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2011 - New Year

Monday, January 03, 2011

What a better way to start a new year, than with a Shakeology Cleanse. On Jan 1, I started a 3 day cleanse, to purge my body of the gunk that I indulged in over the weeks from Christmas to New Years. So far, my 3rd day, I have purged 8 pounds and 3 inches of Sodium, Chemicals etc. Tomorrow I will be starting a 20 week rotation of TurboFire. I am excited to be doing another program of Chalene's she is so upbeat, fun and inspiring. I actually joined her 30 day accountability group and so far am "doing my homework" each day and looking forward to see what I can learn from her. Here's to a wonderful 2011. May everyone meet or exceed their goals!!

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JO*ANNE*IE 1/4/2011 12:45AM

    That's My Girl!!! Of course ur on Fiyyyyaaaaaahhhh and such an inspiration to us all!! Gotta love Shakeology to purse oneself of grime, grit and gunk!! lol Thanks for your continued wisdom, info and support!! ((((((Marie)))))))))))

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CXNLITTLE 1/3/2011 11:43PM

    emoticon emoticon

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MOMFAN 1/3/2011 10:17PM


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Transitioning off of Raw

Thursday, September 16, 2010

So this week, I have been trying to transition off of the Raw thing because I am leaving out of town for a week and it is really hard to eat even 90% raw when you are on the road. Well I have to tell you, I did not realize just how much food affects the bod. until I added back 1 cooked meal a day into my diet.

First my hands swelled up and then my lips did and it looked like I had just gotten a collagen injection. . .the sodium in foods was a real eye opener here. I try and get free range with no added anything poultry etc. but even that didn't matter in this case. I did not realize how much that affects you when you haven't had any for a few weeks. I don't know if you can relate, but after you eat something really salty, like shelled sunflower seeds, your lips get sore from all the salt. That is exactly how mine felt!

Constantly thirsty. . from the increase in sodium or the decrease in the naturally occruing water. . .not sure which, but found myself drinking 2-3 times more water.

Immedate pot belly bloating. . .while I was doing the Raw thing, my belly was nice and flat. . .2 days later. . .puffy tummy.

It made me realize that not only could I be totally happy with a completely vegetarian lifestyle. . .that I could probably live the rest of my life eating 90% raw foods.

I know that sounds crazy to most, but boy, I sure did feel a heck of a lot better.
The other upside. . .it could make a person a very cheap drunk! (just kidding.) I do not drink that often, maybe 1 or 2 drinks every 3 or so months. . .but I met a couple of friends out at a bar and had 2 glasses of wine with them and needless to say, the raw foods do affect your body so much differently, that I was drunk from 2 glasses of wine! Sheesh. I really don't know that's a good thing, but was definitely one of my many observiations over the course of this Raw food trial.

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WANAKA 10/25/2010 10:54PM

    Very interesting read, Marie. I can believe that you puffed up from sodium in our food! Blech!

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MOMFAN 9/16/2010 1:24AM

    There are always grocery stores to buy those fresh fruits and veggies and many need no refrigeration!

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Going Raw. . .A trial

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I eat a 90% vegetarian diet, so I thought that I might try Raw. For the past few weeks, I have been in a transition phase. So far, the hardest thing has been giving up coffee! Arrrgghh!! Well today marks exactly 2 weeks of no coffee what so ever! (I guess I could cold press it, but I am not fond of cold coffee in any form) Today is also the first day, of my TOTALLY Raw food experience. Last night my friend Marci and I made some Raw Zucchini Noodles with a spiraling slicer, some raw marinara for our "dinner" today. I eat my biggest meal at lunch time. Since my "junk food junkie" will have to suffer through for the next few weeks against his will :). . .I made a Raw Blueberry/Banana pie for him. It would be low cal if it didn't have all those nuts! I am going to stay away from that, but may have a bite of his to see what it tastes like!

Day 1 started out with 1/2 a cup of Apple Cinnamon "Granola" and some home made almond milk. Not bad, a little crunchier than what I am used to for cereal. It's high in caloies, but I figure I am going to need that after calculating out all of the caloric values of the meals I plan on making. You really have to eat a lot to get even 1200 calories in!

