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Knowing when to quit

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I went to the gym today for the first time in a week and a half. In the interim period I have been extraordinarily busy prepping for my DD1's bridal shower. I cooked, baked or prepped most of the food, shopped for the food and cleaned my house so that it would look nice for the event. I decorated the house so it would look festive. Most days I exceeded 8000 steps without doing any planned exercise. Half the time I exceeded 11000 steps. I rarely took any rest time and the day after the shower I went to cheer on my DS as he finished his first half marathon, took him to a celebratory brunch, and went to my DD2's youth group graduation celebration. Because I am a glutton for punishment I spent 4 hours yesterday planting the flowers I had bought 2 weeks ago on a really good sale because I was afraid that if I did not get them planted I might lose them. I also hand edged one of my beds because the grass was encroaching on the bed.
So after over a week of overdoing I went to the gym for my long work out. I really struggled with the weight machines. I did pretty well on the elliptical for my 1st half hour. When I went back to the weights I was struggling even more. I was beginning to feel unwell. So after 90 minutes I decided to cut my workout short and go home. I have really over done the last few days and need to take at least a one day break from physical exertion. Just because what I did last week was not "exercise" does not mean I had not been working hard.
The shower refreshments

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BEAUTY_WITHIN 5/15/2014 6:46PM

    Sounds like you got lots done, and racked up lots of activity as well!

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THINNYGINNY 5/7/2014 11:28AM

    First of all - wish i could come to the party - all the food looks so pretty! And secondly - think how many people never even work out - ever - for 90 minutes! I had a day like that yesterday when during my "slow" walk with a friend I felt so tired - like I was dragging myself along. I told my husband that I decided that a little 4 mile walk would be my rest day and I wouldn't go out for a run too....
3 years ago I couldn't even walk a mile...
We've come a long way. Rest is good. I'm thinking after you finish all these celebratory events you need a real vacation. At the beach. By yourself. With a good book!

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DEBIGENE 5/6/2014 8:17PM

    I have read that any out of the usual body movement can be considered activity and you def had activity and activity is exercise in one form or another !!! So consider yourself worked out, LOL !!! Now take a much needed mini break and regroup for your next work out !!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CHEBBA 5/6/2014 5:59PM

    I'm doing Slim-in-6 as well as gym (with and without the personal trainer, it depends if he's available) and serious gardening. I find some days I feel more tired than others, so I don't necessarily do as long at the gym but what I do do, I do hard. Today I only did 20 minutes on the 'dreadmill', but it included a full 5 minutes running which, for me, is huge. I then give my lungs a rest by going onto the seated hip and thigh abductors - I chose to work those legs by ramping the weight up more than previously, even though no-one was watching me to check on my diligence and effort! And yes - my legs are definitely changing shape, it's not just about losing the weight.

Listening to our bodies is not about being wimps, sidling out of effort and taking the easy option, it's about being sensible in order to maximise our health and wellbeing. When we get, erm, a bit older, we usually do have strained this and thats, arthritis, various annoying issues which constrain what, in our minds, we'd like to do, but there's no doubt that the balance between pushing ourselves and listening to our bodies is incredibly important. You've definitely learned it and, now, so have I. It's not a race, it's not - and you know how we've ''spoken' about this on several occasions - a competition. It's about sensible self-challenging and maximising our health and strength.

Well done M - as always, a sensible slant.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CONNIEBUG 5/6/2014 1:54PM

    Great job listening to your body's signals. It looks like it was a great shower. Hopefully you can get a little rest now.

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ALIHIKES 5/6/2014 12:03PM

    I think your body was telling you to slow down and take some rest! You were wise to quit; continuing could lead to injury

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    Take a day off to rest and recover, sounds like your body needs it! That is a lot of work! Beautiful spread of refreshments for the party! Nice job!

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MARITIMER3 5/6/2014 11:24AM

    Good for you for knowing when to quit. As you and others have told me, slow down so you can enjoy the events.


