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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today will be just that. CRAZZZZYYY busy. Well to start the day off- my neighbor decided to shoot off fireworks - 3:50am. This woke my son and I up. Luckily both of us got back to sleep. I got up at 5:40am = to lead probably the last Boot Camp as fall is here and people are busy now with kids activities, etc. Well of course - everyone bailed again. Not happy about that, but LUCKILY I checked emails first and saw the messages. Last time I was down there alone running. I am going to work out regardless, but I don't want to waste my time if people are not committed. Anyway I am injured as I have been crying all week, so probably this was a blessing in disguise not to lead this. We always start out with running/walking on the track. I need to rest these feet. The left foot- its better today, but the pain is present. The right ankle now - smidge pain. I went out and got new hot/cold ice packs, got some athletic inserts for my sneakers, and I iced my left foot only last night. I am also taking aleeve. Hopefully this and constant stretching will help. I have a race tomorrow- 5k. My damn headphones broke so I am going NO music. I can do it. It will be good practice as the half marathon I am doing doesn't allow any music. SO today- everyone bailed- I decided to do the Last Chance Workout on Exercise TV. This is a nice half hour work out- of cardio, strength training, etc. I love it. Then I tried about 10 minutes of some Crunch Workout. I am not good with learning moves- this is why I stay away from any aerobic or zumba. I just have trouble picking up the moves they throw at ya. After that I did my bread and butter- 125 sit ups- 5 different kinds with 25 reps each. AAAHH. Feel good. Nice to give the feet somewhat of a breather. It's basically been 3 days now of no real running. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel good and run with minimal pain. Pain Sux. Eating wise- I can not believe it but somehow I stayed under yesterday. I had only ONE day this past week where I was over calories. I did notice though - 3 days I was over on fat. OOPS. Maybe that is why I am 156 again. Up 2 from last week. Not good. Official weigh in is tomorrow. We shall see if I can bring it back to where I was. Otherwise. Moo has to lay off the ice cream. We just have such a great rapport. Damn you mint chip.

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MARLIMOO 9/11/2010 7:27PM

    Oh me too. THE WORST when it comes to ANY class. It is kind of pathetic. I do have soul though- I can dance. Weird? Anyway- thank you for the Happy Feet thoughts. I am about to go and finish watching the Wizard of Oz with my kids so I can ice my feet yet again. They are better- but the pain is dull and there. Dammit. Like I said- just a 5k tomorrow so hopefully I will be aok. Then I am basically resting until the half.

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CARILOUIE 9/11/2010 6:14PM

    I am awful at picking up moves. Dance classes are supposed to be fun, but I can't stand them. Step classes drive me nuts!
Re: ice cream - I just bought a pint of soy-milk chocolate cookie ice cream. SOOO good. I have been so into ice cream lately... I hope this ends soon!

I'm sending Happy Feet thoughts for your race!

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Friday Friday Friday

Friday, September 10, 2010

Well the pain in the foot- still there. Not good folks, not good. I have been trying to lay off the running- only ran the day I injured the foot- 12 miles Sunday 9/5, Monday I did the long walk with the kids in the stroller- 5.2 miles, tuesday only ran 5 minutes inside, Wednesday did run 41 minutes- 5.25 miles, Thursday - NO running, today NO running. I just rode the bike for 30 minutes. Now that was boring. I did watch my local news so that made the time somewhat go by, but really the bike I can not take. It's dull. Plus to me - not that challenging. I had it at level 6 and set to manual. I did up it to level 7. I rode for 11 miles and burned almost 300 calories. Eh. Then I did the eliptical machine with arms- 11 minutes. I did 1.35 miles and 156 calories. Again= eh. This is not as boring, but still- not too challenging. Had it at level 5, and increased to level 10. Then I come back down to level 7 and stay there until I am through. I next did my sit ups- 125 total, 3 sets of 30 planks, and then I tried to stretch out as best I could. I am feeling the pain- I do not like it. It feels like it's spreading up my left leg as I think I am trying to compensate for the ache and I am walking funny or something. I am listening to all of your suggestions- I am resting it, I iced last night and will try that hot and cold treatment, and finally starting to add aleeve in as my med does. YUKKO is all I can say. I hate this sheet. I am frustrated royally as I have a 5k where I was hoping to PR finally- break 23 minutes. I have a feeling that this will not happen if I feel this crap. Then I have my big half marathon. I am more focused on that. I will rest after this 5k for sure next week. Really rest the foot so it can rebound. Then I will try to squeeze one longer run in before this 9/25 race. Hopefully this will do the trick. Took a peek at my weight. Ooops- 156. I was over yesterday in calories. Could be the reason. A little bit of an ice cream social over my house this week. I had been good, but I think I am getting close to TOM visiting so I am sure this is part of this. I sort of go on an eating frenzy. We don't weigh in until Sunday so hopefully I can get back to where I started- 154 or better. Hugs and love coming your way from me.

