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The evils of organic strawberries

Saturday, June 06, 2009

So the hubs and I are planning to go pick strawberries today. They are in season at local farms, and we thought it would be fun. After all, we enjoyed picking blueberries, raspberries and cherries last summer.

After I posted an article in my Examiner column about apple-picking last fall, someone left a comment saying another farm that I had not heard of is "amazing." We liked the farm we went to before but is not organic, so I thought I would check into this other recommended farm to see if by chance it was.

I called over there this morning and asked one simple question: Are your crops grown organically? First, a woman answered the phone. The woman hemmed and hawed, then said they were not but I should speak with her husband because she just sells the produce, she doesn't grow it so she is not the best person to ask. Her husband got on the phone and our conversation went something like this:

Farmer: Our crops are not organic but consciously grown.
Me: OK, great! What does that entail?
Farmer: Well, we don't just spray them willy-nilly, but we monitor them and use when needed.
Methods have changed dramatically and are much gentler than in the past. There is no difference in plants that are organic and those that are not. It can get pretty technical, how much do you know about this?
Me: Well, I didn't study this in school, I just want to minimize my pesticide consumption.
Farmer: Do you know what a phermone is?
Me: No.
Farmer: (laughs) Do you have a background in chemistry?
Me: No, do I have to?
Farmer: Well, if you want to understand organic farming, you better. You should research how many people die from organic produce vs. non-organic. It's just not widely publicized because it's not politically correct to do so. That spinach scare- have you seen a picture of that farm?
Me: No.
Farmer (laughs again) Well there was a big sign in front of it that said "organic." And I personally would never eat organic produce, because it can make you sick. If an apple falls into manure and you eat it, you can get sick. I can tell you more but you probably won't believe me.
All that my strawberries get is just some fungicide if they need it and nothing else. If I didn't do that, I would lose them to rot. Do your research on how many people die from organic produce.
Me: OK! Thank you for your time. Have a great day. Goodbye.

Well, dude, I just called to ask a simple question: Are your crops organic? I did not argue the merits of organic v. conventional crops. I did not tell you that you should be growing organically. I did not say I wouldn't come to your farm if it was not organic. I also understand that you need to make a living and the trend toward buying organic is digging into your profits so I see why you are so passionate about this topic.

However, I did not call for a lecture on why organic farming is inferior to pesticide use. I also did not appreciate your patronizing tone. I don't always buy organic; in fact I have some non-organic strawberries in the fridge right now. Had you not made me feel like an idiot for not having a "background in chemistry" and instead simply answered my question, I might have visited your farm to pick my strawberries today. Instead, I'm going back to the other (yes, non-organic) farm. And BTW, thanks for the mental image of strawberries and apples covered in manure. YUM!

Update: We picked some beautiful strawberries ... it was fun. I had to add a pic!

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ASTER2606 6/8/2009 11:12AM

    Wow. While I guess I understand a bit about his frustration about being asked the "organic question", he certainly didn't do himself any favors by going on an equally uninformed tirade about how scary organic produce is. We really do need a better dialogue between the eaters and the people who produce our food. I grow a small amount of our food, more or less organically and would grow more if I had more space. Living here, I'm really lucky to have a CSA share of vegetables most of the year. Our farmers aren't organic yet, but they are working toward certification. Cassie, the wife of this husband/wife duo is quite happy to have detailed discussions of their farming methods with non-farmers, and I've NEVER seen her condescend to anyone and I've seen her have many of these conversations since they also have a booth at the farmers' market that we go to. Besides that, we purchase almost all of our meat from farmers, most of our eggs and sometimes our milk. At the farmers' market, I noticed that one of the vendors from whom I sometimes buy chickens had a sign that says, "Our Chickens are not Organic, but they are Pastured". Their website goes on to say that they aren't treated with antibiotics or hormones. What I can derive from this is that the feed that they give them in addition to whatever they get roaming around the pasture may not be organic. This is how I want my chickens to be raised. After all, organic birds could be raised in really close quarters with other birds and never really see the light of day...

Regarding the pheromone question, this could definitely have to do with pest control without using insecticides. Our city recently sprayed affected neighborhoods with pheromones to cut down on gypsy moths eating all the leaves off the trees. Safe for people, pets and songbirds as well as beneficial insects but still gets the job done on the moths.

I think some of the other commenters would be surprised at the education (including chemistry) it takes to be a farmer these days. Organic or not.

Sorry so long, but answers to our food questions are really complicated.

