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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tomorrow (less than an hour away) is my birthday, and I am fighting a pity party. I won't get any presents...but that is normal anymore, and I don't really want presents per se. What I want is to be with the people I love and who love me, and have them remember and want to do something for my birthday.

My mom...well, she lives many states away, and she has Alzheimer's, so she won't even remember anymore. My kids are away at college and busy. I am hoping for a phone call or two, but I know better than to count on them.

I do have a potluck lunch on my calendar. I think I will bake a birthday cake for myself. This way I am keeping busy, enjoying the baking, and doing something nice for others. I'll get to have one piece, and hopefully all the rest will get eaten so I won't be tempted to eat more. And hopefully I will be able to stop thinking about how sorry I feel for myself. :-(

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NYARAMULA 9/26/2012 1:20AM


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BEAUTIFUL_REINA 9/26/2012 12:26AM

    Last year, I spent my birthday alone. My teens are living at home, and I asked them that morning, Do you want to spend the day with me? But they didn't. So I went to Starbucks and got myself a latte, and spent about an hour reading magazines and looking at books. Then I went browsing through the mall. I tried on several outfits and hats and stuff. I got myself a pair of cheap earrings that I liked. I drove to Pets Park and took a nice long walk and looked at the beautiful fall leaves and enjoyed the crisp air (my birthday is October the 21st). I spent the day alone but I wasn't lonely. I guess there comes a time when you have to make your own birthday happy =)

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An embarrassing non-scale victory

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today I wanted to look nice for church, so I decided to grab a skirt from the closet. I should add that I almost never wear a skirt. Usually I wear nice pants and a dressy top for church. This was a skirt I had bought some years ago and probably worn less than a dozen times total.

I forgot that, even though it was my size when I bought it, this particular brand must be sized large. Even back then, it wasn't tight, maybe even a bit loose. Well, now it is HUGE on me. And I was in a rush and honestly didn't really notice how loose it was. I knew it was big on me, but thought it wouldn't be a big deal.

Ahem - once I started walking in it, I realized I was going to have to hold onto the waistband or it would be around my ankles if I wasn't careful! I must have looked rather strange holding on to my waist as I walked along. I was SO embarrassed. And then my son accidentally stepped on the hem! Ouch!

Now I plan to put new elastic in the waist, but I have learned my lesson. :-)

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CLOVER2 9/24/2012 12:05AM


These kinds of embarrassing moments are always the kind that we don't mind!
Great for you! You go girl!

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CHERYLANN65 9/23/2012 11:50PM

    Great work on the weight loss...feels good when clothes are too big....except when you are in public and they want to fall down... lol emoticon

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LALMEIDA 9/23/2012 11:45PM

  emoticon on the weight loss.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another doctor's appointment, so another accurate weight. And I was sort of pleased to know that I am maintaining. Not what I really wanted, since I would like to be losing, but I refuse to call it a plateau...just maintaining at a slightly higher weight than I would like. I'll get there.


More sprinkler

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I have to chuckle. After all the trouble I went to with my sprinkler system, and finally getting it fixed yesterday, I was most dismayed this morning when I went outside and discovered that my expensive sprinkler system had not gone on in the middle of the night as it was supposed to. In fact, I was mad.

But, when I looked at the controls, I discovered that they guy who had fixed everything had failed to tell the system that it was supposed to go on at 3 A.M. Thursday morning. So it didn't go on. I growled a little bit, then set it up to go on Friday instead of Thursday.

So what happened this afternoon? It rained. And rained. Quite a lot, actually. And now at 10:30 P.M. it is raining more and more. So, if it works properly, the rain sensor will sense rain, and the system won't go on at all. And because of the repairman's mistake, I will end up saving money on my water bill. :-)

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NORWOODGIRL 9/13/2012 11:54PM

    Hahaha! Love when that happens. emoticon

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Sprinkler System...sigh

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some time ago, I wanted to help out my nephew, who was a struggling contractor. I asked him to put in a sprinkler system, since I had a little money to spend on home improvement. And, here in south Texas, yes, if one wants one's house to not collapse in on itself, one must water said house. More specifically, one must water the foundation of one's house unless a miracle occurs and it rains quite a lot. It really never does. I mean, it might rain hard for a day here or there...but never, and I do mean never, regularly and consistently all summer long. So, you have to water your house.

Now watering the house just isn't something I was ever willing to go out there and do consistently. And did I mention that we are almost always living under water restrictions, which means we can only use sprinklers on certain days and at certain hours? So, as I say, when I had a little money, I decided to get a sprinkler system.

I can't list all the problems and issues there were with my nephew and his 'crew,' most of whom were unreliable at best, and in general all did shoddy work. In the end, I didn't pay him the amount we had agreed on, because the system wasn't finished up to city code. Over and over he promised he would get it up to code, because he had this licensed plumber working for him. Well, the licensed plumber didn't come through...over and over.

Eventually, I got a different company to come and finish the the tune of about another $1000 on top of what I had already paid. But even then it only worked as it was supposed to for a short time.

This summer it stopped working totally. I got some repair people out, and they found a whole bunch of things wrong, most of which were a result of shoddy workmanship and materials when the system was installed. $675 later, the system is finally set up and working properly. Sigh. But it is worth it to me to keep the foundation from needing a $15,000 repair.

And since this is after all south Texas, I am guaranteed to be using it for at least two more months before it gets cool enough to turn it off.


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