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Sunday, June 03, 2012

125.6 with Body fat of 32.6 or 27.8 Tanita and Omron respectively.

Well that was unexpected. That cheat meal didn't have the effect I expected but the disparity in numbers has just convinced me to stop worrying about the body fat. It's just going to give me something else to obsess over and if neither number is even accurate then I'm setting myself up for failure either way. I'll just do the work and trust the results will follow.

Workout - STS disc 2
Breakfast - banana and sweet potato pancakes, eggs and bacon
Lunch/Dinner - 2 slices pizza (I know emoticon but sis was visiting and......)

No worries. Back to work tomorrow emoticon

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PLATINUM755 6/4/2012 9:09AM

    Take your time darlin' to get that consistency back. One step at a time, one day at a time and before you know it, all the pieces will start to fall into place. emoticon

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JAZZID 6/4/2012 7:35AM

    Keep at it Sue. Not too knowledgeable about the body fat issue, but from the generic calculations I get for me, yours is a lot less than mine!

How are you liking the STS mesocycle 1?... not my favorite. Right now I am going to concentrate on losing fat and maintaining what little muscle I have. Emphasis will be on doing more cardio.

emoticon emoticon

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ALLISON145 6/4/2012 12:36AM

    I just checked and mine is an omron too. I would go with that one - mine matches the bod pod measurement I had done, and you look like your fat is lower that mine too.. If you go with the higher number we would be the same and that's clearly not right! :-)


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Paleo Me Day 2

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Weight - 125
Body Fat 31.4
Workout(s) - HIIT 20, HIIT 30

And yes I see it. Weight going down a bit too fast and body fat is creeping up but I'm working on it.

Breakfast - Egg and cheese scrambled in coconut oil and butter, sweet potato hash (cubed sweet potato sauteed with onions and bacon) and kale with bacon.

Lunch - Okay, first let me explain. Remember when I said my weight was coming down too fast and I was working on it. Well lunch today was the "working on it". I want to see if my free meal once a week slows things down and keeps my body fat number from going up.

That being said, here's lunch.
Fire Mountain Buffet - a few bites each of -
Fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, fried tacos, baked sweet potato, key lime pie, coconut cream pie, bread pudding, chocolate cake, watered down Coke.

Yes it looks really bad written down but I did come home and do a 30 min HIIT workout so maybe that will help emoticon

Dinner - You're kidding right? Okay, a few sips of coffee cream no sugar. Now after I did that I was worried because I remembered that caffeine gives you an insulin response the same way sugar does but we'll see what the damage is.

Good night emoticon

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PLATINUM755 6/3/2012 9:59AM

    Hey, that doesn't look bad at're experimenting. It takes playing around sometimes to find out what really works. Keep us posted on how you are doing!

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JAZZID 6/3/2012 3:07AM

    Well, I had ribs and fries today!... I am not weighing or measuring right now. I want my jeans to fit looser, when they do, I will know that I am making progress and will weigh then. I will be discouraged if I don't get positive feedback from the scale or no loss in inches.

Tomorrow, or today rather, I am will be back on track and will post my meals for Sunday. Thanks for posting your meals, it is helpful in giving me meal ideas as well.

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ALLISON145 6/3/2012 12:02AM

    I'm experimenting with a cheat here and there too - I have had luck in the past with one high calorie day per week...seems to keep my body guessing... and keep me sane, let's be honest. :)

What are you using to measure body fat? I have a handheld Tanita measurer thingy (very technical term). LOL!


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June Adventures

Friday, June 01, 2012

Okay, it's a new month, my birthday month no less and since my scale is hinting that I am officially back on track (I'm now 126, down from 133 emoticon) I suppose I'll start having something quasi useful to say.

After my descent into carb-ville last month I started thinking that maybe my body regularly needs more carbs than I've been allowing it so after reading some comments from you guys, I,ve decided to develop my own personal Paleo prescription. For me that means instead of looking at charts, I'm testing what level of carb intake I personally need to get lean and stay SANE at the same time.

With a little more information than I provided in my first 30 days of Paleo entries, for the month of June I'm going to document my workouts, meals and stats so I can see what's working.

