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NEVER Postpone Grocery Day

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Oy! This has honestly been the highest calorie week I've had since late January. 2000 to 2300 calories per day every day but ONE since Sunday. Seriously.

We finally got around to grocery shopping today and so I FINALLY have food in the house to make actual meals, not just eating whatever and piecing things together hoping it works out. I also didn't spark everything before I ate it today and thought I was around 1600. Nope. Over 2000. How frustrating!

In other news I've pre logged all of my food for tomorrow and avoided a weekend pit trap (my son wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday but I persuaded him to go to the zoo with me instead LOL). He could use the fresh air anyway and I could definitely use the not being around pizza..ness...

I'm in the last week of the first month of Les Mills Pump and did Pump and Shred (45m) yesterday for the first time. I was absolutely wrecked today. My whole body was feeling it that's for sure!! I was scheduled for cardio and did Les Mills Step (30m step and plyo) and feel SO much better now thank goodness. The first 10 minutes was hard but once my blood started moving it got easier and I was able to work out a lot of that residual soreness - bonus!

In even MORE HAPPY news --- we applied for Bug to go to a Montessori school for kindergarten and we got the letter today saying that he got in!!!! We weren't sure that he would. The school selected students by random draw (it's a Calgary Board of Education school but the program is multi district so they decided this was the fairest way to do it instead of first come first served). They had over 100 applications and only 50 spaces so we weren't getting our hopes up. When the letter came I was SO SO nervous but we got in!! ANNNND we got the morning class like we were hoping for too!!!!


Since I've been terrible at blogging this week, here is my week in review. Not pretty.


Find what works and repeat it!

Monday, March 04, 2013

So absolutely, undoubtedly, I am much stronger and more able to manage my nutrition with proper sleep. Or at least some sleep at all. I had a really brutal night with Bug last night (he's sick) and so I've had my third over goal day in a row. I craved sweet all day (I know it was because my body was searching for energy. I should have had more fruit and water..) and definitely caved and had a second piece of peanut butter pie. If I hadn't I still would have been over goal, but only by 50 or 100 calories. As it is I'm sitting at 2300. I'm not happy about it.

I had such a GREAT February and I mean to repeat it in March. I gave it some thought tonight after tearing myself away from the pan of pie (and putting the rest in the freezer) and here are the things I did in February that REALLY helped me and that I can put back into action RIGHT NOW:

1) I blogged every single day. Sometimes just a quick update, sometimes a big long topic, but I wrote every day. I posted my struggles and my successes, what I ate for the day and a picture of my final calorie totals from Spark.
2) I pre logged all of my food so that I knew what my game plan was. I didn't leave my meal plan up to my cravings of the day - I planed and calculated all of my menu the night before so that what I was eating was not the focus of my day nor was it up to chance and stress.
3) I drank a TON of water. Like, 12 or more cups per day.
4) I was in bed for as close to 9:30 as possible nightly.
5) I spat things out if I wasn't supposed to be eating them. I remembered that half of a bite here and 1/3 of a muffin there added up quickly and mid bite spat them out when that thought hit me. It was sort of a 'what am I doing?!!?' moment when it happened, then I stopped myself mid bite and went on my on track way.
6) I was nice to myself and congratulated myself for doing things right instead of focussing on all of the things that were going wrong.
7) I posted every meal and snack in picture form on a clean eating facebook group that I'd made for accountability.

So starting RIGHT stinkin now I'm doing all of that again. Because my bridesmaids dress is not going to get any bigger just because I was tired and wanted more pie.

Here are my totals for today:

I WILL be 228 by the end of March. That's an 8 pound loss. It WILL happen.


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SUNSHINE99999 3/4/2013 10:04PM

  go get it done my friend. emoticon

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Post splurge meal cravings

Sunday, March 03, 2013

You know...a month ago I didn't know how in the world I would make it an entire week with only one day going over 2000 calories. The idea of only having one splurge meal per week seemed extremely like an extremely daunting if not impossible goal to reach. Today I'm considering waiting for three weeks before having another splurge meal.

I did all right - I mean, I had pizza and a couple of drinks but the entire day before that was great. I was super active (spring cleaning day), got my workout in, had a lot of water - I lived the rest of the day as if it were any other and then I enjoyed the heck out of my pizza and beer night. TODAY is a different story.

Today I feel bloated. Greased out. Tired. Dehydrated. Hungry. I found it extremely hard to not eat like crazy today. I don't know if it was just because I had leftover pizza for breakfast (my breakfast tends to set the tone for the entire day) or if the science behind fast food is THAT good that it can alter my hormones (hunger vs fullness triggers etc) in just one day or what but I was so.....grazy. I just wanted to eat like mad and now I'm extremely full. Regardless of what caused it, I'm not sure I want to set myself up for another so soon. I wonder if 3 weeks will seem really far away when I'm at 10 days or 15 days into the stretch? Meh. I'm going to give it a try anyway. If I make it 3 weeks great, if I make it 2 and decide that's enough, well, so be it.

I ended up eating about 2300 calories for today. It's so weird. A month ago 2300 was a good day for me. Today I'm feeling uncomfortably full and way over salted. It's amazing how our perspectives change..


