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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Two more of our brave soldiers killed in Afghanistan.....
Fires rage through Los Angleles.....
Nine year old girl found strangled.....
The only bright spot was Jaycee Dugan discovered after years of abuse though what that poor woman's been through is anybodys guess.....
And exactly seventy years ago today Hitlers troops invaded Poland, the start of WW2.....
This was the news this morning at 6am!
I'd woken early, crept downstairs without disturbing DH with every intention of making a drink.
I don't know what made me switch the radio on but that's what I listened to.

As I stood in the kitchen looking out on to the beautiful golden glow of the sunrise and listening to the birds singing it made me realise just how lucky I am.

I went outside to sit on my favourite seat beside our pond.
The koi were gliding around like miniature submarines, a robin was singing it's little heart out in the cherry tree and the sun was spreading it's wonderful glow across the morning sky.
It was so made me cry!

Now I'm not a cryey person, never have been, but I thought of all the turmoil, sadness and worry in this beautiful world of ours...mostly manmade... and all the blessings I have.

I've had my share of illness and sadness but life at the moment is good...very good.
I and my family are healthy, happy and secure.
We live a good life, not rich wealth wise but rich in every other, happiness, faith, family, friendship and more!
My heart goes out to all the people who carry such heavy burdens of loss and sadness and I give thanks for the great and wonderful gifts I have in my life.

For me, at least, as Louis Armstrong once sang...'It's a wonderful world...' emoticon

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MOM2ACAT 9/1/2009 3:27PM

    emoticon Sometimes with all the depressing news in the world, it's easy to forget that life is good.

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MARILYN1260 9/1/2009 11:58AM

    How wonderful, Martha-Ann. You put it all in perspective and made my day a little brighter.
Hugs, Marilyn

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KAT573 9/1/2009 9:38AM

    OH Martha-Ann! this is a wonderful sharing from a wondermost lady! THANKyou for this. It is so simple, so pure and so powerful! You are truly a cherished conduit for God! I can just hear Him saying, "IF only all my Children would see what she sees, how she sees it, and how often she does........." I am so blessed to know YOU!

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SILVERWITCH59 9/1/2009 8:49AM

    I always feel so blessed as well. Have a great day my friend emoticon

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after the ball is over.....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday's weigh-in was better than I thought it would be, only a two pound gain....I say 'only' because I was really expecting it to be more.
I've altered my ticker accordingly.

We've had company and over the last week or so my eating sensibly gradually deteriorated.
Common sense went out the window and in came gay abandon!!
I suppose looking back I've done a lot of walking and I kept up with my exercises too so I wasn't all bad.
Anyway they've now left and arrived safely back home so I can take myself in hand again and I did enjoy having them.

I've been contemplating a Tae Bo workout after a friend recommended it.
I hadn't even heard of it so I 'googled' it and I can't decide if it's for me or not so I've been doing Coach Nicole's ten minute cardio jumpstart for the last couple of days.
It seemed a long ten minutes but I persevered and now I'm quite enjoying it.
Together with my five miles a day walking it should get my heart rate up.

I'm back on track and raring to go! emoticon

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MARTHA-ANN 8/26/2009 8:37AM

    Thankyou Kat, it sounds so sensible when you write it like that, as if I'd made a conscious decision...which I hadn't!
I'm a great believer in the old adage...'all work & no play makes Jack a dull boy' though the second part 'all play & no work makes Jack a mere toy' is apt too.
I suppose the trick is to get the balance right so I'm just going to be me! emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/26/2009 8:38:07 AM

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KAT573 8/26/2009 7:24AM

    Good Morning my sweet friend! I know whereof you speak! I too, have taken myself to hand and I am glad I have two so I would be able to ......ROFL!

Seriously tho, I do believe that you have exactly the right approach! Celebrate your company, and enjoy them. Settle back into the overall daily Lifestyle after. I am proud of you!
Kat emoticon emoticon

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MARTHA-ANN 8/26/2009 3:04AM

    I might yet give it a go...

I try to walk every day, rain or shine but I have an arthritic knee & ankle so there are odd times it just won't let me....I can't get my hiking boots on! LOL
I have invested in some adjustable walking/hiking sandals which will be fine as long as it's not knee deep in snow!
If my flare-up is too bad i just walk/march barefoot indoors as much as I can. emoticon

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SING4YOU57 8/25/2009 7:57PM

    Taebo is a blast. Really gets the blood pumping.

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LILSUNFLOWER 8/25/2009 7:30PM

    You walk 5 miles a day! Fantastic.
Thanks for adding me as a friend. It will be nice getting to know you better.
Lil emoticon emoticon

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tomorrow is another day....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well, the company's left and arrived back home safely.
I've done the laundry, cleaned the house and done a bit of gardening, shopped for groceries, visited a sick friend, visited my mother-in-law and walked my five miles both yesterday & today.

Oh yes... and I've eaten chocolate!!!
Not just a small piece...oh no couldn't just be a small piece could it?
No chance!!
A whole bar of galaxy....a BIG bar of galaxy!!
And you know what?
It was other description fits it.
It WAS gorgeous!!!

Of course the feeling, now I've eaten it, is anything but gorgeous.
I'm an idiot!
No, let's get this right...I'm a BIG idiot!!

Still, it's over and done with now, out of my system, the craving's gone, I'm back on track.
I had a good day otherwise, used all my calories, drank my water, exercised....
so, as Scarlett O'Hara said in 'gone with the wind'....
'tomorrow is another day!'....

and I'm going to use it wisely! emoticon

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MARTHA-ANN 8/26/2009 8:42AM

    Oh! don't Kat...LOL
We can now buy Reeces peanut butter cups over here and I love 'em!!
You've got my mouth watering now, good job they don't sell 'em in the village.
I'll have to wait until I go into town on Saturday and hopefully I'll have forgotten about 'em by then!! emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/26/2009 8:43:41 AM

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KAT573 8/26/2009 7:28AM

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I had me a BIG reeses candy bar the other night and enjoyed thoroughly and could have done so more thoughtfully, since it is gonna be another long time before I decide I want to have a candybar.

