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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I had such a wonderful time at my recent trip to California for a wedding/vacation/family reunion. The weather was just wonderful in Monterey - pleasantly warm during the days, cool at night. What a break from the Texas weather of day after day over 100 degrees!

The wedding was just lovely, and so very well planned. Not one detail was anything other than perfect. The food was great - although there was too much of it. Also, I drank more wine at this one event than I usually would drink in an entire year. Which is to say that I normally don't drink much at all. I even got dragged into the dancing. I hate making a fool of myself, but in this case, I figured, why not? It was so much fun!

Then came the family reunion. I got to spend time with relatives I had never met before, one of whom told me several...shall we stories. There was the relative who got mad at someone for taking his girlfriend away and bit off his ear. It cost his father a good bit, my cousin said. I would imagine so!

I also got to meet many of the younger generation of my relatives. Everyone was so much fun to be around, and all so nice. I would imagine if we had spent more time together, I would have seen less pleasant personality characteristics, but on this occasion I did not. Even my sister and I got along very well. We normally do get along, but in this case we were sharing a hotel room, and sometimes tensions mount in such a situation. But not this time.

One of the best parts was some very hotly contested games of Hearts. Lots of fun. So it was all great, but I definitely did eat too much. I don't even regret it. I am back to normal now, but very refreshed and looking forward to the rest of the summer.


Am I Out of Shape, or What?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So yesterday I was at the airport, ditzing around, thinking I had plenty of time to get to the gate, when I heard an announcement that it was the very last call for the Las Vegas flight...and I saw the flight number they called on my boarding pass. I still had a very long way to my gate. I took off running in a panic.

However, not even panic could give me any real ability to run. I couldn't keep running for very long, not even if it meant missing my flight. So I tried to walk fast, gasping and panting. I finally made it to the gate and gasped out, "Am I too late?"

The kind lady informed me that I must have misheard the flight number, and I still had plenty of time. I just about collapsed. I think the poor lady thought I was going to burst into tears. Instead I thanked her and staggered to a chair. My mouth was so dry I couldn't stand it and managed to get to the concession and pay $3.0o (!) for a small Diet Coke - a small treat for me, because I almost never drink even diet drinks anymore.

Then, once I stopped panting, the coughing started. I coughed so hard and so much that I was afraid I would engender lots of hate from my fellow passengers. However, that too stopped shortly after we were in the air. My lungs were clearly protesting the unaccustomed exertion. Then I had to take pain meds, which I also almost never do, because the arthritis pain from the pounding on my hip was so bad.

Well, I do try to exercise, but it is always walking because the arthritis pain precludes running...but the whole thing surely brought home how very badly out of shape I am. :-(


Peaches, peaches, peaches...

Thursday, June 07, 2012

OK, usually my peach trees, which I overwhelm with total neglect, do produce peaches...but usually every single peach has one or more nasty little white worms, and usually most of the peaches have bad spots, etc. And even then I have too many, and I spend more hours than I like to think about peeling, cutting out bad spots, slicing, etc. I usually make at least one batch of jam, and freeze most of the rest. Some get eaten, mostly by me, since two of my three kids don't care much for peaches, and the third doesn't eat too many.

This spring, probably because we had a good bit of rain, which is most unusual for this area, I had a bumper crop of peaches. They are smaller than usual, but sweet. I have spent days and days and days peeling, slicing, etc., when I could make the time. Now I am totally overwhelmed. I haven't yet made any jam, nor even frozen any. I have just eaten peach after peach. After peach. And almost none of them have worms. A very good crop. A bumper crop.

So far I have given away 73 (yes, I am keeping track), and peeled, sliced, and eaten over 200. And quite a few hundreds left to deal with.

They are delicious, but I have to say that one can have too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to eating them. I am almost to the point of saying that I never want to see another peach!

On the bright side, I am getting well over my five servings a day of fruits. :-)

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    Peaches are my favorite! The ones at my Farmers market are not quite sweet enough yet. I am waiting in anticipation. Enjoy your crop, lucky you.

