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Back from vacation and breast pain question

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We just got back from our vacation. Twelve days with 5 people in an 8 foot camper. We made out quite well. Had lots of fun and saw lots of new places. Its nice to be home though.

I didn't eat well at all. No veggies the whole time. I wanted some but our fridge is very small so I wa limited in what I could buy. I didn't go overboard though and I did lots of walking/hiking. I haven't weighed myself yet.

Does anyone know anything about breast pain? I had about 4 days where my right breast was sore behind the nipple. I understand that it could be related to period cycles but its not the same kind of pain. I will probably phone the DR tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment for next week. It might be time to get my first mammogram. I am 43 and have never had one.

I had better get back to unpacking. I just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing.

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MABOOGIE 7/27/2009 3:40PM

  Any kind of breast pain should be checked out ASAP. I thought mine was Menopause. It was a Stage III/IV, 5 cm tumor that began at the nipple, went to the back wall and 3 lymphs. Got to move on it girl! Good Luck! Prayers on your shoulders.

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LAURAK1993 7/24/2009 2:49PM

    I've never known anyone to have a different kind of pain in the breast, but I agree make sure to see your doctor.

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FLOWERSROAD 7/24/2009 1:19PM

    Could be a cyst in your breast tissue that ruptured. That hurts! Most cysts are benign, but the only way to tell is with a mammogram and you should get one every year after you turn 40 anyway, so that sounds like the way to go. Glad you had a good vacation - it sounds fun!

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LADY_DONKEY 7/24/2009 12:04PM

    I am not familiar with that kind of breast pain. I would definitely get it check out, for pain-killers if nothing else!

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    Welcome back! It sounds like you had an adventure! I would say go to the DR just to check it out.

Let us know how it goes!

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Still failing but looking forward

Friday, July 03, 2009

I am getting so frustrated with myself. I did so well the first three months of the year but its been downhill since then. I am gaining like crazy and I just can't seem to find any discipline. We leave on vacation in 8 days. I know we will be eating less healthy food but I also know I can't binge eat in front of people. I'm hoping I can do really well on the holiday and it will motivate me when I get back. I am hoping we will get some hiking in as well. Thats all weather dependant. And of course swimming. I'm not much of a swimmer, I just splash around in the water, but its exercise none the less.

The boys went for a sleepover at my parents house last night. They get to sleep in the same room there so, needless to say, they are dead tired right now. I finally let ADam fall asleep on the couch. It will mean a late night for him though. I missed them so much while they were gone. It was just too quiet around here. The cats missed their boys too. We have this one strange cat what loves to play with the kids. She even plays on the swing set. It is the funniest thing to watch. If the boys are outside and she is in she will cry until someone lets her out with them. She lets them hold her upside down and shove her under their clothes. She just loves them so much. It is so sweet.

It is hot today so I haven't felt like doing much. I got all the bed changed and dinner made but not much else. Heat and me just don't mix well. Two of my kids are the same way. Gord and Adam can be outside working in the heat and not even notice, but the rest of us are sick to our stomaches from the heat. I guess its a good thing I live way up here.

Better go and wake up the sleeping man or I will be up till midnight with him.

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KEEPSAKES66 7/13/2009 9:02AM

    I think alot of us are experincing a summer slump- i know I am fighting with myself too. Keep on trying, we will get there eventually!

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SKINNYPOWELL1 7/8/2009 4:14PM

    Stay strong.

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KFILANOSKI 7/4/2009 9:56PM

    lol your cat sounds hysterical :) I remember when me and my brother were little we had two cats that we'd had since they were two weeks old, and they used to let me dress them up in doll clothes and take them swimming.. they were like the mother theresa of cats hehehe. Bit one time when we had a new babysitter I guess they didn't trust her because they cornered her in the bathroom and wouldn't let her out - two house cats! she called my parents up in tears apparently, I shouldn't but it still makes me giggle :) hope you have a good fourth of july and a good vacation, and don;t worry I 'm sure things will start to look up!!

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NOCALORIES 7/4/2009 11:20AM

    Live today and stay off the couch. Think of finding that cool place where you can stand and fold laundry or move about the house dusting furniture or mop a floor. Just find ways to move and not eat. Heat is a challenge, but just practice finding ways to live active.

