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Bad News and Good News

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Actually, really, it's all good...because God is good (all the time!)

I've been overweight a long time, and have worked at jobs where I've been on my feet for long hours. As a result, there has been considerable deterioration of the cartilage in my knees and hips - right hip especially, followed by left knee, with the other sides following in their own time.

So I'd been going to an "orthopod", I've gotten a prescription for Meloxicam to ease the inflammation, had an ultrasonically guided injection (which relieved me for all of a month) - and so I was honestly looking to have hip surgery at the start of summer vacation.

So today I went to the orthopod to see about setting up a date for surgery. "ANy questions?" he asked.

Well, there was one are of concern. I have had this metal allergy - can't wear anything metal, it makes me break out in a rash. I found out about it when I had my ears piercd as a teenager, and getting reactions whenever I wore earrings. Even after I got married, I would have to remove my ring now and then, till finally I just stopped wearing it. Forget any kind of jewelry with metal. Even a snap on pants, if it's against my skin, I itch. After one C-section they used staples to close me up - and as I started itching and a rash began to break out they quickly changed to another form of closure.

So I wondered to my orthopod if this would be a problem for metal on the INSIDE.

Oh, yeah. Yes, definitely. And he told me they do have a ceramic COATED metal hip, which isn't used as often and of course there's always the risk of breaking or cracking, and infection and all...He said they could run a test - which of course insurance doesn't cover, and it runs about 400 bucks, and it may not be totally reliable, to determine what metals and to what extent...

Well, anyway, I guess hip replacement (AND knee) is not in the immediate future after all. Perhaps some years down the line the technology and materials will be developed for folks like me. But for now, I think it is not worth the risk of developing all kinds of problems.

Which is all the more reason why I need to get this weight down and to keep as active as possible.

Now, when I've told my friends in Peru about hip surgery, I've been saying, "PROBABLY" and "there's a great possibility" that I'd have it. I also added, "Of course, the Lord could just heal me, restore the cartilage to my joints" although I added, "but because I have the resources it is not so necessary." But what do you know - I have the resources, but my body chemistry won't allow it.

So...I'll be switching gears over summer vacation. Still won't go to Peru - I'll wait till next year. And I'll be praying. And trusting. Because even though it SEEMS like bad news...God knows how He made me. He knows the plans He has for me. If He restores the cartilage, you can bet I'll do a Happy Dance and a Holy Ghost Hop. If He allows me to continue with degeneration at the joints - well - I may not be able to dance so well, but I'll still praise Him, because I know He's good. Whatever He sends my way - He is worthy of praise.

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BARBANNA 4/13/2013 5:30PM


Hi! Just a shout out to congratulate you!

-You are the recipient of the Beautiful Woman Award!!

"Once you've been given this award, you have to paste it on the page of 8 women who deserve it. If you receive more than 3, you know you're really beautiful! If you break the chain, nothing will happen, but it's always good to know someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out!"

Again, Congratulations Beautiful!

Thanks for spreading a little beauty, love, friendship, and so much sunshine into my life!


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BARBANNA 4/12/2013 2:45PM

    I am praying your hip and knees will get better with weight reduction and low impact exercise. If you ask any surgeon about repaired anything they will recommend surgery. There are many other options. God has works wonders for many people. I am a therapist and I have witnessed them every day! Keep your faith! Surgery is much easier but on the long run you will be better if you take a conservative approach. This is just my advice without all the facts and a little medical knowledge.
Very best wishes! emoticon

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HONDURASDONNA 4/12/2013 11:55AM

    Wow, glad God brought that question to mind and you were able to ask before the surgery could cause problems! Thank the Lord.

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AMANDILANE 4/12/2013 10:41AM

    Your confidence in the Lord is inspiring to me. God has a great work for you to do, wherever you are- in Peru or your present location.

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KINEPS 4/11/2013 11:09PM

    I'd like to share the statement my surgeon said to me after my first knee replacement ......

"You no longer have arthritis in your knee, the replacement is good, and gives you mobility, but it will never be the same as what God created."

'Nuff said!

Good luck -- I'll pray for that miracle for you ...... and if you get it - I'd like to see a video of you doing the Happy Dance and the Holy Ghost Hop!!


