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Sort of rest day? Sort of.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well as mentioned yesterday- the foot pain- both sides was getting to me. The last thing I want to do is get injured before the big dance- Marathon- so I listened. I decided instead of running 7 miles, I was going to do 60 minutes of cardio instead. So today it went down like this:
started on the stationary bike-10 minutes level 8, RPM 90 +, increased up to level 11 the last two minutes- 3.60 miles, 100 calories burned
high stair master- 20 minutes 2.09 miles
eliptica 30 minutesl- started on level 6, rpm 6-5-7.5 increased every minute to 11
3.30 miles
Then I did a brief ST set:
3 sets of captains chair leg lifts 10 reps
3 sets of 10 lateral dumbell raises 7 lbs
3 sets of 10 squats with medicine balls 10 lbs

Then I walked again in the HELL cold from a further subway stop. (Log as 10 minutes at 17 min pace)

So it was a good work out. It's not as intense, but getting things done. I wanted to listen to the body and rest the injury. The feet do feel a smidge better. Especially the toe. That was truly KILLING me and making me so cranky as it was painful. OOF. Eating wise -decent. I was under calories again yesterday. I did go to McDonalds for dinner BUT had their Southwest Chicken Salad, lite dressing and their dressing that came with it. I didn't use all the dressing. I also had a cupcake. I had a tough day at work. CHANGES. Have a new boss that is actually based in another STATE. Our HQ is in Connecticuit- they acquired my company/division just over 3 yrs ago - and we are in Boston. I have been safe- avoiding the layoffs they did the first year. I love my job. Just some changes with who I report to. I will roll with it.

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CLWALDRO 2/15/2011 2:48PM

    I think your choice to rest was a good one. emoticon

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Sweetie Day

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines ALL! emoticon

Hope all have a wonderful day today. I did experience some HORRIFIC foot pain AFTER the long run. It was mostly my big toe- the bruising there is really horrific. It hurt to walk. Also the left one- had the dull ache on the instep again. I still overall through felt GREAT while running and great finishing. I ended up meeting my friend and her son to take our boys bowling as the ladies (our daughters) were attending the Father/Daughter dance at our local country club. It is so cute. I have photos- will put up tomorrow. Cuteness. So we went bowling - big balls mind you with a 4 and 5 yr old. Too funny. We opted for the bumpers and also got them the ramp for easier time of bowling. I stink but managed to bowl a measley 83. After we took the boys out for a Mom/Son dinner at Friendlys. Now Friendlys is finally making an attempt at offering healthier options. I barely ate yesterday so I had room for additional calories with that 14 mile run. So I started with a cup of their chicken noodle soup (280 calories), had their Chicken Caprisce Grilled Salad- 410 calories, the lite dressing- 80 calories, and for dessert, a happy ending (2 scoops of mint chip), hot fudge, and crushed oreos- 440 calories) So total calories for a somewhat healthier attempt -1210 calories!!!!! WTH???? My total calories for the day were in range- 1772 but come on! A lot of sodium in their foods too. Oh well- it was good and I deserved ice cream. I haven't had any in what 3 months or so? My husband went with some of the other dads and daughters to the 99 restaurant. They had fun. Luckily we did the valentines for the kids classes right after the run, so I was quickly baking cupcakes, frosting and decorating up to 8pm last night for my son's class party at school today. WHEW! It never ends does it? I was worried that today I would not feel ok to run since the feet were ACHING. I was even limping. BUT- I got up, popped some aleeve, and gave it a go. Just started the normal pace 8:34, and increased every mile. Felt a little tough at first, but then- easy. Did 6 miles in 48:53. Not bad. Then I did the Leg lifts of the captain chair 3 sets of 16- ANOTHER PR on that. Keep trying to better my reps. Also did 3 sets of 10 overhead shoulder work with 6 lb weights. That was it. Today I did walk again from the farther subway stop to get a smidge more cardio in. Feeling good so on the path to run 50 miles for this week. I did 50.93 last week. 51 for this one?

We shall see. Be good.

Marli Hearts

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WINDEE52 2/14/2011 2:24PM

    I love Friendly's attempt at "healthy options" (LOL). Baby that injury lady! You got a marathon to run!

