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It's time to get back to business!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Hi fellow Sparkers!

I am back!! We had a wonderful time. I highly recommend visiting Israel, whether or not you are Jewish. It is a beautiful place with so many amazing things to see. Thanks to everyone who left me such nice messages while I was away. :)

I'm sorry to report that I gained 3 pounds. I have no one to blame but myself. I was not at all careful about what I was eating. There was so much good food and gelato places everywhere. I had ice cream for dessert almost every night. And I have to be honest and say that I made use of a hotel fitness center only one time during the entire trip! Our hotel in Jerusalem had a nice little fitness room with an amazing view of the entire city. It was so awesome working out and having that scene in front of me. The rest of our days were packed from morning to night. We had to get up early and get going in order to fit everything in that we wanted to see. I did a LOT of walking every day but it was HOT, so I didn't always walk at a brisk pace. Still, if I didn't walk so much I think I would have gained a lot more than 3 pounds.

So -- needless to say, I took a vacation from my Spark lifestyle as well. My body is still recovering from the flight and the time change so I am taking it easy at first. I went to body combat class yesterday evening and earlier today I ran/walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. It's amazing how much your body loses its stamina if you don't keep up your workout routine. It was only 2 weeks but I feel like I am starting to get out of shape a little bit. I couldn't run a full 30 minutes today and I used to be able to do that no problem. And yesterday's class was a little rough but I got through it.

So now I've got 5 pounds to go and it's time to get back to business!!! I am hoping that with this little break that I took, my body is no longer used to working out and therefore it will work harder and burn more calories. This might be faulty logic but it makes me feel better. :)

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great day.

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MUSTANGAMORE 6/2/2008 12:58PM

    Welcome back! You were missed! I'm so sure your metabolism is going to respond positively to its vacation those 5 pounds will just vanish! I can gain 3 lbs without leaving my house so I think you did super! Can't wait to see the pictures!

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NITAINMN 6/1/2008 7:46PM

    Hey Girl!! Welcome back. We missed you! So happy to hear you had a great time. My cousin was also visiting his son, who who son who convereted to Judaism and married an Orthodox Jewish girl and settled in Israel. How I wish to see the dead sea and of these days when I am healthy enough to fly by God's Grace!

Did you have any run ins with siren and bombings? Quite scary I heard for the first time travelers although its a daily life for the residents.

I am so happy you enjoyed yourself.....who is planning on another trip soon anyway? I like to enjoy the foods of the area when I travel and of course, sight seeing is a must. Spark is here and as long as you are back on the wagon, you will do fine with your happy memories.

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MILAYA 5/31/2008 6:03PM

    Glad your back and had a good time. Three pounds is nothing to worry about!

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MOM2ACAT 5/30/2008 5:48PM

    I'm glad you had a wonderful trip! And I don't thing a 3 pound gain is bad at all under the circumstances.

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    Only 3 lbs?! On vacation?! Pffff! That's NOTHING. Its going to fall off of you PDQ. Welcome back!


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Off for my reward vacation -- weighing in at 117.6

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hi Spark Friends! Well, the day I've worked so hard to get to is here!! Later this afternoon, hubby and I are off for our hopefully awesome 2-week vaca to Israel! This is the reward I set up for myself when I started SparkPeople in January 2007.
The scale this morning said 117.6. I'm just shy of my goal, but I'll take it! I'll round it up to 118 for my ticker.
I likely won't have too much Internet access, so I won't be able to track my food. Wish me luck that I won't gain weight!! I want to come back at least the same weight, if not a little slimmer -- at goal, maybe??
If I see an Internet cafe somewhere, I'll check in and say hello.
Thanks to everyone who has supported me here for the past year. I don't think I could have lost this weight without all of you offering me so much help, advice and encouragement. As such, this reward vacation would not have been possible without you!
I hope to take lots of pics to post here on my page. Have a great two weeks and keep on Sparkin'!

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NITAINMN 5/24/2008 11:15AM

    Have a great vacation. Congrats!! Now I know why you are MIA...missed you and sorry for the delay in reading your blog. You have fully earned that reward. Yet, I am so jealous of you 'cause I have always wanted to visti Israel and float in the dead sea!!

Once again, Congrats on meeting your goal and reaping the benefits!!!


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WORDSGAL 5/21/2008 10:42PM

  Congrats, congrats, congrats.
Sorry I've been MIA. Some personal things going on that have taken my attention off my health.
I am so happy for you as you start a great new chapter in your life!!

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MILAYA 5/19/2008 12:37PM

    Enjoy your vacation! You deserve it!

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NEVA145 5/15/2008 1:27PM

    Yay, Tweety!! I just stopped by to see if you have left yet... and you have. PLEASE post lots of pics!! We also want to read stories!!