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JLAMING263 5/6/2014 11:09AM


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Changing my focus

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am nearly 4 months into my getting serious about losing weight and returning to my low weight of 167 pounds. Weight has been coming off but not as rapidly as I would have liked. However tonight I was able to put on my size 18 jeans. So I have dropped from size 26 to size 18 successfully. I also am again in one-der-land. I still want to lose more weight but I am looking at 4 very hectic months. My youngest graduates from HS in May. Between now and June 1st she will be performing 5 times in dance recitals. My DD1 is getting married in August and I am co-hosting a bridal shower for her next week. My DS is running a half marathon the next day and we will be going to see him finish the race. That afternoon the church is holding a celebration for its graduating seniors and we will want to be there to say goodbye to these kids (including DD2) since we have been active in the youth group. There will be many occasions when tracking food will be difficult or impossible. For example after working all day today, we went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I did choose what I ate carefully but I have no idea what the calorie count was. Given the fact that I worked out really hard today I am not too worried about exceeding calories today.
I just feel that I will be happier if I just maintain my weight for the next 4 months and get back to losing weight in the fall. I will continue my exercise regime most of the time but there will be days when I don't exercise. Of course there will be days like today when I over exercise. I may not be as active on SP as I have been. However I will not be gone forever. I just need to get through this very busy period.
If I don't get around to writing a blog about how I did on April goals, I do want to say that I exceeded my exercise minutes this month. I have achieved lifting over 40,000 pounds in one ST session. I will most likely not reach an 8 pound weight loss but will have lost 5 pounds. I can do 10 assisted dips but only can do 7 assisted pullups in a set. I am doing 3 sets each ST session but I have not yet dropped a plate. Almost all of my garden beds are mulched and my vegetable garden has been spaded. Did not reach all my goals but I am content with what I have achieved. Life is good.

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PATTIE441 5/4/2014 3:36PM

    I think you are awesome! You totally motivate me and I am really proud of you. Here's to you, girl! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WAY2GOCAT 4/30/2014 6:01AM

    I'm concerned. Last time you took off with the goal of maintaining, you gained a lot of weight and lost your stamina. It didn't work out for you at all. Please think twice before you do this to yourself again.

Sorry to be the stick in the mud. But I've been with you a long time and have followed you and have come to love you.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ALIHIKES 4/27/2014 1:47PM

    I think you have made amazing progress and are a success. Maintaining during the summer seems like a GREAT goal. emoticon

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2BEABETTERME 4/25/2014 10:08PM

    Maintaining sounds like a wonderful plan! Look forward to hearing how wonderful your time away was and all you accomplished!

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THETURTLEBEAR 4/25/2014 9:09AM

    I think you just "changed" your goals - I wouldn't say you didn't accomplish goals. That is awesome!

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CONNIEBUG 4/25/2014 9:04AM

    Wow, you have already made great progress! I agree with the other posters: with the busy summer you have in store, maintaining your weight is probably the most realistic goal. Congratulations on all the happy events you have coming up.

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GABIBEAR 4/24/2014 11:06PM

    Sounds like you are one busy lady!!! Keep up the great work! You know what to do and you are certainly keeping busy! I think that is a reasonable goal to maintain for a few months while things are hectic! I certainly understand about not being as active as you have been, as I am doing the same thing right now. Good luck with everything, I know with your positive work ethic, everything will turn out wonderful!

emoticon emoticon

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MARITIMER3 4/24/2014 9:26PM

    I think you are right. I set unrealistic goals for myself, did well for a while, then started slipping up because I was so busy. I'm going to enjoy the next month and not beat myself up about not exercising or eating the wrong thing.

I'm going to enjoy the wedding and being able to spend time with my other children, all of whom are coming for the wedding and a few extra days' visits.

I will get back on track, just not right now.

Take care, and enjoy all the festivities


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MADAMES 4/24/2014 9:11PM

    Sounds like a good plan; when our lives become extremely hectic we can do only so much. Enjoy all of these "once in a lifetime" occasions!