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MARLIMOO 2/14/2011 2:21PM

    Thanks. I try. I am training hard- I want to be physically and mentally ready for what I hope is- my last marathon. I am older for this one- 41 so this is a big test. Thank you!

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MARATHON_MOM 2/14/2011 9:02AM

    WOW! Impressive! You are like the Energizer Bunny!

Way to go... and 6 miles in 48:53?? Holy Moley! Awesome!

I'm shooting for a high mileage week myself... Long run this weekend will be 19, so I should end up with around 40.

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Long run was a group run - LIKE!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

OK- so yesterday had another successful Fudgicle 5k race. I have been improving EVERY week. I like that.
Now that is nice. Felt great yesterday- ran a good race. A little faster than I would like the first mile (7.01) which made me slow the rest of the way (7:23 and 7:37) Oh well- still averaged under 8 which I like. I use these races as speed work. Now coach wanted me to get a long run in this weekend. My goal today was 12-14 miles. Depending on how I felt. I ran 12.35- broken up- the 5k (3.15 and then 9.21) so that is not a true solid long run. My husband and I ended up going out for dinner with another couple last night. His parents were wonderful and came over to babysit. They brought homemade soup and chicken for them to eat. So sweet! So I opted for the salmon over steamed veggies and rice- MMMM! I ate only half. The other couple ordered an app- baked nachos- MMMM!. It had everything on them.I had a couple chips - really not many. I also had one glass of red - Pinot Noir. MMM! For my dinner- I ate half, and took the rest home. Then we decided to go out to listen to music and have some drinks. Since I knew I was running today- I opted to have beer. I had a few- OOPS. Felt good - let's leave it at that. Danced, had fun with our friends. We did not stay out too late- home by 11:15pm. So had a decent sleep - got up at 7am/. Met my running friends from my club at one of the gal's house the next town over for 9am ... Now they are all running Boston too. We are at all different paces- myself and one gal are about the same, the other 3 are slower, and finally this young guy is super fast. So they all wanted to do 20 miles. The course they do is like a 7 mile loop - they basically were running it 3 times. I decided- two was my limit. Per coach running my own race, my pace. The good thing about running with these guys- they slow me down. I need to do this. So I had a decent pace with them. Maybe a smidge too slow, but not terrible. Especially this was my first real long run. The girl had water and gatorade stops for us. It was awesome! I pretty much kept pace with the young guy- he was really slowing down. He planned to gun the third loop AND he was KILLING the hills. I did great- after I veered off from them - my last two miles were under 9 pace. My average pace was 9:08. Not terrible. I was happy with the fact that I had no pain, I felt great, and definitely felt like- I could keep going. Good sign. Weight- yesterday 156. I have NO CLUE what it is now. I just had a delicious bowl of oatmeal with fruit. That was lunch after the run. WOO! NOw- have to get daughter ready for Father /Daughter Dance. SO CUTE> Their 4th one! My son and I are either meeting a friend and her son for bowling- or we are going alone. Have a great Sunday. 50.93 miles run for this week. WOOO!

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REDDIRTRUNNER 2/13/2011 4:15PM

    Enjoy the special alone time with your son! Great run girl!

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Up early

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am up early. A smidge earlier than I wanted to be but that is ok. I have my 6th 5k race of an 8 series today= The Fudgicle 5k Simulated Races by running club puts on Saturdays 8am January and February. They are great for conditioning you in the cold weather. COLD- operative word. Today I am wearing the usual - 2 underarmour long sleeve shirts, a north face fleece, with another XL fleece over that. Then two pairs of running tights- one pair is underarmour, north face gloves, ear muff running thing, followed by my knit oversized hat. That should do it. Oh- two pairs of socks too! It's cold here in New England. Supposedly warming up=-30's today. WOO! I Hate cold but I love these races. Not conducive for my marathon training, but I try to fit them in and chalk them up as speed work and as well- getting miles outside as a bulk of my running has been treadmill. Tomorrow I plan to run 12-14miles. The distance depends on how I pace myself and how I feel. We shall see. The furthest I am up to 12.35 miles. The marathon is 65 days out. Feel good- still battling this cold, but it's ALMOST gone. Just congestion and a smidge cough. So really plans for the weekend - CLEAN my house after the race, then my hubby is taking kids to a birthday party,then we may be going out now with another couple for dinner. I already got myniece for NEXT weekend and dinner, but we may go to the movies instead. Weighing in TOMORROW!

