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Six months smoke-free!!! YAAAAAY!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Time Smoke-Free: 6 months
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 2733
Lifetime Saved: 1 week 2 days 11 hrs 45 mins
Money Saved: 1018.04 (I really would love to know where that money went!!!)


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SQUIRTZIE 8/7/2008 1:01PM

    The money sure goes doesn't it? I haven't smoked for 30 years--where is all that money??
Congrats on the 6 months. That is quite an achievement now days.

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SJENN4 8/6/2008 12:42PM

    Congrats on 6 months. I hit my six months on June 22. Its amazing how much better I feel! Keep up the great job!

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SQUISHEDFAIRY 8/6/2008 11:27AM

    Congratulations! I know how hard it can be to break that habit, as of today I've been smoke free for 2 years 2 months. Keep up the good work. emoticon

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CHERI13 8/6/2008 10:55AM

    I didn't realize you just posted YOUR stats! LOL

Way to go sister friend! YOU ROCK!!! emoticon

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ANNFOWLER 8/6/2008 8:05AM

    Way to go!!! emoticon

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CHELLETRINA 8/6/2008 7:22AM

    I don't know where the money went either, but YAY you!

Well done and please tell me how you did it?


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5 months without a cig! YAAAAAY!!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

WOO HOO! Another month down - smoke free for 5 months! emoticon

That equates to:-

Smokefree for: 151 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 1812
Money Saved: 677.95 (still not jangling around in my pocket)

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STARR2806 7/9/2008 9:10PM

    Great job Maria!

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JAKELOVER 7/6/2008 11:27PM

    Congrats! That is such great news.

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SKISINCO 7/6/2008 12:12PM

    Woohoo! Happy quitaversary, that is fantastic!

BTW, I reposted some of your earlier posts in a new forum in the NMS team, hope you don't mind...

Have a great day!


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TLOVESB 7/6/2008 9:44AM

Five months is awesome!!!! emoticon
I quit about two months ago, but smoked three about a week ago when I was in a bad mood about something. Fortunately, they just made me feel sick and didn't improve my mood so I haven't been tempted again emoticon

Keep up the good work!!!

What part of Ireland are you from? If I could ever afford it, some day I'd love to do a cycling tour of Ireland and see your beautiful country.

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I've been 4 months without a ciggie!

Friday, June 06, 2008

WOO HOO! Smoke free for 4 months!

That equates to:-

5 days of my life saved
542.36 extra in my pocked (huh?)
1,456 cigarettes not smoked

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CATCHRISTA50 7/2/2008 8:53PM

    Congratulations. I quit in 1991. Best thing I ever did for myself. It makes life so much better. There are not many places that allow you to smoke anyway. After a while you will find that the smell makes you almost sick, it really stinks, I never realized I smelled like that. lol But, I grew up in a house where my Dad smoked and most of my brothers and one sister did. Now everyone has quit except for my older sister. Again, congratulations. It takes a lot of courage to quit. YEA for you. emoticon emoticon

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INNERPUPPIE 6/16/2008 6:32PM

    Give yourself a HUGE HUG! I gave up smoking 18 months ago after 40 years of lighting up. It was my first quit and my last. One thing to remember, never, ever take one puff, ever again. Former smokers are all just one puff away from becoming a full-fledged smoker all over again.

Believe it or not, one of the reasons I gave up smoking was for my kitties and dogs. One day I saw smoke go into the face of my kitty, Camille, and I finally realized that I was killing my darling animals.

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CHERI13 6/8/2008 12:27AM

    emoticon You are awesome my friend!

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JOANNEBROWN21 6/6/2008 9:31AM

    Great Job! I know the battle you have fought, I am 10 years free of smoke. emoticon emoticon

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DONANDMARY77 6/6/2008 9:22AM

    Love the sweet kitten photo!!!! Congratulations on the new lease on life. You should keep track of the money you saved during the year and spend it on a special treat that you truely deserve.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Mary

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    emoticon Your doing great keep going girl you can do it. Good luck and God Bless Starr

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How to motivate yourself to exercise

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

(1) Have fun. If you hate running, don't go to the track for exercise. Find something you like. The list of different kinds of exercises are nearly endless. The only really important thing is to get your body moving and your heart rate up.