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THINNYGINNY 4/24/2014 8:27PM

    I know what you mean about too many events to really plan on losing weight. I always know that I am too focused on losing instead of LIVING when I dread special events because of the food... I needed to read your thoughts today - your decision to choose happiness instead of constant losses is wise. Graduations, weddings and dance recitals!! Enjoy!!

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BECCA315 4/24/2014 8:16PM

    Sometimes maintaining weight is the best we can do when life is so busy! Wish you luck. Becca

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Challenging week ahead

Sunday, April 13, 2014

This coming week will throw a wrench into my exercise program. For the last couple of months DH and I have been going to the gym 5 days a week with MWF as long work outs and T/TH just an hour of cardio. On MWF we combine an hour of cardio with ST. My long workouts generally take me 90 minutes to complete because I have to wait for some of the machines. However it is a set pattern and we support each other in going to the gym and working out.
This week combines Holy Week, DD1 moving and getting ready for guests for dinner both Holy Saturday and Easter. Easter weekend is a big traditional food weekend. On Saturday we are having a pastiera which is a very odd pie made with homemade egg noodles, rice, eggs, romano cheese, lots of black pepper and traditionally lard. Since lard is hard to find I substitute shortening. Needless to say I will not track on Saturday. I have greatly simplified Easter dinner since we do not need to eat a full 4 to 5 course meal. However I will not track on Sunday either. Sunday brunch is creamed eggs on toast which is one of DH's family traditions ( used up a lot of the colored eggs). Dinner will be Homemade egg noodles with home made sauce, meatballs sausages and bracciola with salad. I may make roasted artichokes. Dessert will be cheesecake.
The killer is that I have to make all this stuff. Monday I plan to make the meatballs. Tuesday and Wednesday I plan to help DD1 pack up the apartment and move some of the boxes. The heavy stuff is being moved on Saturday. Thursday I will make the sauce with the meats. I will also make the home made pasta. Friday I will bake a ricotta cheesecake (traditional) and an American cheesecake (for the kids who don't care for the traditional cheesecake). In between all that I need to go for groceries twice. Early in the week for the stuff I need to cook and later in the week for fruit to serve on the weekend. What I don't know is how I will do all this and cook normal evening meals and spend a morning at the gym. I know that the gym won't happen on Tuesday or Wednesday. I hope to go to the gym the other 3 days. I will simply have to do the best I can. I have been doing really well with exercise this month because of all the yard work. It is only one week and I will get back on track after Easter.

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ALIHIKES 4/15/2014 9:05PM

    Wow that is a lot of work and a LOT of cooking! Just relax and enjoy the season as best you can

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MEH50BEWELL 4/15/2014 4:00PM

    Wow I'm worn out reading your blog! You have a busy Holy Week ahead. Blessings to you this Easter and I'm sure you'll be back on track on Monday. We will be in LA with friends for the Easter weekend and I as well will not be tracking. Back at it on Wednesday for me. Peace!

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2BEABETTERME 4/14/2014 9:49AM

    Hang in there! It sounds like you have a doable plan of action and you when have exercise in there. Maybe simple salads for supper (or a big pot of soup early in the week to eat during the week)?

Have a great week!

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CONNIEBUG 4/14/2014 9:13AM

    You do have a hectic week ahead! You've been doing great, so I'm sure going off track a little for the holiday won't do too much damage. Make sure you find some time to rest and enjoy yourself!

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WAY2GOCAT 4/14/2014 7:33AM

    Your plans sound awesome, combining food, family, and tradition. You're doing terrific with your exercise, missing a couple of days should't hurt you. I know you'll make up for it and return to your schedule once Easter has been celebrated. Think of all the extra steps you'll take between shopping and cooking! I'd love to have a celebration with my family, but it's only DH and me. We're not making special plans. We're simply meditating on the Lord and all He's done for us. We're thankful for His sacrifice each and every day! He's done and is doing so much for us and I'm eternally grateful! Enjoy your Easter!

