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Walking for breast cancer

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am walking for breast cancer again this year and I am excited. I got my shirt today and I have my outfit all laid out for in the morning. I got my pink hair extensions all ready to put in my hair. It's going to be fun again this year.

Everyone that said they would walk with me didn't sign up so I am walking by myself. It's ok though. I am taking my Ipod incase I end up walking by myself. I am hoping I meet others that are there by themselves and we can walk together..

I am walking in honor of my Aunt Donna that lost her battle to breast cancer !!

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HOKU-ALOHI 10/18/2009 11:45PM

  You go girl! Rockin' Spark Star! Great to have you as a new team mate on Abs for Women Diet Team!

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ADVENTURE-GIRL 10/17/2009 11:04PM

    That's awesome! My grandma and aunt are breast cancer survivors!

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TEARSTOROSES 10/17/2009 10:55PM

    Your walking for such a great cause. A couple of years ago I did a breast cancer walk in honor of an aunt and a family friend who was like family. Had a blast. I met so many friendly and inspirational people along my journey. You won't be alone. It's a shame that your friends are going to miss out on a wonderful, worthwhile event. They don't know what they are missing.

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LOLAJO54 10/17/2009 10:22PM

    Our QueenAnne and her family walked today
so sad you must walk alone but just hook up with the man walkers tomorrow and chat along!
Just think you are getting healthy and helping a great cause..
Sounds like great time for you so please get a photo and put it up on our team photos..
BLAHC team - Jo emoticon

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QUEENANNE1953 10/17/2009 10:16PM

    I walked today in Miami (Bayfront Park).. my second year. It was so touching. Two daughters, My DH, two SILs, one who is a survivor, and my 7 week old grandson. We had a fantastic time.

Hope you did too.

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NANCY- 10/17/2009 9:38PM


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Still the same weight

Friday, October 09, 2009

Well, I am the same weight !! I am shocked !! I am sick and tired of Friday mornings coming around, getting up, clicking 1 on the scale, getting on it and seeing 185.2. I saw my old trainer at the gym yesterday and she said to me "You are working out everyday aren't you". I told her "almost everyday" and she said I am sabotaging myself. She told me months ago not to work out that much, but I don't understand why not.. I still see it as calories in calories out.. but I am lost for words...
I am just going to keep on pushing and the scale is just gonna have to catch up to me !!!! emoticon

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NEWDELHI2009 10/17/2009 9:10PM

  Hey Good luck ! If your strategy does not work for more than 4 weeks, then I think you should analyse where you might be lacking.
You may be on a plateau at this time and it will be steady here for a long time with a sudden weight loss ! Just dont quit at this time !

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ADVENTURE-GIRL 10/9/2009 5:15PM

    Don't give up! It will happen eventually. I was stuck at the same number for 2 months and the scale finally moved. Believe in the process, changes things up if you need to.

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KRICKY 10/9/2009 4:46PM

    The one thing I can think of as far as over-working your body is the fact that your muscles need time to rebuild. Doing strength-training or even repetitive cardio tears down our muscle fibers, which the muscles re-knit them. That process builds up the muscles....if you don't give your body time to rebuild them muscles, you're spending the energy but not getting the benefit.

If you're burning so many calories, your body also can think, "OMG....I have to hold on to every calorie because I have to constantly work and I'm going to starve!" So instead of your body using calories the right way, it could be storing them as fat because it feels like it is starving.

Don't give up though! Maybe try a light work-out week or two and see if it changes the scale.

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VELVETCATT 10/9/2009 4:18PM

    Dont give up - at least the numbers are not going UP!

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I learned my lesson

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Over the weekend I went to a beach party and it was Zackery's 17th birthday, so I had pizza and cake and ice cream on Sunday. I went to bed Sunday night not feeling so good. Monday I woke up feeling like I had ate a gallon of fat or something. I could only work-out for about 35 minutes cause I felt so bad. Yesterday I still felt pretty bad but I did make myself workout for the first hour of The Biggest Loser last night. I drank a bunch of water with my twist tubes and went to bed early. I am so thankful I am feeling good again today. I am ready to hit the gym again and I don't see myself eating pizza or cake and ice cream anytime soon. emoticon

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MOXIE-IN-MOTION 9/30/2009 12:36PM

    It is amazing how our bodies adjust and get used to being fueled with heathful things!

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It's Biggest Loser Tuesday !!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's hard to believe it's already been one week since the Biggest Loser show started. I have done an hour at the gym this morning and I always work out the first hour of the show, so tonight I'm thinking I will do 15 minutes of each, treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine and then stationary bike. My arms feel a little sore from strength training this morning, so I'll have to see how long I can stay on the rowing machine. Last week I could barely move my arms Wednesday morning .. No pain~ No gain....

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-LORI-B 9/26/2009 4:00PM

    good for you working out while show is on. Do you have all these things at home? I would be afriad to hit the gym when its on cus wouldnt want to miss

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LMCGEEN 9/22/2009 7:48PM

    I am excited to watch. I usually end up working out while watching too!

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HEALTH4LYFE 9/22/2009 7:29PM

    You're right. It's hard for me to just sit and watch while the contestants struggle physically and emotionally. I usually walk on the treadmill, or ride a stationary bike during the show.
Looking forward to it tonight. emoticon

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HUNNY43113 9/22/2009 6:21PM

    I can't wait I'll be watching too!

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PINKHIGHLITES 9/22/2009 5:01PM

    Thats a great idea, working out while watching the show. I might just do that as well. I love the show. Very motivational. Good luck!

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STLKINGHORNS 9/22/2009 4:51PM

    aw man, i'm SO SO SO excited!

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ADVENTURE-GIRL 9/22/2009 4:39PM

    Yay! I am excited for Biggest Loser too! Can't wait :)

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It's Day 1 with the Fabulous Fire Flies !!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

emoticon I am feeling great !! I spent 90 minutes at the gym this morning. I had oatmeal for breakfast and I am really enjoying my cabbage salad that I made fresh. It's really good.
I am reading a book on "14 super foods". It's a pretty good book. I am having a little bit of a hard time trying to figure out how I am supposed to have all these different 14 foods every day and still add meat and milk and not go over my calories for the day... It's all a little new to me right now and I hope I figure it out.. LOL

This is emoticon of the 13 week Falling Into Winter Challenge. I challenged myself to lose at least 20 pounds.

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ADVENTURE-GIRL 9/20/2009 11:29PM

    Good job on the 90 minutes and as for the 20 lbs to lose for the challenge I know you can do it! That book sounds interesting, I am going to have to look into, 14 super foods a day is a lot :)

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BESTLIFE79 9/20/2009 6:38PM

    Hey, you can totally do the 20 lbs! I am excited to start myself! My goal is 30 lbs, which is just a bit over 2 pounds a week. Can't wait to see how we all do! :)

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LMCGEEN 9/20/2009 6:13PM

    Good Luck! You can do it!

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TELERIE 9/20/2009 5:12PM

    Have a fantastic week! Great start!

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