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Feeling great!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I have had some chronic pain since a surgery over two years ago. A couple weeks back, I started going to physical therapy, and I feel like a different person! They are working with me to stretch out the muscles involved in the scar, and it's made a world of difference. I feel so good, and excercising no longer causes me unnecessary pain. Hopefully, I'll see some movement on the scale soon, now that I'm not avoiding the workouts as much.

It feels great to feel great!!!!


Short term goals

Monday, August 27, 2007

Slow and steady wins the race... Well, I'm certainly slow, and hopefully am working on the steady. I achieved a goal last week of getting through one week without "falling off the wagon" at all. I wanted to stay below my calorie range, and work out, and allow myself one day to splurge a little. I managed all of it, didn't manage to lose much weight, so I was discouraged today. However, as long as I am trying, I won't be gaining, which is progress in itself.
I'm trying to stay positive and work on my first short term goal of 163 by mid-October. I would actually love to be under 160, but at the rate i'm going, I'm just shooting for something that should be achievable.
Here's to week 2 of not falling off the wagon. Our family is going out of town for the Labor Day weekend, and I'm actually looking forward to some fun exercise, and being able to stay on the plan even while on "vacation". We should be doing lots of biking, swimming, rowing, etc. Yeah for activity!

Oh, this week I said no to birthday cookie! WooHoo!


Hard Day - Frustrated

Monday, July 30, 2007

Have joined a gym - yeah! So far, I love it. However, weighed in today and had gained. It seems so hard to get all the pistons firing - all at the same time.

Also, had a dr appt today. Seeing the dr's scale results was so hard that I was crying in the exam room before he even came in. I think I scared him! He didn't have great news for me either. Nothing tragic, just no help w/ some chronic pain except for the possibility of more surgery - which set me on the path to my weight gain to begin with.

So - I'm really frustrated and trying hard not to be depressed and hate myself. This battle in the mind is so much harder than doing physical exercise or turning down that peice of cake. I have been so tempted to eat out of spite for myself, but instead I carefully tracked every bite, and now I'm going to get the kids settled and head off to the gym.

I doubt anyone will read this, but it's cathartic to write it. Getting all the horrible thoughts swirling in my head out might help. Certainly couldn't make things any worse.

All in all, I have to remind myself how many victories I've had in my lifetime. How happy I am to have my children and husband alive and well. How none of this matters as much as I think it does. Hopefully, I will gain success in this area. If not, maybe I can learn to come to grips with it and not be hate who I am.

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OLDANGEL 7/30/2007 8:52PM

    I'm reading it and will be watching for your next post. I understand how difficult it is to work out with chronic pain. Pain leads to depression and no one who is depressed wants to exercise plus it hurts. Poor you. Poor me. Poor all those other folks who suffer as we do. BUT, in the end there is no other way up and out. The trick will be to begin very easy and build...maybe 10 minute walks a day and in a couple weeks either increase that to 14 minutes OR do two 8 minute walks at different times. Add to that stretching with wide rubber bands in bed when you first wake up and/or before going to bed...this will help a lot. The husband, house and kids won't matter a bit if you are not here to enjoy them. Put yourself first and start a slow and deliberate plan to exercise a bit every day in spite of the pain knowing all along that it will decrease as you gain strength and endurance. Keep in touch.

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Trying week

Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's been a difficult week w/out my husband home. It's tough being a single mom, even for a week. I really have to hand it to people who do it all the time. I was determined to make it to my daughters first cheerleading game - it meant skipping lunch at work, working late the night before, and fighting traffic. But I got there for the last 8 minutes, and the smile on her face made it worth the hassle.

I had my splurge night on Friday at the girls bunco party. Sooo much fun - even though we had to fight freezing rain on the way home. I really splurged - so I'll have to see what that does to the numbers on Tuesday. I haven't been able to exercise much this week. I'm really hoping to kick that into gear next week. As it turns out, according to my two sisters-in-law, I am apparently going to start training for a mini-triatholon that we will do together. I'm not being given any say in the matter - but I'm glad that they are so motivating - and trying to make it fun.

I'm scared to death of the swim in the lake, but I'm pretty sure I could train for the rest of it successfully. If that doesn't get my plentiful butt into shape, I don't know what will.

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SQUISHYBOTTOM 1/13/2007 10:08PM

  aye I am a good swimmer but lakes do scare me too. Never know whats on the bottom

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First Week Streak!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I have been sparking for one week now - and I'm down 3 pounds. Hooray! I'm finding it so easy to track my intake - and stay in line. I didn't get cardio in hardly at all last week - but I plan to do better this week.

Only 4 months till the big trip. Hope I can make the necessary goals.

I only have one more pound until I make my first month goal. Not bad for one week!

God is great. I'm enjoying reading my Daily Light each day. I'm challenged to find time for more Bible study/devotion. A "long-lost" friend contacted me this weekend. Hearing from her was great - and it reminded me of where I came from as a Christian - and made me ask the question "where am I going"? I plan to think on that some more, as well as consider this past year. What did I really learn about Jesus and myself as we walked through my son's cancer trial together? Some things I learned are no-brainers, but I want to discover more.

Bottom line is that God is faithful and that I am loved regardless of my size, appearance, accomplishments, or failures.