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TKTMTA 6/7/2012 6:38PM


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A Better Day

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today I got to spend time with some really fantastic people whom I am proud to call my friends. Somehow spending time with friends, listening to their struggles and telling them about mine, really brightens my life, even if our respective situations are quite unpleasant.

So, even though I had to drive from York, PA to Kensington, MD, to drop off my son at a friend's house, and then turn right around and drive back north to southern Jersey, I didn't mine. Seeing friends is worth any amount of trouble.

Unforrunately, my healthy eating is kind of on the back burner. It is tough to eat lots of veggies while travelling and eating most of one's meals in restaurants.

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ANHELIC 5/24/2012 11:30PM

    Spending time with friends is really important in our journey. You deserve it and it's worth the time.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When I was in graduate school many years ago, one of my fellow grad students used to refer to life as 'this sadness.' I never really thought of life as a 'sadness' then, nor later. I have always found life to be generally full of blessings and I try to cultivate gratitude.

But right now, life is truly seeming to me like a sadness. It should be a happy time. I am away from home in the DC area, with two of my kids, to attend my sister's wedding. But the trip has been nothing but sad. I have been told that I am not welcome in my mother's house. Not by her, but by her caretaker. She thinks that I cause my mother to be anxious, to not sleep well, to be unhappy, etc. Now, my mother has Alzheimer's disease and is elderly. But she certainly acts very happy to see me. We spent the last night we are ever going to spend in her house last night, when said caregiver was away. I asked her how she had slept and she said very well. She looked and acted as well as ever.

But the caregiver rules. I understand that. She is able to take care of my mother, and my mother, though her disease isn't terribly far advanced, has to have a caregiver. I am not able to care for her. I live very far away. So, the caregiver gets what she wants. I do understand. It just breaks my heart, because it means that this wedding will be the last time I see my mother in this life. I can't afford, financially or emotionally, to fly across the country to stay in a motel and see my mother for an hour at a time.

What is even worse is that my sister and I had major words over the whole situation, and that made her even more stressed than the wedding itself made her. I have apologized, but the damage is done. She probably thinks I have ruined her wedding - and it has definitely been spoiled for me. That doesn't really matter - my feeling about her wedding is unimportant. But it does matter if she is miserable at her wedding. The whole ugly situation is very sad.

Then today, I visited a dear friend, the mother of one of my high school friends. She and her husband were like an aunt and uncle. They were always, always so good to me - and still are. But he has dementia, far worse than my mother's. And he has physical issues also. He can barely walk with a walker and he falls easily. His wife has taken care of him by herself for years, and she has realized that she simply cannot do it anymore. While we were visiting, he did fall, and she couldn't have gotten him back up without my son's help. She is doing the right thing - but it is SO hard and SO sad. My heart breaks for her, and for him.

Meanwhile, my daughter stayed behind with her father so she can attend her baccalaureate mass. I don't blame her for making that choice, but I miss her, and she is having a tough time. So I am sad for her and for myself.

Sadness is and should be a part of life. But I have been hit with an especially big dose of it right now, and I am struggling.

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EVIE4NOW 5/23/2012 11:19PM

  My heart goes out to you. Hoping your situation passes quickly. Good luck to you.

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KNITTINGNAN 5/23/2012 11:19PM

  It seems the older I get, the more I realize how unfair life is. I worked in a nursing home on an Alzheimers' unit for 20 years, and strongly question the authority of your Mother's caregiver to make decisions for your Mom. Who is your Mother's power of attorney for health and finances? The caregiver is merely there to fulfill your Mother's physical needs, keeping her safe and healthy, for which she receives a paycheck no doubt. Even if your Mom gets nervous and doesn't sleep well when you visit is no reason to prevent you from doing so. You are her daughter and have every right to visit your own Mother. People who have Alzheimers disease are easily flustered by any change in environment or routine, often agitated if they think they should know people, but can't remember why. It sounds like you had a very stressful experience, which you didn't deserve. I'm sorry for you.

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LINDYLOO49 5/23/2012 11:02PM

  No! Life is a gift and every day brings a smile if you look for it. Much to be grateful for.

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