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Guess Who's Back!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Guess who's back people! yeah it's me. trying to get back in the flow of things. between school, family, random illnesses i havn't been that focused on the diet and fitness rehab. i know, i know im supposed to always be dedicated but things just seems to hit me all at once. The recent passing of my father was of course a huge blow and pretty much turned everything upside down. then after traveling back to NC i find myself smack dab in the middle of finals and a avalanche of project due dates that i missed while i was at home. wanna see somebody about to have a nervous break down...that was me during the entire week. praying for strength, power, dominion, and everything else under the sun. just to make it a few more days to do what i have to do. but i pulled everything out. at the same time had to prepare for my aunt's graduation (she got her phd) and that means party planning, babysitting, and various other things. the party was a hit (nothing remotely healthy was eaten) and i was determined to get back on my plan that following monday. so you must know that that didnt happen at all. guess who stressed herself out so much the previous week that she made herself sick, literally.....ME! While shopping for the party on saturday i got caught in the worse surprise rainfall. got soaking wet, didnt change my clothes and got sick. by monday i was congested, feverish, and my throat was on fire. tuesday was the first say of work for my summer research so i went in and stayed all of 30 minutes before i had to make a run for the university health center. and the university health center turned out to be pointless. after horrible bedside manner from the doctor and a complete misdiagnosis and some useless meds i went home and tried to recover in bed. bye wednesday all i could eat was soup, applesauce, and pudding. thursday even those became difficult to consume. on friday i struggled to even drink water and on saturday morning i couldn't swallow or talk. with a temperature of 102 i went to the REAL doctor and was correctly diagnoses with tonsillitis. even the doctor was shocked at my condition. two shots in the rear end later i could breathe a little better and speak more. so i spent the rest of the weekend trying to recover, taking my meds the doc gave me like clockwork and slowly adding solid foods back into my diet. needless to say exercise has been non existent. because i was so weak walking up the stairs had me winded. and technically since im still recovering and my antibiotics are causing a few side effects im gonna get back on the wagon next monday. that P90X is no joke and dont want to risk making myself sick again. i also stopped taking all of my nutritional supplements since i've had the tonsillitis because i had no idea how they would effect me. i will also restart those on monday as well. but anyway im glad to be getting back to being well and look forward to continuing my blogging. i'll include my diet log in a day or two once i have the entire days complete. talk to you guys later


Hanging In There!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I know i havn't been the most diligent blogger but im trying to pick up where i left off. A little more than a week ago i was dealt the biggest blow of my life. I was told that my father passed sometime that morning. now i know it doesnt' quite relate to a food and fitness rehab blog but i just wanted to explain as to why i havn't been able to post these past 2 weeks. While dealing with the shock and trying to wrap my head around the fact that my father, who was the physical image for fitness for someone his age, my eating habits and exercise were the last on my mind. For those 7 days while at my hometown the lord, my family, friends, and food became my comfort. even still i can't believe it's true. sometimes i forget and think it was just a bad day dream. them something reminds me of him and it comes back to hit my like a mack truck. what's the hardest is being away from my immediate family right now. now being able to comfort my little sister or to talk with my mom about it face to face. but i know i have to keep going. i come back to nc with a ton of work to do but i know he would want me to "get my lesson" as he used to say. i've slowly gotten back to eating right and not used food to cope with the hurt. I exercise to make myself feel better and get my mind off of things. In that regard i've decided to start over in my p90x program. im going to switch from the p90x CLASSIC to the p90x LEAN. It's less weight lifting and more cardio for more weight loss and building of lean muscle mass. Took a swing at it on friday and got off track on saturday so just gonna start over on monday so my boyfriend and i can start together and motivate each other.

well that's about all i can write today. i know im not including a diet log and after this week (finals week....aka HELL WEEK) the posts will be more frequent and will include diet logs. thanks for reading and continue on your rehab journeys



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hi folks! long time no see....ok almost! so it's been another hectic week. test, after test, after paper, after presentation. i always feel that teachers try to make up for all the teaching they failed to do all semester in the last 3 weeks of class. "it's the end of the year so maybe i should try and do my job right quick!" So because of all the studying and lack of sleep i havn't been able to stay on my exercise regiment like i should. my diet has been pretty decent.