Blessings and Hugs,

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GABIBEAR 4/14/2014 1:37AM

    Sounds like you know exactly what to do! One week of change is actually good for you and your body will thank you for the change and rest! You have a lot ahead of you! You CAN do it!!! Have an awesome Easter!

emoticon emoticon

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CJYOUCANDOIT 4/13/2014 11:36PM

    How wonderful that you have all of these traditions. Enjoy your time. Listen to your body for fullness signs. Exercise when you can, and let it go. You will be fine. Enjoy all the wonderful family, traditions, and food. Sounds really great. Good luck and Happy Easter! emoticon

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    Sounds like you have a plan in place, and you have been doing really well with your workouts! I think this one week of not being able to keep up with it all is perfectly acceptable for the circumstances. Holidays always seem to throw off the schedule.

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MARITIMER3 4/13/2014 7:51PM

    I hear you! Same here,except it's Ukrainian instead of Italian, as this year the Julian and Gregorian calendars coincide, so the two Easters are on the same date.

I will get the first groceries tomorrow, then more Thursday. There will be 10 for lunch on Sunday, with hard-boiled eggs, perogies, cheeses, home-made breads, ham, cottage cheese. Interestingly, there is no traditional dessert, perhaps because it's served at noon. Peter enjoys sharing the Ukrainian tradition with some of my Anglican friends, and they seem to enjoy learning about it.

It's going to be a busy week between the cooking and the extra Holy Week services, but you will be even busier since you are also helping your daughter move.

Enjoy your week, and don't worry if you can't exercise as much as usual, because you will be getting in lots of extra steps.


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THINNYGINNY 4/13/2014 7:41PM

    I just finished a challenging week, with my parents in town, my daughter having a starring role in her school musical (which required a lot of time from parents) and doing our taxes and taxes for my MIL who has dementia and had papers all mixed up in a dozen boxes...
I did the best i could, but my parents like to go on day trips and eat out when they visit, so I lost a few exercise days and ate a few things not on my plan. But I did my best and realized that living life is for now, not when I am thinner. So I ate some wonderful garlic bread in Santa Barbara, and had an extra snack yesterday in the midst of tax craziness. And of course you know that already!! Enjoy your homemade pasta - sounds awesome!

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Saturday Workout

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I finally got to spend a day working in the yard. Weather was gorgeous. I had a pile of 40 bags of mulch to spread on my side yard. This sideyard has been waiting to be turned into a garden for 2 years. Last year I got nothing done after I tore my meniscus in March and had the repair done in June. It looked awful and I am having DD1's bridal shower here in 3 weeks. It had to be put in order even if I don't plant anything until after the party. So today DH used some recycled pavers to build a pad near the gate so the gate opens onto a brick pad. I designed a breakwall using some of the pavers so that water gushing from the gutter does not create a gully. I also spread 38 bags of mulch. Finally I used some recycled stepping stones to build a path from the back to the gate, and from the path to the hose bib and around the raised beds. Now I ache all over and have difficulty walking. It was a lot of heavy lifting after yesterdays long gym workout and the spading of my vegetable garden. My vegetable garden is approximates 150 square feet. I also lifted over 42,000 pounds during my workout so I have met my April goal of lifting 40,000 pounds.
I feel really good about getting all this done because the next 3 weeks are going to just fly. Between having company for Holy Saturday and Easter, DD1 moving into her house, and prepping for the shower, all my free time will be limited. Especially since I intend to do my gym workouts except for the Tuesday that I help DD1 pack up her kitchen and move some of the boxes into the new house.
Tomorrow I will spread mulch in the front yard and get all the yard related trash ready to go out with Mondays trash pickup. Hopefully that will only be a couple hours work because I want to get some rest before Mondays long workout. My weekends were supposed to be rest days from exercise emoticon

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CONNIEBUG 4/14/2014 9:12AM

    It sounds like you had a very busy and productive day! I was hoping to work in my yard some this weekend but it rained here. Don't overdo it, though.