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TAMNTN 8/22/2010 1:02PM

    I LOVE my vegan, 85% raw diet. I feel great! It's amazing! It is sooo easy for me to follow in the warm months. My challenge will be when the cold months move in (although I like the cold months best) because it is then that I struggle with wanting to eat more hot foods. Determined to stick to it!!! Good luck with your journey! :)

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What is your NICHE?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here’s my first installment in the “occasional rant” kind of thing. . .prepare yourself. . .this one got a little long!!

The MAIN reason I started this leg of my journey. Personally, I want to be a part of the solution, NOT one of the problems. Do you know how your state stacks up against other obesity statistics in America? What IS the solution??? For everyone. . .”the solution” is different and personal, but MY contribution to be part of the solution is this:
• This Blog
• My FB group FIT (you can friend me at MariaMaria Perry if you want to join)
• Becoming a Role Model to others (which just comes when people see you making the changes and they want to know how you are getting there)
• Committing to be an inspiration/motivation to others
• Becoming a Beachbody Coach (because that is part of the helping others process)
• Doing my part to give fitness & health back to “my” community near and far
• My personal Journey to Fitness & Health (along with the changes I have committed to in getting there)

The above is quite a chain of events in 6 months time, but one I am happy to share if you want to listen. Funny, but generally I am a pretty private person, and there was a time I would not share this with even my cats, let alone the world. I just thought my transformation journey may be a good rant to start off with. . .

The first leg of my personal journey started in February of this year(2010). I took a good look in the mirror and realized that possibly I was becoming one of those statistics AGAIN. . .I had really let myself slide, like about 40 pounds worth over a 4 year period. I work in a hospital and every day I see many of "those statistics," the people who are obese and in poor health . Personally, I DO NOT want to be this "statistic" and decided that I had better get on my own personal bandwagon and do something about it. Even better, when I announced the start of my journey, Mr. L jumped on-board with me. My very own “chubby buddy” (yeah. . .I stole that from Kirstie Alley, but you have to admit, it IS kind of funny). I have always been a pretty decent self motivator, but found that with him on board, the days I was not motivated, he was. Now we just needed a life long plan to eat healthy and make the same kind of commitment to exercise.

The fact that he was on board made food planning and prep a lot easier. Mr. L is a Junk Food Junkie at heart. I don’t know anyone who eats more candy or sweets. I am surprised that he isn’t 900 pounds with Type II Diabetes. For the most part, I eat healthy, so I knew that the food part would be easy for me, for him I wasn’t so sure. Have you ever noticed, you take away a man’s ice cream, and they immediately lose 10 pounds, while you do everything right, and struggle to drop the 2 or 3??!! He lost 10lbs in the first 3 weeks just by removing the ice cream from the house. Mr. L does not cook unless he has to, so really, eating healthy was a no brainer for him. Just eat what I make. Sounds easy right??!! . . .Well, let me tell you, for him when it comes to the chocolate, it is an entirely different story. I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count the times I have caught him with candy wrappers in his pocket, cookies on his work bench, or a stash of junk in his car since we embarked on this journey. Oh well, he’s made it this far in life, I guess that it hasn’t killed him yet, but would still hate to see a picture of his insides!!! I can just imagine all those bad things clogging up his arteries! When I see this, he just gives me a guilty look, but we both know, he won’t let go of it, so it’s a choice I have to let him make without being critical. Of course, wouldn’t you know it, 4 ½ months later, and he is still about 10 pounds ahead of me on the weight loss journey, and 10 pounds in-site of his goal. I, on the other hand try to avoid the stuff like it’s the plague, my big butt continues to follow, and I have another 25lbs to go give or take a few. I guess all he needed was a little exercise. I have to work a lot harder.