BTW, I wouldn't have picked at his farm after that conversation either. Your strawberries look awesome and I hope you really enjoyed them. We probably have another week or so before the local strawberries really start coming in.

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JENNIE.H 6/7/2009 10:38AM

    You are so funny! Don't you wish people could just answer your dang question without jumping to conclusions as to why you are asking them?

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BCGIRL74 6/6/2009 9:04PM

    That sounded like a simple yes or no question to me. Good for you for keeping your cool. I however, would have lost it. Rude people drive me nuts, and they shouldn't because they are so not worth my time!!

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    Yep, the guy was a jerk. He is obviously passionate about his produce and wants both sides of the organic story to be known and understood, but he sets himself and his cause back several steps every time he talks to someone the way he talked to you.

Not that I'm taking his side -- I'm really under-educated on the merits and risks of both organic and traditionally-grown food -- but a school-aged girl in our community died after eating organic raspberries. The fields had recently had manure fertilizer applied to them and the berries were contaminated. She was eating them straight off the bushes, unwashed.

Enjoy your berry picking. Please wash the fruit before tasting any, just to be safe from chemicals or any nasty. While you are at it, wipe off your shoes and wash your clothes after being to the farm, too.


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MILAYA 6/6/2009 11:50AM

    Personally we take our chances with organic produce. It's all we buy because I think all the pesticides and sprays are extremely bad( I wonder if they are part of the reason so many people get cancer). The reason for the spinach scare was runoff from a factory farm not because they used organic practices so your farmer is full of manure! BTW strawberries are one of the most sprayed crops so maybe another reason for his attitude.

Comment edited on: 6/6/2009 11:52:03 AM

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LADY_DONKEY 6/6/2009 11:27AM

    I know what a pheromone is (note spelling).

A pheromone is something chemical that bodies emit, sometimes to attract a mate or to signal aggression or fear. Dogs and cats use it to mark their territories.

I'm not sure what this has to do with organic farming... I guess you can tell who ELSE doesn't have a degree in Chemistry, although I think botany or biology might be more applicable here.

Your response should have been: No, I don't have a degree in Chemistry. DO YOU??? (because I'm betting if he did have a degree in Chemistry, he wouldn't be no farmer dude.)

What a tool...

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PUPPYWHISPERS 6/6/2009 11:18AM

    And apparently therein lies the reason that his wife sells the produce, and her husband doesn't. He obviously has absolutely no customer service skills at all. I hate when people talk to others like that. You had asked the question clearly, so just answer it. Geez...

I think I would have played with his head and said, "Yes, I do have a background in chemistry. Do you?"

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MOM2ACAT 6/6/2009 10:22AM

    I wouldn't go to his farm either; organic or not, he was just rude!

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JESPAH 6/6/2009 9:34AM

    What a lovely person. Not.

Seriously, though, the dude has probably had to answer that question about a million times and is defensive about it.

That having been said, he is right that dirty, icky food should not be eaten.

This is what we have soap and water for.

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ZIRCADIA 6/6/2009 8:49AM

    Wow, he does not understand how to sell his product, does he??? Anyway -- I've never gone to pick anything and I want to sooooo bad.

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SPARKNMOM 6/6/2009 8:43AM

    OMGosh!!! I don't even know what to say. Enjoy your strawberry picking - wherever they come from!!!

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Unimagineable cruelty, plus my blood test results

Monday, June 01, 2009

I am sitting here ready to cry, and hoping that typing out this blog will distract me from actually bursting into tears. I have been following this story on the news: last week some f_ing idiot doused a poor dog in gasoline and set it on fire. The dog was saved by a police officer, I believe, and vets were doing their best to care for her. She suffered burns on 100% of her body. Over the weekend, I couldn't get this dog out of my mind. I just kept thinking about how much pain she must be in and how much suffering she went through. You could go on to the local station's Web site to stay updated on the dog's condition but I avoided doing that because I didn't want to get even more upset. Anyway, they just said on the news that they euthanized her today because her kidneys began to fail. So incredibly sad, and such an act of unbelievable cruelty. Who would do such a thing and what was going through this person's mind? I wonder what happened in this person's life to make him/her so mean and ugly inside. Some people have no soul. We need stiffer punishment for these types of crimes too. It's always a slap on the wrist. OK, don't get me started...

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last blog and wished me good luck with my 3-hour glucose test. Thankfully the test results were good!! I'm very relieved not to have gestational diabetes!

