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Oh dear...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yeah it definitely wasn't a good idea to try and start this during the Christmas holidays. I was out with my friends last night and drinking cider... but I suppose at least I didn't get food in the chipper afterwards. That's something... then today I slept in until dinner time and so dinner was my breakfast. I'll be back in Dublin on the 30th and it's always easier to do these things when I'm there. Because when I'm at home, I have to eat when and what everybody else eats.


The beginning...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The beginning... the best place to start!
(although maybe it wasn't the greatest idea to start this on St Stephens' Day... )
The auditions are on the first week in February. So I have six weeks to lose one stone (or...13lbs?).
In those six weeks I also have three assignments to finish and Romeo&Juliet rehearsals so I'm going to be pretty busy. My days are going to consist of breakfast, gym, shower, lunch, library, dinner, rehearsals, whatever. Also I haven't been getting enough sleep lately and it's showing. So I want to try and get to bed before 12am most nights... or at least get 8 hours sleep every night.