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A Great Weekend!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, I wanted to post on Saturday after the game, but we didn't get home until 9:00ish and I was tired. In the end, my DH wasn't feeling up to going, so I took the birthday boy with me. So, after not being with him last year, I got to spend the whole afternoon with him in the suite. We had a great time and a great game. Dodgers won!! Did get to see A-ROD play though. (FYI: dessert cart came. Got an oatmeal raisin cookie for the b-day boy. Had 2 little pieces of that & 2 bites of my son's banana, chocolate something cake. I had my WW bar later on to satisfy me.) Here's a picture of the birthday boy and me:

Yesterday, I ended up going to the gym to spin. My friend was subbing for the regular instructor, so I thought, "What the heck." Well, my friend didn't sub and the regular spin teacher was there. Oy vay!! 90 minutes later, I was soaking wet and pretty tired. Well worth it. Ran home, showered, and by 10:15, my DH, princess and I were on the road to Manhattan Beach to watch a bike race. We had a great afternoon. It was like having an only child again. We went out for lunch (Wahoo fish tacos), did a little shopping, and watched the race. Before we left, the princess wanted ice cream. She and daddy got yogurt and I went to Pete's for coffee. So good. Got home and instead of making dinner, we ordered Chinese food. Not the best thing to eat, but I did ok. Chicken with vegetables, chicken with mushrooms and some rice. For dessert, I had a jamba juice bar (1 point for a bar).

Today, I went to the gym and took a body sculpt class (upper body) and did 45 mins on the elliptical. A friend of mine showed me how to burn a lot of calories. Sweating? You betcha. Ran to Costco on the way home and bought lots of fruit: blackberries, blueberries, grapes, oranges. Love summer fruit. Took the princess to the park and threw her tennis balls, about 4 buckets worth. Came home, ate lunch, showered and watched some cooking shows with the princess. Now, I have to take my car in (my son is "patiently" waiting for me to finish this so we can go. He's so antsy!!). Getting an oil change and a roof rack put on. So, I'll be carless tomorrow. Gonna walk to WW. My daughter said, "Come on mom, let's walk. It's good exercise and you should do that before you weigh in." How cute is that. So, hopefully, we'll walk the 2 miles together. I'll let you all know.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Unitl then-

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MSEVERLAST 6/29/2010 6:57PM

    How cute that she wants to walk to WW with you! That is setting a great example!

Dodgers game looked like a great time! My husband and I consider Dodgers Stadium the happiest place on earth because that's where we were engaged!

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SWEETNSKINNY 6/28/2010 11:57PM

    Awesome on the workouts!!! And what a fun weekend. Glad you had such a great time! Have fun at WW and on your walk!

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DEESJOURNEY2FIT 6/28/2010 10:39PM

    It sounds like a crazy busy but wonderful weekend! I'm glad you all had such a nice time!! Way to go on avoiding that cart again!

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THIRDXACHARM 6/28/2010 9:07PM

    Sounds like you're doing amazing and great job on avoiding the dessert cart!

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    Sounds like a great time!! Those spinning classes do look brutal! You're doing great :D

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

15 years ago today, at 1:00am, my baby boy, Isaac was born. I have to admit, I thought the whole pregnancy I was having a girl (after 2 boys, I was excited to get the girl). Well, out came the baby and all I saw was NOTHING! yes, a girl I thought. Well, his penis was between his legs and out it popped. I was so disappointed. I didn't want to hold him (especially since I was so exhausted.). After 2 hours, I was taken to my room. The nurse brought me the baby and I started feeding him. I looked down at him and thought, "Hey, he's mine, he's healthy. Now, I'll just be the queen of the house!" And, I've loved him ever since (even at those times when I wanted to just wring his neck!). He's grwoing up to be a great young man.
After going to the gym this morning, I came home and made banana pancakes for the birthday boy. His choice. I made myself egg white & oatmeal pancakes. Now, I'm waiting to hear from my hubby if he's going to be up to going to the Yankee vs dodger game (in the suite, mind you). He's not feeling so great, so I have to see if I have to find another date. I'll let you all know later what happened.
On another note, today is the 1 year anniversary of when Pagona, Melissa and I hiked up Mt Whitney. What an amazing experience that was. We had a one day permit, so we had to get up and down in just one day. And, we did it. 17 1/2 hours later, we did it. It was so great, especially with the two amazing women that I got to climb it with. Went up with one friend and came back down with 2. Melissa and I met the day before. How crazy was that? Thanks Pagona for sharing that awesome experience with me. Wish we could do something like that again. Miss you!!