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    emoticonJust remember You can do this! Make sure you drink plenty of water and start each meal with a soup and salad.This will curb your appetite and fill you up more quickly.
Swimming is good exercise, flopping around or what ever you want to call it! Just move your body! Hiking will surely burn loads of calories so sounds like you have a fun vacation planned!
So my suggestion is stop stressing and enjoy yourself!
Have a wonderful time!

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RUN2RUN 7/3/2009 7:38PM

    ENJOY YOUR VACATION- TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME-you have a lot going on and don't think about tomorrow or worrying you ruined it all today- every small baby step makes a difference- add a walk on the vacation- prepack some healthy snacks to have with healthy breakfast. Just have a good time!!! emoticon

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LITTLEMAMMA123 7/3/2009 7:19PM

    we need to motivate each other because we sound to much a like i just dont have the motivation

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A broken car and a new baby bird

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We decided to go for a drive yesterday. We went about 2 hours away. We stopped at a lake for a picnic lunch, looked around the town and then found a playground for the kids to enjoy. Everything was going great. Then half way home the car breaks down. We had to get it towed all the way home and it cost a small fortune $190. Its sitting outside the repair shop now waiting for Monday. I sure hope the fix isn't too expensive or we will have to cancel our holiday. We got my mom to drive down to pick us up so that turned out all right. We had to sit in the car while we waited since we were on the side of a busy highway. The kids were really well behaved though.

Its cold today. I had to get out some track pants and a sweat shirt. I refuse to turn the heat on or use the fireplace when it is almost July. Gord and the boys are out working in the garage so I am sure they are half frozen.

As you all know, I live in the country. we enjoy watching all the different birds and have several feeders set up. Every year the red-winged black birds stop for about two days and then are gone again until the next year. This year one couple stayed and had their babies somewhere on our property. Its been so great to be able to watch them every day. We named them Napolean and Josephine. We knew Josephine must have laid her eggs since we hadn't seen her for a few days. Anyway, Napolean is sitting in the feeder pigging out. He leaves and Josephine shows up. Two seconds later along he comes and she started squawking at him. She was really telling him off. Then she left and he followed meekly behind. They back she come with the baby bird! We are pretty sure Josephine was telling Napolean not to leave the baby alone in the nest. Its not just human males that are irresponsible. LOL We haven't seen them since Friday so they have probably moved on. We have ahd tons of hummingbirds this year too. One night there were 10 of them on the same feeder. I had never seen that before.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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KFILANOSKI 7/4/2009 10:03PM

    wow that's really cool with the baby bird and the hummingbirds!! I think the rarest thing I ever saw bird wise was in Ireland on the Aran Island Inish Moor there was this little house where all these roosters would just hang out. I thought they like fought to the death or something if they were around eachother adn there they were like ten of them all hanging out crowing everytime someone walked by, it was wicked funny actually :) Good luck with the car, I feel your pain, I have to get mine registered and inspected this week, never a fun prospect..

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KEEPSAKES66 7/2/2009 11:04PM

    sorry about your car- bueatiful bird story though. When my kids were younger a couple of cardinals made a nest in our lilac bush- from outside you could not see the nest, but from our livingroom window you could see in the nest. The birds would sit and watch us watching them. When the babys left the nest a few came back and perched outside our window looking in. I always wiondered if we entertained them as much as they entertained us? emoticon

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TKT123 6/29/2009 11:26AM

    Your blog is so special...because it tells how God gives us something hard to deal with...then he allows us to see a baby bird!!! How wonderful is that? Sorry about your car....glad you see the beauty of nature..and had a wonderful day (before the car broke down) with your wonderful family and husband...blessings my friend. Trudy

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Did a short walk, but a walk none the less

Friday, June 26, 2009

I finally went for a walk. I did 1 mile Its not alot but its more than I have done for a long while. My 5 and 6 year old were far ahead of me. I am so slow. I told myself that slow is better than standing still. I can't believe that it was only a few months ago that I was biking 20 miles a day and now a 1 mile walk kills me. I did it to myself, I know.

I just tried out the new instant messaging thing and its kind of cool. I am old and not into all these new fangled things. Has anyone else been chatting?

Weather here has been horrible. We want to get out for a trial camp before out big vacation but we have to keep cancelling because of the weather. If we had a larger camper or a trailer it would be different, but 5 people in an 8 foot space is not fun. We are leaving of the 11th of July for our holiday. We are heading into Alberta, through Jasper and Banff and then we are going to cross back into BC and see some of the southern area of the province. Its going to be an expensive vacation. More than we can afford, but its probably the last time my oldest will be going with us so we want it to be special. I am getting excited.

