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How can this be?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I weighed in at the gym today and I've lost another pound after a long plateau! I am now 144 pounds -- woo hoo! So why the heck am I still a size 10? Actually, I just tried on some size 10 pants this morning to see if they fit and they do. But up until now, I have been in size 12's, and some size 12 jeans still fit me just fine. Ugh. I know other people at my same height (5'2") and weight would be at least a size 8 if not lower. So why am I still a 10/12???? How can this be?

Four positives:
1. I had a great workout both yesterday and today. REALLY pushed my body to the limit and sweated up a storm! Anything to jolt my body out of this sluggish state. Today I ran/jogged for 45 minutes straight on the treadmill without a break. I am NOT a runner by any means and I am kind of amazed that I could do it for that long. I don't think I could have gone as long if it were just on the street or sidewalk. It seems easier on the treadmill.
2. Today was the perfect weaather for my daily walk to the gym. Cloudy, drizzly, cool but not cold, and a little foggy. I just kept taking deep breaths and filling my lungs with cool air. It was so refreshing! Aaaah!
3. My body is definitely becoming more toned. I am feeling muscles everywhere. Arms, collarbone, legs, wristbones. Gotta keep working on those triceps though!
4. I have found some great new sparkteams to join this week: money savers and members motivating members! Yay! Thank you for all the support.

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SOMERN 11/28/2007 2:00PM

    I'm 5' even, and at my lowest (adult) weight, I was about 135, and I don't think I ever got below a size 10. I think it all depends on how you're built, not to mention the cut of the pants. Regardless of clothing size, you're doing an awesome job!!!

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MNAHLKK 11/28/2007 11:55AM

    hey there chicka

sometimes it can be that some areas lose faster than others and sometimes it's bone structure. I have a size 8 waist, but my hipbones are such that I'm not sure I will ever truly fit a size 8 :(

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MANDY626 11/15/2007 5:50PM

    hey girl have you tried on a size 8? Sometimes we might think one size fits and then we try on another size and it fits better. Regardless, who really cares? You are looking and feeling great and just doing amazing!

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CINDILP 11/15/2007 9:21AM

    Be patient. Sometimes it takes everything a little while to adjust to the lower weight. It seemed like it took a little while for my waist and hips to be smaller, if that makes sense.

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TANNIE64 11/14/2007 4:08PM

    As I was reading your blog I seen you are 5'2 so am I amd at the weigh you are at now I to fit in to a size 10 not sure but for me I have a thick waist so it took me more weight untill I was in a size 8 and some where tight other makes where just right. I now weigh about 120 and I am in a size 6 or 4 but I have to keep up with my exercise because if I don't I get flab and my cloths don't fit as well I think if anything like me if you gain in your gut and it takes time for that part to get in shape in order to fit in smaller sizes but it is so worth it. Good luck and keep up and you will see smallers sizes soon.

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weighing in after travel weekend

Monday, November 05, 2007

Well I am still hovering around 146. The scale at the gym has been a little bit unsure of my weight lately. Depending on where I stand, it moves between 145 and 147 so I just picked the middle ground. I am lucky that I didn't GAIN after this past weekend. We drove to Columbus and I found out that I don't make the best food choices when I am on the road and when I am at a restaurant and hungry. On Friday we stopped at Chick-fil-a for lunch but I COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE chosen Subway. We went out to dinner with friends on Sat. night and I COULD have chosen a salad but instead I chose mini burgers, which came with fries that I did not know about. Earlier that day I had half a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, which was great. But then all I had for lunch was a stadium hot dog and diet coke. So by the time we went to dinner, the salad did not sound as good as the burgers. But I only ate half my meal. Then on the way home to Baltimore, we COULD have stopped at McDonalds or Wendys where I could get a salad but instead we went to a wing place. UGH. And I didn't work out all weekend, of course. But I am back on track today.

I am not feeling very positive today, but here are my blog-ending 4 positives:
1. I am back on track today.
2. Got to see some friends in Columbus that we haven't seen in a while. Our friends that stayed with complimented me on my weight loss.
3. I burned more than 500 calories at the gym today and it felt great!
4. The Buckeyes beat Wisconsin!

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MILAYA 11/8/2007 9:13AM

    I meant I am back on track again. :)

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MILAYA 11/8/2007 9:12AM

    Sure! Rub it in that your team got lucky and beat us! ;-p Just teasing you! Thanks for the comment on my blog. In fact,I didn't do very well last weekend either. Sergey's birthday was on Monday so we celebrated all weekend by going out to the Olive Garden,an Indian buffet,coffee shops and shopping. I had no time for exercise because we were so busy and then on Monday. I made him birthday supper po Russki ,of course,with draniki fried in oil and salad vinegret and then I made a carrot cake. yilkes!!! Then on Tuesday it was bliny with tvorg and sour cream! I then said that's enough! No ones birthday should last 4 days!So I'm not back on track again too.:) I'm happy you had a nice weekend with your friends! Sometimes that's more important than what the scale says afterwards cause that can be fixed. You are doing great! Keep it up!