because lent is over i've been gradually added those restricted foods back into my diet so i wont over load myself. try eating a steak and whole bunch of cheese after 40 days (almost actually more like 32, lmao!) of not eating it.....that's just asking for days of trouble. so i decided to forgo the celebratory "i can eat this now" meal and just eat those items sparingly. thought that didn't quite work out yesterday. i think i was drugged and forced to eat almost 2.5 times the daily amount of calories (yeah i'll give you a minute to think about that and make the "wow" face). my friend came into town and spent the day with the bf like usual, went on a double date of sorts with a friend from class and somehow between each of those activities i ate an calorie ad fat overloaded meal. so my day is the day to make up for it. i can't even blame it on anyone else (as i shouldn't) cause it is entirely my own fault. i know i am my own worst enemy when it comes to this type of thing and need to become more diligent in my efforts.

but to end on a good note i will tell you about my first day on P90X and all i can say is OH....MY....GOD!!!!! I did the first day (chest and back) and my arms feel like spaghetti noodles. On thurday night/(early as hell)friday morning at about 1am i decided to hit the garage and do a little working out. we have a lot of gym equipment out there so i couldn't really push off trying the exercise dvds anymore. so i go the weights, used a homemade mat, had my water ready and watched the ONE HOUR LONG video. now some of the exercises i had to modify a little at first (did a female style push up when it called for the push ups and use our stationary gym machine when it called for chin ups). but even still it was a beast!! let me repeat that. IT WAS A BEAST (for those of you not up on the slang was very, very, very.....VERY hard)!!!

The entire time it was very intense and once again the instructor was cracked out but it kept you motivated. The entire time they emphasized setting a goal and trying your hardest to reach it with each rep. and the stressed writing down your the number of set/reps that you do for each exercise. the dvd can with an excel program that you can print out to write down your numbers. im gonna put my excel sheet on my palm pilot and insert my numbers as i go. in the video there is always one person doing the exercise with resistance bands instead of weights for those at home that don't have the dumbbells or free weights like they do. i happen to have the dumbbells but prefer to use the resistance bands so i can do the entire workout in the comfort of my room instead of going out to the cold garage.

in my excitement i went out and bought everything i think i would need to go with the workout. i got a set of resistance bands (Gold's Gym total gym set....$24), a floor/yoga mat (wal-mart brand....$10), and a heart rate monitor/ calorie counter water (sportline.....$25) and later i bought some bike shorts just because i wanted them (walmart brand....$7). so im really excited about using my new equipment sometime today.

and since the weather has been so nice the past couple of days my bf and i went to the driving range yesterday morning. i absolutely love golf!!!! im super competitive and it always challenges me. but anyway we decided to just go to the driving range because i was meeting a friend later. since i was one of the few girl (and of course the only black girl) i felt like whenever i would take a shot the other guys were watching. they wanted to see if i was just playing around. i hope they quickly realized that i was serious. i was a little rusty as first but soon got into the flow and was doing pretty good....even with my irons, which i totally don't use well, lol!

ultimately im hoping that between the p90x, the golfing, and maybe even the bowling burned a few of those massive calories that i ate during the day.

so because it has been so long since i posted im not up to date on my food intake diary. so im gonna compile that and once i get everything st8 that's gonna be my next post. talk to you guys soon and hope things are going well your your own food and fitness rehabs.


Did You Miss Me?

Friday, April 10, 2009

hey folks, sorry it's been a while since my last post. This week has been a pretty hectic one. Quizzes, Tests, Papers, relationships, family, friends have kept me on the go. Since it's been 5 days since my last post i can't really go through my day to day escapades like i usually do. That would be entire too long so im just gonna hit the highlights.

