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Jennifer Hudson

Monday, October 27, 2008

It just makes me sick to my stomach to think about what happened to Jennifer Hudson's family and that little boy.
I hope she finds peace through this horrible tragedy.

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ZIRCADIA 10/28/2008 9:46PM

    I know. :(

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MOM2ACAT 10/28/2008 8:01PM

    It's very sad.
I think she will find a way to help others and make something good come out of this tragedy though.

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JPRAHL 10/28/2008 3:28PM

    This is a truly horrible thing to happen to anybody. Poor Girl. This has to be the most rollercoaster year of her life.

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 10/27/2008 9:12PM

    Oh my. I didn' t know the boy had been found. How absolutely horrifically terrible.

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JERSJOURNEY 10/27/2008 8:20PM

    There are no words for the sadness of this. I cried too. That poor sweet little boy. I pray for the family.

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PUPPYWHISPERS 10/27/2008 8:01PM

    Me too. I cried tonight when I heard that they had found the little boy dead. What a terrible tragedy.

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Burned out and discouraged

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No matter what or how much I do, it doesn't seem to be enough. I'm feeling a bit burned out. Don't know what else to say.

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ZIRCADIA 10/25/2008 11:37AM

    *HUGS* Hey, you're doing great. You're just being hard on yourself. IT IS ENOUGH. You are healthy and fabulous. I know you want the perfect number to cap off that sense of accomplishment, but not having it does not ruin all of your hard work and success. :) Hang in there!

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SSANFORD1 10/22/2008 8:50PM

    I can totally relate. I get that way sometimes myself. Whenever I start feeling that way, I try to change up my routine and that seems to help me refocus.

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KARALVS2SCRAP 10/22/2008 8:26PM

    i can totally relate. It helped me to make really small obtainable goals. When I reach my goals I'll make bigger ones. Maybe it's the time of year? The fact that it gets darker earlier - who knows. Look how far you've come and all you've achieved. You can do it- hugs!

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MOM2ACAT 10/22/2008 7:35PM


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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 10/22/2008 5:13PM

    Sometimes doing less turns out to be more. I've learned that lesson recently.


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SPARKNMOM 10/22/2008 4:51PM

    I'm with ya. And life is complicated at the moment, so I'm taking off a couple weeks from SP starting today. I need to get refocused and recommitted!! I hope you also find your way to getting back the spark!

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JLITT62 10/22/2008 4:22PM

    We all feel this way, believe me! The cure is to look at all the things you DO accomplish, not all the stuff that got away from you. And don't compare yourself to anyone else, but you are unique and perfect in your own way.

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Emotional eating

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lately, I've been snacking on sweets at night. Not because I'm hungry (though my brain tries to convince me that I am) but because chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and ice cream just make me feel better. The scale has been kind so far. Thank goodness I love my daily workouts. But I need to stop this unhealthy habit. I've decided to try a few strategies:
- Do something to stay busy and keep my mind off sweets.
- Ensure I get enough healthy food and snacks throughout the day so that I am truly not hungry in the evenings.
- Take advantage of the fact that pomegranates are in season right now. They are one of my favorite fruits. They are low-cal, delicious and take a while to eat.
- Chew gum. This is a tip I learned from watching The Biggest Loser. I think those Tootsie Roll pops are pretty good too. It's Halloween time, so I'm sure they will be easy to find right now.
- Maybe I will join an Emotional Eating Sparkteam. I've joined too many teams as it is, however, so I am not sure I can devote my time to another one. We'll see.
If anyone has any tips or tricks for combating emotional eating, please share!!

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STARTSPARKING 10/21/2008 4:32PM

    First of all, sorry that this comment is SO late! I'm constantly trying to catch up. Anyway, from reading my blog, you already know that I've been battling late-night binges myself and have just begun to get back on track. I think you have some great tips there for yourself, and I hope it's working out. What finally got me back on track were writing a confessional blog and letting everyone know how far I've slipped back. The other thing was after gaining about 8 pounds back, my gym clothes really didn't fit the same anymore. The visual cues were simply unavoidable, so I had to do something.

If you're like me and can't stay away from junk food, I would suggest portion control. If you would schedule one day a week and allow yourself a small indulgence, such as one serving of light ice cream after Sunday dinner, that would be ideal. One thing I stopped doing altogether was sitting down on the couch with an ENTIRE family-size bag of chips. Even when I couldn't stop myself from eating junk like that, at least I would count out just one serving. It's so easy to devour half a bag mindlessly in front of the TV!