I've restarted STS mainly because it's the 1st of the month (and we all know how much I love "beginnings") and I wasn't that far in so it doesn't matter. I wanted to see how I respond to the program with this new way of eating.

This morning I ate a scrambled egg swimming in butter and coconut oil for breakfast and my workout was amazing. I've been told that my sweet cravings were partially due to my not getting enough fat so I'm "porking" up everything I eat.

Lunch was Chicken, bacon, avocado, walnuts and cubed sweet potato (which was sauteed in butter and coconut oil) on a bed of spring mix drizzled with Dijion Vinaigrette. Yummy.

Snack - Fudge Brownie Bite from Sweet Potato Power by Ashley Tudor (fantastic book of Paleo info and the virtues of sweet potatoes). Double yummy.

Dinner is Barbecued Chicken with Collards and Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges (which I'm still too full from lunch to partake in emoticon).

Weight - 126

Body Fat % - 31 (yes I had to talk myself into posting that but as they say, you can't manage what you don't measure so there it is.

So there's day one. Later emoticon

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PLATINUM755 6/3/2012 9:55AM

    That's awesome. It would be wonderful if we could find the healthy lifestyle plan where one size actually fits us. That's no reason to fret though, with just a little nip and tuck and there YOUR plan will come together. Keep blazing that trail! emoticon

And have a wonderful and Happy Birthday! emoticon emoticon

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JAZZID 6/2/2012 7:30PM

    Well, emoticon back... your plan sounds great, the food sounds and looks delicious! emoticon... I am tweaking my plan as well, it's a learning experience.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress; so glad that you are back
"sparking!!!!!" ~ Dee emoticon

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ALISHAB3 6/2/2012 5:39PM

    emoticonon your birthday!!!

Btw, I also eat fairly paleo style but did find that a little more paleo friendly carbs did help.

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VAZHUNT 6/1/2012 11:13PM

    Wonderful! Keep up the good work. I admire your discipline to document everything is detail.


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KFAYJAY 6/1/2012 8:57PM

    Great planning! And how are you doing stranger??? :) emoticon

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JILLITA55 6/1/2012 6:01PM

    Congrats and Happy Birthday emoticon emoticon

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thank you everyone for all your encouragement on yesterday's blog. It's been a frustrating few months but as ALESHABEE said, I did it before and I can do it again.

STS day 2 was not as bad yesterday. My basement flooded on Mother's Day so I've had to move all my workout stuff upstairs to my bedroom. Not tragic because unlike my basement it is temperature controlled and has a big ol' flat screen but I still miss my "sanctuary". It's going to take about a week to dry things out so I'll deal. Tomorrow is Legs. Pray for me emoticon.

AND discovery share!!! I found some awesome channels on my ROKU.

GAIAM which is a paid channel but streams practically everything GAIAM ever produced (workout dvds, documentaries, lots of FIRM etc) and

All Fitness TV which is free and doesn't have as many DVDs but a pretty cool assortment. I saw Guillermo Gomez and Janis Saffel and I was sold emoticon.

They also have Gymbox which is great and also a paid channel but I already purchased all the DVDs I want form them so for me, there is no temptation to subscribe.

OH, and I forgot to tell you, after a Mother's Day of flood clean up and gross sewer auger-ing my loving husband brought me home an iPad. He's been trying to get me one forever and I kept refusing because I didn't think I'd like it but he went behind my back and just got it I'm thrilled to say I LOVE IT. Happy Mother's day ME!!!!! emoticon


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PLATINUM755 5/18/2012 8:45PM

    Sorry to hear about your Mother's Day event but you've put the time to good use. Nothing like turning TV into a useful tool to make your goals happen. emoticon

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JAZZID 5/17/2012 11:42PM

    Hey Sue, how did you pull that channel up on Roku?... I have it as well, how would I find it?

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Reality Bites

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I weighed in at 132.6 this morning. Okay, before you freak out like I usually do, let me explain why I'm at peace with it.

