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C25K May 1

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My run(s)...
I realized when I was running this morning that I never posted last Thursdays run... I didn't run on Sunday. I wanted to be lazy. And I didn't feel well. And I had new slippers. So there.

My run this morning took me on the same route as my Thursday run except I added a block. Thursday was 27 minutes and today was 28. I have two more runs until I'm up to 30 minutes. I'm pretty stoked.

I decided on a new route because I was tired of running the same circles around the park and just running downtown isn't really an option because, well, I can run all the way through downtown and back and it isn't a long enough route. I used mapmyrun to come up with a good alternative. I have a bit of a hill to go up to get to the main part of the run, but since I have to do a walking warm up anyway I figured I'd walk up the hill and run the flats. Except it wasn't all flat. Which I knew since my friends live in the neigborhood and their house is a gazillion feet above the sidewalk in front of it (Hi, Shelly!) Still, up wasn't so bad, it was mostly down hill.

There were a lot of really nice houses. For sale. Made me wish the market didn't suck. Then again, that's probably why there are a lot of really nice houses. On Thursday there was one house that had this really cute little dog statue. I couldn't figure out why they'd put it in the center of their driveway. And why it was wearing a shock collar. Then it went, "wuff", I jumped a bit and picked up the pace. It just sat there unmoving. Except for the eyes. I half expected to see it there today as well. It wasn't.

I'm still feeling pretty good with my runs. I have discovered that the first few minutes of the run are the hardest. Once I get past them, I'm OK. I keep thinking "why am doing this?" Why? BECAUSE I CAN! And then I'm off.


Happy Birthday to me... C25K April 24

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ran for 26 min straight. Best birthday present I could have given myself.

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JUNA89 5/3/2012 1:03AM

    emoticonHappy Birthday too!!!! emoticon

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MOTIVATED@LAST 5/3/2012 12:24AM

    26 minutes? Great work!

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C25K April 22

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Timed just the run portion of my training. 13'39"/mile. :) Didn't finish today. Forgot my water. Cut final run by 2 min. :(

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My run yesterday...
I posted a little blurb about it yesterday, but didn't really go into much detail. I was so excited about how well my runs had been going that I let me kick myself around for my "failed" run yesterday.
I was thinking about it today. I didn't have a failed run. Did it go as I expected? No. Was it my best? No. And more importantly, was it my worst? Well, if you consider that I never used to run, that answer is a resounding NO!
I learned yesterday, too. So there was a win. I need to remember to keep hydrated and eat well the day before my run. I can't really eat anything right before I run, so I need to make sure I have been well fed and watered the day before.
It was a rough run. I thought about turning back before I actually did. The last few minutes were rough. I swear I could have been walking faster than I was running, but in total I ran for 22 minutes with a three minute break. That's more running than I've ever done at one go.
So, there. Nobody can take that away from me. Especially me


C25K April 19

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My favorite update:

My morning run...
Holy crap. I ran for 20 mins. Without stopping. That is all.


C25K April 17

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My morning run.
How to describe...
I missed last weeks run due to a cold turned sinus infection. I was mad at the time because I was REALLY looking forward to my Easter run of my first 2 9 minute runs in 1 session.
I was lying in bed this morning trying to decide if I wanted to do Week 5 over again or just dive in to week 6. Not to mention the weather. It was 32 degrees so I kind of figured I'd run inside. I hemmed and hawed about the run. At one point I thought, "Well, I could try week 6 and if I can't do it. I'll walk... Wait... Um. No... If I'm doing this... I'm going all the way... Wait... Um... What do you mean 'if'... You're doing this!"
And I ran. Boy, did I run.
There wasn't a lot to it as far as "observing" things. It was a track. I ran in circles. I need a new music playlist. 80's music is great to walk through, but it's hard getting up to speed to Depeche Mode and Berlin. (Yes, I was *that* 80's girl.) At one point there were a couple of other people on the track. I never once had to do the "deep breathing" technique. I never once thought "I'm not going to make it." For my Group Power Friends, I had elbow sweat. I bought running pants a couple of weeks ago. They were... slippery... I had no pain in my shins. At the end of both of the 9 minutes segments I thought, "Oh... OK then. I guess I'll walk now." Even though I *really* didn't want to.
So, yes, I have reached the point at which I think to myself, "I don't believe I didn't think I could run for 6 minutes."
I'm also in a little bit of awe that people are actually being inspired by my little experiment in running. Not to mention a little bit of awe that I'm actually doing it and enjoying it. I'm not the fastest. I'm not the best. But I'm doing it. I'm trying to figure out how I got here and I honestly don't know. This wasn't my goal. My goal was to increase my activity. It has bloomed into so much more. So much I could have never imagined. Not in my wildest dreams.
The whiskey is starting to kick in, so I'll end now before this turns into a giant "emmy-like" speech. Just a quick thank you to all of you that have provided me support and encouragement along the journey.


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