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Thursday, June 05, 2008

well I am a few days in on the journey and I suppose I could be doing better... fast food must stop!! I have an appointment in the morning to learn how to use all the equipment at the gym.. kind of nervous about that... why is it that all the people at the gym are fit?? lol I am seriously the only fat person there makes me a little uncomfortable.. no okay alot uncomfortable... Some of the machines I am afraid to use because you have to put all your weight on one side just to get on the damn thing.. what if it tips over when im doing this? I would die of embarrassment and the stationary bikes you have to lift your leg really high to get on the damn thing and that is not an easy task for me I tell ya what.. I do it anyway but it sucks and I always feel like everyone is watching me... Well I suppose I will let ya know how it all goes the next time I blog.. untill then I guess


1st day

Monday, June 02, 2008

Well Today is the first day of Jo's Journey I suppose. I would like to say that I'm ever so excited about this but that is just not the case. I wish I could just skip all the hard work and get right to the results lol but that isn't gonna happen. I am looking forward to the end result though whatever that may be. I really want to be able to run and chase my children and right now I can't even do a real jog so I definitely have some improving to do. I suppose thats all for day one of my ever so awesome blog

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WILDGOBLIN 6/4/2008 12:57PM

    I know this is gonna sound really cheesy, so I apologize now for it, but it's really true...

You may think you want to skip the journey and get straight to the destination, but it's really the travel from here to there that makes up into better and healthier people. Yes there will be mountains to climb and rivers to cross and there will be bruises, falls, stumbles, injuries...but there is also going to be beauty. Pride. Strength. Renewal. Self discovery.

Good luck Jo! Not only CAN you do this, but you all ready ARE doing it!

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