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Friday, February 26, 2010

So, yeah---as most of you know, my life on WW has changed greatly over the past two years---blah, blah, blah. Besides now being one a JULIE/JULIA type quest to see how many WW/ Hungry Girl creations I can come up with (did a mean French Onion soup last night---will post recipe on my FB profile later)--But now I become enraptured with other people's journeys!

I can remember when I was unhealthy and unmotivated---and if someone was kicking it in the healthy living department, I automatically tuned them out. Simple reason---if I wasn't living a positive or healthy life, I sure did not want to hear of other people's victories. Egos are funny that way--instead of hearing something and say---WOW! I am inspired by that, I would turn down the volume and say "I can do that---I just don't feel like it today."

So---flashback to 1992 in Chicago when I saw a screamingly funny one man show called "I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With" by a then unknown very portly gentleman named Jeff Garlin. In his side splitting tales---the ones that hit home the most were the ones about his absolute no-holds-barred obsession with food. He even used the rarely used term "Compulsive Eating Disorder". Again, I was about to fall out of my seat with joy (plus I had/still have a HUGE crush on this HUGE man---as I said in my FB status, he needs to leave his wife for me)--as he told stories of loving JELLO PUDDING POPS so much he would call the 1-800 number just to tell the person on the line how "delicious and chocolatey" they were. After all, Jeff did observe that the number said call if you had "questions or comments" and he figured his was a comment.

Another favorite tale (remember this was '92 and I still remember) was his first serious attempt to lose weight, and he took his boxes of POP TARTS and threw them away. He was then unable to fall asleep as he thought of his beloved POP TARTS sitting in the garbage---and he hated to admit that he dug them out of the trash---but alas "they were completely covered in foil so they were still clean and tasty"! To a person who only eats food to refuel and stay alive (and if you are one of these types you are probably not reading this blog), this sounds insane---but to those who truly LIVE TO EAT in lieu of EAT TO LIVE---well, let's just say we all have a little George Costanza digging-the-eclair-out-of-the-trash ("it was on top of a doiley") in us!

So---lately on the most recent CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASMs I thought my boy Jeff had been looking quite svelte. Well, in a perfect comedic combo, he was on Daily Show with Jon Stewart promoting his new book "My Footprints" all about conquering this obsession of food---my favorite moment was when Jon, reflecting on the days when he and Jeff spent many an hour sitting in diners in their early comedy days, told him he felt like such an enabler to Jeff's addiction. "There is nothing more than two Jews like more than to eat, and discuss eating" Stewart quipped! So true!

So, I cannot wait to get a copy of this book and am so happy that I can continue to relate to this genius---OK, I never dug pop tarts out of the trash---but I have some binging tales that could rival that! That's for another blog!


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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 2/27/2010 12:20AM

    Great blog!
emoticon emoticon

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SLENDERELLA61 2/26/2010 10:44PM

    Nikki, love this blog!! I don't know why I've never heard of Jeff Garlin, because he is definitely my kinda guy. Good for you for all your cooking and food inventing and experimenting. I'm gonna do something new soon, too. So easy to get in a rut.

Your comments about people not hearing the message is very profound. There are family members I would like to "help" or inspire, but they have to have their eyes and ears open and be ready. Perhaps it will come some day. Take care, Marsha

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POST surgery and milestone reflection! ENJOY

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello Gang---

Just blogging---for those who have asked---the surgery is done! YAY!

I do have some swelling that will hopefully subside---if not my surgeon may have to do a little draining (that is all I can say because---well, GROSS). Right now it looks like ARMAGEDDON on my abs!

But first, some waxing poetic--right before I checked into the hospital, I attended my annual convention in Memphis of crazy actors: we also audition, wait anxiously to see who shows further interest, schmooze over booze, and do some serious sucking up for work! For you civilians, I will refer to this as UPTAS---if any of my theatre folk are reading this---you know what I am talking about!

ANYHOO---my history of UPTAS---basically I have never missed a year in 16 years---and I have been seen at every imaginal size---some years at some of my all time top sizes. It was exactly two years after returning from UPTAS, that I reluctantly was pulled to my first WW MTG--first weigh in 208--not THE HEAVIEST I had been (that would be several times getting up to anywhere around 230--275---not like I was ever getting on a scale back then).

So---2 years later here we are---sometimes I say---GOD---shouldn't I have reached goal YET---but, say it with me "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE"--so here is the latest number--today the scale at home where I am recouping says 132.3---my goal weight is 125---SO CLOSE! Then---the fun part---MAINTENANCE!

Soooo---maintenance---you have heard all the reasons for why people gian in back---a lot of them I have experienced myself:

You got tired of your program, your eating plan, your workout plan, etc. (BEEN THERE MANY TIMES)

People got used to you looking good, so they stopped telling you, you got bored, gained it back (DITTO--tenfold!)

Thought I deserved some cheat days and I went back to the old way! (BINGO)

SOOOOO----I am always needing inspiration---ergo, I will blog so I can refer back to this when I feel like I am slipping.

1) UPTAS---I always say I love going---it is my favorite thing. Yes it is stressful but it also a blast---the first time last year I showed up in my size 10 and everyone was sooo amazing---I said "now I can't ever gain it back--or I would never be able to show my face here!"