(2) Be A Kid Again! Not sure what would be fun? Think about what you enjoyed as a young child. For instance, if you loved Little League, find a softball league in your area. If you spent hours in the pool, maybe you'd enjoy water aerobics, water polo, or join a Master's swimming league.

(3) Live the Dream Do you have things you always wanted to try, or accomplish, but never got around to it? Make a list of things you would like to do: Ice-skate backwards, win a fencing match, study karate, ballroom dance, and so on. Even if you are not physically ready to do it, consider it. You might not be yet be ready to run the Boston Marathon, but you can start walking, and have that can ultimately be a goal.

(4) Don't be afraid to look stupid. Imagine you have two friends: one who always says: "You're doing it wrong. You look like an idiot," and one who says "Keep it up, you're awesome, you're doing fine!" Which one really wants you to succeed? Listen to the positive voices, not the negative ones.

(5) Change it up. Even if you have a routine you enjoy, mix it up from time to time. Try entirely different exercises. You can check out a tape at the library and try yoga or kick boxing for an afternoon. This will not only keep you interested, it will break your muscles out of their routine and help produce better results.

(6) Make an appointment. For many people, going to a class or seeing a trainer at a certain time is helpful. Even if you exercise alone, make an appointment with yourself. Write on your calendar "8:00 run in park for thirty minutes"

(7) Get a buddy. Exercising with a friend introduces a positive kind of peer pressure. You will be more likely to go to the gym if you know someone is waiting there for you. Talking and laughing while exercising will also keep you from being bored. If you really don't want to exercise with anyone, you can have an indirect support group, simply by talking with your friends about your fitness goals, or by joining a group (such as TOPS or Weight Watchers) either in real life, or on the Internet.

(8) Pay Up Front. Don't go overboard, but if you can pay for an exercise class one at a time or in a block, pay for the entire block. Buy a nice ski helmet. Knowing that you will be wasting money if you don't show up or use the equipment may motivate you.

(9) Get appropriate clothing. If you don't have the appropriate clothes for the excercise, it can be irritating, uncomfortable, frustrating, or even unsafe. If you exercise outside after dusk, be sure you have reflective clothing to prevent traffic accidents. Also be sure the clothing looks nice; if you don't like the way your clothing looks, you may feel uncomfortable, and less likely to exercise.

(10) Pack Ahead of Time: An iPod, athletic shoes, a towel... whatever. Walking around the house trying to find stuff is a good time to lose your resolve. Put everything together in your gym bag. When you finish working out, take out things that need to be laundered and replace them immediately.

(11) Have Patience. Real change takes about 6-8 weeks to be seen and become an actual habit. After this amount of time, the routine often becomes easier.

(12) Use Visual Cues. It may help you to have a visual reminder of what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to get back to the size you were when you got married, put a picture of yourself on your honeymoon in your wallet. If you are trying to be healthier for your grandkids, put a picture of them in your gym bag.

(13) Have a Goal. What do you want to achieve? Make it specific, make it meaningful, make it obtainable. Be sure to have short-term benchmarks along the way. It's OK to change your goals if the original plan doesn't work, but have a goal. Regularly evaluate how you are doing on your goals.

(14) Join a Team. This combines several of the above principles. If you can find a sport you enjoy, you may find working out very easy.

(15) Bring Your Dog. Dogs need exercise, socialization, and fun by exercising as much as you do. Make regular time for walking your furry friend, and you will both benefit. In time, your dog might start begging for walks--something a treadmill will never do! (Do not buy a dog specifically to use as an "exercise machine", however, as ownership is a great responsibility.)

(16) Reward Yourself. Have a healthy reward when you reach a goal. Buy yourself that cute pair of bike shorts. Go for a weekend hiking trip, ski holiday or Hawaiian SCUBA diving trip. Soak in the sauna for your "workout" that day. Buy a new yoga video. Whatever works for you to celebrate in line with your healthy lifestyle!

(17) 'Music'. Listen to music that will get you pumped and want keep on working out.

