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Bats and Breads

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Believe it or not, it got pretty chilly last night - Levi hogged the blanket, so I covered myself with my sweater.Yesterday morning Levi and I got ingredients for pizza. Today was a busy day! This morning, I got up around 7 and joined Papito on his walk. By the time we got back to the house after a half hour, Levi and Mama were already elbow deep in dough. We made 3 pizzas and then Ma made 2 pans of sweet rolls. Levi had orders from 8 people, but sold all 16 slices from the first two pizzas, and may sell the other 7 (I had to try a slice - ground beef with bits of ham and red pepper - and stuffed crust- esquisito!)tonight. Someone from the health department came by to check on mosquito breeding grounds - dengue is a dangerous possibility, so she made sure there was no standing water on the property. We have a mosquetero at night, and while I did bring repellent, the skeeters here don't seem to like foreign food. Plus there are cute little lizards, toads, and bats to eat the bugs. One bat fumbled into the house the other night and seemed desparate to get out - poor thing landed exhausted for a moment on top of one of the pots on the stove. But then it found its way out via the back where it wasn't roofed. But I can JUST IMAGINE some readers, not JUST females, shrieking about it.
Well, I'm here at the internet to do a search for a pastor that Levi knew in Iquitos - anyone who can help us hook up to Robert Schadler of Benton Harbor, Michigan, 'twould be appreciated. He'd been very encouraging to Levi and had spoken to him of coming to the States, ministering in music, but circumstances didn't allow at the time. Levi gave his "manchita" Foreman a call to see if he knew the pastor's last name, because, Levi didn't remember it. With internet, I am confident they'll re-connect. Trouble right now is slow connections!
The fishmonger was by this morning with Corbina, a kind of bass - we got 2 kilos for 20 soles. Do the math - that's about 4.5 pounds of fresh fish for 8 bucks. Ma fried some up for lunch. Oh, so delicious!
Tomorrow I have to have Ma show me her technique for washing clothes. Josue bought her a washing machine to give some relief to her arthritic hands, but as yet it isn't hooked up. She's been so sweet, washing my stuff, but I really don't want to burden her! Well, I'm still waiting to see if I can get a phone number here...all for now.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 7/13/2012 10:14PM

    Sounds like things are happening with you...always something new and different!!! I tried to find Robert Schadler of Benton Harbor, Michigan but didn't have enough information on him.
Blessings and hugs,

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SAGE150 7/11/2012 9:13PM

Darling, are you married now? My goodness what did I miss while I was in Bolivia and Argentina?!


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Sweet Rolls and Pizza

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well, let's see...last post had to do with Saturday night. Sunday I went to Manantial, mounted on the back of Levi's motorcycle. We arrived about 10 minutes into the service, and sat in back among Marita's family. They had a guest speaker, an associate of the other pastors I'd met via Victor. His interpreter lacked experience and flubbed through a couple of places, but none the worse for understan...ding the gist of the teaching about family. Afterwards I went up to introduce myself to my paisano. It had started to rain during the service, so Levi sent me home with nephew Fritz in the motokar. I still managed to get baptized as I entered the house, so I took a shower with soap and shampoo. The temp dropped considerably, and I ended up changing into sweatpants and a turtleneck. Then I thought, AH! That's why the temp drop - I'd put turtlenecks and sweatpants in my carryon, while other clothes were in our dresser drawer, thinking (after all the heat) that I wouldn't need them. We watched a bit of "Cantando en la Lluvia" - hint: Gene Kelly, Deborah Reynolds, Donald O'Connor....The dialog was dubbed in Spanish, but the songs were as they were, and the dancing totally delightful. Later Levi drove me to Marita's, and at Erica's we watched the rest of "Al˝icia en el Pais de Maravillas" (with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter),and then, "Encantada" - and the great thing about THAT movie was that the songs were also in Spanish. We had some good laughs. Levi went home and I spent another night in Kelly's bed, and Monday morning Carlos drove me home. I pretty much chilled - literally. It was overcast and cool - comfortable. A Rochester summer day! Levi isn't starting right away on the new job, but he'd gone for ID stuff. He also got orders for pizza. Oh! Yeah, Mama had made her sweet rolls, and Levi took them to sell. Trouble was, one batch fell on the ground (a sacrifice - we ate it, scraping off the sand); and 2 batches got burned. Not TOO badly. This morning's breakfast - "Do I want sand or carbon?" So she was making more today, and her 2 little ovens pooped out on her (glad I bought a 3rd on Sunday). Well, we got the gas oven going to finish one, and put the other in the new oven...there were 2 more batches to go when Levi brought me here to the internet. Well, yesterday he got orders for pizza too - so this morning we went into the center to pick up some ingredients, and I'll be working on those tomorrow with Mama. While getting ground beef, Levi asked if I wanted to get another cut of meat to make, say, a soup. I suggested,"estofado" (stew - his favorite) and his eyes brightened. So while Mama worked on sweet rolls, I made beef stew. Nice to know I can still cook - Abi does most of it at the house, so sometimes I wonder if I may lose my touch. Nope. Levi's tummy seems to be expanding a bit with his gringa's cooking! Oh, it wasquite cool last night - I wore my sweater, and used a blanket. But at least I was able to sleep at home - Levi finished the bedstead and put the cushions on it. I gave him $ as a deposit on a new mattress so my hip won't grind into the boards. He has back problems too.'ll be nice to have more cushioning.
So, we're getting this micro biz going. I gotta learn how to make Mama's dough. Also have to get more batteries for my camera, as the recharger doesn't work here. Poop. All for now.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 7/10/2012 10:37PM