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Today was the day

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Today was the day that I was supposed to reach my goal weight. When I first signed up with SparkPeople and set my weight-loss goals, the site said I could reach my GW by this date. So here I am, but only halfway there.
Here's why: I had a veeeery slow start. I took a few days to explore the site and get accustomed to the nutrition tracker and everything the site had to offer. Then I started counting calories and eating a little better, but it took a while to REALLY embrace the new eating habits. Working out took a while longer. All in all, I can honestly say that it was not until the beginning of June that I truly started taking this seriously.
Even though I didn't meet my goal today like I planned, I feel great! It's OK. I have lost 32 pounds. My clothes fit so much better. I feel healthier. I am in better shape. I can see my cheekbones and my collarbones. My body is a work in progress. I know I will meet my goal eventually because I now have the tools I need and I know what to do to be successful.
This site has been a godsend. I know so much more about how to eat better foods and what portions REALLY should be. I have stopped eating fried, fatty, artery-clogging foods and learned to make healthy and delicious substitutions.
If there is anyone reading this who is just starting out, my best advice is to not waste time. Get going! Make sure you exercise too. I started out just working on my dietary habits, but I did not see much of an improvement until I started working out too. If I had started in January when I found SP, I would be at my goal right now. Embrace SparkPeople and follow all the steps. Seek help from the message boards. Read the articles. But most importantly, get going and don't give up!! You're worth it.
I hope to be much closer to my GW by the end of December and at goal by the end of February. Fingers crossed!! :)

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CINDILP 11/1/2007 12:20PM

    Looks like you are doing good. It does take time to make all the changes and make it a way of life instead of just a diet. You'll get the rest of the weight off.

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Another pound down

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finally, I am down another pound. I have been stuck in the high 140s for a while, but it's no big surprise. I have been eating ice cream as a snack every night like there's going to be a worldwide ice cream shortage tomorrow or something. It's by far the toughest hurdle for me to overcome. I have no idea why. Even though I buy "light" ice cream, it's still around 120 calories per serving. And by the way, have you seen how teeny a half-cup serving of ice cream is?? Ugh... Anyway, this makes me go over my daily calorie intake at least a few times a week. Bad, bad bad... I feel like I am undoing all my hard work of the entire day. On the upside, I am continuing my commitment to working out almost every day and rarely miss a workout. If I do not make it to the gym, I at least take a walk to get some type of exercise into my day.

My four positives:
1. I am looking forward to a trip to Columbus ina couple weeks for an upcoming Buckeyes game.
2. Because of my new lifestyle with Sparkpeople, I've noticed that my husband has been eating better and working out more (we go to the gym together). He doesn't need to lose weight but he says he wants to get in better shape and is feeling better since he started going to the gym regularly. I guess I rubbed off on him -- lol!
3. I am meeting a good friend for dinner tonight (and will do my best to make good choices).
4. This year's October weather is gorgeous -- I hope it sticks around for a while! :)


Then and Now

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Recently I started a temporary job. In my last job, I used to commute to work about two hours each way. After I quit my old job, I realized how much time I DIDN'T devote to exercise and eating well when I was working and how EASY it was to pack on the pounds in no time. During the months that I took some time off, I really took advantage of all that free time to get serious about getting healthier and losing the crazy amount of weight that I had put on over the past 6 years.

Well, the bad news is, this temporary job is pretty much the same commute as the one I had in my last job. But something within me has changed -- for the better. After spending the summer on SparkPeople, not going to the gym and not eating healthy are no longer options that I can even consider. I made a commitment to myself that I need to honor, and I cannot let a commute stand in the way of that.

The new temporary job is not without its food temptations, either. Any type of cuisine I want is just a couple blocks aaway. Chick-fil-a, my fave fast food place. Panera. Starbucks. Chipotle. An entire food court with various goodies. There is a pastry place with some scary looking cinnamon buns as wide as pancakes (Cinnabons look like snowflakes next to these). A placed called "Big Buns" serves up "big buns" indeed, with big hips and big thighs on the side. And there is a pasta place on the first floor of our building where they make fresh pasta every day.

The old me used to go out to lunch almost every day -- which almost always consisted of high-fat/high-calorie fare. This habit cost me an extra $30-$75/week, money that I now know could have been better spent somewhere else. The old me also used to nosh on any treats that came into the office: cake, candy, cookies. I drank regular soda and very little water. And at the end of the day, I would plop down on the couch without doing any type of workout and have a late dinner in front of the TV (without any idea how many calories I was consuming).

Here's the new me: I bypass all the food offerings and opt instead to eat a small, healthy breakfast at home before work. I bring my lunch from home, which usually consists of a sandwich or Lean Cuisine, some fruit, a 100-cal snack or a string cheese and water. I have a snack on the train (such as a Fiber One bar and/or some dried fruit) that tides me over until dinner. When I get home, I go directly to the gym and fit in a 30-minute workout.

I realize now that I was just making excuses before. I guess I didn't want to lose weight badly enough back then. Yes, I WAS tired after a long day and long commute, bu I know now that if something is truly important to me, I can find a way to make it work.

In my last blog I made it a goal to end my future blogs with a list of four positives things or things I am thankful for. So here they are:

1. I am almost out of the 150s and I can't wait to welcome the 140s!
2. Recently I went into a day spa near my house where I get my manis/pedis and my eyebrows waxed. I hadn't been there in a couple of months and the ladies who work there could not believe how much weight I lost. I didn't think it was that noticeable yet but I guess it is more noticeable than I thought. It felt great to have people notice my weight loss.
3. My husband has been very supportive of me and is always there to nudge me in the right direction ( or example, when I need a nudge to go to the gym). I am grateful and blessed to have him in my life.
4. I am so, so grateful for SparkPeople and all my SparkFriends, who keep me motivated and accountable.

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MILAYA 9/26/2007 11:12AM

    Wow! You are doing great!! You've inspired me to get out and exercise more because being home all day I have no excuse!!! I'm jealous of your day spa session...Lucky girl!

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KYRIE04 9/25/2007 8:01AM

    I agree - that is a very inspiring blog. I'm so glad that you have decided to stick with it even there are so many obstacles in your way! Of course, now I'm like, well if she can do it, then I need to as well! ;) So thanks. Seeing someone else doing so well is such a great motivation. Good luck with all of your goals!

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PJFUNNYBUNNY61 9/23/2007 6:49PM

  Great blog. Very inspiring. You're doing so well. Keep it up and congratulations!!!

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