Tackling the exercise part was an entirely different deal in itself. We are both active, and like to hike, scuba dive, dig in the dirt looking for gold and rocks, ride motorcycles etc. Of course, this obviously isn’t enough activity since working for a living gets in the way of our fun, and this kind of recreation only happens about twice or three times a week. I had to figure it out. How would we go about this and stay motivated knowing this needed to be a lifelong commitment?
Over the last few years, we have tried several options. We bought a Wii Fit (not intense enough) but fun and if you are at all competitive, it makes for a good laugh at who can out-do whom. You can make the exercises more intense, it has “free run(s)” and that sort of thing, but really how do you stay totally motivated running in place in front of the television, while your self created little Mii version of yourself runs on a tropical island?? It’s cute, but not over and over for a lifetime. I bought a new bike, it’s great and I love it, but even though you can buy studded snow tires for a bike, you really don’t want to ride it around in the snow during the winter. So that is part of the “seasonal plan” only. Snowshoeing in the winter is a good option, but if you have circulation issues in your toes like I do, it’s not the best! We tried a small 24 hour gym called SNAP. That went well for maybe a month, but then the excuses started coming. . .”it’s too late at night”. . .”there are too many people at this time”. . .”there isn’t enough room to use these free weights”. . .”I just got tripped over AGAIN trying to do some abdominal exercises on the floor”. The excuses became endless! I personally have always been a gym rat, and although I love gyms, I knew that a big box gym like Oz or 24 hour fitness were out of the question. I have spent many an hour in the gym exercising in the past, gyms are great, but I also know how it always ends up. It goes good at first, but the longer you go there, and the more people get to know you, each trip to the gym suddenly becomes a 3 hour social gathering with another 45 minutes of work out time. I love people, but I am there to exercise, not socialize!!! At one point, I even tried to do an “all club membership” with the same gym chain, working out at one for one month, another for a different month, rotating through all 5, hoping by 5 months time, people would forget, but even then, people get to know you and the social hours (note plural) happen and it becomes a bust again. That actually was almost worse, because people don’t forget you, and when they see you back at it after 4 or 5 months, they want to catch up which tends to take even longer than your 3 hours and 45 minutes to do so, the month suddenly up with all that catch up and you are right back in that viscous cycle again at a new place. BAD PLAN once again MARIE!