Over the weekend I saw the musical "Annie." It was cute - I remember loving that movie as a kid. Duff and the team from Ace of Cakes made a cake for the cast and crew. Also, Duff and the lady (Mary Alice - is that her name?) had a small cameo in one scene.

I am trying to keep up with my fitness as much as possible. Went for a walk yesterday although it was my day off from the gym. Today I pumped some iron in my Body Pump class. I am sad that maybe sometime soon I will no longer be able to participate in my kickboxing class. I am doing very low impact now, but feel kind of silly when everyone around me in the class is totally high energy and well, FIERCE. I try to stay in the back; I used to find a spot much closer to the front. LOL. Oh well. I definitely can't kick as high as I used to. But I figure as long as I am staying active in some way, it's all good.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week. Go hug your dog if you have one.

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SIMPLEJOYS 6/1/2009 11:58PM

  It is enough for me to read a headline to get that blast straight to my heart about cruelty of any sort. Right now, the station I'm watching is running (over and over) a commercial for that whaling show which I steadfastly ignore, because it's painful to me.

I try and make my corner of the universe a kinder, gentler place. Every dog we've had (save 1) has been a stray. I stop and move turtles off the road (I've gotten quite adept at avoiding the Snapper's mouth!) I take hurt (possible RABID) cats to the shelter (reconsidering this role!) ...and in doing these things I feel better. I cannot do anything about the future psychopaths of the world, but I can do what I am able. Karma...I do believe in karma.


YAY for good test results! Pregnancy is a wild ride - but it is good practice for what is to come! Remaining flexible is a very useful are low kicks - you never know when you might need to open a cupboard door with your foot!



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MILAYA 6/1/2009 9:43PM

    emoticon I can't even respond to this it upsets me so much! Sometimes I just hate people! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    I can't really write well through my tears, but I'll tell you how angry and upset I get when I hear stories such as this. I can't imagine what would drive a person to do such a horrible thing to a defenseless animal, or human being for that matter. Sadly it seems to be occurring more and more. I hope the poor dog is able to rest comfortably without pain. If not, I hope it finds the peace it so deserves. And I'd like to be left alone in a room with the idiot who did that, with a gallon of gasoline and a match...

I'm going to go hug and cuddle my own dog right now.

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MOM2ACAT 6/1/2009 6:02PM

    I agree with you that those sickos need to be more severely punished. There was a story on the local news quite a long time ago, that happened here in this state. A woman had her little white poodle on lead outside, and she went into the house for just 15 minutes, and in that time, some sick pervert set her dog on fire. That made me cry every time they talked about it on tv. I don't know if they found who did it, but the Humane Society got involved and even posted a reward.

And I believe too, that people who do things like that truly do not have a soul.

I am glad your test turned out ok!

And I am going to hug my two kitties right now. emoticon

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KARALVS2SCRAP 6/1/2009 6:02PM

    I've been following this story too. I breaks my heart to have heard about this poor dog. When you think of all the things that could have been done. If someone doesn't want a dog for whatever reason- take him to the Humane Society anything but the cruelty that was shown to him. Who does that? How was thias person raised to think that act was ok.

Good for you on keeping active. Kepp up the good work.

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ZIRCADIA 6/1/2009 5:48PM

    It breaks my heart to hear about such Animal Cruelty -- there was a very similar situation here in AL not too long ago, there was a whole YouTube thing about the dog and her recovery and new home -- but those first pictures were reallllly hard to stomach. It's just so horrible. :( And yeah -- the crook got the worst punishment allowable by law, but still I think the punishments are not severe enough. GO YOU for still going to your workout classes. :) You are just how I want to be as a pregnant woman! :D

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    I have two hugable dogs and too many hugable cats. Not long ago a teenager who lives in my parents' community was charged for dragging a dog behind a moving vehicle to her death. The teen and his friends were heard laughing as the cruelty was carried out. My own teenagers accuse me of being too strict because I won't let them play certain video games. I wonder what games the criminal kids play and whether or not their parents care.


I can imagine that kickboxing would be extremely difficult. Wow, you are so impressive with your exercising. You are so fit that labour should be a breeze. At the risk of making this too long and hijacking YOUR blog, let me tell you about a fit coworker I once had. She worked out right up to the day her son was born. After playing a round of squash -- or was it raquetball? -- she went for her regular exam. The doc asked, "how long have you been in labor?" "I'm not in labour," she said. "Oh yes you are," he said "and the baby is coming NOW." Two or three painless pushes in the doctor's office later, her first baby arrived. I hope you have a similar, pain-free experience as a result of your efforts. You are earning it, for sure.