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MUSTANGAMORE 5/15/2008 11:31AM

    Wow!!!! I hope it was the best trip ever! Can't wait to read about it and see the pictures! emoticon

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CHARVONNE30 5/14/2008 10:23AM

    Congratulations and have fun on the trip - enjoy your time away.


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MOM2ACAT 5/13/2008 2:46PM

    Have fun on your trip! I'm sure that you will be will be very busy seeing all the sights, you will probably burn a lot of calories doing that. But enjoy your time! Don't worry about that stuff, just enjoy your experience!

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VIDABELA 5/13/2008 12:08PM

    yay!!! wow you are sooo close to your goal. you did great! =D have an awesome time in israel - can't wait to see the pics!!

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BLONDEGIRL10 5/13/2008 11:31AM

    WooHoo!! Have a wonderful time!!

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PUPPYWHISPERS 5/13/2008 10:56AM

    emoticon That's outstanding! Have a great trip, relax and enjoy! You've certainly earned it! You are such an inspiration to me!!

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2NEWSTARTAGAIN 5/13/2008 10:06AM

    Have a wonderful time and great trip

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    I can't wait to see the photos of YOU in Israel. How cool is that?! Oh, heck, you've earned it, gain some weight while you are there, girl! EAT! Experience it all! Enjoy the local food. We'll be here to get you back on track when you return.



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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No, not those that happen when you have gas. Ha ha ha ha!! These are exercises. I recall that I first heard of burpees months and months ago from my wonderful Sparkfriend Helen's page. I remember chuckling at the name and wondering, "What the heck are burpees????"

Well this week, I saw them again as part of a darn good exercise on another person's Spark Page. Thanks so much, NANDRE1!!!!

It's called a ladder exercise, and I think I am going to try this for the next few days -- until I leave for my trip. Alas, I probably won't have time for burpees in Israel. Too much to see and do!

Anyway, I tried this workout yesterday for the first time and it kicked my butt, even though it only took about 5 minutes. Just what I needed! I've been in quite the exercise slump lately. The treadmill/elliptical drudgery continues.

In the ladder exercise, I started out by doing 20 reps of each of the following, then 15 reps, then 10, then 5. (Decreasing a bit each time, like you're climbing down a ladder, get it??)

1. Wall pushups (you're supposed to do real pushups on the floor but I can't do more than 5 or so of those at a time )
2. Jumping jacks
3. Burpees

So by now, you're probably saying, "OK, get to the point already, what the heck are burpees for goodness sake????"
I'd try to explain, but it would be easier to post a video from you tube, which I searched for this morning.

All I can say is, ouch!! Try it!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PIGLETSMALL 5/11/2008 7:11AM

    Ha ha ha! I just watched the video and feel much better about doing burpees now! lol! They look exhausted like me! lol! I hope you are well my friend and having an awesome day. Hugs and love Helen xxx Thank you for sharing this! :-) emoticon

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DD-THEOTHERHALF 5/9/2008 11:06AM

    I use to do this as part of the warm-ups when I was in High school. The name we used were up-downs. To do them right was a challenge. And the push-up part can wear you out fast. We had to do a series of exercises for the warm up,it was brutal.

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ZULAJUMP 5/8/2008 4:34PM

    Ewww, I hate burpees, they're bloody horrible! But a good workout, it's true. I'll be trying this ladder exercise as well, thanks. I'm also in the treadmill/ellyptical drudge and trying to incorporate some classes to mix things up.
~ Anna

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APRIL11301 5/7/2008 5:38PM

    Ohhhh No0o0o I'm Not putting that in just yet I don't wanna say ouch I need my body to work
Your doing awesome chick keep up the good work and have fun on your trip sweetie :0 )

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    I need to mix things up, too and have seen burpees as part of quite a few workout routines I've looked at... but I haven't tried them yet. Here is a suggestion, though. If you do the burpees and jumping jacks first -- work up a sweat -- your pushups will be more efficient at burning fat if that is your goal rather than just being a strength exercise. Sweat first, lift/push second. Thanks for the ideas on new exercises.


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~MAEVE~ 5/7/2008 11:18AM

    Thanks...I think I'll give this a try. It's good to mix things up.

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Six teeny weeny pounds to go!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well I am making progress and I am sooooo close to goal! I just want to reach out and grab it and reel it in.
I've got exactly two weeks until my trip. I am holding out hope that I will make it to 115 by that time but it looks like I may fall a little short. And that's all right, because I know I am doing my best and I've worked hard.
If I make it under 120 by then, I will be ecstatic. And once I reach 118 (three pounds away), I'll reach a milestone of 60 pounds lost! Woo hoo!
For now, I am just enjoying my 57-pound weight loss so far.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHARVONNE30 5/5/2008 3:54PM

    your blog was the ray of sunshine I needed - and I am confident you will get there and you are looking great!

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DNJEN471 5/2/2008 12:01PM

    And you should! You accomplished so much and look amazing!