Hope it is good. Tomorrow - Father Daughter Dance and my son and i - going bowling after the long run! Be well.

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MARLIMOO 2/12/2011 9:53AM

    It was a GREAT run. I have been improving each week:


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WINDEE52 2/12/2011 7:21AM

    Have fun today! Stay warm!

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JERZRN 2/12/2011 7:21AM

    Good luck in your race!

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Trader Joes- how I love thee...

Friday, February 11, 2011

I have to blog again about good ole Trader Joes. They have great prices, awesome food, and mostly- it's healthy. So last night I made their Orange Chicken, partnered with sweet potato mashed, asparagus, green beans, broccoli and carrots. Enough veggies? HA! Well the green beans, asparagus, and sweet potatoes- they were left overs so I just steamed some more broccoli and carrots to make sure I got a good serving of my veggies. MMM! The good thing is - the kids love it. No making two meals for us and the kids. I try not to anyway, but sometimes I have to. I ALWAYS make them try or have veggies with their meals as well. My daughter actually LOVES green beans and asparagus, but my 5 yr old son- not so much, but I convince him having some makes him strong and fast, then he complies. Us parents do what we have to right? So anyway- ate decent yesterday. Again - trying not to get crazy with weighing in. I am coming to the realization- weight loss while marathon training- NOT WORKING. I am staying the same - for the most part, but sometimes I am higher. GULP! No higher than 158, but pretty much 155-158 the last two months. Not good, but not TERRIBLE. My clothes all fit, nothing tight so a good sign there. Lots of factors that fellow sparkers commented on for me - so appreciate thank you! Anyway I digress... So this week for training recap as I always do- (for me too so I know where I am at . I am getting up there ya know! )
Tuesday 5.42
Wed 9
Thurs 6 and planks, sit ups, shoulder work in between the 6 miler repeats I did
Fri 60 minutes CARDIO.

So to expound on today's workout- I did 25 minutes on the treadmill running- 3.1 miles
then I moved onto the high stair master for 20 minutes- 2.05 miles
Lastly- the eliptical 15minutes or 1.63 miles
So total cardio mileage- 6.78 miles. Almost 7 but not quite. I felt fine to run, but really do not want to burn out BEFORE this damn marathon so stuck to just 5k run on the treadmill. I love the high stairs- good for your butt. Then the eliptical- I just tried to make it harder by increasing the resistance- up to level 12 at some points. To me- that thing is easy. So I just try to keep my speed in the 7.0 range and vary my resistance. Plus I am rocking out to my tunes. After my 60 minutes of cardio- not much time left for anything else so I opted for 3 sets of 15 leg raises on the Captains Chair. NICE! A new PR as I am usually doing only 10 reps. Going to keep working on that #. Felt good. Now - at work- where as usual busy as hell. It's good- I have a job that keeps me busy HURRAH. But sometimes- CALGON- come and get me would ya! Well the good news is - IT IS FRIDAY. Can I get a WHAT WHAT! OH YEAH! Nothing planned really. I have #6 in my 5k Fudgicle Road Race series tomorrow morning on the docket. So what is my weekly miles? Looks like 37.3 including my cardio today and the 5k tomorrow. So Sunday- LONG RUN DAY. WAAAAA! I am such a baby about doing them. I better get over it since the marathon is about 2 months out now. OMG! Well I hope you all are having a superb day.

Love Marli Sweet Tart. Happy Valentines Day to you all too. We are celebrating NEXT Saturday. Sunday hubby is taking our daughter to the Father/Daughter dance Sunday! emoticon

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MARLIMOO 2/12/2011 7:02AM

    Me too. We ate what was given. I make them try the veggies- AND eat at least one. Trader Joes is so wonderful. Love it!

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MBSHAZZER 2/11/2011 2:10PM

    It is my fervent wish that TJs would come to Florida! You're so lucky! And all of those veggies sound fantastic! We didn't get a choice when I was growing up! We ate what we were given or we went hungry! :D


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