Down 7.5 pounds - by focusing on ME

Saturday, March 02, 2013

For those of you that don't know me in real life, I've spent a month bloging every single day and focused on making the RIGHT food choices and following my workout schedule. I did not weigh in (well, once when my workout came so I could have an accurate start weight) for that month. I decided to do the RIGHT things, and my weight could either come with me or not!! (if you're interested in reading my February posts they start in February with this blog
-wake-up-week.html )

I'm happy to report that I am seven and a half pounds GONZO!!!! I am so totally pleased with that number! I would have been ok with one or 2 but I am STOKED on 7.5! I imagine It would have been closer to 8 or 9, maybe even 10 pounds had my eating been on track all 28 days, but I did overeat on 11 days in February. In any case, YAY FOR ME!!!!!

Seeing as itís the first day in March Iím taking some time this morning to set out my goals for the NEXT four weeks. They are as follows:

1) Continue to strengthen my eating habits Ė week 1, between 1800 and 1900 calories per day, week 2, under 1800 calories per day, and weeks 3 and 4 Iíd like to be eating under 1700 most days of the week. It would be really cool to be eating within the spark recommended range by the end of March. I am allowing myself FOUR days (one per week) to go over goal by way of a splurge meal Ė not a splurge day.
2) Complete the last two weeks of Les Mills Pump first month calendar, and the first two weeks of month two. Within this I have a goal of pushing myself to improve my row and deadlift form, and to increase my weights used on the clean and press tracks and use SOME weight on lunge tracks (seriously, lunges and I do not get along).
3) To strengthen my habit of measuring everything, and not allow myself to think I know with certainty what ANY type or size of food item weighs. I will not allow bravado to interfere with the accuracy of my calorie intake.
4) To weigh in only once every 2 weeks. I will keep the focus on making clean decisions and improving my fitness. The fat on the outside of my body can cooperate or not as it prefers. The INSIDE of my body will be the focus of my fuel and my fitness.

I think these are solid goals, not centred around a number on the scale. For too long Iíve allowed my weight to determine my self worth for the day. Up half a pound or more? Iím miserable. I decide that I must be worthless and weak and at and gross for DAYS. Down 1 pound? Ooooh that means I can eat whatever I want now right??? Um, no! If I am to make this weight loss about my health Ė truly about my health Ė then my energy is better spent on my consumption and my output and the things that fuel my soul (my family, meditation, dance, gluing rhinestones onto everything I can findÖ).

I also have the nasty habit of assuming that my husband is less or more attracted to me based on these tiny fluctuations. Iíve spent, well, probably 15 years tying up my worth as a partner with my weight. I know that its roots are absolutely with my first husband. Unfortunately knowing what the cause of something is doesnít always make it easier to make it stop. In my mind a good deal of whether or not Iím an adequate wife is related to where my weight is. I donít think that thatís ok anymore. Iím a good person. Iím a warm and loyal friend. Iím a great mom. I have a lot of qualities that make me a fabulous wife. Iíve tried to be content with consoling myself in that Mr Man must see something in me that I donít.

Thatís not enough for me anymore. I deserve to not only know what I have to offer, but to embrace it.

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SNS1968 3/2/2013 9:51AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Better, not great, but better

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today was the first day in a week that I logged 100% of my food. And it's the first day in a week that I didn't end up eating more than 2500 calories. Barely over 2000.

That IS better. I'm trying to be kinder to myself and work on positive thinking and lifting myself up as if I were my own best friend. I would NEVER say 'oh you'll never get this, you're such a fat failure, why are you even trying?' to my best why do I say these things to myself??
Today WAS a better day. Room for improvement? You betcha.

Tomorrow my goal is to eat less than 1900 calories. I'd like to eat under 1900 calories for the next 3 weeks and then I'll lower it again.

Goals this week:
1) Eat 1500-1900 calories
2) Drink 3 bottles (70oz) water daily
3) Workout 4 days
4) Lights out at 10 pm on all weeknights

These are my 4 core areas - My sleep and water intake are absolutely critical to keeping within my calorie range and getting my workouts done so they are absolutely my priority. Non negotiable. If I allow myself the time to build a foundation of healthy habits in these 4 core areas, I should be able to build on them and improve them as time goes on. In doing this I will learn to eat 1500 calories per day in the next 4 months. I will be working out 6 hours a week in the next 4 months. I will be regularly getting 8 hours of sleep per night and getting up at 5:30 am in the next 4 months..I just need to be MY OWN best friend - MY OWN coach. I can help others and coach others as much as I want (and I do, as a beachbody coach) but I also have to remember to help MYSELF...and I spend so much time on my challenge groups and responding to everyone else's needs that I don't do that.

Sometimes I'm up messaging with someone who's having a rough day with THEIR goals until 11 or midnight, and when work STARTS at 6:30 am, that's a late night..I need to remember to focus on MY goals, not just everyone else's...

I CAN do this!
I WILL do this!
I AM doing this!

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SQUIRRELLYONE 11/29/2012 12:05PM

    Sounds like you've got some workable goals! Have at 'er!

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