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I wish I liked to run.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I would love, to love to run. I see people jogging and running, and they look so happy. My sister in law and brother love to run. They are always signing up for races and marathons. They have made many great friends running.

I know all the health benefits of running. Iíve read great books about peopleís enjoyment of running; the wonder and freedom of running.

If I liked to run I could run anywhere, anytime; while on vacation or just a quick jog after dinner.

But I just hate it so much. The only part of running that I enjoy, is when itís all over and I know I donít have to do it again until tomorrow. I hate how I feel when I run, I hate the way I feel after I run.

Even as a child, when I was all skinny legs and long limbs and always outside playing, I hated to run. I hated sports that made me run, I hated PE classes that made me run, I hated playing games with friends that required running. I just hated to run.

Even my body rebels against running. Every time I run I end up hurting my knee. I tried using a foam roller to relax the muscle after a run and reduce the pain and damage; and it worked beautifully for months, but then it stopped working.

Then my sister in law suggested using a tennis ball along with the foam roller. But eventually, if I kept running my hip, my ankle, and heel would all start hurting as well. Iíd end up so crippled up, I canít exercise.

But I still wish that I enjoyed running. I hope that if I lose some weight it will take enough pressure off my knees enough that Iíll be able to run without pain, and if I can do that, then maybe, perhaps, I can learn to enjoy running.

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BEACHCALSIX 11/21/2014 12:56PM

    I still hate running and I "run" every day emoticon (please don't take it the wrong way. I'm in no way bragging) I am not a good runner at all. I mostly walk when I go "running" because I just don't like that feeling, the muscle burn, the pounding on the pavement, etc.
I started out just walking daily, that was good enough but eventually I wanted to try it. I managed to run about 10ish steps and that was it. I was done. :D
The heavier you are, the more pressure on your joints. You know the saying for every 1 pound of extra fat it puts 5 lbs more pressure on your joints. I used to have horrible knee pain after jogging. I can still remember it clearly, it would cause me to cry sometimes. but after a while it does get addicting. Like nutsnutsgetem said, that feeling afterward is what is addicting-not the actual running which is annoying. It's the same as a lot of other high intensity cardio exercises like kickboxing, tae bo, insanity, elliptical etc. Starting is the hardest part and sometimes getting through it is a pain,...but when those endorphins hit you feel like you can conquer the world. It's the runners high. For me I always feel this amazing happiness hit me and find myself smiling.
Anyways, you don't like running. In actuality no one really does like running. They like the feeling they get from it but the actual running is a chore that you just get used to and turn into a habit. If you really want to get into running, start out slow. Do walk/jog intervals, and when I say jog I say SLOW jog. Almost where you are walking but not really. It's hard to describe by typing but just ease into it. If you listen to music while exercising, take 5-10 seconds of a song to jog a bit. For me, I use markers. I'll pick a tree to start jogging from and walk again at the next tree etc.
Eventually as you do this, your body will get stronger and endurance will build. As you lose weight you become lighter and it's easier as well.
Sorry your knees bother you so much but like I said, ease into it really slowly and always monitor how your body is feeling. You don't have to be a runner, if you want to do marathons you can walk as well.
Hope you're having a good Friday, the weekend is here!!
You're doing emoticon
emoticon emoticon

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NUTSNUTSGETEM 11/20/2014 1:33PM

    So you hate to run? Will you do me a favor before you write if off completely? One time - just one time, sign up for a 5k. Train a bit. Walk a bit. But, just once, do it.

I always, always hated running. And, as a guy, growing up fat wit male boobs, I actually despised it because not only did I hate the act of running, I was tormented relentlessly. Running was an absolutely miserable experience for me.

But completing one race is all it took. Getting one time to compete against - my own. One race led to another to try to beat that time, and so on. Then a 5k turned in to a 4 miler, then a 6k, 5miler, 10k, 15k and half marathon and other distances in between.

It is still all about competing with myself. I was in Monterrey, California once and went out for a 3 mile run and was enjoying it so much that I ended up doing 10. There - I have told you every run that I have enjoyed.

But, your "being finished with the run." That I enjoy every single time. Whether it is a race or a training run. But, each allows me to try to do better than I did the last time.

It is a bit addicting.

You're Irish. Did you like your first Guinness? I hated mine. White Horse Pub in Headford, County Galway, June 18, 1983. But, I was in Ireland as an 18 year old and I was allowed to drink. So I had another a few days later. And another a few days later. After 6 weeks, I had acquired a taste. Now, maybe once a month, I love having a Guinness.

