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I'm BACK!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello to all my fabulous sparkpeople friends! Sorry I was MIA for so long I have been distracted and busy with many other things! The good thing is I have not given up and have been working out hard unfortunately my eating hasn't been great but I have managed to maintain!
I have been doing Insanity and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! My strength and endurance are going up like crazy and I am losing inches but my weight has stayed about the same. I know my leg muscles are getting a ton stronger along with my arms but I am just not okay with this weight thing. SOOO I am back to counting calories and being really focused with my food intake! i think that is what it is going to take
to lose the last 35 lbs :0)

Started back up yesterday and so far so good! Would love to hear how some of you are doing since I have been gone for so long :0)

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MSJULES01 8/25/2010 9:11PM

    Welcome back.
Glad your back. Keep it up and before you know it the pounds will just melt off.

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KELLIGIRL523 8/25/2010 12:08PM

    Welcome back!!

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Thinking about a new challenge! What do you guys think?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sorry ladies I was gone for awhile I would love to say I was just busy and doing everything right but unfortunately I was a bit off track and intentionally avoiding SP :-( but I am back now and back on track too! Thankfully I didn't gain much in my time away I am up 1 lb but hoping to get that off quickly and get back on the ball!! I have found a new love for the beach which until this summer I wouldn't have worn a swimsuit if someone had paid me but now after losing 42 lbs I am so much happier with my body and it feels so great!!!

However, I am still about 34 lbs from my goal and would like to get it off this summer sooooo I was thinking since summer is such a hard time for everyone maybe we should start a new challenge like the Marymackers one to finish off the summer and give us all some goals to shoot for! What do you guys think?? Anyone wish to join me I would start the team if others are interested! I think is would definitely help me to keep on track! Let me know!!

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BE_STRONG 6/25/2010 10:03PM

    I always have trouble in the summmet too. Too many parties, camping and get togethers. I don't know about you, but it is my eating that gets out of control. I'm usually pretty good about getting my fitness in.

Let me know when/if you form a team.

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THECRAZYMANGO 6/20/2010 7:35PM

    Sounds like a plan. I have been thinking of doing a 60 day challenge to lose 15#. Let me know what you decide! emoticon

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PRIN1978 6/18/2010 8:37PM

    Sounds like a plan! You go!!

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Trying something new!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I went to see my Chiropractor today for a routine adjustment and we started talking about nutrition and losing weight. I told him I lost my weight pretty quickly until now. He told me I should focus on meat, veggies, fruits, seeds, and nuts and cut out grains, pasta, and dairy. Seems a little scary to think about but I am going to try it even if it is for just a few weeks and then slowly reintroduce some of these things into my diet. He even talked about how some people do like a three day fruit fast to flush out their system. We'll see :0) Today I have already had dairy and grains but for the rest of the day I will keep to the diet. Going to start right now with a snack of raw almonds which I love!
Any of you ever did this or eat like this all the time?

Weekend did not go great had Chinese on Fri (made some good choices here though), then went out to eat both Sat and Sun at a pizza buffet (not so good) I did have a big salad before so I didn't completely pig out on pizza!

Going for a long walk in the heat today :0)
Have a good one everyone!

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TIME2JUSTDOIT 5/26/2010 1:27AM

    I eat it all, including the pizza! LOL!!! Seriously, I eat from all of the food groups. No white pasta, rice or bread though, just the brown whole grain stuff. I use the tracker on here to make sure I'm in balance and eating enough. I always have some sort of protein with my carbs and I have to work really hard to get in the healthy fats. I use nuts...almonds and walnuts especially to help with that. I try to vary my calories too. So one day I may eat at the low end of the range and the next couple at the high end and then back down again that way my body doesn't get too comfortable. I also had to increase my calories because of all of the exercise...are you eating enough? Good luck though, would love to hear how it works out for you. emoticon

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JUDITH1654 5/25/2010 1:45AM

    Changing things up is always a good idea but I am leery of the fasting. Instead, eat at the low end of your calorie range for one week, then eat at the higher end for a week, alternate to keep your body guessing. It also keeps it from going into starvation mode, which slows down your metabolism.

Also, within thirty minutes after two of your meals, continue moving for at least twenty minutes. This will keep your metabolism up for a little longer.

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ELLFIN3 5/24/2010 12:30PM

    Maybe it is good to change up eating. I read somewhere if you do change the thing you eat (not the same old thing all the time) it can help jump start weight loss! Let us know as you go on this new journey how it goes!! emoticon

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    Good luck with that!

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Plan for today 5-20-2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Since I do better with a plan here it is for today May 20, 2010

1 nutrigrain whole wheat waffle with PB
half a banana
Protein shake

Protein shake
1 oz raw almonds

Light string cheese
Protein shake

Baked Tilapia
2 cups steamed veggies

This is low calorie and carb but high protein which is what I am aiming for!!

Jillian's No More Trouble Zones 40 minutes circuit training
Running 2 miles

Then for the fun part of my day headed to Wilderness Walk (very cool kind of like a zoo) with my daughters kindergarten class!! Lot's of walking for this too but we'll just consider this a bonus!!

Weigh in tomorrow and hoping for some big results :0) Have a great day Sparkfriends I am off to start my workout

Update at 10:40 am
Workout completed yep the whole thing including NMTZ and 2 10 minute miles then of course a cool down and stretch!! Feeling fabulous and so ready to see the scale tomorrow!!

Now time for a cool shower and off to Wilderness Walk with 130 kindergarteners and my preschooler emoticon

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TIME2JUSTDOIT 5/21/2010 11:21PM

    I love it!!! I especially like the picture of you all sweaty from your workout!!! Hope you had fun with your daughter. I loved it when my kids were little and I'd get to go on different field trips with them. I hope you got the results you were looking for on your weigh in. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SKINNYPOWELL1 5/20/2010 1:36PM

    Stick to the plan and you'll have great success. Good job on all your hard work, keep it up.

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KELLIGIRL523 5/20/2010 9:56AM

    People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.

YOU have got a PLAN!! WooHoo! Onward!


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I will not stay here....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

at 182 lbs!! I have made it to just over half way to my goal but only half way! I have a long ways to go and I refuse to stay here! So I will eat less and push harder until I get there! No slacking anymore yes I am happy at where I'm at because I can't remember the last time I wore a size 14 jeans but this is not were I want to stop so I have to dig deeper and keep moving until I get there! I was hoping to be in the 170s by now but unfortunately my slacking has not helped me to get there but there is no going back only forward for this girl!! This is only a bump in the road and I am sick of it holding me back I am sprinting over it today!

For the rest of May I will push harder, dig deeper, eat less calories but more protein, and give it everything I have because I will not have another month with only a 4 lb weight loss!!

Have a great week ladies and feel free to check up on me and hold me accountable to this cause I need all the support I can get! emoticon

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TIME2JUSTDOIT 5/21/2010 11:15PM

    Hello!!!! With that great attitude, I know you're going to do it!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KELLIGIRL523 5/20/2010 9:08AM

    Good girl! You have a plan - now WORK it!



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LYNNDAK 5/20/2010 1:15AM

    I LOVE your attitude! You can do it. WOO HOO!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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