2) This fun surgery---basically it was to repair an incisional hernia, brought on my a huge amount of gain after a previous surgery! OK---so thank God I have an insurance policy to cover 80% of this---AFTER I meet my deductible--but we had a hospital stay and 2-3 days of serious post op pain.

SOOOOO---was it worth it? All those days and nights of frozen pizzas, tequilla shots, apathy, (well, we were having fun AT THE TIME obviously)--not after this fun ordeal! So---if I ever feel like falling off the HEALTH WAGON---I can look down at thie lovely scar--and say BEEN THERE---DON'T WANNA DO THAT AGAIN!

OK---thanks for reading!
Time to stretch a little!


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OPHELIA105 2/18/2010 5:25PM

Loved your blog - glad to hear you are back in the game..

I am so close to maintenance and this bit:

People got used to you looking good, so they stopped telling you

is already happening

i'm worried I am already forgetting what it used to be like...

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OPHELIA105 2/18/2010 5:25PM

Loved your blog - glad to hear you are back in the game..

I am so close to maintenance and this bit:

People got used to you looking good, so they stopped telling you

is already happening

i'm worried I am already forgetting what it used to be like...

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Back in BIZ!

Monday, January 25, 2010

OKay---like most---I suffered from some POST HOLIDAY gain---It was less than a 5 pound gain----but even that was enough to make me push the panic button!

We hear it over and over again----O, it is just a few pounds! But I had to remember all the times in my life when that was how it started:

"a few pounds" here---or
"I'll get started again tomorrow" or
"it's the holidays/special occasion" or
"I have worked out a lot, I can eat a few more points" or
"I have come so far, I can give myself a break today" weight loss has been hovering in the lower 70's region (OOOO---so close to 75 pounds gone at one meeting!)---then when at one WW meeting, I had weighed at almsot back up to the 140's with my total loss reading 69 pounds gone---I knew that officially HOLIDAYS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!! And there was no way I could keep on this track....or a few pounds would turn into a few more etc etc etc!

So, as of today the new digital scale just read 132.5---bringing me back down to where I want to be---tomorrow is weigh in day (I know, you should not check the scale too much, but I like to get an idea where I am before I got to the meeings)!

Most importantly (and I have to get off the computer and GET IT DONE) is scheduling a work out----not matter what---even a 15 minute walk! And just like we had discussed last week----even though you may feel a bit out of breath, and your heart beat is up, and you may be sweaty and never say after a work out "I feel soo depressed and lack luster right now!"

As I also wrote in my status, I had to learn that I SOOOO easily get work out boredom TOO EASILY----and since I have been staying with my mother for awhile---I have discovered her EXCERCISE ON DEMAND TV CHANNEL----if anyone has this! USE IT---even the 10 MINUTE work outs will kick you in the booty!



BACK on track---regardless of holidays!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OK nothing to throw it all away for, but I have gone up about 3 pounds in the past 2 weeks. Now to some that may not seem like a lot, but I was soooo close to being at 75 gone, and now I am 3 more pounds away! And instead of being 8 pounds away from goal, I am now about 11!

I am glad however that I MADE myself weigh in and face that fact! And I am glad that I faced that fact the day before T GIVING, because it really encouraged me to NOT throw it all away just because it is a day of "indulgence". In fact, last night I cooked up 3 ww recipes for this holiday week....and if I do say so myself THEY ARE ALL DELICIOUS!

And I would be lying if I said that WOW I am sooo surprised that I gained these past 2 weeks, actually I am not. That is the great thing about WW, you really DO LEARN to take off blinders and know when you are not applying all that you learn! And yes, I still fall victim of H.A.L.T (are you HUNGRY or ANGRY LONELY AND TIRED)!

So Happiest of Holidays all....enjoy it! And take the time to look at the jillions of recipes on e-tools or in a cookbook, you really WILL not feel deprived....and as we have learned....if there is something you look forward to all year....EAT AND ENJOY IT!

PEACE, NIK emoticon emoticon

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JULIEQ2011 11/25/2009 1:59PM

    Good for you for being honest with yourself and acknowledging the reasons. You'll be that much stronger now and ready to tackle tomorrow's festivities. Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!

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IFFILAYO 11/25/2009 1:57PM

    Excellent! We all back-slide in different ways. The important thing is to learn to stop the skid and get back on track. You're applying this and it will serve you well.

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Lisa Lillien (a.k.a THE HUNGRY GIRL) rocks!I!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am always saying that if ANYONE has not tried the HUNGRY GIRL cook books---they really need to--especially the newest one---200 UNDER 200! And some of the things are sooo incredibly easy to make----perfect example---she gives many a lesson on FAUX FRYING---simply making various snacks and entrees by coating them in egg beaters and rolling them in ground up and spiced FIBER ONE cereal---yep, it sounds crazy, but you will LOVE IT! Made me some faux fried cheese sticks---AMAZING!

Not to mention the wealth of knowledge of various products!

So, there ya have it----if you have not discovered the HUNGRY GIRL! DO IT NOW!

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MYGEORGE 10/13/2009 7:03AM

    I have that book and it is amazing.

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BEDAZZALED34 10/13/2009 5:14AM

    Im going today, to go get the hungry girl books....

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