Earlier this week i have a quiz and 2 tests that i should have been studying for the week before, but you know me......last minute is my motto. So i spent the early part of the week trying to play catch up. I also had a 7-10 page paper that was due Thursday but due to my oh so awesome charisma i got my teacher to give me ANOTHER extension (it was originally due the tuesday of all those tests i just talked about) until Monday. So because of that and all of the ripping and running i was doing throughout the week i was trying my best to eat right. There were a few instances where i consumed too much or chose something completely deadly (McDonald's Fries are like the glow light and i'm the fly. I know it's gonna hurt me when i get it but it just lures me in). Because im soooo broke (had a negative balance on the old account there for a second) i did pretty good about cooking at home. Thee few times i got fast food i scraped my coins together and tried to pick something pseudo-healthy (not even sure that's possible with today's fast food joints). exercise was difficult because of all the work i had to do with school and at home with the cousins, but i picked it back up towards the end of the week after my flurry of exams were done.

Thursday my food product that i created was due and along with 13 other students. So that meant 14 extra food items that weren't exactly conducive to my diet regiment but i was required to try as a sensory evaluation. That reminds me that i need to add those calories into my diet....but i have no idea about the calorie content. Guess i'll just have to consider yesterday a bad day on the diet front.

Today im doing well but my bf and i are going to a brazilian restaurant for dinner so i'm compensating for that now but also im gonna make a conscious effort to be disciplined.

Its Easter weekend (holiday weekends are usually a dread for those that are trying to maintain a healthy diet but because im not traveling home to see my family (tests and a 8 hour drive back home will ruin all things special) and my aunt doesn't cook like that, i should be good in that respect. So gonna end like i usually do with this week diet/exercise log and hope everyone has a wonderful Easter/Holiday/Regular weekend.

Monday, April 6, 2009
BREAKFAST- Lean Shake, bottled water (Meal: 180 kcal)
EXERCISE: Elliptical 26 minutes (405 kcal, 1.10 miles, 69 carbs
LUNCH- Wendy’s Side Salad (35 kcal), Wendy’s Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich (320 kcal), ľ package of Marzetti’s Italian Vinaigrette Dressing (98 kcal)
DINNER- Baked Chicken (Cream of celery soup, onions, mushrooms, chicken broth), Uncle Bens Ready Rice Garden Vegetable, Steamed Broccoli (Meal: 413)
SNACK: 6 Saltine Crackers (77 kcal), 2 tbsp Jiffy Creamy Peanut Butter (190 kcal)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
BREAKFAST- Lean Shake (180 kcal), bottled water
EXERCISE: Elliptical 25 minutes (398 kcal, 1.09 miles, 68 carbs
Snack 1: Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate No Sugar Added 100% Juice, Lorna Doone 100 Calorie Pack, bottled water (Meal: 265)
LUNCH- Salad (green olives, Caesar Italian Dressing), Angel Hair Marinara Smart One, 3 saltine crackers, 1 tbsp Jiffy Peanut Butter, bottled water (meal: 414 kcal)
DINNER- Baked Chicken (Cream of celery soup, onions, mushrooms, and chicken broth), Uncle Bens Ready Rice Garden Vegetable, Mixed Vegetables (meal: 349 kcal)
Snack 2: 6 Saltine Crackers (77 kcal), 2 tbsp Jiffy PB (190 kcal)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
BREAKFAST- Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal, Whole Wheat Toast, All Fruit Peach Preserves, Green Tea, bottled water (Meal: 220 kcal)
Snack 1: Lean Shake, bottled water (Meal 180 kcal)
LUNCH- Lemon Herb Chicken Piccata Smart One, Mixed Vegetables, bottled water (meal: 280 kcal)
DINNER- 2 Chicken Soft Tacos (Baked Chicken, wheat tortillas, salsa, lettuce, Spanish rice, green bell peppers, mushrooms, bottled water (meal: 422 kcal)
SNACK 2: McDonald’s Large French Fry, V8 Splash Berry Blend Juice, 1 cup 2% milk (Meal: 762 kcal)

Thursday, April 9, 2009
BREAKFAST- Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal (130 kcal), bottled water
Exercise: Chest Press (2 of 15), Lat Pulldown (2 of 15), Biceps Cable Cross (2 of 12), Preacher Curl (2 of 12), Bike Ride (15 minutes), Wii Boxing (15 minutes)
LUNCH-2 Chicken Soft Tacos (Baked Chicken, wheat tortillas, salsa, lettuce, Spanish rice, green bell peppers, mushrooms, bottled water (meal: 351 kcal)
SNACK- 1/3 cup hummus, 25 dried vegetable chips, Baklava (meal: 490)
DINNER- 1.5 Turkey Hotdogs (mustard only, 345 kcal)