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FITSTEPH2012 9/10/2010 9:16PM

    Oh it's tough when you have an injury! My friend was training for the half-marathon and she injured her foot - she rolls golf balls under her foot while at her desk at work and she swears it makes it feel better. She's also icing it, etc. Good luck with it - you'll bounce back!

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MARLIMOO 9/10/2010 11:23AM

    I think that is what will happen. I am trying to stay positive, cross train, rest. That is all I can do. I am icing too at night. I haven't run since Wednesday- 5 miles on treadmill. I will be there. Pain or no pain- then I will take a break, cross train, to ready and prepare for my last hurrah= one more marathon. GIDDY UP

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    sorry to hear that the pain is lingering. hope you don't over do it in your 5k coming up. maybe you shouldn't do another long run until the big half-marathon race day. I rather you do that then have the injury be worse and end up can't do the race.

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

So I found this survery, just thought something fun and then I have a new day update!

(can only answer in one word)

1. Where is your cell phone?purse

2. Your hair? Blonde

3. Your mother? heaven

4. Your father? There

5. Your favorite food? ice cream

6. Your dream last night? nightmares.

7. Your favorite drink? coffee

8. Your dream/goal? Success

9. What room are you in?office

10. Your hobby? running

11. Your fear? failure

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?here

13. Where were you last night? home

14. Something you arenít? rude

15. Muffins?corn

16. Wish list item? garmin
17. Where did you grow up? MA

18. Last thing you did? chatted

19. What are you wearing? pants

20. Your TV? off
21. Your pets? cat

22. Your friends? outgoing

23. Your life? hectic

24. Your mood? light

25. Missing someone? mom

26. Vehicle? sedan
27. Something youíre not wearing? socks

28. Your favorite store? target

29. Your favorite color? pink

30. When was the last time you laughed? today

31. Last time you cried? yesterday

32. Your best friend?Art

33. One place that I go over and over? gym

34. One person who emails me regularly? clients
35. Favorite place to eat? Kyotos


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    glad you did this survey b/c now i know a little more about you.

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MARLIMOO 9/9/2010 11:47AM

    Me too. Took it from another's page.

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CYNDER 9/9/2010 11:16AM

    Oh, I like this, and will have to do it.

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Still having some foot pain. WHY ME?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ok the damn left foot is really hurting. I am not liking this. I will be a big girl and SUCK IT UP but come on. How many injuries do I have to deal with this year? Not fun. I decided to stay away from running completely today- even for warm up as today is my strength training day. I did the Fit test on the bike - 5minutes and got an ELITE rating. Love ya right back bike. Then I kicked it with my work out. Tried to work everything. My shared fitness tracker highlights it all but did my usual- 3 sets of 15 or 20 /3 different machines, ride bike for 2 = do that 3 times. I did 3 sets of 10 - REAL pushups today. I was slacking big time on those as of late. Felt it too. Funny how your body will lose that strength if you don't keep at it. I also did the lower ab sit up I hate- felt that too. Again- sticking to my September monthly goal= 5 types of sit ups, 25 each, various leg lifts, and finally 3 sets of 15 bridges holding a 10 lb weight. I was tempted to do a quick 5 or 10 minute eliptical, but decided- I really need to give that foot a break. The pain is there- even walking so that is not nice. I know I can run- it will just be with pain. There is NO way, after the hell I went through with the race organizers to switch from a relay team to solo runner, the 12 mile prep run where I was lost for about 7 miles with out staying on point and running my arse off for a PR 9/25 in my half marathon. I am there so no way am I quitting. After I am going on a gals weekend away to Lincoln, NH- home of Loon Mountain. No skiing- too early. Just sight seeing, good times, etc. Have a superb day.

