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Frustrating Article

Monday, April 23, 2007

I was surfing the net during my lunch break and saw an article that talked about how all diets ultimately fail and the only real way to keep your weight off is by surgery. I believe the idea that we are habitual creatures and all we need to do to make anything possible is change our habits.

As I read this article I wondered how many people had surgery because they wanted to lose weight, lose it fast and not worry about regaining the weight. Don't get me wrong, I know people who have had weight loss surgery and they are not any less of a person because they did so. Weight-loss surgery is no walk in the park as anyone who has had it can probably tell you and there are times when it is necessary, but I fear that we will witness a mass adoption of weight loss surgery because "it is the only way to keep weight off".

Another thing that has really bothered me is the advertisement of weight loss entities like "Quick Loss Weight Centers" who advertise that you "can lose 3-7 lbs a week", "eat real food" and "don't have to exercise", yet we know that losing more than 2 lbs a week can be unhealthy, in addition to exercise helps promote good heart health and metabolism.

When there is a burning desire and the right tools are used, anything is possible. SparkPeople helps its members make healthy choices and make permanent changes to their habits, allowing them to, most likely, keep the weight off.

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    Very interesting article but I'm with you! I don't think surgery is the answer. It will always be to exercise and eat right and healthy and the weight will come off!

I actually did QWLC about 10 years ago. It worked (lost 60 lbs) but here I am again! It really was 3 lbs a week and I lost it all in 6 months. But did I learn anything? Nope. They really do reinforce the "no exercise" and that is just wrong.

This go around, I am incorporating both cardio and weights, eating 1200-1300 cal and making smarter choices. It's been 11 weeks so far and I think I am on the right track!

Thanks for the welcome to the Austin Sparkers team!

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SWISSMOM8873 4/25/2008 1:20PM

thanks for you comment in my blog, and I found the only way is to eat clean and healthy and exercise. I am in the same boat, there is no quick fix, cause guess what the weight did not come on overnight, it won't get off overnight.
But with the right life style changes there will be success.

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WILLIAMLH 5/7/2007 12:21PM

    I agree Mike, having grown up with a Chiropractor and an LPN, I have seen every "fad" out there, funny how the article says surgery, when lifestyle change is MORE permenant. I am sick of the medical profession as a whole pushing pills and surgery when it/tey are not needed! Ugggggg

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Staying Strong

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My walk down the path of health and fitness has been a struggle. So much so that I have thought about skipping dinner and only trying to eat breakfast and lunch, with a couple of snacks here or there.

This is an unhealthy thought and an unrealistic one. I spent some time giving myself a pep talk after snacking on some wheat thins and remembered that what I'm thinking about is wrong and dangerous. My body needs fuel throughout the day and I need to buckle down and stay strong. I'm going to stick with the basics and go back to stage one. I clearly need it if I'm going to stay strong and meet my goals.

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JANDYMORDAN 4/14/2007 8:59PM

    eating less more often is more realistic. then you don't get over hungry and satisfy unjustified cravings.

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