Hope everyone else is going wonderfully.

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NANCY1204 6/27/2009 12:24PM

    I hope the weather gets better & you can enjoy your vacation emoticon

co-leader stressed out moms/women gettin' healthy

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ALEXSGIRL1 6/27/2009 9:01AM

    hope you have fun on vacation and the weather is good .life is making the most of what we have and you seem to have that down. enjoy the walks slow or not. you will pick up speed someday. each step adds to the adventure. emoticon emoticon

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LLTS01 6/26/2009 11:24PM

    Good job on walking. Every single step counts and we all have to start somewhere.


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MOMMA48 6/26/2009 8:54PM

    Way to go on that walk! Every step counts and it doesn't matter how fast or slow you go -- you went and did it! That's what counts! Great! And just keep looking forward to that exciting vacation -- sounds like it's going to be super fun!
emoticon Cheryl! (Your Special, Caring and Always Supporting Friend and Leader at "Stressed Out Moms/Women Gettin' Healthy!) and
Leader of "Binger/Snacker - Night/Closet Eater"
Leader of "Fighting Emotional Pains and Stress"
Leader of "Autoimmune Diseases"

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D2OTHEV 6/26/2009 8:54PM

  Congrats on taking a walk! I am right there with you - not as fast as i used to be but at least we're moving. Keep up the good work!

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TKT123 6/26/2009 8:48PM

    What matters is that you DID do the mile!!! Your holiday sounds wonderful!!! hugs, Trudy

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Happy and sad at the same time

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today I am happy and sad at the same time. My youngest son graduated from kindergarten today and we went to the little ceremony. His little face was just beaming and I was so proud of him. He had to show off his teenage brother which was hilarious since my 15 yo is tall for his age and my 5 yo is small for his. He brought home all his stuff and was so happy to show it all to us. He is the only one in the family that can draw. That is the happy part. The sad part is that my last baby is through kindergarten. In september all the boys will be in school full time and I am not ready for that. It will be so strange not having any of them home with me. I wish I would have had more children but its too late for that now. I was 37 when I had the last one and he was really sick and my own body had a really hard time with it so I was advised to stop. I always joke to my husband that if we had met ten years earlier we would have ten kids by now. I really miss the baby stage. I actually miss changing diapers. LOL I miss the way their little heads smell so nice and all the silly little noises they make. I am years away from having grandchildren so I will have to learn to accept the fact that there are no babies in my life anymore. My mother always told me that when I hit 40 the urge to have another baby would go away. Well, I'm 43 now so I guess she was wrong.

I have been doing horribly with my dieting and exercising. I haven't done any excercise in such a long time. I am furious with myself for it. We have been planning a vacation for the middle of july and I am starting to get excited. The trip is going to cost us more than we should spend, but it will probably be the last year my oldest comes with us so we are trying to make it memorable.

I hope everyone out there is doing great and enjoying the summer.

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SASSISPRING 6/25/2009 5:40PM

    Is it possible for you to volunteer time at the local hospital, such as cuddling babies in intensive care unit or helping out on the peds floor? My mother used to do that. She'd go once a week to the local hospital and rock babies for parents who couldn't be there. That way she had her baby fix and helped out at the same time. :)

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    Oh I so understand what you are feeling. Last month my youngest graduated from the officer's school (OCS) and now he is a 1st Lt. in the USMC. Oh and my oldest (5 years apart) just got married and is a Capt in the Marines. Talk about feeling old. But even with these life stages we can not to forget to take care of ourselves. Maybe with everyone going to school full time you can do some of the things you haven't been able to? You will get through this, it is hard but you will. Now just get good tires on the car because you are going to be so busy with all the actives the kids will be doing. Enjoy this time emoticon Debbie

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MOMMA48 6/24/2009 7:08PM

    Words spoken of a definitely loving Mom -- YOU! Yes, they do grow up! But with each new year -- those personalities and fun will continue! And, get ready for that vacation -- WOO HOO! What an exciting time to look forward to! Fantastic!!
emoticon Cheryl! Your Special, Caring and Always Supporting Friend and
Leader at "Stressed Out Moms/Women Gettin' Healthy!" and
Leader of "Binger/Snacker - Night/Closet Eater"
Leader of "Fighting Emotional Pains and Stress"
Leader of "Autoimmune Diseases"

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