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The Value of Encouragement

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I almost gave in again tonight...Earlier today I HAD indulged in pizza and wings at school...Last day of school, and I figured it may also be the last time I GET p&w because I shan't be having any while in Peru. Well, I'll be having CHICKEN to be sure! But no BUFFALO wings! I did enter what I consumed, and of course due to the heavy fat, it put me over. And coming home from work at night I wanted SO much to go ahead and EAT something - another meal? some chocolate? just CHOW DOWN! But Abi was up at the computer, and I told her "I want to EAT!" and she said "NO, YOU CAN'T!" and said SHE wanted to eat a sleeve of fig newtons but was resisting. So I told her I was glad she was there, else I would surely have yielded. And she told me likewise - had I not come home when I did, SHE would have indulged.
So...I got on the bike and did a couple of extra minutes.


the Value of Self Control 2

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Learning to eat right and stay fit is tied in with self control...and I have to rejoice because today i see some fruit of that, for I weighed in at 232 - thiry pounds from when I started. And I'm sure I'll drop those other 2 pounds in time to make it an even 20 from when my Peruvian friends last saw me at 250 pounds in '04. Whee!


the Value of Self-Control

Monday, June 05, 2006

It occured to me not long ago that those things I list as values are quite often the fruits of the Spirit.I think one can even put stewardship in the category of self-control, because one controls personal desires in favor of long term goals and responsibilities.
Self control is so necessary in "dieting"...being able to say "No, thank you...I've had enough"...being able to deny the tongue when the body has taken in enough nutrients.
Not that I excercised it yesterday. Turkey skin! crisp, mmm! Knowing it's mostly fat...some 500 calories...BUT, it's so seldom that we roast a I allowed the one splurge.


the Belief in the LORDSHIP of Jesus ALL things

Saturday, June 03, 2006

AKA, doing all things as unto the Lord...including weight loss, not for the sake of losing weight as much as being a good steward of this temple we're given, and learning healthy habits...It's because He is Lord in EVERY area of my life, not "just on Sundays,Lord" - He's day in, day out, 24-7, LORD, with every right to direct every step, every breath, every thought, word, and action...Not that I am always obedient - alas! But for that reason I need the Savior, and Father in His goodness provided just what I needed.
I was reviewing entries, when I noticed in the corner it said this was to record my weight progress. HAHAHAHA Okay, well, I'll give a little on that. I've been with Spark for a full 8 weeks now I think...Just finishing up the 2nd stage. I started at 262 pounds, and I am at 234 now - 28 pounds! Not too shabby, and I know Spark has helped immensely with all the resources - the tracking, the articles, and also the encouraging message boards. But it helped that I was ready at this time...May God help me to persevere (another value: perseverance!)



Friday, June 02, 2006

Now commonly known as PATIENCE...but I think LONGSUFFERING is a better word. One suffers for a long time...endures pain for a long time...and yet can be kind, through the love of God shed abroad in our hearts. The trial of suffering is also capable of making us bitter - we have a choice as to how we shall respond to suffering. Bitterness cries out "why me?" as though we deserve better (when He who deserved best suffered most!) but faith declares that "God is for me" even in the midst of the suffering. By faith we can know that He can use even this for our good and His glory. Longsuffering is one of the fires God uses to purify the gold of our faith. In time as we mature, we can say like the Psalmist "It is good that I have been afflicted". We are His, He is love, He is good...we can trust Him . And we are also created in His image, and He is the epitome of Longsuffering. In Hebrew, literally "erech afim" "long nostrils". One would think I would have learned that when I took Hebrew, but not so. There was a wonderful Baptist pastor, Earl Cook, in my early years in Christ, who taught about that...(I DID correct his pronunciation) he gave the illustration of how when we are trying to be patient, we let out a long breath through our nostrils...and our very patient God has VERY long nostrils indeed, as He sighs and waits for us to respond with maturity!
He suffers long on our behalf, waiting for us to learn our lessons.If He can be patient with US...shall we ot also be patient with others...AND ourselves?


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