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Thursday, October 15, 2009

So my weight has been fluctuating between 148 and 150 the last few weeks. The scale at the gym has those two weight thingies, one at intervals of 50 pounds and one of intervals at 1 pound, which is really awesome because not moving that bottom weight from 100 to 150 is a big incentive for me. Whenever I get close to 150 I get motivated to eat and exercise better so I don't have to move that bottom weight.

But it is discouraging to be within that same small range for so long. I mean, I know why it's happening--I haven't been seriously committed to exercising and tracking calories for the past few months. I get closer to to 150 when I've eaten a big meal, and closer to 148 when I've eaten moderately and sweated a lot, so I think most of the fluctuation is pretty transitory weight.

I'm not quite sure where to go from here, or what goal to set. Last spring, when I was tracking closely and exercising 6 days a week, I was losing 1 pound a week TOPS, so a goal of losing 1 pound a week or more feels unrealistic to me. My current stated goal is 140 by the end of this year. That's about 1 pound a week, with all the holiday feasts too. I would sure love to hit that, but I'm wondering if 145 might be better.


Calorie restriction study

Monday, October 12, 2009

I just read this fascinating article about a study on whether and how severe calorie restriction affects aging and illness:

It was especially interesting towards the end, as the researchers and subjects discussed whether they thought it was a viable choice for most people. The program sounded remarkably like SparkPeople, except without exercise--the researchers actually recommended that one participant exercise LESS, so that he could maintain his low calorie intake without feeling hungry. Which is weird in itself. But just the idea of keeping close track of your calorie intake and limiting it to what sounded like 1600-2200 depending on the person... well, anyone who thinks most people can't do that really ought to check out the many Sparkers who are doing just that. ;)

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what I think of this article or the study. But I know I want to think about it more.


Ok, I get the point.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today really, really drove home for me why keeping up with my nutrition and exercise routines are a very good idea.

Yesterday I "took a day off". I literally sat in the same spot all day and played computer games. I had ice cream for lunch, and not in moderation either. I didn't do laundry or wash the dishes or anything else on my to do list.

Now, granted, life has been a little hectic lately, and I've learned to trust myself about when I need some antisocial quiet time in my life. But I think I need to start making some of that ACTIVE antisocial quiet time, because today... well, today I had about three mini panic attacks for absolutely no reason. I woke up INCREDIBLY stressed--seriously, before I even got out of bed, my heart was pounding. It was a good day at work (I got to go see a planetarium show and hold a 4.5 billion year old chunk of space rock!) but when I got home I stressed over doing laundry, and as I was getting ready to go to the gym I sat on my bed and cried. For seriously no reason at all. I hate it when that happens. I find it very disturbing.

And then I went to pilates class, and it was completely awesome. I love this instructor so much. (She's very good at describing the weird ways she wants you to move your muscles, so like she describes something like "Pull your sit muscles towards your femurs" and I'm like "Uh... what...? That makes no sense" but then I try it and suddenly the exercise is so much better.) And then I did half an hour on the elliptical just cause.

And by the time I got home and made myself toast and tea and asked my boyfriend for a nice long hug, I felt so, so good.

So. Moral of the story: "days off" of being good to myself are not worth it.

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ROYABOYA 6/23/2009 12:57PM

    well, you should never take time off from being good to yourself. Even if that means pampering yourself in some way...figure out what actually IS pampering, rather than ... hampering. Ahahaha. I'm brilliant. My current thing is when I'm tired to actually go take a nap rather than watch 3 hours of tv. It's the same self-sabotaging concept. We do what feels *eas* when we don't want to make an effort, but it's the mental/emotional equivelant of fast food. It's junk, it might feel good at the time, but in the end it's so not worth it.

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Yay me!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I made it through 50 full minutes on the elliptical! I felt really tired and wanted to stop several times, but I just kept going! Awesome. I feel so good knowing I burned over 500 calories today, especially considering I've gained a pound back over the last week or two. My plan is to make it to the gym for half an hour on the elliptical and some time on the weight machines tomorrow, and I'm going to bribe myself into the gym Sunday by going over to a friend's house on the way back. I hope it works, I've been majorly slacking on weekends.

I'm off to see Carsie Blanton perform--be jealous of me! I wonder if she's taking pre-orders for her new CD...

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HARTSONG4HIM 6/20/2009 7:52AM

    Way to go Marina! Reading your blog was a wonderful way to start the day -- your positive outlook exudes throughout, and I could just about "see" your joy! Blessings to you -- enjoy your day! (And BTW, now I'm curious about who Carsie Blanton is...guess I'll have to do a web search and find out!) :-)

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Self, remember this:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I wish I'd gone to the gym this morning. I didn't go partly because I slept really poorly and felt crappy at 6am, but mostly because I'm doing intense (for me) strength training this evening and vaguely remembered something about how a lot of cardio makes strength training less effective.

But I wish I'd gone. I felt great yesterday after forcing myself to the gym in the morning, and I feel like I've been extra slow and grumpy today after not going. And really, at my non-athlete level of fitness, the cardio/strength thing probably doesn't make a difference.

I'm looking forward to the Women on Weights class tonight, though. I feel like a nice intense hour long circuit. Hurrah.

And then home, and CLEANING. I did some dishes yesterday, but dirtied as many as I cleaned, and the living room and bedroom need to be picked up, and the bathroom made a little less disgusting. It shouldn't take that long, really. Plus I bet if I get most of the dishes done today, my guy will get the rest tomorrow on his day off. I'm actually pretty excited about cleaning... or, really, I'm excited about the party I'm hosting Thursday night and especially about hosting in a comfortably clean apartment. It's gonna be fuuuuuuun...


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