Pagona, Melissa and I on top of Mt. Whitney

Hope you all are having a great Saturday.

Until later-

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MSEVERLAST 6/27/2010 1:56AM

    Happy Birthday Isaac!!

What a great memory of climbing Mt Whitney! It must have been exhilarating!?!? Love the picture of you guys at the top - awesome!

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THIRDXACHARM 6/26/2010 8:48PM

    Sounds like a great day and great memories. And the suite sounds amazing. If I lived closer I'd love to be your date.

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    Aww - what a great story :) I love that pic of you guys! That would be so much fun to accomplish something like that & come back with a bond! Enjoy the game - I hope you get to go & have a great time

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Oy, what a day!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ok, so the day started off pretty good. Went to the gym and took a (shadow) boxing class. On the way home, my phone rings and it's my princess. "Hi Mommy. Can you bring home bagels for breakfast?" How can you say no to that? so, I did. Got on the computer for a bit, then took a shower. Ate some lunch with the kids. Then, my princess wanted me to take her to the tennis courts and throw her some balls. We called some friends to see if they could come, but no one was available. As I was sitting there, I realized I had to call my friend regarding an email I never saw. So, while I was on the phone with her, I asked what her princess was up to. In the end, mine went to play with hers. I had some time to myself. What did I do? Went shopping.
In the mall, looking for some summer dresses. A bit successful and having fun. Well, I noticed this email on my phone, so I checked it out. Not good. Our PTA end of the year party was being cancelled tonight due to terrible news. Here it is guys, the Oy, what a day: One of our teacher's son was shot and killed by a plainsclothes cop. We don't have all the details and who knows if we ever will. He was 18 years old, just graduated high school (same as mine!). Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I feel so horrible for this mother. This was her one and only child. Her life. She's not married. How awful.
Sorry to be such a downer, but it just made me so sad. You have to love your family each day b/c you never know how short life will be.
I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day and more enjoyable things to post.

So, now, I want you to go hug your mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend.

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MSEVERLAST 6/27/2010 1:46AM

    That is just yucky, yucky, yucky...

My thoughts and prayers for that mom, her family, and all the lives this touches.


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    That is so sad - prayers going out to her... and so true - cherish those you love while you can.

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THIRDXACHARM 6/26/2010 1:17PM

    Gosh, what a shock. That's so sad. There's really nothing more to say except it's just tragic.

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CANDYHEART 6/26/2010 10:24AM

    This is what I was telling my neighbor just last night---you need to appreciate your family and friends now because you just never know how long we have!

This was brought about when I found out that a teacher I worked with when I first began teaching--got the news she has pancreatic cancer. This type of cancer always touches my heart as this is the cancer my brother had and died from.

Anyway, thanks for the reminder not to take life for granted it's a gift and should be cherished. Love ya--you and your friend are in my prayers.

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LIZZIECA55 6/26/2010 10:03AM

    How sad. My prayers go out to her.

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PAGONA 6/26/2010 12:38AM

    WOW, I'm so sorry, don't know what to say, live for today because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Good or Bad,

I'm so sorry,

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CATEECHER 6/26/2010 12:12AM

    So very sad. Sorry to hear the horrible news.

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SWEETNSKINNY 6/25/2010 11:43PM

    Oh wow. Thats so terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that awful news. Definitely prayers for her

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 6/25/2010 11:39PM

    Oh my goodness!! Prayers for her!!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

20 years ago today, at 3:59pm, I gave birth to my first born son, Elie. And since then, he has been a wonderful son: growing up to be an amazing man. He was a pain in the a$$ at times, but always tried to make me laugh. As his siblings say, "he is my favorite", I can't agree. He is my favorite first born. With 4 kids, you can't have a favorite. I love them all in their own special way.