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Blood test and reflections on the weekend

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hi everyone!

Well, I had my 3-hour glucose test yesterday morning. Ugh...NOT fun! First, I forgot my paperwork from the doctor at home and didn't realize it till after I got to the lab, signed in and sat down. Of course, they had nothing on file and told me they could not do anything until I had the paperwork. The doctor's office is on the same campus as the lab, so I told the woman at the desk that I would need to go to over and get another form from the doctor's office. She told me I had to hurry because they close for lunch at noon and they need to get me started since it was a 3 hour test. I ran over there, and of course they were closed. This was around 8:20 a.m. I knocked on the door and THANKFULLY someone opened it and asked if I had a morning appointment. I explained my situation and the lady let me in. It was the accountant and there was one doctor there (whom I haven't met yet). The secretaries (who fill out the forms) were not in yet. The accounting lady was so sweet though. She grabbed a form and somehow, with some guidance from the doctor, was able to fill it out. I went back to the lab with it, and they said I was missing a diagnosis code!! I was so stressed out by then because the doctor's office was not going to be open until 9. Anyway...they were able to get me started based on the form I brought and then called to get the code later.

The stuff they made me drink was so, so sweet. I felt sick to my stomach afterwards. I felt a bit better by the third time they drew the blood, but at first I could do nothing but sit there and hope I wouldn't throw up. Even reading the magazines I brought made me feel worse. Afterwards, I had Chick-fil-a for lunch, came home and just vegged on the couch all day. I felt much better then. I just hope I passed this test.

Over the weekend, I got some cute maternity clothes. I held out long enough. It was time. Got a few basics: black pants, brown pants, gray pants, jeans ( one long pair, one cropped), black skirt and then some fun tops and a floral skirt. I also have a few things that I received from my sister-in-law so I think I am all set now. As long as I don't grow out of everything!!! The jeans are SOOOO comfy! Maybe I can still wear them afterwards! LOL. Mom and I also hit the outlet mall in search of crib bedding and nursery accessories. Didn't find much but did get a good deal on two crib sheets.

One strange thing about maternity clothes (and baby bedding) that I didn't realize is that very few stores that carry them actually have them in stock. You have to shop online or in catalogs. I guess they are not big sellers so they don't want to take up store space with them. This was true for Old Navy (mat. clothes) , H&M (mat. clothes, though they did have one little rack), JC Penney (bedding) Baby Gap (bedding). These chains do have a few locations that carry them in-store, but there might be only one or two in your area. It was kind of annoying because at least for me, I like to try on the clothes, see and feel the items for quality, etc. I'm all for ordering online but I'd like to know what I am buying, especially if I am shopping for maternity clothes for the first time. I knew nothing about sizing, fit, etc. I ended up getting my clothes at motherhood maternity because I could see and try on everything. I hear the quality is not the best, but I'll only be wearing these clothes for a few months and they had some very cute things.

Hubby painted the nursery; the color is cute but turned out a bit like grape Laffy Taffy. We originally intended for a more neutral/subdued color but it is what it is. It's not too bright or anything, but just a bit different than what we expected. It will be nice for a little girl though. So things are coming along.

I am now in my third trimester! I can't believe how quickly time is passing! I've had a bit of a break from workouts due to my busy weekend and of course yesterday I was worthless in terms of doing anything. I haven't worked out since Thursday, so it's back to the gym for me today. I hope everyone is having a great week! So happy summer is finally here.

P.S. One piece of advice: DO NOT watch Marley & Me when you're pregnant! I bawled like a baby.

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LYNNA7499 6/1/2009 4:33PM

  Hope the results from your test are good. Sorry to hear it was such a pain getting the paperwork. I had trouble finding maternity clothes also - I want to see what it looks like on before I purchase it. We watched Marley and Me also. I couldn't stop crying either.

Good luck in your last trimester. I have 9 weeks left. I'm trying to get everything organized so that we are ready.


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BCGIRL74 5/29/2009 5:48PM

    I can't watch Marley & Me even without the crazy hormones!!

I hope your test results are good. Isn't that syrup that you had to drink awful?! The nurse I had told me to chug it, and really the only thing I can chug is water. I could just barely get that syrup down. I thought my nurse was going to beat me up because I wasn't drinking fast enough!

Good luck, and keep us posted on your results!

