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My gosh - WORSE commute of my life....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I honestly can not believe the commute I just had. It took me 2 hrs to get to work. WTF???WTH? Why do people have such trouble with rain and driving? It's not that hard people. SWEET MARY! ON top of the driving part of my commute = the train part- BOTH subway Lines I take had delays. So when I got to the first stop where I would normally switch to the second line- I said FORGET THIS- and decided to just walk. It's about two miles. I did it in about 30 minutes- and I was SOAKED - my pants at the bottom still are. I look at it as additional cardio so take that suckers.
Now for my workout. Today I was up earlier as Coach T has been barking- LONGER miles and NO stopping on the treadmill at all! OK OK OK. I hear you. I got up early as my daughter has a cough so I took it as a sign. Up at 4:15am. Made some coffee, had some almonds, and left about 5:00am. Was on my treadmill about 5:11am and I set it for 60 minutes. I did what Coach said this time- started a bit faster 7.0 speed (8:34) and did increase every 5 minutes instead of 10. (Her suggestion) I felt great- NO stopping, except 1 time as my stupid ear phone fell out. After I got to the speed of 7.5, I did what coach said- increased speed every 10 minutes. I did 7.5 miles in 60 minutes. I ran out of time to run the additional 5 minute cool down and MAYBE would have hit 8 but doubt it. I felt good. Realy good so it's a good sign. With the driving and commuting I have been dealing with lately it looks like Iam going to have to start working out RIGHT at 5am as I was 1 hr late for work today. I am embarassed to even admit or type that. AWFUL. NO lunch for me today. Again it is this commute. It's so weird how many people are on the road with me at 6:35am. That is what time I left the gym. When I got off the treadmill it was 6:18am. Even that was pushing it. I should be LEAVING the gym at 6:15am. I need my job so I have to do make changes and get up earlier and start working out earlier in order to balance things better. Problem is - Coach wants my miles up for the marathon training we've started.
Monday- 7
Tuesday 3.5/Strength Training
Wed- 7.5
I am almost half way at 18 miles for this week. Not bad. I will try to get that 3.5 or 4 in tomorrow, and Friday 8. I am working from home Friday so I will have more time. Eating was rough yesterday. I was over calories - not by much but I was in the 2000 range. OOPS. Ice cream- DAMN you but you are so delish. Only a small cup, but dinner was wheat tortilla chips with a smidge of cheese, and salsa, a tortilla with ham and cheese, and a cup of lobster bisque. DELISH but I should have skipped the chips and salsa. Then it would not have been that bad. I am addicted to chip and salsa.
I had a great shopping trip yesterday at lunch. I need to rebuild wardrobe and I put a nice dent in by buying- 2 pairs of size 6 pants, 3 long sleeve shirts, 3 cute night life type shirts, and a cute T shirt. OOPS. i think I am set for A WHILE. Anyway- hope Coach T is happy with the effort. 7.5 miles. WOWEEE

Be good and stay dry.

Marli Runner

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MARLIMOO 11/17/2010 5:42PM

    The speed work- came later. I am amazed how far that has come over the years. I now have to focus on the longer running- endurance if you will .... Have done marathons so I know I have that other gear to kick into. Just need to combine. I am getting there. Thanks!

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HEALTH-E-CLARE 11/17/2010 1:15PM

    Your speed is impressive as is your determination. You couldn't pull me out of bed at 4am, or 5am or 6am. I have no doubt you will get everything to work out.

Keep up the amazing job!

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MARLIMOO 11/17/2010 10:59AM

    Thanks girls. I was happy with the effort as this time- I didn't feel as tired or lethargic. I had the energy- even after 5 miles. I felt like - could keep going

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SCARLETANDGREY 11/17/2010 9:46AM

    Great workout and good pace!!! keep it up! But next time, either do 7 or 8. If you had done 7 then maybe you would have made it in time to work but if/since you're going to be 'late' anyway, then might as well extend your workout to make it 8. NO MORE ugly point something of a mile, that means 4 tomorrow. Reduce your ST reps if you have to. awesome stuff/shopping you got there. can't wait to see it around office.

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WINDEE52 11/17/2010 9:46AM

    You would think that living in New England, people wouldn't freak out while driving in the rain and snow!?! Kick ass job on the TM today!!