Depriving myself is not realistic over the long haul, but having a 'treat' as a treat and not as an everyday part of my diet, is. So I do allow for these.

I am GLAD you are here, and I am GLAD for what you share!
xxoo emoticon

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MARTHA-ANN 8/23/2009 4:37AM

    thanks everyone for the lovely comments, the chocolate was only there because it got left wasn't even mine LOL
I'm back on track and feeding from YOUR inspiration...thankyou emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/23/2009 4:37:28 AM

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NIGHTSTAR777 8/22/2009 10:03PM

    Do not say that "I'm a BIG idiot!!' about my good friend! If my friend is ' a BIG idiot!!' then who am I? No, i am not idiot. And I am really happy. Today I ate big, really big bowl of ice-crime. Very sweet, really too sweet. LOL, I wish I did not ate it, but I just could not stop.
Well , tomorrow is another day. I will go out and will not take any bad food. Promise.

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HOPE2BE 8/22/2009 9:43PM

    You know what I cleaned my apt. because they said they were having inspection. I cleaned all my dishes and swept the floor and mopped the floor and vacummed and put all the papers away and things that were in the wrong place I put away in the right place and threw out garbage and exercised and ate my meals and tried to stay within the boundaries. However I know I slip and fall and yet people like you are an inspiration to keep me on track. So thats what we are here to do is keep you on track. You just slipped and now you can get back on. Thats the most wonderful feeling to know you didn't slip again.

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SILVERWITCH59 8/22/2009 8:40PM

    emoticonyou know what sometimes you just have too. Love ya emoticon

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CWYNN01 8/22/2009 6:39PM

    I wish I could say I felt that way. I have eaten bad the past 2 days & feel sooo BLAHHHHHHH.. I just have been having a crazy week & want to go somewhere & just cry.

I am glad you are back on track. Hang in there.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

We've got company for a while, it's lovely to see them and we're having a great time.
We've been busy visiting places they haven't been for a while and looking in on relatives too.
It's lovely going back to childhood haunts with all their remembrances.

We've been doing quite a bit of walking which is great BUT also quite a bit of eating out!! LOL
I've tried to make healthy choices and I don't think I'm doing too badly but there has been the odd moment when I've eaten unwisely...and enjoyed it too!!!'s quite hard when you get invited to dine with folks at their home for a sit down meal, nothing to choose from, but I've tried to keep my portions good and hopefully the walking will compensate for the small indulgences I've had.

view over the town from Olivers Mount

all family christenings happened here

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GOLDFISHLIZ 8/22/2009 4:47PM

    Love your pics of Scarborough - I was born in Yorkshire, and worked in N Yorks for 3 years - MANY years ago! I loved Whitby, not just for the fish and chips (sighs at happy memories lol) but for its history and charm.

Happy that you are well - enjoy your weekend!

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NIGHTSTAR777 8/17/2009 7:53AM

    Love your post and I always love your photos.

To be with family is so great if you love your memory. The church is nice. It is so good to have memory where you was born, where you come from.
Happy for you.

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CONNIE1-11 8/16/2009 4:08AM

  sounds like you had a fun time....try sharing with someone when you go out to works grrrreat ! (plus its half the cost ) emoticon

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the jolly farmer....

Monday, August 10, 2009

What is it about our English weather that makes us want to talk about it so much?
A foreigners view of the quintessential English person seems to be drinking tea and talking about the weather....we don' we?

Well... for a start I don't drink tea, never have, can't even bring myself to try the stuff now, don't even like the smell.
I have a little teapot in case we have guests who want tea but it's not used very often as most seem to drink coffee now...I don't drink coffee either!
I'm well aware a lot of people love tea and drink it non-stop so can understand why we are thought of as a nation of tea-lovers and everyone has something they don't like, mine just happens to be tea.

So that's one theory down the drain...and the weather, that's no different.
We do talk about it....a lot!

I was suddenly made aware of this last Saturday when everybody I met said almost the same thing...'isn't it a beautiful day?'
Well it was a beautiful day, but then they almost all went on to say....'makes a change from all the rain we've been getting' or 'haven't we had some odd weather this year?'

And....I suddenly realised I do the same!
I talk about the weather to almost everyone I meet and sometimes it's me that starts the conversation!
Something like 'isn't this sunshine lovely?' or the equally as banal 'looks like rain' or 'cold isn't it?'

Oh! how wonderful the gift they gi' us to see ourselves as others see us.....LOL
It reminds me of a song we used to sing in school...

I know a jolly farmer so ruddy and trim
What 'ere may be the weather 'tis some use to him
Come sunshine or rain it is certain to please
What is bad for the hay is just right for the peas!

I guess I'm quintessential English after all...just with a bit of a slant!! LOL

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MARTHA-ANN 8/11/2009 11:47AM

    Thanks Nightstar & Silver emoticon's

Comment edited on: 8/11/2009 11:47:30 AM

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SILVERWITCH59 8/11/2009 8:27AM

    and we love you for it ((((MARTHA ANN))))))))

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NIGHTSTAR777 8/10/2009 11:20PM

    Thanks Martha-Ann. It is interesting to know about people from other countries.

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MARTHA-ANN 8/10/2009 7:04PM

    Thanks Marilyn, hope you have a blessed day too! emoticon

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PMCFARM 8/10/2009 12:48PM

  Martha Ann I love your blogs...they always make me feel happy! Have a blessed it rainy or snowy or sunshiny!! emoticon

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