Comment edited on: 5/29/2009 5:49:23 PM

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ASTER2606 5/28/2009 10:33PM


Paint can be frustrating. The tiny chip always looks different from when you paint a whole wall or room. And the light and the color of everything else in the room makes a difference. Oh well. Your daughter won't care what color the room is. She'll just know that she is loved.

I too would have wanted to try on the clothes. How fabric feels and hangs is important. Sounds like you got some good basics though.

Good results on the glucose test, or are you still waiting?

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SPARKNMOM 5/28/2009 9:31PM

    I just love hearing your updates!! You're absolutely glowing...I can even tell over the internet!!

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CLAYOMAYO 5/28/2009 2:06PM

    Wow, I cannot believe you are already in your third trimester! You will be a mommy before you know it!
LOL @ Marley & Me story.
I remember when I was VERY pregnant, my DH & I went to a wedding of a friend of his and her dad was very ill, so they had to bring him in on a gurney (complete w. tuxedo) into the church for the ceremony. I was crying so hard I could hardly get up to walk out when it was our turn (the Bridal Recession was not helping matters, either). But the funny thing was, I did not even know these people and everyone was cracking up at me! But I still couldn't stop. Looking back, maybe I was feeling some regrets regarding my own marriage.

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ZIRCADIA 5/27/2009 4:55PM

    OOOH MATERNITY CLOTHES!!!!!! That is so exciting! :)

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    I had to smile about your tears over Marley & Me. Just last week my SIL posted exactly the same comment to her Facebook status. My response to both of you is that you don't have to be preggy to bawl when watching that movie. I cried like a baby -- all three times -- and am definitely NOT with child.

Sorry to read about your struggles over finding maternity wear. I had the same problem in my small city 15 years ago and ended up having to drive 2.5 hours to the big city to find maternity shops. Since then I've discovered that consignment and second-hand shops often have maternity wear and since some outfits, like dresses, don't get worn often, you can often find like-new pieces for a great price. And you get to try them on. So don't be afraid to slum like me.

I hope your test results come back with good results.


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SIMPLEJOYS 5/27/2009 2:29PM

  Oh Mila! I've had days like that - in fact (just recently) when I showed up for my annual Pap appt. 3 days early! ARGH. Glad it worked out ok in the end. I've heard that stuff you drink is awful! (just didn't want to be too pessimistic!)

Do you have Target stores by you? Whenever I'm in there, I always end up crossing the invisible line between the women's section and maternity...because I inevitably will find a top that I love and then sheepishly realize I'm IN the maternity section! One of these days I may just buy it anyway and secretly rip out the tag. Cute stuff.

Grape Laffy Taffy!!! I love it. Very versatile. emoticon

Hope you are fully recovered - and hear back about your test soon, so you don't have to worry about it. Have a great afternoon!


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MILAYA 5/27/2009 10:57AM

    They don't have computers at the clinic? Heaven forbid they would not get their lunch! Sorry! People like that annoy me!
Do you have a Burlington coat factory in your area? They have a lot of baby stuff. The one in our area even has the furniture right in the store. BTW,I am still wearing my maternity denim skirts at home because they are so comfortable but now they are getting too big. emoticon

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Another beautiful day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love the sun and warm weather! It makes me so happy!!!!

I had the worst dinner last night at this Mexican restaurant near my house. I don't like the food there and have no idea why I continue to go there. The draw is the outdoor patio - I love dining al fresco. But their chips are greasy and salty and their salsa is too garlicy. It gives me major heartburn. Hubby and I split fajitas. When I got home I felt full, bloated and gross. I wish I could find a way to bottle that feeling next time I feel the urge to eat out instead of cooking something healthy at home.

It is now morning and I am still feeling blah from last night's dinner!! On the upside, I made the yummiest smoothie for breakfast and somehow it helped settle my tummy:

1/2 cup skim milk
1/2 cup vanilla Almond Breeze
1 frozen banana
1 TBSP cashew butter
1TBSP Trader Joe's chocolate syrup
Yum, yum yum and not too bad calorie-wise!!!

Baby is kicking away. We got to hear her heartbeat at the doctor's office yesterday. What a sweet sound that is! I think the other night she had hiccups. I just felt tiny rhythmic little jabs. So cute!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ZIRCADIA 5/21/2009 3:42PM

    mmmmmmmm that sounds good...

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BRAVE_NEW_ME 5/21/2009 1:12PM

    Aww... baby hiccups sound absolutely adorable!

