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I can't believe it

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've just tried on some trousers I found at the back of the wardrobe, I used to wear them when I first started Sparkpeople and I can fit both of my legs into one of the trousers legs.
What a boost, just what I needed. I coudn't believe it when they both went in and they aren't tight either.
I feel so much better today, even my hair feels better. It's been so limp and straggly for months now and coming out in combsful, always is weird when I'm ill, but today it seems shiny and softer. I've been and had it cut to make it a better shape. M says it's very thin but should come back thicker as I get fitter.
And to top everything offf the sun is shining.
Perfect. emoticon

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MURAKAMIMOMMY 5/27/2008 10:36PM

    WAY TO GO!! Wow....what a feeling that must have been! Hang in there and keep plugging away! You and I are on similar paths as far as how much we have to lose and our goals---so I'm with you all the way. Just give a shout out if you need a friend!!



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The first day of the rest of my life

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's a lovely spring day and the washing is blowing freely on the line, pegged out by my own fair hands. The first thing I have done since the op.

I have had another bout of jaundice and am having blood tests every six weeks but the count is going down.
The tests covered bilirubin, alanine, blood sugars, thyroid and cholestral.
They are going to repeat the bilirubin one in four weeks but the others were fine and my cholestrol is under three which apparently is fantastic.
The only side effect from the jaundice is that I tire easily.

The piriformis syndrome is now easier and even though I still have to finish a course of physio I feel much better. I am upright at last, not bent over like an old crone and people aren't saying I look ill any more. Sitting is still uncomfortable and the doctor says no lifting or excercising yet.
At least I can walk. I have started walking around the village again. I have picked up the pace a bit and am doing a little more each day. People have got used to me sitting on their walls or steps and now just ignore me...well they talk to me... instead of asking if I'm alright and do I want a lift home.
There is just one fly in the ointment...... I got lax and have put on twelve pounds over the last few weeks.
My motivation seemed to disappear and it wasn't until I wanted to go walking other than in the garden that I noticed that things were getting a bit tight. Anyway I'm starting back today and I'm raring to go.
Oh!! and I've finished all my cancer medications though I still have to take four tablets a day for different things.


Getting there....slowly!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Well, it is now three weeks since the the operation which went well though it was a bit bigger than predicted as they did a hysterectomy, bi-lateral salpingectomy, bi-lateral oopherectomy and removed my cervix and it's cuff.
They said the cervix cuff was a precaution but it seems to have paid off as I've just heard they removed ALL the cancer and I don't need radiotherapy follow-up, though I will need medication.
My scar is clean, dry and healed but the internal ones take a lot longer and I'm so tired I could sleep for England but I'm getting there slowly.
The operating table was hard and has damaged two muscles in my back which have swelled up and trapped a nerve. Apparently it's called Piriformis Syndrome and can last for over a year... up to eighteen months. I will have to have physiotheraphy but not just yet until I recover from the op. The Doc. gave me Ibuprofen gel to massage in and painkillers, it's a lot better though I still can't sit comfortably at all and have to lie on my side. It hurts to sit, walk, lie, stand...everything really. If it hadn't been for that everything would have been fine!
Still can't exercise but am taking regular small walks, pottering really, around the house and garden. I daren't go too far as I might not be able to get back. I'm bent over like an old crone and I shuffle rather than walk....
Everyone has been so kind and I've had loads of cards, presents and visitors.
D and J have been brilliant. Cooking, washing etc. and S has phoned me, as has H.
My weight hasn't changed, I have stayed the same which is good as I have been eating what DH has cooked but have also been inactive so I'm pleased with that.
My stomach and back are still quite swollen but I hope they'll go back before long. My shape seems to have changed, my bottom seems bigger and my stomach is flat at both sides now, not just the right which it was before the op. due to the hernia repair I had.
The anesthetist and surgeon came to talk to me after the my bilirubin and alanine levels are high. She explained that I had yellow jaundice and needed to see my own doctor for blood tests to monitor them and see if I need treatment.
I have also been in hospital as a day patient to have the benign lump removed from my eardrum. I'm so glad it was benign, they said that about the other one and it wasn't! Scary.
It's lovely to be able to hear again. I've had tests and my hearing is good. Just one more check next month. I have psoriasis in both ears so they may need 'hoovering' every now and again but I am definitely not deaf.
Well enough about me, the sun is shining and it's stopped raining so it's time for a little wander around the garden. I do wish I could do some gardening though, there seems to be things need doing everywhere I look.

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SLIM_INSIDE 2/8/2008 7:42PM

    Hi Martha-ann, it's Josee (aka bright_onion) from loooong ago!
I am also back, but under a new name - was too ashamed to come back heavier than my original start weight as bright!
So sorry to hear about all of your health problems. My mum had virtually the same surgery about 15 years ago, and I had my own brush with cervical cancer 3 years ago. (Thankfully mine was contained with minimal medical intervention).
It's so good to see you back on here. I hope you don't mind me messaging you out of the blue..... I'll be here for the forseeable future with over 7 stone to lose, and it would be lovely to hear from you again.
All the best,

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almost one year on I'm back...been pretty ill, still am but I'm getting there!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well, it's been a while since I was on line to Spark. It's been a difficult time one way or another and I did put most of my weight back on. No excuses, I just ate.
I started back abour six weeks ago. I still wasn't logging on but I was losing. I now weight10 pounds heavier than last time I logged in but I'm getting there and I decided to rejoin the boards this week. I am quite proud of myself really and it's nice now people are commenting though some of them think it's with my being ill and it's not. It is to do with it but the illness isn't making me lose weight, I'm doing that myself.

I have been in and out of hospital over the last few weeks, firstly with my ears as I went deaf in February. I've had a couple of procedures and I can now hear again, it's not 100% but it is definitely better. They have also found a small lump, which is benign but need removing, on my right eardrum but they are leaving it for now until the rest of the ops. are sorted out.

Secondly, two ops to remove uterine polyps, and one op. to remove a grapefruit sized mass which measured 9cm on the Thursday and on removal on the Monday measured 14 & 1/2/cm and weighed nine pounds.
I've been bleeding heavily and in a lot of pain and this is what was causing it. It was inside my right fallopian tube, sort of like an ectopic pregnancy. Very painful.
The lump, together with a D&C result both came back as cancerous so on Tuesday I go in for a hysterectomy and oophorectory (removal of my ovaries). They say they've caught it early and hopefully no radiotherapy will be required afterwards.
I have been on tablets for about a month now which make me feel sick or else make me sick and I can now stop taking them. I had to take them every six hours and I was jsut beginning to feel better when it was time for the next one so I am looking forward to stopping.

I needed to be slimmer for this op., though no one ever mentioned it, so decided I would be and I am so pleased with the results. At my pre-op. checks last week the doctor told the nurse the IBM was wrong but it wasn't. They were so surprised and pleased with me.
I will weigh in again on Monday and hope to be down a bit more.
I want to keep on losing after the op. and feel really positve about everything now.


Doing OK

Friday, March 02, 2007

Well, since my last blog I've lost 3 pounds then put it back again but this week I lost 2 and I'm keeping it off.
I feel much more positive after a big work related upheaval in my life and didn't realise how much it had affected me until I suddenly realised how much happier I am now.
My knee is pretty bad at the moment but I've been to hospital again and it's made things easier though I can't do a lot of exercise yet. I am still walking, albeit slowly, so I am exercising it a bit. I still do my upper body workout and some lower, I just miss out the ones I can't manage.
The weather is getting nicer, it's lighter earlier on a morning and as I've now retired I'll have more time to be myself.
I will keep up the momentum, I can feel it...


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