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ALIHIKES 4/13/2014 3:03PM

    Very busy day, but you accomplished a lot! Be careful with the garden work, it is HARD and easy to overdo it emoticon

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April Goals

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I did not meet my March goal of losing 7 pounds. I did lose 5 pounds. I exercised for over 2500 minutes. For April I would like to lose 2 pounds a week for an 8 pound weight loss for the month. This puts my food range at 1200-1550 calories which is less than my range in March. I will have to be very strict about extra calories. That means that as of tomorrow I cannot allow myself my 2nd cup of coffee (45 calories). I will continue to put my flax seed and protein whey into my breakfast (140 calories). I don't think I can increase my exercise. as of now my plan is to continue with 60 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and 60 minutes of weight lifting 3 days a week. I will also have some gardening that needs to be done in April but I can't plan that so it will be extra (which may allow me to up my calories a little since I know I can't keep to 1200 calories a day). I know I won't reach my goal of weighing 180 pounds by the time DD2 graduates (May 28, 2014) but I will do my level best to get to 185 pounds by then and 175 pounds by the time DD1 gets married (August 2, 2014). Losing weight this time is a lot harder than it was the first time. So my goals for April

1. Try to lose 8 pounds
2. Go to the gym 5 days a week. Do 60 minutes cardio each day and 60 minutes ST on MWF.
3. Keep working on the assisted pull-up/dip machine. Get to 10 each and reduce the assist by one plate.
4. By the end of the month be able to lift an aggregate of 40,000 pounds in one weight lifting session. I am at 38,000 now.
5. Have all my beds at least mulched and my vegetable garden spaded by May 1st. Hope we don't have too many April showers because right now the yard is a swamp.

I am not feeling very happy with myself. I have to remember the good things. I can walk down steps normally again. I can reach high aerobic HR when cycling (it kills me but I can do it). I have improved my balance. I can reach 10,000 steps a day on most days (last week was 4out of 7 with one of the remaining 3 at 9000).

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MARITIMER3 4/12/2014 6:42PM

    Don't be too hard on yourself. You know the steps you have to take, and you're doing a great job of exercising regularly. You have two great events coming up, the most important thing is to enjoy them.
Hugs, Gail

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DIBANANA 4/2/2014 10:55PM

  You have set some good goals and have some very good reasons to lose. You can do it.

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MEH50BEWELL 4/2/2014 2:24PM

    5 lbs is Fantastic! Great Plan for the Month. Good Luck

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GABIBEAR 4/1/2014 9:54PM

    You are doing really well! Maybe you are just pushing yourself a little too much? You know your body better than anyone. You are emoticon Don't be down on yourself, you are still doing so well and working so hard!!!!

emoticon emoticon

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FITBIZZZ 4/1/2014 12:30PM

    SO MANY good things. emoticon You've got this.

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2BEABETTERME 4/1/2014 9:45AM

    Five pounds is a great accomplishment! Your goals look wonderful. Make sure you are not restricting your diet so much that you feel cheated. A second cup of coffee one in a while is good for the psyche!

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    First of all I think your weight loss was great! Secondly, you are inspirational the way you go at your fitness goals. I was curious: When you say it's harder this time to lose the weight, is it harder to do the things you need to do, or is it harder for the pounds to come off doing the same things you did before? I am just curious from a personal perspective.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, maybe you can switch things up with your cardio and do something outside? Give your body a little switcheroo!

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    I am so so sorry your unhappy with yourself right now, and I hope you keep thinking of all the good things that have come so far from your journey. Think back five years, I would bet you can find MANY positives! I agree with the losing weight is harder this time around, I feel the same. I think for me its because I am sick of being "losing weight Tracy" and I just want to be "living a normal life Tracy". But it is hard to find balance. I hope you also take a momet to be proud of yourself, you are not giving up, as long as you continue that you are sure to succeed!!!! Hugs!

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DRAGONSDAWN 4/1/2014 8:54AM

    I know it's hard but look at how far you have come. Things might have slowed down some but you are still losing. You are AMAZING!!

emoticon emoticon

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    While you might not have reached your goal, you did move away from the starting line and are closer to the finish!

Make Today the Greatest Day of Your Life

emoticon Until Tomorrow!

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