Chinese is the ethnic cuisine dining out experience I often end up incredibly disappointed with. Fortunately, I've tracked down a few healthy recipes from a Hong Kong American food blogger, which leaves me a bit more apt to try and meet my Chinese cravings at home.

And I definitely understand the love of dining outside. The husband and I just invested in a balcony set for our little balcony. And it's finally getting warm enough to use it. =D

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 5/21/2009 10:17AM

    Hubby has aquired a love of Mexican, but we only ever eat it at home. I can't wait til our own outdoor patio is warm and dry enough to enjoy. Do you have a patio set?

emoticon emoticon emoticon


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MILAYA 5/21/2009 9:32AM

    Your smoothy sounds so yummy! Is there another place with an outdoor patio and better food you can go to instead? You will find out if you haven't already that the farther along you get into your pregnancy the more magnified the effects of a greasy spicy meal are.

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ASTER2606 5/21/2009 8:16AM

    Oooh. Our problem is that we LOVE the Mexican Restaurant near our house. Last night with the warm weather I was not up for making the whole wheat pasta dish with leftover roast chicken and my husband started making noises about a chimichanga. I was still up for using the chicken and ended up making enchiladas with the chicken, some spinach, mushrooms and a can of black beans. Since we can control what actually goes on a plate and I use the enchilada sauce and chicken broth to prep the tortillas for making enchiladas instead of frying them in oil, we managed to avoid Laredo's chips and salsa and margarita and too big portions.

Smoothy sounds good though. Love hearing the sweet news about the baby. I hope the longer glucose test goes well.

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Glucose tests ... blah!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I went to the doctor this morning. Turns out, I failed the one-hour glucose test they give you to test for gestational diabetes. She said that my number was 135, and that I was right at the cutoff! Boo!! So now I have to take a three-hour glucose test next week. Apparently the three-hour is more accurate. Why they don't just have you take that one in the first place, I don't know. Anyway, they give you a super sweet beverage to drink and then you have to sit there for three hours, and then they draw your blood. I already have a big a$$ bruise from last week's bloodwork (the lab tech was not too careful) and it still looks pretty bad. Oh well. I just hope I pass the three hour test. I do NOT want to have gestational diabetes!! No no no!

It is such a pretty day today! I enjoyed my walk to the gym and my cycle class. Now I am procrastinating and sitting on the computer instead of doing chores. Yesterday I went through my closet to put away the winter stuff and also see what clothes still fit (not too many). This coming weekend I will be spending the weekend with my parents will hubby paints the baby's room. Mom and I plan to go shopping for maternity clothes. I am also getting my hair done. YAY!!

What does everyone think of the new changes to our Sparkpages?? Overall, I like them, but wish more of my friends could show up on my page, not the other way around. LOL!

Have a great day!

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    Obviously Corey wasn't preggy, but he had to do the glucose test before being diagnosed with diabetes. Our hospital lab has wireless internet so that's where he chose to do it and just played on Facebook for a few hours. You might want to find out which labs have internet if you have a choice where to go so you can Spark while you wait. Good luck. It sounds like you are in good hands.


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ZIRCADIA 5/20/2009 6:06PM

    Kudos for staying active! :) I also dislike how less friends show up now -- and I need to revamp my intro for what will show before the cut... but overall it's cute. :) Good luck with the glucose test!

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MILAYA 5/20/2009 5:11PM

    I hate those tests! I had to do the one hour at 17 weeks because of my PCOS....failed it. Did the three hour...passed it and thought that was it.....NO! At 28 weeks did the one hour and yep you guessed it...I failed so did another three hour and passed it. I told my midwife that if I get pregnant again I will refuse the one hour and just take the three hour instead. It's not that bad just bring a book or something to do while you wait.

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LYNNA7499 5/20/2009 4:19PM

  I read somewhere that 80% fail the one hour test and of those that fail only 15% actually have the gestational diabetes. I hope you don't have it and that you and the baby are healthy emoticon

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BCGIRL74 5/20/2009 3:56PM

That sounds like a fun weekend coming up. Shopping and getting my hair done; two of my favourite things!!
I just wanted to give you a heads up about the glucose test. Your doctor probably already told you this, but you might feel yucky after. I had that test done a couple years ago and I was so glad that I had my husband drive me to my appointment because I completely crashed after. Which was a good indicator that my test results weren't going to be very good!! I had a really good lunch after and a little nap and then I was good-to-go, but that woozy lightheaded feeling was sure scary. Ewww, now that I think about it, I think I'm due for another one of those tests!
Good Luck next week, and have a fun weekend!!

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