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COLLEENROSTE 4/11/2013 9:39PM

    Shel, I am so glad you spoke up- degenerative cartilege is not a happy thing (my knees are stage 4 - ie they look like crab meat)Reacting to an artificial joint would be so much worse. We are lucky to have resources here on earth to help us through, but so much more fortunate to be King's kids- God has our best at heart, and no matter what the journey on earth is like HEAVEN WILL BE BETTER emoticon

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PATRICIAAK 4/11/2013 8:51PM

    PTL! God is good in all things!

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MCFITZ2 4/11/2013 7:07PM

    Grateful you were aware of your allergy and did not find out after hip surgery.
Will warm water ( pool pt or workouts) be an option for you? All the best.

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JODIRICHARDS 4/11/2013 6:45PM

    WOW, PTL the thought of the metal allergy before the procedure not when you were in pain after with bigger bills to deal with it. We'll pray the Great Physician does what is best and you continue to grow in your relationship with Him! emoticon

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One of my SparkBuddies (COLLEENROSTE) mentioned that she has a 3-item to-do list, and a 3-itme fitness list. I thought - what a great idea! So during the last part of my work day, not having any students, I finagled a list. I figure the 3 fitness items would be IN ADDITION to what I do in the morning - something I can do in the afternoon. One fitness item would be, after digging out my ball and pumping it up, sitting on it at the computer to improve my balance. Some fitness would be combined with the other items - heavy cleaning bits. And other fitness items would be some of the recommended pre-surgery exercises, to strengthen the lower muscles for easier recovery after my anticipated hip surgery.
So today, I WAS going to lug the bag of trash from the attic - it had some chunks of drywall and stuff - but I wasn't too sure I'd be able to. So my DSIL did THAT. So I had to come up with another thing right quick. Well, I went into my bedroom closet and pulled out stuff that was either over-sized or under-sized that I wasn't likely to be wearing. I filled two big bags (that is to say, filled them to a manageable weight). Okay, that was ONE item. I decided I'd take 'em out and put 'em in the back of the van for the next time I am out and about - like tomorrow after my appointment - to drop them off in the drop-off bin at a local church. There! That's TWO items! And the third for today was to go in the basement and gather and crush and bag all the laundry soap and bleach bottles, and take it out. Yay!

I've plotted ways to break down big jobs into smaller ones, some over a couple of days - 3 items to do per day, fitness bits.

So tonight I'll head to bed a little earlier and do 10-15 reps of 3 of the pre-op exercises.

Thanks for a great idea, Colleen!

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BLONDEE53 4/12/2013 9:29AM

    I like this idea too Shel! Woohoo!

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1PEACEBUNNY 4/11/2013 7:42AM

    This is a really great idea instead of trying to overwhelm yourself with this huge list and simple at that. I might start doing this myself since my old list and way of doing it wasn't working. emoticon

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MCFITZ2 4/10/2013 7:34PM

    Great job.

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PATRICIAAK 4/10/2013 4:43PM


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KNYAGENYA 4/10/2013 4:39PM


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To Market, To Market

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I was reading a blog and someone was describing their market experiences, so of course I took another trip down memory lane and hunted up pix from my Peru (and a few Ecuador) market experiences. So here's my little travel-log!

Iquitos fish market, 03

a sister's fruit market in VES, 06

February 07 - fresh meat? Villa el Salvador (VES) in Lima

Summer 07, view of a market in Requena

a sister's meat market in VES, summer 07

checking out veggies with Sabina and Gaby 08

getting ground meat for sauce, 08

I love the garb, especially the hat, of this woman 08

flowers in Chepen, 11

meat market in Chepen 11

Chiclayo version of PetSMart, 11

assorted seafood, Chiclayo 11

crabs and scallops, Chiclayo 11

man, eating shark, Chiclayo 11

Octopus, Chiclayo 11

Pretty strawberries and my friend Vikki, Chiclayo 11

The tail identifies goat meat

This little piggy went to market, Chiclayo 11

Market scene, Chiclayo 11

Fresh chicken, VES 11

Gabriela makes purchases to spoil her "madrecita" (me) 11

Rochester, NY has a very nice farmers' market, but I love the experiences when I go abroad.

