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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Okay, it's been months since I've been active on Spark. I moved to the Chicago area, passed my board exams, and met a FANTASTIC guy. I've had some work difficulties, but I'm working currently and have a plan.

With the new guy, who is a great cook by the way, I've gotten a bit lazy about eating habits. Also, with the move, I lost my routine and motivation to workout regularly. So, anyone want to partner up and help me stop being lazy so I can get back on track? I don't have much time before the Rose Bowl, but every little bit counts.


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LADYZHERRA 12/11/2010 8:46PM

    Michele: welcome back! Sounds like you've had some really positive and wonderful changes in your life! Things will fall into place. Congrats! emoticon

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Friday, June 19, 2009

I can't believe I'm at my 25th college reunion! Gosh, I really loved this place, both while I was here, and since. Sadly, most of my closest friends didn't come this year, so it's a bit awkward being here solo, but I'm glad I came. My new boyfriend was hoping to drive down for the "dance" Saturday night, but has been travelling for work and had a brutal week, so won't make it after all. Still, I look better than my freshman year roomate, who at the time ran 13 miles/day and had a very serious addiction to Tab (soft drink). I didn't eat well on the trip here yesterday, but I made good choices today at breakfast, and I'm off to play ultimate frisbee! Let's hope I don't mess up my knee!!!

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*REDRUNNER* 7/22/2009 2:54AM

    I'm sure you looked fantastic! Woo-hoo! ;)

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LADYZHERRA 6/21/2009 2:56PM

    Glad to hear that your reunion went well!

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I just got my prize!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I got the package today with the OXO good grips salad bowl / chopper. It looks really neat, is very ergonomic (would be great for someone with arthritis or similar problem), and it's dishwasher safe. The bowl looks pretty heavy duty and is a good size. Really neat!!!

But that's not all - Spark added a bunch of other stuff! I got a t-shirt, a Spark page-a-day calendar, Nicole's workout DVD, and some pilates bands w/an exercise book. I can't wait to try out Nicole's DVD in particular, but it will be a few days at least. What a fun day!

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EMMASGIGI 4/21/2009 10:05PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ABIZZLE7 4/20/2009 2:17PM

    I noticed your status a few days ago - how did you win the prize?

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LADYZHERRA 4/18/2009 9:34PM

    Hooray! Great to hear that you won! Congrats!

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I*AM*BLESSED 4/18/2009 3:51PM

    emoticonCongrats for winning!

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What?!!! It's December already??????

Monday, December 01, 2008

Okay, so every week, month, year I sound like a broken record. The time just seems to be passing so quickly. I now have 2 weeks left of classes this semester and then exams (1 on-line, 1 take-home, and the 3rd I'm not sure about). I'm alternating between celebration that the semester is nearly over, and terror to think of how much I have left to do in the remaining time.

Things are generally going well. I wasn't sure how well I'd do over Thanksgiving. I feel like I only lose weight for half the month (as I seem to go into a holding pattern during that TOM). I wasn't worried that I'd really gain, just that I'd significantly delay reaching my goal. I kept portions small, and ate little and lean earlier in the day, but I enjoyed what I did eat. I even had the tiniest sliver of both homemade raspberry pie and pecan pie. It did kind of leave me wanting more, but I thought about how hard I've worked and it just wasn't worth it. So, I'm not sure I'll make my original goal by the end of the year, but I won't be far off.

Socially, things may be looking up as well, but it's still too early to tell. Financially, things are a little easier (I've gotten approved for a very low interest loan). So, there's much to be happy about and thankful for. I hope everyone else is enjoying their blessings as well. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ABIZZLE7 12/19/2008 2:06PM

    Hope your December is going really well! Happy Holidays to you!

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CATHLABRN 12/3/2008 4:46PM

  Keep up the good work! emoticon

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Looking forward

Saturday, November 01, 2008

I have two major milestones behind me. First, my divorce is (finally) final and I have the papers. It's a relief to have it done and no longer hanging over my head. The same can also be said for the sale of the house in Baltimore. It's finally sold and that financial responsibility has been settled. Now it's definitely time to look forward.

My arm is still bothering me, but I now know what it is. I have a nerve compressin of the medial nerve in my left arm. Actually, it's kind of cool since I know where the nerve travels and what it does. I finally have the paperwork from my health plan and will be setting up an appointment pronto. I've still been exercising but haven't been strength training for fear I'd aggravate it. Honestly, I don't know what they can do about it, but I'll certainly be a "compliant" patient!!!

So, with all that happening, I'm still on course and making progress although it's slow. Actually, I can't really complain since I've been averaging almost 1 lb/wk. Thinking ahead, I'll go over plan for the Thanksgiving meal, although I'll still eat conservatively (but I won't pass up the pie - just take a small slice). I kind of think of binging as throwing all of my hard work out the window which I'm not willing to do. If I make the effort, I darn well want to see the results!!!

I'm also considering getting a Heart Rate Monitor for myself, since I don't think I'm getting an accurate count of my workouts when I log them. (Richard Simmons' work outs aren't that strenuous and have lots of warm-up, cool-down, and stretching.) Any information and suggestions on HRM would be appreciated. I really know nothing about them and don't want to spend a lot of money.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the Autumn weather and having great success in reaching your goals.

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ABIZZLE7 11/10/2008 4:49PM

    I'm glad you have two major milestones behind you! Sorta liberating, huh?

Sorry to hear about your arm, but be sure to do PT, or whatever it is to get it fixed... my dad hurt his arm and still won't go see a doctor because he says he has no problem swimming a mile... even though it hurts...

anyways, I agree with ladyzherra - get a polar! I love mine and don't go anywhere without it (i must mention that i'm a little obsessed...)

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LADYZHERRA 11/4/2008 5:46PM

    Congratulations on putting the past behind you! How liberating!

Yes, I have lots of information on HR monitors. Buy a Polar. You don't need one of the fancy, expensive ones. Get the basic model for women that allows you to program your information. When you get it, let me know and I will tell you about the formula for figuring out your "zone," and what these zones mean for your goals.

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