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New doggie

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I got a new doggie 2 day his so sweet

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VWALTON327 1/13/2008 12:30AM

    What a cutie!!!! :-)

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CUBFANGIRL1 1/12/2008 11:26PM

    OMG he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooo adorable! Lucky you!!!!

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I just cant seem 2 stop eating

Thursday, January 10, 2008

O.K I 'M GOING 2 START MONDAY WITH MY DIET. AND I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CAIKEN74 1/10/2008 3:05AM

    Don't think of it a a diet, it's a lifestyle change. If food is your "problem" break it down into small steps. For example today I will eat one fruit instead of a candy bar. If you are a late night snacker, vow that if you find yourself in the kitchen late at night that you must drink a glass of water before eating anything. Write your goals down and post them somewhere you can see (such as on the frig). Don't be too hard on yourself you have had these habits for many years so they will not be changed in a day. Let me know what I can do to help, whether it be more ideas, me writing to ask you questions daily or whatever.

Best wishes,

P.S. Why wait until Monday? Start today with something small!

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I could'nt do it 2day

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Here i am once more in my life another promise broken. a matter of fact i am about 2 go down stairs and eat. its 11 at night. What am I'm doing.

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MEKI123 1/10/2008 2:22AM

    Thank you so much jonmchris, I will start counting maybe that will help me. ur advice is very good about the promise deal. It is realy sad 4 me that I eat so much that I tend to forget most of the stuff that I have ate. I find myself eating so much that my child would say are you still wanting more 2 eat u just had something like 30 mins ago, and no lie I 4got that I had ate 30 mins. ago

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JONMCHRIS 1/9/2008 1:02AM

    You are being Human, just like the rest of us. Just remember that it isn't eating that is bad. It is only the excess that is. Are you tracking calories? I find that when I don't track that I severely overestimate the amount of calories that I have had and end up starving, but I am still convinced that I have eaten plenty until I actually sit down and work it out. Often I find that I have shorted myself almost 500 calories for the day.

Also, try to find a way to make that promise to more than yourself. Make the promise to a partner, a mother, a friend, anyone that can be with you on the journey. Knowing that you hold someone else's promise in return makes both promises stronger than any secret promise to yourself could ever be.

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2 day is the day that I will start living

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2 day I realized that in fact I must do this (lose wight) and this is something that I will do, so I'm going 2 need lots of help. I am happy that there is something like this (sparkpeople).

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MEKI123 1/10/2008 2:24AM

    Thank u prayerpartner, sorry that its tooken so long 2 write u back. any ways welcome and I also wish u the best of luck.

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I am new here too! I just joined today. I was reffered to this by my friend at Church Shannon McGuire that is a member of Spark.
I will give you support, tips or help you in any way I can. I know how miserable it is to be over weight.
I have lost almost 140lbs in the past year and they are coming off real slow. It has become a mental strain and fight again for me so I know I can and will get the help and support I need through this Blog. I still have a long way to go as I need to lose at least another 100 lbs or more. I will try to get a personal page set up with before and after photos on it. The before pics will be real hard to come by for Me.
Any how, Good luck! God Bless you, Sandy

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