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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well, I made it to 140 pounds yesterday. I tell ya, the 140s have been super stubborn. I am so ready to welcome the 130s!

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LIZZYBETH2002 12/18/2007 12:11PM

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to be there! Your progress is amazing!!!

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Through rain, sleet or snow

Thursday, December 13, 2007

OK, so we've been having really wacky weather lately. Yesterday it was in the high 50s, almost 60 degrees. But today we are having a bone-chilling icy drizzle. The old me would wrap herself up in a blanket, cuddle up with the cat and a huge mug of hot chocolate, and park it on the sofa. But today, I didn't want to miss my noon body pump class so I got my a$$ outside for a 2o minute walk each way to the gym. Brrrrr.....But I feel great! My body feels great. It's amazing what we can set ourselves out to do, no matter how lazy we want to be, if we care about fitness enough to make it a priority. Yay for persistence! Now, I just wish I had some sugaar-free Swiss Miss in the house.

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BLONDEGIRL10 12/13/2007 7:41PM

    WooHoo! Persistence and fitness as a priority, I love hearing those words! Amazing job. I am gonna go hop on the bike, you inspired me! Thank you! -Gabrielle

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 12/13/2007 5:58PM

    Good on you for hoofin' it in the cold! I'll bet it does feel cold. As for some sugar-free hot chocolate, do you have cocoa, milk and Splenda in the house? That's all it takes!


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TLB513 12/13/2007 5:57PM

    Woohoo! I'm SO proud of you! That is awesome...
I've had a killer cold for a week and 1/2. I'm feeling a bit better but far from well. I'm really missing my exercise, but am afraid if I overdo I will set myself back and I don't want to be sick, come Christmas! Last week I called out of work all week, for the 2nd job, and one day for the day job... Just trying to rest and get plenty of H2O!
Our weather, in Nashville, has been crazy too! Tuesday was 76 degrees and this morning we started out about 50 and it has continually dropped, all day.
Keep on SParkin'!

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Bad decisions

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Why does it seem like as soon as I make a tiny bit of progress, I ruin it by making bad decisions? For some reason, instead of using my accomplishments as a validation of my healthy lifestyle and a reason to keep going, I sabotage my hard work so that it takes even longer to reach my goal weight. Why do I do this to myself?

At this rate, I don't know if I will make my GW by the date I set for myself: my birthday in February. I am only losing about a pound a week, which is OK in terms of progress, but in order to do it by the date I have set for myself, I need to lose at least 3 pounds a week. Normally, it would be fine with me if it took a little longer. After all, this is not a race. However, I signed up for this site in January, have been (seriously) working on this since June with results, and I have already had to push back my goal date to 4 months later (original goal date Oct. 31, and I didn't make it). I thought for sure that by February I would get there.

So, anyway, I didn't do too well this past week and weekend.
First, I only went to the gym 2 days. My excuses are just lame excuses: Had an all-day class on Monday and Tuesday with a 2 hour commute there and back. Wednesday we had a snowstorm. Friday I really have no excuse, other than that I walked to an appointment that I had in the middle of the day, which sort of messed up my morning workout schedule and we had bad weather that day too. Saturday we had plans all day starting early in the morning.

As for food, I did well both Saturday and Sunday during the day, but screwed up at night. Last night was a holiday party with a yummy buffet. I didn't indulge too much, just took little spoonfuls of a few things. But I did have 3 mini desserts (Ouch) and two drinks (vodka& cran, rum & diet coke). Then tonight we went out for pasta. We didn't really have much in the house and were too hungry to think of what to make out of what we had. I have no idea how many calories were in my dish. It is a local place that does not publish nutrition info. I tracked it as Chili's cajun pasta -- just so I would have some sort of comparison. BTW, the dish at Chili's is 1500 calories if you eat the entire plate!!!! Yowza! Good news is I only ate about a quarter of my meal. Still, I definitely didn't make the best choices.

Oh well, what's done is done. I've blogged about it, I got it off my chest, and I am now ready to move on and make it a healthy week!

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RIVER_RAT_GRL 12/10/2007 11:58PM

    Hi there, I came across your page and wow, can I relate to your blog! I have been in self-sabatoge mode for the past couple of weeks. I lost 10 pounds and have gained back 5, yikes! I have spent many days beating myself up about my setback. Why do we sabotage such great progress? For me I have found that I fall back on eating "bad" food for comfort, stress, and depression. (I also have a husband that loves to cook incredibly delicious indulgent food!) I have wasted so much energy beating myself up about my weight and body image. I have found such great support and such wonderful people on SP. Every day is a new day to make change for the better. Tomorrow is a new day, and a chance to make a fresh start. :) Be happy.....

