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Independence Bike Day

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thursday...My normal day off but a bit different..My Pedal Pusher group (work group that ride road bikes) decided to get together for the first time for a middle of the week bike ride. We were all not sure how this would work. Some had to work and some didnt...Wasnt sure about changing clothes and what not. I had the easy part or so you would think...I was off. It was my normal off day.

Well it wasn't easy...My husband usually ride with us and he decided to sit this one out. Not sure why he made that decision but I kept thinking he will change his mind..well..He didn't.

Let me explain..My husband is the type that is very organized and likes preparing everything to ensure we are not missing anything. While I am upstairs getting dressed...he is downstairs getting our drink mix together, snacks and loading up the bikes with gloves, glasses and bike helmet. I don't do any of that...When I walk downstairs..He says..Ready? I say Ready? then hop in the car...Knowing that all has been taken care of.

When we get there..I sit in the car or chat with friends while he takes everything off and prepare for our ride. I may hold the bike but overall..I am socializing...

So THURSDAY..was a big deal! I had errands and was running behind time. I didnt get home until 5pm. The ride was scheduled for 530pm. I was able to quickly change clothes...5 minutes.

My husband calls on the phone..I am flustered couldn't find water wasnt where you would normally put one and it was still prefilled from 2 weeks ago ride...Aaargghhh!!! He hangs up quickly...I had to call him back..where are the ties for the bike...In other car...Im totally flustered...

Had to talk to myself..Say Mone' You can do this and no need to get mad! Now I am another 10 minutes into my time. I go to garage...Bike hanging up...I take it down...not gracefully but still I got it down. Done.

Start to mount my bike rack which is a portable Allen which was quoted as perfect for my sports car. I was able to follow directions and get it on the car. Done.

Now time to mount bike and I am definitely going to be late. Mount bike add additional ties and feel confident that bike will not move or fall off. Done.

I send text telling group that I will be about 10 minutes late....Had to figure in that I was going to drive slow..which is not my normal way of driving...I was watching the rearview mirror the whole time....Whew...Finally I am at location of ride!

Ride around..see lots of people but dont see my group. I see their cars but not them. Decided to not panic and go ahead a prepare to ride. Started to dismount bike and put everything in place but still dont see my crew. ...I was figuring that they may of done a warm up ride....After I am ready..i send text stating I must of missed yall... As I am texting I am wondering..NOW WHAT DO I DO?? I didnt know the route at all.

I did get a response saying..I am on my way to get you!! Whew Relief...I didnt want to tell THAT story if the outcome was different.

Had a great 19.3 mile ride at a 11-12 mph speed. It was an easy ride with some push..small rises as my riding coach say...whew! Good ride felt happy.

When we get back the guys wanted to help me get my bike on the car since John wasn't there. I said quickly..OH NO...I need to do this! This is my independent moment and I didnt want to count on them...I said very sassy with head movements and all. THEY ALL LAUGHED!! and quickly backed off. ... I did it..and I was proud of it.. They checked to make sure it wasn't going anywhere but otherwise..It was ALL ME.

Ride home..Husband in driveway...Im pulling up with the Goofy smile..He said looka looks nice on that car..and Lady looks even better!! I smiled..winked and said..Yes and I did it ALL BY MYSELF!!

He said...Let me take a picture and you can put it on your Spark Page! I said YES and THANK YOU. Thursday felt great even with frustration. It may be a small thing for many but for me it would of been easy to just say I am not going and catch you next time. I kept going and I was enjoying the results. No matter what we have in front us we have to be independent enough to know this is only about You and no one else. THURSDAY WAS ALL ME BABY!!!

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DAZZEEDOO 4/14/2012 3:54PM


and emoticon on your independence.

There's nothing better then knowing you can and have the strength to do things for yourself.

Continued SUCCESS!


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Monday, April 02, 2012

Yes that is the times set my clock this morning. Today was the day I was going to start my hour a day of cardio. I had it all planned out. I can get up and crawl to next room to elliptical and at least do 30 minutes and if I get going I had time to do an hour as long as I know that I have to wear that staple dress in the closet that makes it easy when you are rushing...630am is when I must be at work and it's a 12 minute drive...Easy right?

I forgot the part that I actually had to get up. I stayed in the bed. I got up at 510am and I got to work at 640 am. Today is Monday.....and I can try again tomorrow! emoticon

And Tuesday and Wednesay...

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CAMROLA 4/3/2012 10:59PM

    That's a big leap for the morning. Start out getting up 10 min early to do 10 minutes and build from therre with 10 min each week. Will be easier to stick with it and make it a habit.

