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Feeling Down Again!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I should know and accept it by now. My weight will not come off like it did when I was younger. I've learned that it fluctuates 1 - 2 pounds for several days or even a week before settling down to a loss and then it starts all over. Getting on the scales and remaining just below the obese weight for my height and age should make me a little happier but it does not and I can't help but be depressed. This week I made major efforts to go back to doing cores and cardio during the week. I truly watched what I ate and at one point when I climbed on the scales I was 1 1/2 pounds lighter than my lightest weight thus far. Then I climbed on today and I was just what I have been for the last two weeks! Next my boss showed me pictures she had taken at one of our office functions and I was embarrassed to see myself. I hate my body!!!!!!! Enough self pity! I really have to concentrate - I can do this. Today I stayed busy all day and I tried the "grazing" thing. I only ate when I was truly hungry and I ate just a little of something healthy. It worked until dinner time - I was at close to 500 calories and I ate healthy but not enough vegetables. However I was famished at dinner time. My guys wanted stromboli I had ran and cleaned since 7 AM and I was in no mood to cook or run to two different take outs - so I ordered a personal buffalo chicken stromboli - it has less cheese and no processed meat but I had no idea how to rate it on my food log - I picked some sort of buffalo chicken sandwich that came to over 650 calories and I used that. At least I'm full and very tired - I won't want to munch and I'm extremely thirsty so I'll do way more than 9 glasses of water. Tomorow is Skippack days - we'll walk at least 5 or 6 miles that should help. Now I'm going to watch my Phillies in game 3 - if they win I'll be happy - if they loose I'm going to have logged off of Sparks so I can't eat anything else - my food list is in! How's that for strategy?


Thank Yous

Friday, October 05, 2007

What the thought for the day did not address was that all our of blessings come from God - it's great to thank the "people" involved and send them thank you notes but what about him? I thank him every day and by doing a kindness to others we are showing our gratitude.


No Weight Loss BUT FANTASTIC Week

Sunday, September 30, 2007

This has been about the most fantastic week of my entire life and it is not over yet. I have not forgotten Sparks! I'm faithful with tracking my foods and doing some sort of cardio every single day - next week I really plan on getting back to cores. But it's just the timing in my life - everything has happened within a week and I am truly excited, happy and at peace. That doesn't happen often with me but God has been Good! This past Thursday I took my last night class at Gwyneedd - after devoting the biggest part of my time to classes and homework and neglecting myself, my house and my family for 2 1/2 years - I have earned my degree! I will continue on at Ursinus but not accelerated - this will take more time but not monopolize my life for another two years! That was awesome enough but it gets better. I have been a devoted Phillies fan since 1972 - I go every chance I get - I love them through the good and the bad - I LOVE the Phillies - anyone who knows me knows that first! I always get tickets to the last game of the season - today I was there when the PHILLIES won the National League EAST! It was so exciting - I am still on a cloud and I feel 20 pounds lighter (won't get a second opinion from my scale though!) On Friday I won a lottery on the Phillies web site and I got to buy three potential seats to the National League play off game #2 so on Thursday (one week after finishing school and the climax of this awesome week - I am going to my first ever play off game! I am so excited! It was easy to be good today and I hope to continue this attitude through the week. Thank you God for the good things in life!


It's Party Time

Thursday, September 27, 2007

No, I have not lost weight - I've been stuck at the same thing for two weeks now but it's my fault sort of. I have been so busy with these last few weeks of class, the two jury events we had to plan, contempt hearings, all of Brads sports and on and on and on that I have not worked out at all - Cardio is easy - I crave it! I have to do my gazalle several times a week and I love to go for short walks but work outs are tougher and I just couldn't get them in. Anyway - TONIGHT is my last class at Gwynedd - we're having a party and then we're going out to a club - the whole cohort - I don't think I'm going to be real good tonight - I deserve it - Right? Some one out there can tell me it's OK! Next week I rededicate myself and hopefully when I start classes at Ursinus the work load will not be as demanding. It's not accelerated! I am going to get my degree!!!!! Finally after all these years!


Autumn Pounds Will Fall!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It has been a very tough week - next week will be just as bad - I refuse to weigh myself - I know I am not doing well. It's not that I don't try! Those little sabatoge demons are running rampid! They are everywhere! At work - the demons refuse me a lunch hour and add extra time to my work day. At home - family demons surround me with football, fall baseball - homework tutoring and my own final projects for my classes. Free time is non-existent - I squeeze in a few minutes here and there but not like I was doing a few weeks ago - my son - work out savy as he has become tells me "Mom, you have to be active to loose weight" My 16 year old knows what he is talking about - I wasn't loosing much - but I was loosing almost 1 pound a week. The demons didn't want that - eating healthy is of no concern to them - slowing my metabolism is what makes them happy - desk work, computer work, taxi service and sports spectator, tutor - if working out my brain helped me to loose weight - I'd be setting new records. But fall is here! Things quiet down, football ends, fallball ends I am sure I can regroup, restrategize and get back in sycn after this week. Until then I'll continue to eat healthy, drink my water and when the leaves start falling so will my weight. That's my goal and I'm sticking to it.


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