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Strength Training and cardio

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Got to the gym late today- due to no parking and construction work- at 5am??? WTH? Anyway got in there and decided as warm up I would:
run 2 miles 16:20

First set of 3:
skull crushers 3 sets of 12 18lb bar
boat pulls- 3 sets of 12 18 lb bar
squats with bar- 3 sets of 20 18lb

Run .50 miles 3:53

Second set of 3:
Overhead shoulders - 3 sets of 10 8lbs
wall sit with bicep curl = 3 sets of 15 10 lbs
chest press machine- 3 sets of 10 50 lbs

Run .50 miles 3:50

Third set of 3
Back extension - 3 sets of 10 holding 10 lb plate
push ups- 3 sets of 10
overhead shoulder press machine- 3 sets of 12 50 lbs

Run .50 miles in 3:48

That was it. Time was up. I am mad at myself as I would have like to have run 4 miles but at least I got 3.5 miles in. So now already I am over 10 miles run for the week. Tomorrow I am working in the office so I will try to get up and over to the gym by 5am so I can run an hour and see how far I get. Hopefully 8 miles. That is the goal - run 8 miles. Feeling good. I got a lot of nice compliments from coworkers and friends on the new dress. I honestly was self concious wearing it as it was snug - but I guess a good snug. I went out with 3 friends to our local Country Club for drinks after work. My hubby was off so he took the kids to dance lessons, then was on duty. I went out for a couple- on my friend who had a gift certificate to share with us all. celebrating her new job and another friend's birthday. We had a great time catching up. Well that is it. Hope you have a fantastic day.

Marli Miles.

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HEALTH-E-CLARE 11/16/2010 2:48PM

    Sounds like a great way to start your day. Glad the DH was able to take the kids to practice so you coulld go out and celebrate.

Keep up the amazing work.

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MARLIMOO 11/16/2010 10:09AM

    I did though. I ran 2, then a set, ran .50, then a set, ran .50, then a set, and then ran .50? To get to 4 miles I would have had to run a MILE not another half. I had NO time left to do that. I would have gotten to work EVEN later. And I told you my snafu. Forgot to pack my BRA at the gym, so had to resort to wearing my disgusting sweaty sports bra to work until 9am- when Marshalls opened. Ended up buying new bra for $5.99, then also got two cute evening wear type shirts, and some cute velvet black pants for the holidays.

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SCARLETANDGREY 11/16/2010 9:53AM

    first, really glad that you're doing half-mile spurts. keep it up! second, and you're right, (here comes the barking), WHAT is up w/ the ughly 3.5 of mile and NOT 4 ??? AFTER your last sets of exercise, you should have run another HALF. You do it next time you hear!!!!

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WTF Challenge 11/15-11/19

Monday, November 15, 2010

WTF Challenge Template 11/15 - 11/19 ~*~

*all questions are optional.

What did you do last week that made you feel strong?

I ran ANOTHER 5k in less than 23 minutes. Oh and I had my fat tested again and it was 23%. BAM!

What have you been putting off that you took care of this past weekend?
I finally got the kids haircuts. They look so cute! Also got the birthday invitations arranged so I know better who is in or out for this big CO BASH coming up for the kids in December.

If you are a planner, what's your plan for the next 5 days?

I am the planner of the planners. Not like Clare but close:
Monday -done- 7 miles
Tuesday- ST mixed with running of at least 3 miles - MAYBE 4
Wed- run 7 or 8 miles
Thurs ST mixed with running 3 miles
Fri- run 7 miles
Sat - 5k road race -3.1 miles- BREAK 23!

If you are more spontaneous about your methods, what is your general outlook for the next 5 days? N/A
Too much of a balancing act going on with me. I have two kids, married, work full time, exercise nut, training for marathon, free time. CALGON??????!!!!


I guess for me it will be get to 35 miles run total this week. It's going to be HARD! I WILL DO IT damn it.

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MARLIMOO 11/16/2010 10:10AM

    I will have to cut out strength training I guess?

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SCARLETANDGREY 11/16/2010 9:46AM

    your run week starts Monday-Sunday, so do get in 33 or 35. if 33 or 35 is hard now; HOW are you going to do it when i want you to do 60 miles a week ?????? keep crying about how 'hard' it is then you'll do 2 sessions aday!!! :)

Comment edited on: 11/16/2010 9:46:42 AM

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MARLIMOO 11/15/2010 11:15AM

    I get to include this coming Sunday in as a running day so I HOPE I can get to 35 by then. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