I feel you.... I'm not a morning person! emoticon emoticon

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ME40ME 4/3/2012 9:02PM

    I had a plan no exercise yet this week. I'm failing on my plan...I'm so tired this week but I keep attempting.

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SPARKLE1908 4/3/2012 1:01PM least you had a plan and got some exercise in...

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The Day After the 10k Race

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I have reflected on the race and not much to say. As a trainer it was rewarding to see people that were part of the team excited about overcoming their personal obstacles. I was cheering many saw me before I saw them and came up and said "Thank You". That was very satisfying. I started out running with some coworkers. One of them took off once we started and the other is my running partner from the half. So we started out and he was very aware that I wanted to meet a goal. This was his first 10k and there were a lot of I am sure it was interesting for him. We stayed with each other within sight for the first 2 miles. After that I didnt see him but I knew he would do fine. I saw my family twice which is always rewarding.
As I was running and mile 4 was in front of me...I started getting acid reflux..badly enough to where i had acid in my can imagine what I am saying. I pulled over to the side and then it dawned on me that I didnt take my reflux medicine. I took vitamins, allergy pills and even advil to prevent early aches...but no reflux medicine. I didnt forget my garmin which was clearly telling me that I was very slow...slower than I wanted to be.

When I saw my family the 2nd time my husband said..hey whats going on with you..he saw it in my face. He said can you make it? I said..Yes I can! with conviction. He was around the 6 mile marker. At that point I started running a bit faster and when I finished I saw my bestie under a tree yelling...I smiled when I saw her. I went over to her and her I watched for my running partner. Finally i got a text saying...Im at the Subway tent. I also received a call from my first running partner to see how everything went. She made my day by calling....btw she hates the 10k due to the crowds and opt to not run it but her daughter. She was a spectator this year and stated that she saw it in a different light.
Finally....Everyone has been accounted for. My bestie husband who trained hard cord did it in 54 great is that?!! Training is everything is what that number said to me. I trained but more for others than for myself. I didnt do a lot for ME. Which is okay it was rewarding in a different way. I had a good race. I always do it in memory of my dad. Each year I evolve. And I guess that was the purpose of the journey to begin with. I was in so much pain and had so much to work through and I always do. I still do. And this is what the 10k was for 2012 a long way from 10k 2004.

Thanks! It is great and can't wait to tell next years story. Each year I am rewarded!

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CAMROLA 4/1/2012 3:38PM

    Evolution and acknowledgement of all your progress... well done!

emoticon emoticon

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SPARKLE1908 4/1/2012 2:42PM

    I hope your acid reflux is gone...congrats of the race...sounds like despite the "setbacks" you had a wonderful time...

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10k expo today

Friday, March 30, 2012

Today I went to the expo as I prepare for 10k race for Saturday. I went to the vendors and tried new things and visit my favorites. I got samples and my husband asked questions around cycling which was refreshing. He usually go to support me but stands in the background. Today he was involved. I got a brooks running vest for 50 percent off! I got thorough socks and a necklace with 13.1 and 10k and pink running shoe..just lots of fun. Shopping and running...I was in heaven!


Reward through others

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Im training for the annual martins (use to be ukrops) 10k race...I've ran it since 2004. So what makes this year so special? I am a coach for the chickahominy 10k training team. Sounds easy well it's not. I feel responsible and ther are many who have a multitude of obstacles. I try to encourage and there are some that truly want to be invisible when I run by cheering and giving encouragement to run.with all that being said...I reflect afterwards Nd always wonder if I made a difference? Also while coaching you are not running your fastest nor are you consistent all depending on how the group feels...well today was practice race day..6 miles flat was very warm today..first hot day about 70 degrees... Race done lots of looks then two ladies come up with smiles saying I ran the whole race and it was because of you. She said I was only going to walk it but you inspired me to run and now I've ran the whole race!

I was proud and said thank you but I also said its all you!! Only you can show up and try each week and that's what you did. Today is reward day...what they said inspired me as much as they said I inspired them. I'm ready to do this again. It's been a fun journey! 2 weeks before race day and everyone will do great !

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SKFEREBEE 3/18/2012 10:17PM

    Sorry, double post.

Comment edited on: 3/18/2012 10:20:02 PM

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SKFEREBEE 3/18/2012 10:17PM

    That's fantastic! And for many who probably didn't say a thing to you, they are probably feeling the same or better!

I'll be at the 10K, too. Good luck!

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