Friday, April 10, 2009
BREAKFAST- Lean Shake (180 kcal), bottled water
EXERCISE: Elliptical- 30 minutes (643 kcal, 1.37 miles, 113 carbs), Seated Leg Extension (2 of 15), Leg Press/squats (2 of 15), Dumbell Squats (2 of 15), Reverse Crunches (2 of 15)
LUNCH- 1 Chicken Soft Taco (Baked Chicken, wheat tortilla, salsa, lettuce, Spanish rice, green bell peppers, bottled water, Salad (mushrooms, bell peppers, Caesar Italian Dressing, olives (meal: 301 kcal)
SNACK 1: Martha White Apple Cinnamon Whole Grain Muffin, 6 Saltine Crackers, 1 tbsp PB, water (meal: 397 kcal)


Studying= Less Snacking, Procrastinating= Overeating, Worry, then more Overeating

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Greetings on this beautiful Sunday evening. I was loving the weather today even though i didn't really go out in it (allergies can really put a damper on the entire day). My original plan for the day was to devote as much time as possible to studying. But of course my plans never go the way i want. First i over slept and didn't even get the day started until later. Then had to babysit for a longer period than expected. There is absolutely no studying going on in this house with a 7 & 2 year old running around. But even still i kinda had fun with them. So while i couldn't do much studying i thought I'd be semi productive.

The other day i mentioned this calorie counting website that i found. I spent most of the day surfing the site and checking out all of it's features. It's actually pretty cool and the best thing of all is that it's FREE!! It has everything: you can plan out your meals, your daily exercise routine, water intake, write a blog. It also has recipes that you can try or upload with calorie information. With the meals there are pre-planned meals so you don't have to come up with your own and they can provide a grocery shopping list for you but i myself like to plan my own meals and then track my caloric intake as i go.

It's kind of a food and exercise facebook. Something else for me to become addicted to i guess. so far i like it. I only recommend it for those that are truly serious about using it's tools.

I also like that you can join various groups and challenge and support each other in your goals. I just started getting deep in the site today and already i have had encouragement from so many people. I think when you see other people's success while having them push you to pursue your own you're more likely to reach the goals that you set. so just message me if you're interested in the site.

Next i have come to the conclusion from looking back at my diet dairy that i have a problem with staying on track at dinner time. I start out pretty good in the morning and round out Lunch nicely but when it comes to dinner time it is more likely I'll fall off the wagon than not. Especially when I'm away from home. Which happens a lot more now. I have late classes and spend a lot of time @ my Bf's place or with friends and it's a good chance that they will choose fast food. So because i have realized this I am going to make a greater effort in 1. not eating so much fast food or 2. choosing healthier options when going out (and that means real healthier options not the misleading ones, lol)

And my last point is that i do realize that having 5 small meals a day instead of the usual 3 squares helps me tremendously! When i have 3 meals i tend to load up on foods that i don't need and end up getting too full (definitely not good). So keeping up my energy and not letting myself get too hungry by eating good snacks in between my small-medium meals keeps me on point. So next week i get back on my exercise regiment (despite a tidal wave of school work) and continue my personal rehab! Night Folks!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009
BREAKFAST- Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (130 kcal), Green Tea, water
LUNCH-Salad (Lettuce- 20 kcal, Green Olives-25 kcal, Free Caesar Italian Dressing- 35 kcal), Chicken Oriental Smart One- 230 kcal), water
DINNER- Various Asian and Nigerian Foods (no idea of the calorie content or even how to spell some of them, but probably more calories than I need)

Sunday, April 05, 2009
BREAKFAST- Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (130 kcal), Whole Wheat Toast (50 kcal), 1 Tbsp Peach Preserves (40 kcal), Green Tea, Water
LUNCH- Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken Meal (240 kcal), water
SNACK- 6 Saltine Crackers (77 kcal), 1.5 Tbsp Jiffy Peanut Butter (143 kcal)
DINNER- McDonald’s Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Grilled Chicken (Green Olives, Black Olives 400 kcal), Newman’s Own Light Balsamic Vinaigrette (93 kcal), water


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