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JAKELOVER 6/5/2008 12:02AM

    Some great suggestions. I too agree with the making it fun. I have Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Fit because I need to have fun.

I pay for hot yoga classes in sets of 3 and make my friend do it too so that we will go since we don't want to waste our money.

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How to Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Choose nonfat milk, avoid cheese and butter (or margarine with trans fat) most of the time, and eat plenty of lean meat. Saturated fat is very bad for your heart.

Get plenty of protein, but limit your meat intake. Eat only lean meat (preferably white meat). The FDA recommends 0-2 servings of meat per day. It's best to gain protein from beans and nuts. Unless you are on an intensive workout routine, you should probably be eating about a gram of protein for every pound you weigh in order to maintain your weight.

You should keep in mind that losing weight shouldn't be something that a person tries to do fast; take your time. Exercise can speed up the process, but don't come up with an exercise plan that you'll realistically never be able to maintain. The same applies to changing the way that you eat: think sensibly about it. It is healthier to be overweight than to have your weight constantly fluctuating. Be sure to make decisions which you can stick to.

You are basically going to train your body to like the way that you eat, and in time you will appreciate that you made the changes, for you'll feel heathier, too.

Never let yourself get so hungry that you want to eat everything: grab some unsalted nuts or a banana or an apple. You are not obligated to eat a big lunch, and it is probably best that you don't. Eating will often make people want to take a nap, but this is not the main reason for not eating a big lunch; the main reason is to start training your mind and body to think differently about food.

Program yourself to think of a real meal as something with protein, fruits, and vegetables.

If you just have to have bread with your meal, try having whole wheat. Other grains are also profitable. Some other grains that are useful include millet, barley, and buckwheat. Sprouted wheat is also a good source of protein.

If you are feeling a little drained or you're just wanting a fast pick me up, have a tablespoon or two of (reduced fat) peanut butter.

Keep in mind that the FDA recommends no more than 10 teaspoons of sugar daily. 10 teaspoons of sugar weighs roughly 40 g. The average American consumes well over 20 teaspoons per day. Try to avoid high sugar foods. If you need sugars, try less refined sugars such as unrefined sugar, turbinado, and organic honey.

Make time to eat. Eating slowly aids digestion and the absorption of vitamins. Do your best to make time to sit down and eat your food slowly. Savor it. Even when eating healthy, take the time to enjoy it. On top of making you happy, this will give your body time to break it down more fully.

Avoid fast food whenever possible.

Drink plenty of water. On top of keeping you hydrated, it flushes toxins out of your system.


Learn to cut your sandwich in half and then cut each half in half (making small "finger sandwiches"). You'll find that you may only eat three of them instead of the entire sandwich. Eat slowly and chew.

Keep your skin in mind, for you don't want to lose the elasticity of your skin. It is your skin that keeps you looking young; don't try to lose the extra pounds too fast.

You should look at depriving yourself as a positive thing; balancing and monitoring your diet is something time you may wonder why you didn't make a change sooner.

Have you ever been out to a restaurant and eaten, and later started having your fingers swell and you just didn't feel quite right? You may have taken in too much sodium. It is hard to get around the sodium when you are eating out, since a lot of food is already pre-mixed at restaurants, such as Guacamole, Dip, etc. The best thing to do is drink lots of water: you'll feel better in no time at all.

Use moderation in developing an eating and exercise plan that works for you. Keep in mind that too much of anything, even of good things, can often have a negative impact on you: stick with using moderation.

Every once in a great while, treat yourself to something special, like when you are out having lunch with someone. Have a chocolate milkshake or maybe a large hot fudge sundae (with two spoons) to share with your friend or family member. Again, eat in moderation.

Take your time on losing weight, and just stick with a good program... work towards maintaining your weight as you lose. Your goal should be more towards good health; plus, it is nice to look good in your clothes.

Drinking water is good for you, so why not drink some before eating? It may fill you up, so you won't overeat.

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JLITT62 6/4/2008 12:32PM

    I particularly like the one about cutting your sandwich into quarters . . . I don't often do sandwiches, but I'll keep it in mind when I do!

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