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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Abi and I have 3 exercise dvd's - Richard Simmons 60's and 80's Blastoffs, and a "Burn Fat Fast" by someone Austin. 60's is the lowest impact; then 80's; then Burn. So, depending how we're feeling, or what ELSE we've done, we decide which dvd to use, sometimes together, sometimes individually. I'm sure the poodles can't figure out WHAT these humans are doing!Today, since I had no strength exercise to do, i did the Burn. But yesterday with strength I did 80's. Not only that, but after the first 2 songs I restarted to give me an extra 10 of cardio.Well, I sure feel it in my thighs this morning! But I noticed, my claves feel firmer! Woo-hoo!


Joining the Community Team

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Was checking out spark points, and decided I'd look into this. So, I copy pasted the requirements here for a reminder for myself. Hopefully I'll continue to have ENOUGH spare time at work to maintain membership!

We have a change coming that I wanted to let you know about. The requirements for being on the CT are going to be changing slightly soon, and I wanted to give you a breakdown of the details. Here will be the new requirements:

1. You must be a member of the site for at least 3 months to join (down from 6).
2. Greet at least 3 new members in the Introduce Yourself forum each week (same as before).
3. Start and post in your SparkPage blog at least once a week (which will replace the Community Journal requirement). The reason for this is that we hope to phase out the Journals at some point and have people just post in their blogs. That doesn't mean you will lose any info in your Journal, just that you wouldn't actively post in it anymore.
4. Post in someone else's SparkPage blog or leave a comment on their SparkPage at least once a week.
5. Make 5 other posts per week on the Message Boards (in any forum except the Game Room).

---So far I've already done a bunch of blogs on others' pages just today, and I manage at least 5 on the boards per DAY.So all I really gotta do is go to the Intro forum; that's the only thing different.



Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I can be adventurous, which is probably why I make it as a missionary...
I already tried alligator (Italian sausage at an art festival here in Rochester) but I had it a different way inPeru. There is a large, tasty fish there called Paiche, and they jokingly called the alligator COLOMBIAN paiche (for the person who is leary of trying alligator) was prepared with just a tad too much salt for MY taste, but other than that it was good, a cross in texture between pork and fish, mild flavor.
The most exotic thing I had while in Peru was CUY, which is a name based on the sound it makes. Up here, they're known as GUINEA PIGS. Yes, cute little guinea pigs! I knew what it was when I saw the paw on my 1/4. It was tasty enough (RRRRIIICOOO! they all assured me) but I couldn't finish due to years of having had them as pets. Next challenge will be Suri - the big grub. DISGUISED WELL. I'll let you know when THAT occurs.


BEEF! and other good foods

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I haven't had real beef in a while - can't count those 2 pathetic burgers I got at Burger King on my way home from buffalo -! And while it is possible to get beef in Peru, they don't really know how to cook it so it's nice and tender (like when Foreman was here, he prepared us bifstek al Peru, and it was kinda tough, though tasty enough) And I know I'll be dining mostly on fish and chicken (plus the pig Foreman said they'll be killing to celebrate my arrival and his son's birth). So Today I had what will probably be my last taste of beef for most of the next 5 weeks. I went about 150 calories over limit, but did extra cardio to compensate. Oh, I may do another spaghetti with meat sauce meal, perhaps a pot roast, for friends and family...but mostly chicken and fish. ANd rice. And platanos. And yucca. AND inexpensive fresh mango, avocado, pineapple - Foreman was astounded at the price of a pineapple in Wegman's, about $4 - for such a price, he said, you could get FIFTEEN pineapples! BUT...we have Peru beat in the dairy department! CHEEEEEEEESE!


the Value in a Good Workout!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Recently I began to add some crunches to my strengthening exercises, especially since for the 3rd week in a row Abi and I managed to sweep and mop the floors! I want to exercise the abs and obliques to help with muscle tone. Well, yesterday was the first time I did the reverse crunches for the lower abs, and by golly I must've done them right because I can feel it today - not BAD but every now and then a twinge that lets me know they had some work. I should probably print up some exercises and bring the sheets with me to Peru, so IF i have the time to do so I can get some reps in here and there. I will NOT pack any weights, but I'm sure I can find somethng to work with,even if I end up buying a small set for Foreman!(Tho' that's not high priority)


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