    What wonderful memories you are creating and can always go back and read your blogs in the future. So glad your bed is finished and things are moving right along and doing so well. Your blogs really make life there come alive!!! Thank you so much!!!
Blessings and hugs,

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A Night at Marita's...(written Sat. July 7)

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Josue is only working till 10 tonight, and since our bed isn't finished yet, this presented a problem with sleeping arrangements. Not wanting to go to the hospedaje again (15 soles is cheap, really, but still...)...a solution presented itself. Earlier in the evening some of the family was coming in dribs and drabs. Apparently it is friendship day : Niece Kelly had called while there was still dayl...ight, saying she'd like to take me and Levi to the Plaza to take pix and hang out. But Levi was still out - had a job interview (and starts anew Monday: 4 hours per day, Mon-Fri, in a supervisory position. Will post more when I know more, but meanwhile, thanks for prayers!) first, niece Erica arrived with hubby Carlos and sons David and Angel. Then came Marita (Levi's sis) with Kelly and Leidi. Later nephew Fritz. We sat around outside talking in the cool dusk. Oh, there were 2 little pieces of our ham and cheese pizza left, which I cut in slivers to be tried (before Fritz's arrival - he missed out) . FINALLY Levi arrived with the aforementioned news of new employment. He announced he was hungry, so I whomped up some scrambled eggs with onion and ham and heated up some yucca. There arose a discussion over the ceramic animials I had brought to give the family - were they from molds? So I grabbed the plasticene I'd bought at the market the other day and showed how I made them, making a little giraffe, elephant, and rooster. (Levi jokes, "And I taught her in just one day!" Shades of Groundhog Day, "I taught him in just one lesson!") Well, we did a lot of talking and discussed possible paseos (outings). And tomorrow morning I'll go with Levi to market before church to look for pans for Ma to make her sweet rolls to sell...then I'll go with Marita's family to Manantial THIS week, and back to Alianza NEXT week, and so on...then after church around 5 I guess we'll go to the plaza. But meanwhile, there arose the problem of sleeping arrangements - but then I asked, how about if I stay at Marita's or Erica's? Kelly quickly volunteered to share her bed with me ( a double) so I got in the motocar driven by Fritz, and here I am, posting unexpectedly. Okay, it's late, and tomorrow's a busy day.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 7/10/2012 4:14AM

    So happy and excited for Levi on his new job!!! Enjoy your time with Marita and her family. Every day seemed very full of wonderful things happening with you. What great memories you are making!!!
Prayers, blessings and hugs,