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MARLIMOO 9/10/2010 8:37AM

    Last night- only iced it but I think I will try that hot and cold method tonight.I also popped some aleeve today to add into my treatment. It still hurts- concerned that maybe it's plantar facitis? I don't know. I just know it hurts to walk, run, etc on it - left foot inside, and sort of now up the leg. Not good.

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ASHWAGANDHA 9/9/2010 2:45PM

    Coincidentally, I also have a wonky left foot (was crushed at a concert by a bumbling fool in May 2009). I know how frustrating it is to have to lay off of it. Depending on what you did, it may take quite some time to heal, but that's not to say that you have to lay off entirely while it's healing. Have you heard of contrast hydrotherapy? Fancy way of saying dip your foot in alternating hot and cold baths. A good rule of thumb is 3 min hot (not scalding, but more than just warm), 30 sec cold (i'm talking ice bath), then repeat for a total of 3 cycles. Contrast hydro helps to increase circulation, which speeds healing. It's best paired with physical therapy. I'd say it's probably okay to run if it's a chronic injury, but if you did something acute, maybe back off?

Okay, I'm not a doctor yet, but I can't help but give my two cents...not that you even asked for advice.

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WINDEE52 9/9/2010 1:25PM

    I know! Injuries can be sooo frustrating - especially to people who like to work out as much as you (and I) do! Keep babying it until the race. Have you had it looked at?

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MARLIMOO 9/9/2010 1:21PM

    I know. It is telling me to ease up. I did that today. rode the bike ONLY and did my strength training. I am so mad. Damn foot

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WINDEE52 9/9/2010 1:09PM

    Ravensong is right, maybe try something low impact - elliptical maybe or swimming if you can. Just for a while...

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RAVENSONG37 9/9/2010 11:47AM

    Be careful hun. That pain is telling you something!!

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Wow- nice weather we are having- kidding.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Strange- what a storm driving into the office today. ROUGH. Lightening, thunder, raining buckets. YUK. I was 28 minutes late. Oh well- I decided to be nice and bring in donuts and donut holes for the office mates. There is a guy that works out of our AZ office who is always so generous. He sent me the delish chocolate cake for my birthday last month. Anyway- he's here this week working out of the Boston, MA office, so I figured he deserves something. The donuts are from a shop in my town. They are supposedly the best. I am not trying to sabbotage others by bringing these sinful treats in... I just know they all love this stuff, so I did. I have NO problem saying no to the circle of hell. That is what a donut is to me. It's crap. I have never really liked donuts- even as a kid. Heck I even worked at Dunkin Donuts as a teenager. Not tempted. Anyway- was trying to be nice so they are behind me in my cubicle. Enjoy guys. As for me- I again went to the Farmer's Market yesterday. Grabbed some delish rasberries, a couple of colorful peppers, and finally an eggplant. I wanted to try ONE more time, to make some baked eggplant parm. I did fry them too- in olive oil, but used eggbeaters to coat. This time I did it right. I washed it, peeled it, then used papertowels to get all the moisture out. Then I double breaded them and fried in the olive oil. Next I layered them with tomato sauce, a sprinkle of mozzeralla cheese, and baked. HEAVEN. The dinner was great. Served pasta and sauce with it. I had one and a half helpings. I DID NOT have any chips and salsa, nor did I have any ice cream. I was also UNDER calories for the day. I did notice I was high on the fat for the day, but not too bad. Did not weigh in. Again- trying to break that tempting habit. Today I wanted to test now the damn left foot. It's been aching on the left side since the 12 mile lost run. I ran inside on the treadmill. Went a smidge late so I only ran 41 minutes- did 5.25 miles. Not too shabby. then I stuck with my September goal of doing my 125 sit ups. Did 5 types - 25 each. Sweet. Felt ok running- ran fast, but did have to jump off a couple times to kind of rotate the left foot. Dull ache. Will ice today. I have a 5k race this weekend. Then 9/25- here I come half marathon. Stay dry kiddies!

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NEUSTART 9/8/2010 9:05AM

    yummy, that eggplant dish sounds like a fab meal for upcoming autumn!

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    hope the weather picks up soon

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