Good luck, and I hope by now you are doing better with your sweet tooth. emoticon

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FITGIRL15 10/14/2008 11:49PM

I saw your post in the *SWEET TOOTH* team, of which I am the leader! I then came by your SparkPage and am completely floored by your transformation! Wow! you look like you are doing FANTASTIC!

AS far as craving sweets, or whatever at night... I have been told by a nutritionist that the reason this occurs, is because we are eating foods that give us too many blood sugar spikes and crashes through the day! (It's too bad you don't allow us to see your nutrition tracker, I might be able to suggest where these are coming from!)
We can reduce blood sugar spikes in many ways.
1) Eating a high GI food, whith a low GI one for example a fruit with some nuts!
2) eating meals of consistent size (calorie wise) throughout the day so anytime you eat you have at least 250 calories for example
3) eat foods that are known to slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream like cinnamon or fats.

I have an article I could share too, I will post it in the team!
BTW, welcome to the team... I hope we can help you out!!! I am pretty sure we can!

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ZIRCADIA 10/14/2008 9:15PM

    Oh, yes, I am the gum chewing queen. In fact, I'm chewing gum right now. Hard candy (such as a tootsie roll pop or something) is a good alternative as well. Otherwise, I like to find things that keep my hands busy with something I do not want to touch with "food hands". Like video gaming or sewing or something.

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MOM2ACAT 10/14/2008 8:56PM

    That is the time of day I want to snack too; especially if I'm watching tv.
I find it helps me if I have something else to do while I'm watching that keeps my hands busy, like cutting and sorting my coupons, doing some mending, or working on a simple craft project.

If I really want a snack though, I pop some air popped popcorn; it's a lot of "volume" for not a lot of calories, plus it's a good source of fiber.

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MZ.THICKUMS 10/14/2008 5:41PM

    Hey There..I seen your blog today and wanted to stop by and show you some support. It is okay to fall back sometimes, we are all that we have identified what the problem was..lets work on getting to that solution, so that we do not make the same mistake twice. Keep your head up!

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible".
Arthur C. Clarke

"Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome".
Samuel Johnson


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KARALVS2SCRAP 10/14/2008 5:28PM

    I can so relate to this. I have been a afternoon, evening snack fiend. Luckily for me as well, the scale has been kind but if this continues- oi! I like the fact that you put a plan in place- I did this too. Now I just need to follow my plan. Good luck!

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 10/14/2008 3:10PM

    Dear friend,

I know you know that I am an emotional eater. My first tip is one I must work on for myself:

- Understand the under-lying reasons behind your own emotional eating and work on those reasons. (ie. Why is it that when I'm angry with Hubby that I take it out of MY waistline?)
- Have an alternative strategy in place (like chewing gum or choosing other foods
- Most importantly, do not allow the destructive foods into the house. (I cannot bake cookies or have any kind of cake in the house. I know this. I can, however, have store-bought cookies in the cupboard for Hubby and the kids and they are safe.)



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ASTER2606 10/14/2008 2:55PM

    Yikes! Sorry you're having such a hard time with night time eating right now. I think everyone would be happier once the political and economic situations settle down, although I suspect we'll know who the next President is going to be before the stock market and the credit and employment areas improve substantially.

I just got back to WI from rural GA late last night and oh my was that different politically and socially than here. I haven't posted on my blog in a while and I've finished two food books that I need to review there before they go back to the library.

Hang in there and maybe read your marathon post for a little inspiration!

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The Baltimore Marathon

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I know what you might be thinking upon seeing the blog title. NO, I did not run the Baltimore Marathon. But as DH and I walked to and from the gym for our morning workout, we saw many of the runners pass through our area. It was fun to cheer them on. Some of them smiled and waved at all of us who were watching from the sidelines and cheering for them. Others simply stared straight ahead with very intense looks on their faces. These were looks of concentration. Determination. Focus. Some people were jogging, some walking.
One of the spectators held up a sign that read: "If you don't quit, you're a winner." So true.
I wondered how many fellow Sparkers were running the marathon. I didn't know any of the runners personally, but I was proud of them. What an inspiration to the rest of us!

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GETMOVEN 10/13/2008 2:09PM

    Thank you for your cheers & support. I was one of the many participants in the half marathon and may or may not have seen you personally but having the crowd around was very motivating. I feel such a sense of accomplishment for completing the event.

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KARALVS2SCRAP 10/12/2008 9:56AM

    I was watching some of it on TV. It is inspiring. I was listening to some interviews with race participants and every one of them mentioned how good it felt to do the race. That is a great quote- I'm going to print that out and post in on my desk. I'd like to run a 5K. Guess I better get started!