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7 miles for 7 moos

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ok did it. Put a fork in it. I ran 7 miles this morning. WAHOO! Now again- was tired. Per coach T she isn't digging the way I set my treadmill for these runs. What I do - start out slower- 6.8 miles (which is 8:57 pace) and I change speed every 2 minutes. By 10 minutes I am at 7.2 speed. Then I increase my speed every 3 minutes. By 20 minutes I am now running at 7.6 speed and I increase my speed again every 2 minutes until I get to 24 minutes where I do this sprint - up to 8.3 speed, then I bring it back down every minute. I do this all the way through - never going slower than 7.6 miles the rest of my set time. (Today set treadmill for 50 minutes, but you get a 5 minute cooldown that I run during so I am running for 55 minutes) Anyway at the end I was at 6.95 miles in 55 minutes. I knew Coach T would be mad that I didn't hit 7 flat so I reset the treadmill for a minute and chose 8.7 for speed. By 8 seconds I had hit 7 flat so I stopped. Anyway- she wants me to build my endurance and speed so it's better that I start out a smidge faster - say 7.0, and run that for a mile. Then increase by 1. I am going to try that Wednesday. I felt good overall- just a couple times, I had to get off briefly to either wipe sweat, take a drink, or catch my breath. I did it and I am on my way with the mileage. Our goal this week- 35 miles run. Last week I was just under 33 I think? Or 32? Forget. I wore my new dress today that I bought at TJ Maxx. It's snug- but a good snug. I checked with a couple of gals to be sure I wasn't hookering up myself in the get up. I am not used to wearing things so snug. It's a good snug so I am happy I can carry it off. Tonight we are having a couple of drinks to celebrate my friend's birthday. Tuesday is a strength training/ medium cardio day. I will be AOK. Hope all are feeling it and are ready to take it to the BRIDGE.

Marli Moo over and out.

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SCARLETANDGREY 11/16/2010 2:54PM

    you got to stop getting off/taking breaks when you do your long run. no more of that, alright? if you can't do that for 7 or 8 miles HOW are you NOT going to stop when you do 26.2 miles ??? so you stop doing that!!!! if you get to exhausted, i prefer that you slow down but NOT get off to catch a breather. ok ?? dont' you cheat either.

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MARLIMOO 11/16/2010 11:10AM

    i WILL DO that tomorrow. I did start slower that first mile. But I increased every 3 minutes or whatever I said. I do sometimes have to get off. I get tired. It's not for long- like 30 seconds or so? I will try that Wednesday when I tackle 8.

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SCARLETANDGREY 11/16/2010 9:41AM

    first LOL about 'hookering' yourself in the new dress. you look GREAT!!! what's your price, hon, i'll pay?? :) serioulsy now, very happy to hear you did a nice round 7. but what is UP with getting off a 'couple times'... WHAT??? you cannot do that!!! that is why i do not want you to jack up the speed up and down, etc. i want you to warm up ONE mile at whatever is comfortable. then at no less than 8 minute pace, each mile after that increase your speed (by 1) and STAY at that speed for that mile then ultimately stay at that fastest speed for the last or the longest that you can until you're done. again, increase your speed by 1 or 2 for each mile and stay at that.

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Another rest day

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I needed the rest today. I was non stop with exercising this past week, sprinkling in activities with the kids, running club, and work. Just really tired and needed to rest. I struggled to run a little over 7 miles yesterday. That's my indicator as I know I can handle that typically. Anyway today I rested and slept until 7:15am. That is late for this lady. I felt finally refreshed. I did earmark today as a rest day, but if you know me- it's tough to keep me still. I opted for a quick morning work out on the Wii Fit. I did various strength training moves, some yoga, and then one quick team running with my daughter. That was all I could squeeze in- 20 minutes and 80 calories burned as I had a baby shower at 10am, then my kids had a gymnastics birthday party at 11am that my hubby took them to. I met them at 1pm as he had his annual golf club meeting, and took them to get their hair cuts. Then we browsed /shopped at TJ Maxx. It's been a while that I started to rebuild my warddrobe so I tried on and got a new Calvin Klein dress- size small! Also a cute long sleeve shirt- SMALL, and finally some tights for the dress. I almost bought these courdoroy pants but changed my mind. Sizes are tough to gauge for me. I am size 8 and 6- depending on the designer. Don't want to get all worked up over it. I am feeling good and feeling toned= could be toner, but working on that. With the marathon training at the early stages, the more I run, the more I will see more changes. Tomorrow plan is to run at least 6. We shall see how that goes. I am meeting friends out for drinks tomorrow night so we will make it a healthy eating night. Time to make my big salad for the week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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REDDIRTRUNNER 11/14/2010 9:22PM

    Yes you can!

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CARILOUIE 11/14/2010 8:20PM

    I LOOOOOOOVE TJ Maxx! Ross is right up there, too. I actually found a Kenneth Cole wool coat at Ross this weekend - it's really cute, and was $70, originally $340. Score!

Sizes are hard for me, too. I have been able to wear a size 4/6 in just about everything, and today I tried on a pair of cords that didn't even make it past my thigh. Talk about a self-esteem drop!

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MARLIMOO 11/14/2010 5:12PM

    Thanks. I definitely did and did enjoy today. Nice baby shower, some hair cuts for the kids, shopping, and now - just getting ready for the week. Tomorrow- goal is 7 yet again. I can do this!

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MSSUNBUG 11/14/2010 3:48PM

    Rest days have been tough for me too. But your body needs them, and I find it asks for them (as in your lethargic run yesterday). You're wise to tune in.

Fold into it and enjoy--sounds like a really lovely day!

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