I started my day with 60 mins on the elliptical, burning over 400 calories. Felt good. Got home from the gym and did some glutes and abs. After showering (and sitting at the computer way too long), I took my princess to the park and practiced tennis with her. Ok, I threw the balls and she hit them. Came home, had lunch and then, don't get jealous ladies, went to get a mammogram. Oh, just love those, NOT!! It's not too bad, but not the most pleasant thing. At least the technican was really nice and talked to me the whole time about vacation, anniversary presents, etc. After the appointment, came home for a bit and then took the princess to her tennis lesson. Ran home after the lesson and went out to eat for the big boys birthday: SUSHI! Yummy. Love that stuff. Didn't over do it at all. Came home and had my weight watcher ice cream latte bar for dessert.

All in all, it was a great day. Hope everyone had a good one, too.

Until next time-

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    Wow - great job on the eliptical! And happy birthday to your son :)

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MSEVERLAST 6/25/2010 12:32AM

    Is Elie the USC student? Are you the proud mama or what?!?!

I hope his birthday was great!!

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THIRDXACHARM 6/24/2010 8:40PM

    Oh yeah, your son and my hubby have the same birthday. Sounds like you had a great day. Yum ... sushi and ice cream; two of my favorite things!

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LADYJANE30 6/24/2010 7:20PM

    Sounds like you had a Great day and Happy Birthday to your first born....where does the time go.

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LIZZIECA55 6/24/2010 12:31PM

    Sounds like you had an active and fun day. I have a son (only child) that I'm very proud of. Happy birthday to your "first born."

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CANDYHEART 6/24/2010 11:36AM

    Glad you got to enjoy! And get in your workouts!

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SWEETNSKINNY 6/23/2010 11:51PM

    What a fun day! Great job on the workout today too. Happy birthday to your favorite first born :)

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It's Been A Long Time

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ok, so the last time I blogged was on June 6th. It has been so busy, but, now that school is over and no more carpooling, homework, or stomach aches, I'm ready to continue my blogging.

Today was my weigh in day. Not the greatest, up .2 which isn't so bad considering I haven't been very good on the eating. I'm ready to give this my all and loose this weight once and for all. I'm tired of being 11 lbs. up since a year ago. That just sucks and I'm going to do something about it. I started tracking my food and staying within my points. This morning, I woke up and exercised before I went to WW. I was planning on running 3 miles, but once the 3 mile mark came, I said, "Oh, go a little more." Then, I was closer to 4 miles and I just said, "Ok, just run a full 50 minutes and walk the rest." And, that's exactly what I did. I ran 50 miles (which was a little over 4 miles, I did 10:56 min. miles) and walked 10 mins. I felt so great after that. A big accomplishment considering I hate running, especially on the treadmill.

I'm hoping the rest of the week just follows suit. Hope everyone is having a good week, too.

Until then-

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    .02? No problem! Great job on pushing youself farther!!

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LIZZIECA55 6/23/2010 12:22PM

    Good job!!

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MSEVERLAST 6/23/2010 12:31AM

    PS I cannot find those WW Velvet Mini bar things anywhere!

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MSEVERLAST 6/23/2010 12:31AM

    I have heard to just commit to ten minutes then once you are on you do exactly that -

"Oh, go a little more."

Then before you know it you are at 30 minutes and if you have the time then why not do an hour!

Excellent job!!

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SWEETNSKINNY 6/22/2010 11:18PM

    Great job on your run today! Keep it up and those pounds will run right off you!

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THIRDXACHARM 6/22/2010 10:56PM

    I've missed your blogs. Great job on the run this morning. It does feel great, doesn't it. Hope we can get together again sometime in the future.
P.S. I'm glad no more tummy aches. Funny how summer vacation is a cure all, huh? :-)

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