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I am addicted to SparkPeople/SparkCoach!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The past two days I have experienced a high level of stress and concern. My schedule I have again found to belong to someone, anyone, else not to me. I think this is a character flaw I have. But because of the whims of others I felt out of control. I couldn't choose my meals, I couldn't take my time at the gym, or even get to go for that matter. I had to readjust my physical fitness plans. Readjust my meal plans. Had to drink tap water! Yuck! I didn't even get a chance to get on SP to update my nutrition and fitness plans until much later in the evening/night. I was so exhausted yesterday that I didn't even visit my teams! Yet.........

When I did enter my nutrition and fitness for the day yesterday, and again today, I found out I hadn't done as bad as I thought. Of course I had to do the Coach program before I would even allow myself to go else where on the site. I am addicted to the SparkPeople/SparkCoach Lifestyle. I know it is weird, but it is true!

So, What is the bottom line?
1. I came close but I didn't go over in my calories!
2. I consumed a total of 19 servings of fruits and veggies between yesterday and today!
3. My ratio of fats/proteins/carbs were no further off than on any other day, and were pretty close to target!
4. My fitness totals were 40 minutes yesterday and 42 minutes today!
5. I finished my spark Coach programs before any other entries were done!

Overall, I did pretty awesome I think! Woo Hoo! Go me!!!

Of course the scale may not agree, but even if I gain a little weight; I gained more wisdom and insight into myself and my eating/exercise habits (before and after SP)!!!

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MPETERSON2311 2/14/2013 4:28PM


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OAKTREE10 2/14/2013 9:18AM

    wow! you are amazing! great job of staying in your ranges and exercising MORE than your goal! you rock, girl!

yup, i just started the sparkcoach thing, too, and i LOVE it! that is the first thing i do in the morning, and it has SO many good tips, that i have already started incorporating in my day! i always thought, that i knew everything about getting and staying motivated (boy, did i have a big head, eh?) but the sparkcoach has given new, special and most of all EASY things to do to keep me on track! now i visualize a lot more often, i try to use positive talk, to myself, and i listen to inspiring music to get me motivated more before i work out!

keep up the great work!

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My motivation!

Monday, February 11, 2013

I started this SP program because I want to play with my grand kids in the park. Last summer I cried almost every day I had the kids because they wanted to play in the park. How do you tell your grand kids that you would love to take them but you can't walk that far. Or you can't push them on a swing because you can't lift them up to put them in the swing. You can't run with them because the extra weight bears down on your bladder if you run. You can't help them down from the highest point on the monkey bars because you can't fit between the bars. It is so scary and so embarassing to ask a stranger to get your grand kid down! I cry just remembering. So what is my motivation? It is seeing my grand kids growing up and wanting to be a significant part of thier lives. To be an active part in thier life, not the inactive part I have been. I want to set the healthy example. I can only do that if I live the healthy example!

Now I may make a few little goals to meet on the way to my goal. But ultimately! I want to play in the park with my grand kids!

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MPETERSON2311 2/12/2013 3:35PM

    You have already made one of the most IMPORTANT steps! Finding why you are here.

I'd say you are off to a great start!

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2HAMSDIET 2/12/2013 12:25AM

    Little goals are great plan. It is just like taking a road trip with taking the time to have some fun along the way. emoticon emoticon Spark has some great tools and graphs that i like to use. Plus nothing more fun then an old fashion chart with stickers.

