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Modified Body for life

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Over 10 years ago I followed much of Bill Phillip's body for life program and had a lot of success. I recently repurchased the book and my fiance and I are using the body for life exercise plan. The eating plan is super hard for me and I am not aiming to make the extent of changes the plan shows. I want to get in better shape for my May 29, 2010 wedding. I think it is really cool that he is doing it with me. I just bought the book and he started reading it and was like "well, let's get started." The plan uses very specific ways to do aerobic exercise and lift weight so I will probably spend less time on cardio but it is supposed to be very effective. It would be a neat twist of fate if I had to have my dress taken in!


Rice cakes-yum!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A co-worker of mine recently told me about a web site with ideas for recipes using rice cakes. I have found a few favorites and thought I would share the site. It is I find the pizza one to be quick and tasty but the rice cake gets soggy from the sauce. I have not found a way to avoid this but it still tastes good.


Bootcamp Beginning

Saturday, January 03, 2009

This is my first bootcamp and I am looking forward to jump starting my weight loss for 2009. My start weight is 172 lb., taken on the morning of 1/3/09. I plan to remove at least 8 pounds during the bootcamp with a resulting weight of 164 or less. I have taken the plunge and had my daughter take a starting picture which I am posting here (very scary for me.) My goal weight is 150. I plan to reach that goal by the end of March.
Daily exercise, drinking plenty of water, and smart food choices make up the basic outline of how I plan to achieve my goal.


New Year's Resolution

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I actually don't like to make resolutions but I have set some goals for the new year. I will achieve my goal weight of 150 by the end of March. Reaching my goal weight is important for my health. I am trying to lower my blood pressure, reduce depression, and stay off my C-pap for sleep apnea. (I don't need the c-pap when I keep my weight down.) Reaching my goal weight is also important for my self esteem which took a blow last fall when my husband had an affair and filed for divorce. (I didn't see it coming.) I want to feel good about myself.
In order to reach my goal I need to drink sufficient water, make better food choices, and exercise. The support on this site has been helpful so far and I am looking forward to January challenges and the New You bootcamp.
Good luck to all on your goals and God Bless you all.


Nothing but honesty...

Monday, December 22, 2008

from my beloved daughter. It is hard for me to stick to healthy eating and daily exercise and my children have seen different efforts come and go. I am really tired of being overweight though. My doctor never fails to tell me that I should lose weight. Carbs are a big issue for me, it is like I am addicted to sweets. Also, I work nights (3pm - 3am) and that provides me with a big challenge. I usually do ok until late in my shift or when I get home. Then I have been known to consume more calories in the 30 minutes before I go to bed than I have all day. I need to find a way to control this.

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INNERPUPPIE 12/22/2008 11:27PM

    Well, you've listed all the reasons why you are going to fail. Can you think of some resons why you will NOT fail?

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