For the last few months, I've been fighting a losing battle with crazy, intense, decidedly non-Paleo cravings for sugar and mostly chocolate. At first my Saturday (off Paleo) breaks were enough to satisfy them but they began extending into and throughout the week. True to form for my eating disorder, trying to resist those cravings triggered my old familiar binge habit. Combining free fat Paleo cooking with non-Paleo binges is a recipe for weight gain so here I am.

Now, my peace about all of this is because I've finally figured out what caused this. I'm not sure if I blogged about it but I've been having terrible problems my asthma for over a year now. My doctor has been trying to increase my medication dosage for months but I've been hesitant.

After having a few bad attacks in March, I finally agreed to increase my steroid intake to get it under control (guess when the cravings started?) . I suppose I was so excited to be able to breath that I forgot about crazy appetite and the 15 lbs I gained that last time they increased my dosage.

Now here's where I handled this incorrectly. I am very aware of my binge eating issues and I KNOW what happens when I deprive myself of anything my body/mind asks for. If I had just satisfied the cravings in the beginning, I probably wouldn't have triggered the 2 months of binging but instead I put on my deprivation helmet and held out until it cracked.

What's interesting is that going Paleo and giving up sugar etc. never triggered any of this but since the steroids it's a whole new ball game so to calm everything down, I've given myself permission to ease up a bit (since it is merely the threat of restriction that triggers my binges) and trust my body by giving it what it wants until it figures out how to navigate these steroids. Already my crazy cravings have all but disappeared.

I mustered up the courage to take my measurements and ugly as it was, at least now I know. Reality bites but between the steroids and my middle aged hormones, it just means I've got to work a bit harder. My first day of STS yesterday assured me that I will be doing just that. Aarrrgh!! I'd forgotten about those infernal never ending push-ups. I feel like a total beginner again LOL. I plan to do STS and Gym Style on consecutive weeks so will bring a little flavor.

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MYJUNIEMOON 5/25/2012 10:13AM

    I can relate so much to your post... well, not the 132-pound part, exactly... anyway Deprivation just lead to bingeing which leads to guilt which leads to eating (for me, anyway) So moderation is key - reward-system even better. Do good and I get 4 Hershey's kisses or 3 Dove dark chocolates on Wednesday/Sunday - that kind of thing.

You're back, on track and today is all that matters.

Be good to yourself!

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JAZZID 5/17/2012 7:44AM

    Sue, as you know, I don't believe in deprivation and feel it is just plain "un-natural" an "cruel" emoticon... anyway, I am also asthmatic, but have not had to resort to taking medication with steroids, I am only using my rescue inhaler as needed right now. I am not doing free meals just yet until I see more movement in either the scale or my measurements, but like you, when I do start adding them back in, I will do so only on Saturdays. This is controllable to me.

We all have to find that balance and when other, uncontrollable factors, like medication side effects step in, it can complicate the equation, but it's not hopeless and it sounds like you are on the right track; your diet combined with STS is definitely a winning combination. emoticon

I am rooting emoticon for you sis, and know you will overcome this!... emoticon ~ Dee emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/17/2012 7:46:34 AM

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ALESHABEE 5/17/2012 7:26AM

    Steroids can do a number on anyone's workouts and diet because everyone reacts differently to them. The great thing is that you know how to get back to basics and intergrate healthy habits into your've done it before and you will do it again. Good luck!!

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ALLISON145 5/16/2012 12:58PM

    So glad to see you back and on the right track!

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ALISHAB3 5/16/2012 9:03AM

    The idea of deprivation drives us to think about what we can't have and when we tell our selves not to have something our inner being interprets that as have it. When I was losing (I have to get back to that.) I was most successful by just allowing myself to eat only exactly what I want. I didn't force myself to eat anything that I absolutely didn't want. That meant that I wouldn't continue to eat if it didn't taste really good. If the bite of food in your mouth isn't satisfying, spit it out. I know that seems extreme.

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PLATINUM755 5/15/2012 11:04PM

    It's good to see you're still working to make it happen. I suffer from asthma as well, not as severely as you do, however, I do understand how what helps you on one hand really does impact how we approach our goals, weight loss etc.. Hang in there darlin'..the right mix will happen! emoticon emoticon

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