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Today is now history,Thank God

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I had a family day like I always do every Sunday. Each of us take turns cooking (my mother, my two sisters, my sisters friend, my niece, my daughter-in-law, and myself.) Well It was not my turn to cook, nor was it one of my sister who have each had lap band surgery for weight loss. Well the menu was not the best I have ever had, but I am not one to complain. So I quietly ate a few bites of each item on my plate. I then said I felt really full. And you know what, I really was! But the cook commented about the amount I had eaten. Even though I felt it in poor taste, I politely said that I was on a diet and had to watch how much I eat. Unfortunately my two sisters (who by the way were having issues with their lapbands due to the dryness of the chicken) saw through my excuse and laughed behind their hands. Both sisters immediately had a stoppage and showed such grief on their faces I think they really did have an issue, or was it because of the humor they found in my excuse? I may never know. But I politely took both of my sisters plates as well as my own into the kitchen. Only to return to the room to see my sisters having a difficult time keeping a straight face. Later when I had the chance to speak privately with my sisters, I found it was truly do to the excuse I had made as well as how well each of them played their "stoppage" role! We couldn't stop laughing!

Moral: Have fun with your diet. You may not know when you must use it in defense!

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MPETERSON2311 2/12/2013 3:35PM

    oops double post!

clearly, sparkpeople just wanted me to add a emoticon

Comment edited on: 2/12/2013 3:36:20 PM

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MPETERSON2311 2/12/2013 3:35PM

    I loved reading this!

Thanks so much for sharing!


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2HAMSDIET 2/10/2013 9:44PM

    Life is too short not to have fun. This is a life style as diets don't work. Have a great week. emoticon

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Hitting a bump in the road!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Yesterday and today I have been having a hard time with the desire to eat. I have never really paid attention to my hunger levels before so I am not totally sure that I have been truly hungry, having a craving for an unknown thing, or is it just my depression acting up? I have had a lot of increased depressed feelings, scary almost. I tried to wait out the hunger sensation, tried drinking a full glass of water to fill my tummy. But the sensation continued. Any ways I have slid back a pinch. I have eaten things not as healthy but still tried to stay healthy. An example is wanting something crunchy, and salty yet i didn't grab my husbands chips. I popped some popcorn instead. I will have to adjust my menu's again and it didn't even help much. I wish I new what this really is. maybe I should try my depression therapy techniques. I guess it couldn't help.

My husband suggested I pick some goals and give them a reward so I would have more to look forward to. I think I will do that. Hmmmmmmm.

Reach weight of 240- get a manicure and nails

Reach weight of 220 - get new shoes (I want a $ 99.00 pair of nursing shoes!)

Reach weight 199! - $100 to spend any way I want. (of course it will be a yarn store purchase!) (The first time under 200 since placed on antidepressants)

Reach Goal of 180! New wardrobe!!

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MPETERSON2311 2/12/2013 3:38PM

    Way to go for getting popcorn instead of chips!

I love your goals.

One thing that I do when I am "hungry" I ask "are you stomach hungry? or mouth hungry?"

Mouth hungry = bored, depressed, tired, etc. and can be soothed with DRINKING water, tea, hot cocoa..things with less calories

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2HAMSDIET 2/10/2013 9:39PM

    I had a couple of oh I need a brownie days. Went to the store and looked at the made ones, the mixes and then the nutrition on them. I went home with out them. I went to drinking a hot drink and then cold. Then a sip of diet hot chocolate and then lemon water. Now day three go by of this craziness.. I awoke and the need was gone. Oh a women's body is such a hot mess at times. LOL. You are doing great with picking healthy snacks. Make sure you are eating all your food and filling in all your nutrients needs seems to help me. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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I am making progress!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Today I feel that I am making a lot of gain on my program. My unofficial weight this morning was down three pounds. I am doing my best to not get over excited in case I don't have 3 lbs. down on my official weigh in date (Saturday mornings.) But it has me so excited. It's is really gratifying to see progress. Not that I haven't felt I was making progress right along, it's just that I didn't feel I had to kill myself doing exercise or get sick for eating cardboard. It has been fun! Really fun. I laugh when I am at the gym. I love my food and get excited over new recipes that have things like whole grain and vegetables! I hope this feeling continues. Why do we get feelings of dread? DO we expect failure from diets? I hope not! All I can say today is Woo Hoo! Yippee and way to go ME!


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