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STARTSPARKING 10/11/2008 9:52PM

    "If you don't quit, you're a winner." I LOVE that positive attitude! Oh, I would have loved to cheer those runners on and soak in their determination and focus. What an inspirational way to start a Saturday morning! emoticon

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 10/11/2008 9:45PM

    I've just signed up for the C25K Team. My goal is to run a womens' 5k here in the springtime. You should join me. If I can do it... well... I'm not sure if I can or not LOL... but if I can then I KNOW you can. What do you say?


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Even at the gym?!?!

Friday, October 03, 2008

I was at the gym yesterday morning and noticed they were setting up for a large staff meeting. They had the basketball court filled with tables and chairs. When I looked in (the basketball court's mesh-like "walls" are transparent) some of the staff members were already there. Among the faces I recognized were fitness class instructors and some personal trainers I've seen around the gym.

I also noticed something kind of ironic: a table full of Panera bagels and Dunkin' Donuts! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Well, what's a breakfast meeting without donuts, bagels and muffins, right?

OK, I'm not saying that people who make a career out of fitness have to have perfect diets and can never eat a treat. I am by no means perfect with my eating habits. Far from it, actually. In fact, I ate TEN cookies last night in one sitting!! (I don't know what got into me.) But I just find it amusing there was nothing healthier offered to a roomful of fitness professionals for breakfast than bagels as big as your head and sugary donuts.

As in any workplace, it seems like breakfast-meeting planners don't have an ounce of creativity when it comes to the food. Sure, it's easy to just drive over to Panera or DD. But they could offer fruit, cheese, nuts, veggies (why not?), trail mix, instant oatmeal, low-sugar cereal or smoothies (they make and sell smoothies right there on site anyway)!

After all, aren't they supposed to be setting an example for the rest of us? Their members might be watching. I was!

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KARALVS2SCRAP 10/7/2008 5:15PM

    lol- you know- we have donuts at work every Tuesday. I'd just like an alternative offered. We always talk about staying healthy at work well let's practice what we preach. I bring my own healthy morning snack and luckily have been able to resist the donuts for over a year now. I used to go to town on those suckers- I'd have one at breakfast and there were usually leftovers at lunch so I'd have another one then.

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STARTSPARKING 10/5/2008 1:28AM

    Recently a popular fitness instructor at my health club was leaving for a better job opportunity. On her last day, some of her students prepared an elaborate farewell party. I saw a sheet cake, several kinds of cupcakes and muffins, and creamy coffee drinks. Quite ironic, isn't it? emoticon

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MOM2ACAT 10/4/2008 12:48PM

    We used to have free donuts in the lounge every Friday at work; most of the time, I just said "no", but a few times, especially on stressful days, I did give in and eat a donut. We no longer have "free donut Fridays"; about a year ago, the store stopped doing that to save expenses. A lot of people complained of course, but I was happy not to have to face that temptation every week.

My oncologist's office always has coffee and cookies out in the waiting room. I have to visit twice per month (one week is to get my lab work done, the next is my appt. and treatment), but most of the time I stay away from those too. I just sit where I don't have to look at them, and on the days I am there for awhile getting my treatment, I usually bring along a 90-100 calorie cereal bar and a piece of fruit to snack on.

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ZIRCADIA 10/3/2008 6:47PM

    Yeah -- one of my other SparkFriends (ZORBS??) was talking about her meetings at work and she's a trainer. Anyway -- same thing. Dude -- you'd think they'd provide something similar to what you were suggesting. WEIRD. But anyway...

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SLJWATTS 10/3/2008 4:37PM

    You are so right- although it would be interesting to see if they ate the doughnuts and bagels- I know my DD is a fitness person, and she is so skinny she can eat that and not miss a beat-

I also work in a hospital and try to find healthy food there- after you trip over all the high sodium, high fat choices you can usually find something- and there is a salad bar, but let me tell you, it's a challenge- Sharon

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SHAREBEAR74 10/3/2008 3:36PM

    That's really funny! At the hospital I worked at for over 5 years, they would always have healthy alternatives like fresh,cut up fruit and yogurt, mixed in with the usual unhealthy breakfast fare.

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 10/3/2008 10:40AM

    I've been thinking and blogging about similar frustrations at the college I work for. Honestly, what I think it comes down to is money. Donuts are cheap. Veggies and fruit trays are not. Heck, for a lunch meeting I planned last week, whole wheat chicken-filled wraps, non-cream soup and brownies for 8 people cost over $100. Can you believe it? Yes, I should have just doubled up on the brownies and told them all to bring a brown bag lunch.


Health comes at a financial cost. We need to get serious about the cost of not taking care of people, though.


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