You can hate running and may always do so. But, do one 5k and see if you don't want to do one more.

(I used to get really bad knee pain. Mine was an IT Band issue. It runs up and down your leg, and if it is not stretched properly, it kind of pulls at your kneecap. There is an easy, lazy stretch for it. You sit in a chair, put one leg up with your ankle on your opposite knee, and then lean down toward the knee that's kind of in the air. And stretch if for maybe 15-20 seconds. Then switch. Since I started doing that about a year ago, I haven't had any issues - I am knocking wood.)

Good luck! I hope you will consider doing one to see if you get hooked.


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Simple and small

Monday, November 17, 2014

At my last weigh in, on 11-12-14 I was 193.

On my next weigh in, on 11-25-14, I want to have lost 3lbs.

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FLUTTERFLI 11/17/2014 3:27PM

    emoticon emoticon
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Plan B

Monday, November 17, 2014

Iíve been in survival mode for some time now. One of my routines thatís fallen by the wayside is going to the gym.

But this weekend I set my mind to getting back control of my life. I decided that on Saturday I would go to the gym and start working on getting myself back into some routine.

A little background, I go to a university gym. I didnít realize Saturday was a game day and the gym was closing early. So I arrived about 10 minutes before they were to close.

I was very frustrated. I had worked up this big head of steam, I had a game plan, and then the proverbial door was slammed in my face and I was sent home.

But as I was heading home, I realized that if I kept going straight, I would end up at a favorite hiking hill that I havenít been to since last spring.

Not only did I get in a really good hike up this challenging hill, but I also put in an extra hour of vigorous bike riding as well.

Score, Me!

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ARUNNINGKAT 11/17/2014 12:23PM

    Love it! Way to turn that disappointment around and come out even better than planned!

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JOLIEN99 11/17/2014 12:06PM


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The Much Ignored Killer

Friday, November 14, 2014

I just read an interesting article about a man who sued Nestle and is pushing the FDA to have stricter policies on food, after his mother died of supposed E.coli poisoning after eating raw cookie dough.

While his motherís death is a tragedy, and I donít wish to undermined his grief in any way. It got me to thinking about the real dangers we ignore every day.

While E.coli poisoning is terrible and should be avoided, itís also rare to die from E.coli poisoning. According to the CDC, about 73,000 people get sick from E.coli each year and only 60 die. Just to put that into perspective, roughly 92 people in the US will die today in car accidents.

On the other hand, according to the CDC, the top four most common deaths are:
1) Heart disease (596,577 deaths each year)
2) Cancer (576,691 deaths each year)
3) Chronic Lower Respiratory disease (142,943 deaths each year)
4) Stroke (128,932 deaths each year)

All of these top killers have ties to lifestyle choices and obesity. While not everyone whoís had a heart attack or gotten cancer, was overweight or unhealthy, there have been enough studies to show that having a healthy diet and a lot of physical activity actually reduces all these risk factors.

So why arenít we more concerned about the sugar in that cookie dough then we are about the E.coli?

To add to that, the most commonly purchased food items, according to the USDA, Refined Grains and Sugar/Candies.

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BEACHCALSIX 11/15/2014 11:39AM

    SO TRUE! No one thinks about this and it's one of the main causes. Have you seen "fed up" and "food,inc"? They are documentaries and educate a lot about these ingredients and effects on the human bodies.
Thanks for the info today. I struggle with sugar addiction and need constant reminders of how bad it is for me. Hoping some day I won't crave it anymore but if we just reduce our intake of sugar and increase our intake of fruits/veggies we will live a much longer life for sure!
Have a great week!, emoticon for the post

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ARUNNINGKAT 11/14/2014 6:00PM

    Very good point! Thanks for sharing!

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KNEEMAKER 11/14/2014 3:13PM

  Thanks for sharing. It is something to think about. emoticon

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Interesting Video

Friday, November 07, 2014

Interesting video on how weight loss advertisement photos can be faked with just posture and lighting.

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BEACHCALSIX 11/7/2014 6:56PM

    crazy, every weight loss pill does this. There was one ad on tv I saw and this models before picture was in a blue bikini. Stomach out. The after picture she was wearing a skin tight dress that was acting like a corset pulling everything in- give me a break! emoticon
emoticon for sharing, very interesting

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