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MOM2ACAT 5/1/2008 11:46AM

    Congrats! You are doing great!

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LILLIAN364 5/1/2008 6:11AM

    You're doing great. Look in the mirror and see how far you've come. Take off the fat goggles and see your new slim boy. emoticon

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VIDABELA 4/30/2008 10:11PM

    wow you are really doing so great!!! however much you weigh, you definitely deserve this trip and you'll feel fantastic while you're there!

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    Unreal. Amazing. Your hard work is paying off. I'll bet it feels terrific. I must catch up with you. We are puppy sitting, so all four dogs will need a run tonight.


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PIGLETSMALL 4/30/2008 4:36PM

    Hi Sweetie! Woo Hoo! What good news! 57 pounds is an amazing amount to lose. you must be feeling fantastic. I can't wait to lose just 1 more pound. ha ha!

Thanks for your message. It was great to hear from you. I've had more problems with the computer but it is fixed for now. Yippee!

Have an awesome day my friend.
hugs and love Helen xxx emoticon

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*CAPOPPY* 4/30/2008 4:36PM

    NICE JOB!!! Way to go!!!! Enjoy your trip and your new body!

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I can feel it...

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm losing steam yet again. It happens. I can feel the laziness creeping in. I feel tired. Unmotivated. The rain isn't helping. All I want to do is stay home and sleep. I've been this way for the past week. With the traveling and running around doing errands all weekend, I am just beat.

But this is not a good time to lose steam. I've got TWO weeks until my trip and I so badly want to be at goal. Maybe at some level I am sabotaging my progress because I'm frustrated that it's taking so long. (Wow, maybe I should have gone into psychology after all!)

I went to Boston for a few days last week and even though I did a LOT of walking, it totally threw me off my game. When I got back, I didn't feel like going back to the gym. I skipped Friday but I did go back Saturday morning and I went for a run outside with hubby yesterday afternoon. It felt great! But today, I am back to feeling sluggish and not looking forward to my workout. What is wrong with me?? I need to get my work0ut spark back! Stat!

I've also been dining out way too much lately -- both in Boston and also after getting back because we didn't have too much food in the house. Thank goodness we went grocery shopping yesterday and I can once again eat at home!!

It's funny how the slightest change to my routine knocks me off my feet. I need to learn how to roll with the punches. It's so easy to slip back into not-so-good habits when you're traveling. I'm worried that I'll gain over my vacation too. An unfamiliar country with unfamiliar food and no Spark. YIKES!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DNJEN471 4/28/2008 11:26PM

    I hear ya girl. I feel like every time I get close to my mini goal I get into self-sabotage mode. We can do this though! I know we can!

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 4/28/2008 11:20AM

    Hey there friend! Been there, done that. Well... minus the eating out part because I'm broke LOL. For the week before and at least a week after the wedding I didn't work out and I wasn't sure how I'd get back at it. I simply didn't feel like it. Then a friend kicked my butt, challenged me, and I got going again. So how about taking your dog for a walk today? I'll do the same after work and report in on the GET OUT! Team. As for eating out, don't you need to save your pennies for your trip?


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CHARVONNE30 4/28/2008 10:19AM

    Get to moving and get motivated - you can do this don't loose steam we have a trip to go on and we are going to more than meet the goal.

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APRIL11301 4/28/2008 9:59AM

    I feel your pain on the laziness the rain really doesn't help !!
you got alot going on right now alot on the brain :0 )
Gabrielle is right about the vacation thing It is hard for me with no vacation I know what you mean by you had the spark and you lost it I did the same but I let it get me down all the way I was off SP for months so don't beat yourself up find something you have been wanting to do and maybe that will start you off in the right direction as long as you are moving forward your doing good keep your head up and if you need anything let me know :0 )
The only way you can fail is if you QUIT!!!

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ANNE7777 4/28/2008 9:32AM

    Wow Tweety--I feel the same way today! I did get a lot of yeardowrk done this weekend though....Like Gab said, It IS hard to get back into the swing of things after vacation. But you will bounce back. You have set up some great habits--I know you can do it!
Have a fab trip--My friend went YEARS ago & brought me back some holy water! Can you still go float in the Dead sea? I heard that is cool. Good luck!!! Peace--Anne

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BLONDEGIRL10 4/28/2008 9:28AM

    It is hard to get back into the swing of things when you have been on vacation! I always say "I need a vacation from my vacation" anytime I get back from somewhere, it takes time for me to get back into the routine.
You did go for a Run and You did buy your groceries to eat home again. YOU ARE DOING IT! Good for YOU!!
Israel should be a wonderful place to eat healthy! All the Fresh Vegetables, Beans, Whole Grains, Healthy Oils, etc. YOU are gonna have a wonderful time, YOU are gonna do great with your eating, and YOU are gonna get in LOTS of Cardio with all the walking and exploring you are gonna do! I just know it!

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