work out barefoot. The rocking motion is a lot of fun.
The workouts are good lower body workouts and I could feel them in my core. I woke up Thursday morning with my legs pleasantly sore, especially on the outer calves. The pace of the workout was good, I was pushed to keep up with it being my first run through, and it definitely got the heart rate going. The instructors were very good with reminding people about safely using the Wave. They reminded you to step in the center, balance, and so on with each change.
There is a pretty good ab routine in both, though some of the moves were awkward since it was my first time through.
The not-so-good. The warm-ups on both were ridiculous. Two steps in one pattern, two steps in another, and so on, then back to the first. They didn't explain all the moves in the warm-up, just assumed you knew them. And in Rock it Off, they didn't even take time to tell you how to set up the Wave, just jumped right into the warm-up.
My biggest annoyance was that they didn't allow enough time to change the setup of the Wave. They may have a nice, open studio to work in and be able to just walk to the other side, but those of us working out at home have to move things forward and back, put down a mat for floor work, etc. I had to pause several times to rearrange things.
Good or bad, these two workouts are more cardio than strength training, especially Rock it Off. Speed Slimming has a pretty good section with weights. I used my lightest weights since it was my first time through, but moving up to heavier weights, you'll get a bit of workout. The Rock it Off Express had very little weight work, and, disappointingly, little use of the rocker side of the Wave, mostly used it as a step.
There are still two workouts, the Express Abs and Rock Solid Buns, that I haven't tried. They are on the schedule for this weekend.
My conclusion so far, this will be a good addition to my workouts that will add some variety and give a good cardio workout. I don't think the Wave by itself would be enough. I see myself continuing to use some of my old Firm workouts, such as Parts Upper Body and Body Sculpt, to get a serious upper body workout.

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SLOANARTS101 6/11/2010 4:24PM

  Hi! THanks so much for the review. I have been wondering about this Wave thing. What a great way to reward yourself for all the good work you have done! emoticon emoticon-Melissa

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Feeling 50 pounds lighter

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not on my body, unfortunately! But since I've been working out and eating better, I've been feeling the urge to declutter my house. So, I just finished helping a nice lady load up about 50 pounds of old stereo speakers and components that have been taking up space forever. I love Freecycle, you can offer just about anything and there will be someone who wants it enough to come get it.

I also donated four big bags of clothing to my favorite thrift store Monday half the stuff probably came from there originally. Over the past 10 years I went from size 12 to 8 or 6, then back up to 14 this winter. And during that time I went from a job that required a lot of business clothes to a more casual one to now working from home. Overflowing wasn't the word for my closet. So I got rid of the 14s (that much accomplished so far) and a lot of pants, skirts, tops and suits that just don't fit my life now, in all sizes. Now I have room in my closet for my shorts/skorts and capris, which are my summer uniform! There's still more (lots more) to go through, but it's great to get started.

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LOSETONEED 6/10/2010 6:59PM

    emoticon -- 50 pounds is 50 pounds!

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PURFCT88 6/10/2010 6:28PM

    Good job-get rid of those to big for me now clothes--don't keep them because the temptation to slip back into them will be there! Keep up the good work and stay motivated by using this site and all it offers. Track your food---I have learned so much about my eating. Good luck with your journey!

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MEXGAL1 6/10/2010 6:24PM

    good for you. I hate clutter.

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