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Well it's about time!

Friday, March 23, 2007

I know, I should have done this back in January already, and here it is almost April--but I say it's close enough. I hope you won't be disappointed by the absence of photos here--I have a fear of pictures of myself and therefore don't have many. I do have some pictures of my kids and family at our family blog if you're interested (see the sidebar for the address). I guess the main reasaon for my getting involved with this is that I am just tired of being fat, plain and simple. I don't have any logical or acceptable excuse for getting fat--no traumatic life stories or anything like that--I was just lazy. I actually started intentionally trying to lose weight in April 2006, but by the time November rolled around I was getting fizzled out so I was pumpled to hear about Spark People. In January 2006, I was disgusted with and sick of myself so I stopped weighing myself, as it only added to my mental misery. One day in April I said to myself "Self--you suck. Enough is enough already. This is ridiculous." So I started walking--only 15 minutes at a time. By the end of May I had worked up enough guts to step on a scale again and tipped it at 233 pounds--which looks a lot worse on a short person like me. By the time September rolled around I was walking 30 minutes and going to water aerobics 3 days a week. The holidays were rough, but when the New Year started I signed up for Spark people and kicked up my routine by taking a class at the gym before water aerobics, and walking on the days I wasn't at the gym. And, as of today I weighed in at 190 pounds--yee haw!--and a lady in my water aerobics class came up to me and said "Wow you are losing weight"--double bonus! So that made my day. Well I think that is enough rambling (or is it waxing poetic?) for entry. Ya'll have a good weekend! xoxo Marie