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At last.....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I have finally "released" two pounds, for a total of 9 lbs since 6/2. I think that is pretty awesome.

This week was a great one, and this weekend, I think the exercise button finally clicked, and I've been moving moving moving!

I love the SparkTeams I have joined, they are a great source of motivation & fun. The Shutterbugs have helped me thinking about photography again. I has been "thinking" that the "world around me" was boring since we don't get to Disney on a weekly basis, like we had in the past, but the weekly assignments have opened my eyes again! There are things to photograph besides dogs, cats & guinea pigs!

The 300+ team is great too. This past week our challenge was to keep our sodium intake within our allowed range... that is NOT as easy as you think when you are using any kind of processed food - HIGH SODIUM lurks in places I would have not suspected...that was one thing on the nutrition label I did pay too close attention to, as I don't use much salt when I prepare food...... guess what I watch it closely now!

The 100+ First Step Club has got me moving this week. It took a few days, but by weeks end, I think I've got some momentum and excitement about moving anyway I can!

The folks on all of these teams have been so welcoming....

I'm looking forward to an awesome week full of SPARKS.... appropriate for 4th of July holiday!!! No big family picnic for us...

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SUSIE531 6/29/2008 11:42AM

    Hi Martha, you are doing great, 9lbs liberated already.You should be proud of yourself.Think exercise is the key, I know I don't move as much as I should.
we'll do this together,all help each other.
well done again

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Disappointed, but not discouraged

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For the second week in a row, I stepped on the scale looking for a little reward for the great week I had just had.... eating well, mixing up my fruits and veggies, drinking my water, and journaling, and what did I see.... nothing - no change at all (I weigh on a non digital scale, so I won't see anything less than 1 full pound.....).

I know I need to add in some more movement, and this is my goal for this week. I will be doing WATP at least 5 of the 7 days - which means, starting today, I have to do it each day! Yesterday I did get in some good old fashioned activity playing in the pool with my daughter, but I know that's not enough.

I sure hope that my body soon decides that it does not need to hold onto these pounds that I so want to shed!


Quiet Saturday Morning

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tara was at sleepover last night, and I had the nice quiet (well as quiet as our "zoo" can be... right now the only noise is the baby (1 week old today) guinea pigs squeaking!) evening to myself. I was proud of myself and did not indulge in food that I should not have. I had my dinner (Taco Bell mistakenly gave me regular and not Fresco tacos, but I had the calories so it was not the end of "the world") I watched a couple of recorded movies, and got a good nights sleep.

Today grocery shopping is on the agenda. I need to buy the healthiest food on a budget! That is not always easy! It's become a quest of mine to see what I can save at the market and still save money!

I'm going to try a yummy Chicken & Fruit Salad I found in the recipe section. It sounds cool and refreshing for this hot weekend day!

I'm hoping Tara and I will spend some fun time in the pool, and this evening I plan on taking a walk!


The Damage done...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

was not as bad as it could have been. I had been following the WW program at home for a few months (Oct-Feb), having lost 25 lbs. Right before I turned 50 in February, life started to get out of control, and I lost all focus on myself. It has taken me 4 months to stop the spinning, and get my focus back.

Out of the blue yesterday morning, I decided I was not going to pay WW to use their online journal (the only way I will faithfully journal) and that I would use Sparkpeople. I really loved the journal, and felt I needed to do something different, rather than the points.

At that point yesterday, I had not braved stepping back on the scale... it has been since 2/9/08 that I last weighed myself, and although I did gain back 15 lbs, I stopped myself before I gained back all 25, or even more!

I feel great today - being back in control. I have journaled every bite, and drank 8 glasses of water (something I had not been doing). I have also had a good variety of fruits and veggies... they were something else I neglected from time to time!

I will be adding in some exercise here in the next day or so once my daughter is out of school (tomorrow), I plan on incorporating an evening walk into the schedule for us both..... just us - no dogs, so we can concentrate on the walking and each other.