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MCFITZ2 4/9/2013 8:03PM

    Wonderful pictures. We in the states, have removed ourselves from where our food comes from. The thing that struck me was fresh, natural, no additives.
I have some difficulty with the meat aspect. I prefer to not get too close to my meat source. Yes I have fished and done all the baiting and cleaning. Also, one of my grandmothers raised chickens for eggs and meat and I have seen them dispatched, plucked feathers and know how to cut up a bird. Just really prefer not to. I do belong to an organic fruit and vegetable CSA in Trumansburg. Love it.
Thank you for sharing.

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PATRICIAAK 4/9/2013 6:35PM


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"Nina" Has to Show Baby Pix

Sunday, April 07, 2013

When I had my first grandchild over 10 years ago, I was going to be called "Nana" to distinguish me from the other Grandma, but my granddaughter at the age of two decided to call me Nina (Spanish i - like Neena) so as not to confuse me with a BAnana. With the birth of my fifth grandchild on April 1 (3rd grandson) I figured it's time to post some pix of the little beings who put the GRAND in being a grandparent.

With my late DH, DD and first 2 grands, and DS with his DW back in 2007

My DD and fellow sparker aka "Glitterfairy77" with my first two grands, this Easter

My second two grands, the daughter and son of my son

this shot of my grandson Jack looks SO much like my son's childhood pix!

My younger DD at her baby shower

My DSIL calls this "Baby Burrito"

My DD as a new mommy with my latest grandson

I don't care if it IS gas - that sweet little smile just makes me want to eat him up!

I have heard that Grandchildren are our reward for not killing our kids when they were teenagers. Given what I went through with MINE in their adolescence - I'd say I am well rewarded!

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COLLEENROSTE 4/8/2013 2:47AM

    I've been waiting for you to introduce your GRANDS , congratulationson the newest little heart stealer

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PATRICIAAK 4/7/2013 8:01PM

    It's grand to be a grand!
Thanks for sharing their pics.

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Youth Groups

Friday, April 05, 2013

Tonight I'm picking up the student who's come with me to church a few times, to take him to youth group at church. At my previous church, while my son especially was a teen and he was involved, I would take him and stay, and got to know the kids. Like my son, they're all grown, many married with their own kids, but I still hold them fondly in my heart, and the feeling is mutual when we run into each other here or there.

In Lima, Peru, I have also invested time with my host church's youth group, getting to know them over the years. Two of the "boys" (MEN now!) are engaged to be married. I've invested in the youth ministry by buying a drum set, guitar, amps, and mikes - which they use to lead in praise and worship, and which have drawn other young folks from the community.

Cesar and Jhon try out a couple of guitars at the music store

Cesar starts to assemble the drum set

My "kids", Moises on drums, Gaby leading worship, Cesar on guitar

I've bought them matching t-shirts, bandanas, and "baseball" caps, which they've worn when they've done community outreaches.

Abel and I minister wearing the 2008 edition of "Soldado de Bendicion" t-shirt as we minister in Bretaņa

Jhon and I have our Soldado de Bendicion shirts on as we horse around in 2008

I model the 2011 edition of the tee shirt I brought to the youth group

Ruth in a skit is wearing the 2011 edition of "Soldado de Bendicion" tee shirt

So in a way, even though I'm not physically there, I'm participating with them in the work they do. I want to bring them some more new shirts and bandanas when I return next year (God willing), this time a camouflage design. Pastora Sabina says that it gives them a greater sense of unity, identity, and purpose, even boldness to share their faith. I think it's a worthwhile investment!

Meanwhile, TONIGHT, I want to start getting to know the kids in my newer-to-me church. I may even talk to the leader about getting tees for THEM. Hm, there's a thought!

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COLLEENROSTE 4/5/2013 4:30PM

    i know you enjoy blessings everyday because you invest your time, love and faith in the groups and individuals. be strong and encouraged because that investment will always multiply

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KRISTINE99 4/5/2013 4:23PM

    The youth groups look like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Take care, my friend :)

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PATRICIAAK 4/5/2013 2:30PM

    Super investment of time, talent and treasure.

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