As I sat there thinking how to solve my question, I suddenly had a flash back to an earlier time in my life when, when I had had a rough time personally, and had gotten very lazy and depressed. I would get up and go to work, but the rest of my time was consumed by sleeping, eating and laying around on my couch feeling sorry for myself. This became a voracious circle for about 1 entire year before I woke up from my stupor. One of my dear friends was having a “bachelorette” party for her cousin, and kept telling me I had to go. Although I did not want to go, I knew I had to humor her. I did go, and somewhere during the course of the night, a camera caught me on film. You know. . .the old saying “a picture speaks a thousands words” is totally true! I saw one picture of myself and about fell over. What had I done to myself??!! That entire day, my head spun out of control, beating myself up mentally, swearing at myself and everything else I could say or do, every bit of negative self talk traveled through my head that day. I was so angry, at 11pm when I went to bed, I could not sleep, my mind kept flashing back to that picture. That ugly purple shirt from the picture, telling me the same story over and over, finally at 3:30am, I got up and turned on the TV to get my mind off it knowing there was no sleeping in my near future. I was flipping through the channels, when I stopped on something that caught my attention. A wild & funny guy, going on about making excuses, eating right, exercising, no magic pills or cures and going on about some 90 Day In-Home boot camp. He looked good, and suddenly, something clicked inside me, he was preaching to the choir and I was that choir. I had to have his program. The next thing I knew, I was on the phone ordering up a workout from an infomercial. That is when my eye’s actually opened, and like magic and a true “transformation” started inside me. I was questioning it, was Beachbody sending subliminal signals through the air waves??!! The guy in the infomercial was Tony Horton, my NOW personal hero, promoting his home boot camp - P0wer 90. I was going to try this, after all, it was only 90 days, that isn’t very long is it?? Not to mention, it had an unconditional guarantee, you could return it for a full refund it if wasn’t for you. I decided to do a search on the internet for this product while I was waiting for it to arrive. What I found was something that I had never seen before. They had set up an entire support community, where you could set up a profile, buddy up with people doing the same thing, there were message boards where you could find answers to your questions and even share your success, frustrations and before and after pictures. I thought it was all a little strange, and definitely something I would never do. Get on their boards and post, or even put a picture of myself up on a profile, for all to see??!! Yeah right! I did start lurking on those boards and following a thread about a “Crazy Moose Lady.” This amazing girl named Heather was heading up this thread. There were quite a few people on this board of hers, her enthusiasm was catchy. I continued to lurk, even after I got my Power 90, and was inspired by these people each and every day. It was like some sort of drug, and I was suddenly and addict. Power90 was tough at first, and I really thought the Power yoga was going to kill me, but I kept it up. 3 weeks in, I had lost 15 pounds. WHAT???!! How is that possible? I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited, and since I don’t really like to share my personal life with even those I love the most, I had to tell someone. Guess where the info went, not to my best friend, or my mother or my sister, but on the “Crazy Moose Lady’s” thread of course! I couldn’t believe the reception I got from these folks, it was insane. Talk about feeling even more motivated. Well, that is when I realized, the people on the other end of the message boards, and my computer were real, sharing the same struggles and desires, they were all on the same journey with me. Next thing I knew, I started speaking out on the boards doing what we called a roll call. I have since left that particular thread, but remain friends with some very special people from the boards, that I am still friends with today. Every once in awhile I go to the boards there and post a comment or two, because maybe that one post will help someone or motivate someone else that otherwise hadn’t been. By the end of my 90 Days with Power 90, I had lost 45 pounds AND regained my life. My lifestyle was suddenly an active one, and a year after Power 90, I was 65 pounds less. I never looked back. I do realize now, life doesn’t always go the way you think it should, and life happens, things happen, and sometimes life gets in the way. There will be chain of events that get you off track, but even today, after letting myself slide 40 pounds like I have, I am still very active, so knew that getting back to daily exercise was not going to be that tough at all. It would just be dropping the weight and unhealthy habits that would be the challenge. My question then turned to WHAT and HOW can I get back on track???!!! (I kind of got a little A D D there didn’t I???!!!) Anyway, that is where this flash back faded back in! I went to the Beachbody website and looked over their current offerings. I knew I needed a program that I could do, that would provide me with a good hard work out, but have easy enough modifications that Mr. L could also join in and not be intimidated. At one time, he was a runner, but hadn’t really done any regular physical exercise for about 6 years. In fact, other than our short stints at SNAP, Mr. L had not worked out in this kind of manner a day in his life. That is when I purchased Rev Abs. Like Power 90, Rev Abs is also a 90 day program. 90 days is a perfect length to see good results, but not unreasonably long enough to lose that momentum and fail. 90 days is a perfect amount of time to re-develop those habits that I once had. The day it came in the mail is when our current Transformation started. . .the following Monday, February 22n we got on board with with Brett Hobel and RevAbs. Mr. L & I were finally making our“joint” transformation. We made it through 90 days not missing a day. . .and both got great results. . .I lost 25 pounds, Mr. L 30. . .We both have a lot more energy and can do more push-up and sprawls than we ever could before! It sent me back to my “roots” with the Beachbody community from years ago. It also opened my eyes to the reality that In-home Workouts are MY NICHE and the way for me to go.

There are a lot of benefits to In-home workouts. For example, you can get your work out done, without having to put on make-up or comb your hair (something I would never do at the gym), you can get it started and nearly done by the time you drive to the actual gym and get a program started, nobody can see you mastering a new move, or tripping over yourself, or bonking on a bad day, you can scream out your ‘Rev Calls” (currently – as is my case) or say an “Anthem” and nobody will hear you and wonder what kind of drugs you are on. The list just goes on and on. . .

I found my NICHE. . .my only question to you is WHAT IS YOURS? How are you going to live a fit and healthy life? How are you going to help conquer this problem of Obesity in America? I hope that you will get on board and do something, if you need some help on the way, look me up, I am there to do what I can. (did you actually make it to then end of this entry? Wow! I can tell you, You do have the drive it takes to make it where you want to go!)

Stay Tuned for Installment #2 (hopefully it won’t be as lengthy of a rant.). . .