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Are Cravings Chasing You?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Just recently I downloaded Made to Crave- A 21 Day Devotional. Here is an excerpt from Day 4: "Are cravings a curse or a blessing? The answer to that depends on waht we're craving. And what we're craving will always depend on whatever we're consuming... wither the object of our desire or God and His truth." Chew on that for a while!


Three more days...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My last entry (at the beginningof February) has the same title. Here I am again. This time the three more days are becaue my husband will be leaving for a mission trip to Africa in three days. He is so excited. This will be his second trip out there. thsi time he'll be going with six other people from our church.
I'm excited because I intend to use this time to focus on ME and weight loss. I have been stuck at my current weight for an entire month---I feel forever stuck at 29 pounds lost. I want to make it to the 30 marker!! I'll have two weeks to accomplish this task. (That's when my husband returns.) I won't have to worry about preparing meals or eating out. I'll be in control.
I reflect on the fact that I have come a long way but there is still more to lose. I WAS MADE FOR MORE!


Only three more days...

Saturday, February 05, 2011

In just three days I will be turning 39! My life has been very good. The Lord has blessed with me with wonderful gifts and talents. I have a wonderful godly husband and a beautiful home. My mom lives with us in our basement. I just adore having her close by. I am also blessed-- oh, thank you, Jesus!- that I have been able to lose a little 25 pounds in the last six months. I am so happy about it. Of course, for my height and my weight, I still need to lose another 30-35 pounds! But I am simply, right now, setting a goal to lose another 6-8 pounds before the school year ends. Wow! How wonderful that would be! Losing weight has been a struggle for me for years. It has affected my personality and self-image and self-security. I've missed out on a lot because of my weight. My prayer is that 2011 will be a HUGE change in my ways for me and my husband.


Home from Kenya

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joe returned last night from his two week trip to Kenya and Uganda. I am so proud of him and his accomplishments. The separation was good for both of us. It is so good to have him again. I can't believe how excited, anxious I was to see him again. Just seeing him walk out of the terminal made me burst into tears! Oh, I love him. I really do!
My eating habits were very good while he was gone. I exercised only 5 days in the two week period. That is terrible. However, I did "move" a lot. Literally, I loaded and unloaded, packed and unpacked boxes and furniture the entire time Joe was gone! That counts as exercise. Doesn't it?! I lost 3 pounds in Joe's absence. Not bad!
Glad to have my hubby home where he belongs--- with me! emoticon


Not Feeling So Well

Sunday, August 29, 2010

emoticon I have come down with either a cold or a case of bad allergies. This definitely has affected my mindset on making wise choices about my exercise and what I eat. It all start Friday morning. I did get out and exercise but my energy level was zilch. All weekend I have walking about like the living dead. How do you stay motivated when your body truly needs a break?! I'm tired and what to just sit back and do NOTHING.