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SOMERN 12/10/2007 12:13PM

    Being aware of what you're eating and being accountable is half the battle! Focus on the positives (you did great during the day - and on Friday, you did WALK to your appointment, so you weren't totally inactive)!

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    "Your willingness to look at your darkness is what empowers you to change. - Iyanla Vanzant

Good on you for being honest not only with yourself, but with your Spark Friends, too.

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I'm all different sizes

Monday, December 03, 2007

I went shopping yesterday for a dress to wear to an upcoming holiday party. I fit into a few that were size 6! Woo hoo! One even seemed too BIG, but I think that's because of the style of the dress. (What is with those dresses that are "in" right now, the ones that make us all look like we're pregnant? No curves at all -- they just hang straight down and look like the person is wearing a potato sack. It's a cute potato sack, but still ....) Anyway, I tried on a few different styles and most of the 6's fit. If not, then the 8's definitely fit. But then in pants, I am still a size 10. %#*&^%!!!
I honestly don't know what my true size is at the moment. But hey, I am fitting into some size 6 clothes again. I'll take it!

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MILAYA 12/5/2007 12:54PM

    Congrats! That's great!

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DD-THEOTHERHALF 12/4/2007 9:03AM

You should be very happy your going down....Yea!!!
So let me say this. I have been 115lbs most my life. When I was 14 I was jr 7 back in the mid 70's. 30 yrs later the same weight and a size 3.???? I didn't change the sizes did. O.k. now I have to try everything on. The sizes are different and the styles don't help. I have top from sm to lg.??? Most of the time it's med.
On-line see if they have a sizing chart to show you the measurements each size fits.
Just think next time you could be a 5 or4. DD

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 12/3/2007 10:26PM

    Size 6?! Wow. Even size 8 sounds wonderful to me. That said, who says you have to be an off-the-rack size when it comes to separates. My sister is a 10 on top and a 14 on the bottom. She has booty! LOL Enjoy your shape, whatever it is. You inspire me!

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PURPLEMEG 12/3/2007 10:14PM

    I know exactly how you feel! I don't understand how sizing can be so different. I hate how on one day you can try on a ton of dresses and vary from a size 6 to 10. It makes it really hard to order clothes online.

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plateaus, fruit and staying under 1500 calories

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Well, I think I am going through yet another plateau. It's been pretty much the story since September, it seems. I think I know what my problem is: I am eating at the top end of my calorie budget most days. I am just finding that it's very difficult to eat on the low end b/c the calories just add up so fast, even if you are trying to eat 3 smallish meals and a couple of snacks, as recommended. I also see that I am not getting in too many servings of fruit but when I eat fruit, it tips my calories over budget. What do I do? Just eat nothing but fruit? I have so much fruit in my fridge that I want to eat!!!

Also, when I weigh in, it says "Your calorie needs will decrease as you lose weight" but SP doesn't automatically adjust it. I am not sure how to adjust the number to where it should be. I wonder if that is also why I am stuck in plateau mode. Hmmmm....

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 11/30/2007 10:54AM

    Hi Tweety

I know you and I are on different food plans, but I understand how fruit can put you over the top. I am supposed to severely restrict my fruit intake still and, in the beginning, that was hard. If you choose to look at your fruits as a possible culprit of your plateau, you might want to consider eating only low-gi fruits. Right now, the only fruit I eat are berries (mixed frozen berries are inexpensive at this time of the year and yummy warmed and served with yogurt or cottage cheese) and apples with the peel. I don't drink any juice and bananas are an absolute no-no for me. I only eat high fibre fruits that offer a slow release of sugar and I try combining fruit with a bit of good fat, like yogurt, cheese, peanut butter or nuts. Its worth looking into, even just temporarily to get you over the plateau. As for what to do with all of the fruit you have in your fridge? Some things like bananas and grapes freeze well provided you don't plan on serving them fresh later.

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SHOWERS2FLOWERS 11/29/2007 1:48PM

    I can't see your tracker, so I don't know what your range is, but it sounds like the top is about 1500? You might want to check and see if you have the correct amount of burned calories entered in. Check your goals under the tools on your start page and find the one that has a calorie burn goal. You can calculate the calories you're burning by putting all your weekly exercise into the exercise tracker (and then erase it later if you rely on the tracker to see your exercise each day), find the total, and change the number of calories on the calorie burn goal if necessary. The last time I did mine, I found that my calories were actually too LOW, and I'm now eating in the 1450-1800 range, which is much easier to maintain for me. As for your question about how to change your weight, on your start page, under your tools in the goals section, click "change" next to the one that has "go from xx weight to yy weight..." and make sure that your weight is current there. That should change your range, although it will never take you below the 1250-1500 or whatever, because that's considered the bare minimum. Hope that helps! Good luck,


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