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Under eating....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ok so I think something is broken inside of me... Here is the problem, I can't eat enough. Literally, I know it sounds like a joke, but I am really struggling to get even 900 calories in a day let alone more. I have cut all junk foods out of my diet and all gluten... Well, apparently a side effect is I don't want to eat at all anymore. My stomach has shrunk so much that at about 100-150 calories I am plenty full... I know it isn't healthy and it can prevent weightloss, but Ia m not sure how to change it. I can't go back but how do I find a happy medium???

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JIBBIE49 4/19/2009 10:52PM

    Are you taking a multi-vitamin? I wouldn't worry about it, since you are still at 205# and have plenty of reserve to lose, your body won't "starve." I'd have some milk, or healthy juice, to make up for the extra calories, if you don't want to eat them. 1200 calories is a blanket amount, but remember everyone is different in this weight loss game. Your body will tell you when it NEEDS more, I'm sure.

Thanks for adding me as a friend. I subscribed to your blog, and I'm here for support, Hon.

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BONNIE627 4/14/2009 2:00PM

    I am afraid I am no help here at all..sorry

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BEL_RIOSE 4/14/2009 12:02PM

    Since you're feeling full after about 100 calories, start having regular small meals (more than 3 a day), and try to bump it up to 200 calories per meal. Find some healthy snacks (cheese and crackers, fruit and yogurt) that taste like they COULD be junk food, but are actually healthy for you.

At least you know you need to be eating more. SP doesn't want women eating less than 1200 calories a day, so even though it may be difficult, try pushing yourself to reach that.

Good luck! emoticon

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Colon Cleanse?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ok... So I was wondering about the idea of the colon cleanse... Does it really do good or is it just a water thing? I am intrigued but nervous. I think it sounds good. I just want to know more about the side effects and the real results.So if anybody has any insite let me know!!!

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BONNIE627 3/31/2009 9:00AM

    the drs. show talked about this awhile back.. said it is not good as it cleans out all the stuff needed to do a proper job. they did not reccommend it at all..

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BLUESKY104 3/31/2009 1:04AM

    Have had friends that have done it and I tried doing it. For myself and my friends it was more about the water than anything else. Have had other opinions that if you are in good health that it is a way to digestive system a break and as long as you are getting your nutrients for the day it can jump start you.
Just my opinion on that emoticon

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Summer's a coming

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh I just can't wait for 70 degrees and sunshile all the time. WE can be outside and outdoor exercise is my favorite!! Thankfully the snow is melting and the warmth is soon to follow!

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MISS_BIEDRONKA 3/27/2009 3:51PM

    Oh so lucky! Here where I am at the 70's weather doesnt come around until June or so. How have you been?

Bie emoticon

Heheh Im a little late. 2008 Oops! I thought I saw it on my feed. Heheheh.

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JUSTMINE 3/29/2008 8:27AM

    hey there,
just think its been in the 70's here for a couple weeks..hehehe
talk to you soon

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