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Learning to Relax

Friday, July 06, 2012

I am so unaccustomed to relaxing. Not that I don't do ANYTHING. I go with Mama Marleni to the market now and then...walk anbd talk with Papito Eladio...Levi, for being unemployed, is very busy with finishing off our room, sawing wood panels by hand (in this heat!) I have made lunches frequently, while Mama makes breakfast. Supper is usually catch-as-catch-can. For instance, last night Mama got a of things for the bodega, including some snack sized packs of RITZ crackers, so I bought a pack and Levi and I spread the peanut butter (that I'd broung from the US) on them. Today Mama and I went to market twice - first in the morning we went for more toronjas (grapefruit), and stock for the bodega - about 10 pounds of onions, some yucca, tomatoes...potty paper...and seeing some local cheese, knowing we wanted to make pizza, I bought a block for 6 soles.We looked around for yarn such as I like to use for crocheting.Not seeing any, I did get some plasticene - just to show how I make my ceramic animals. I missed having Josue with us to lug things! But he is working nights. So, we took those things home, and then later Carlos - married to Levi's niece Erica, daughter of his older sistewr Marita - took me and Mama downtown, so I got to see the city of Pucallpa here and there. I took some videos which I will eventually try to download on Youtube, just to share he experience.
Was charmed last night by the appearance of a little lizard pooking from behind the brooms for sale hanging up outside Josue's room. And the previous evening while sitting outside chatting with Papa and Levi, saw a little bat flutter about going for insects attracted to the light. Thank God for my Mom who brought me up not to be squeamish about creepy crawly or fluttery.
The pizza, by the way, turned out REALLY GOOD. No pepperoni, so I got some lunch ham, decent stuff, and some packs of Italian style tomato sauce. Mama made the dough. She put a bit extra yeast in because she wasn't sure if it was still good. It WAS, however, and our combined efforts were thoroughly enjoyed. We even thought about selling it, 2 soles for an eighth of a pizza.
Levi had gone out just before we got back from shopping - the fellow who had hit his motorcycle from behind called to pay for the repairs. Levi came when we'd finished eating lunch, bringing ice cream bars, and brother Victor arrived at the same time to take me to visit some other American missionaries who were at his church, between meetings. So I wolfed down my ice cream and went with Victor while Levi attacked the pizza. I had a nice long visit with Marylin, and then had Victor drop me off here at cousin Palomino's internet until someone comes for me. I could feasibly walk home alone, it's only about 3 1/2 blocks - BUT not a good idea for a gringa, unescorted.
Thanks to exercises, I've been able to mount and dismount a little easier behind Levi on the motorcycle, and I think now I know how to dismount with more ease, if after placing my right foot on the ground I back up a bit to swing my left leg over the back...I'll have to do more exercises though, after today's pizza and ice cream. Oh, and I also bought a bottle of cola from the bodega to have with it!
Someone visiting with the other missionaryt pastor, whose family is very international, mentioned having to get a stamp from the embassy on my birth certificate, because she did. But maybe because she was of Korean parents. I don't know. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. If worse comes to worse, civil ceremony will have to wait until NEXT year. God knows what HE is doing, and that is what matters. Prayers are always appreciated. Still waiting on HIS document. We continue to be "Soldados de Espera." They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strenght...They shall mount up with wings as eagles. Or Boeing 747's. Whatever it takes.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 7/10/2012 4:09AM

    It is wonderful to read your blogs and learn more about where you are and the experiences you are having. Keep up your exercises, it does make things easier. The Lord knows exactly what He is doing and what His plans are for us!!!
Continuing prayers...
Blessings and hugs,

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Fourth of JOOOlah!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Thanks to regular walking with Papito it was alittle easier tomount up behind Levi on the motorcycle that replaced the one stolen last year - this one is a bit higher, and my hip is less cooperative. Anyway, he dropped me off here at a cousin's cabina (Palomino, and I met his daughter-in-law, whose name I DID ask, but it escapes me. So many to remember! Anyway, Levi's been working on nailing the panels to the framework of our room, and needs more, as well as stronger planks for our bedstead so my weight doesn't make it collapse. Not having a scale, I have no idea how my weight may be. I am eating less, and better. Fried fish for breakfast this morning, as well as yesterday: Yesterday morning the fishmongercame by the house and I paid 25 soles for a good quantity (about 10 bucks) - some catfish, and a flat kind I've had before called palometa. MMMM!
I sometimes pass the time doing drawings - completed two animal alphabets, one in Spanish, one in English; also some little illustrated English lessons which in-laws can sell in the bodega. I'll have to see about taking some pix of them and loading them.
Yesterday, since I hadn't heard from Abi in a while, I used my calling card bought in Lima to call her, and told her to hang up and call ME, since I'm paying for the long distance anyway. After a couple of bad connections, we had success and passed a good while chatting. Meanwhile a couple other "gringas" had stopped by - they know one of the nieces and wanted to visit her, but didn't know the way.The chauffeur knows Papi, so they came for the directions. We introduced ourselves, and I learned they were from Chicago. It's always interesting to come upon other "gringos" and I'm always curious to know where they're from and what they're about!
Yesterday afternoon, some earth movers came around the neighborhood, and one of the huge machines passed back and forth in front of the house, leveling the dirt on our block. Made walking this morning easier, though you have to watch for dog poops that got mixed in and so are less visible. It'll be great to have the street paved (it's dirt) even before I go.
Early this morning when Josue had returned from work, Papito and I took our walk in the cool of the morning. When we finished, Levi was up, so we all had devotional time together, reading in Genesis the continuing story of Joseph, one of my favorites. When the Lord says, "I'm going to make you like Joseph", we often want to jump ahead to when he was 2nd only to Pharoah - but he had to pass through some very tough times of preparation first. But every experience is good to teach us the ways of the Lord, to purify our faith, to cultivate the fruits of the Spirit.
I'll be preparing an "estofado" (stew) of the rest of the ground meat and assorted vegs for lunch today. It's kinda nice to renew my cooking skills - Abi is such a good cook, and since I work outside the home, I depend on her doing most of it.'s my turn now.
I'll continue to try loading photos...some PC's are more compliant than others!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 7/5/2012 12:21AM

    Sounds like each day is interesting. I do love to start my days off with devotional time and prayer. It just makes my day go better. Can't wait to see some of your photos. Your blogs are making everything come to life and explains a lot...almost like I am there with you. Thank so much for sharing your days and family with us.
May God continue to bless you and yours.

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